Mafia Kingpins meet to decide fate of Iran

Erdogan is in the terror business now with both feet

“Those who are willing to turn to chaos in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, are bound to loose eventually,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a joint statement with Trump yesterday.

That is exactly what we expect. What is strange is that there has been no mention of Erdogan’s previous support for the same terrorism that he claims to be fighting – ISIS and Wahhabism that stems from Saudi Arabia and Israel. There has been no mention of his possible collaboration in the money laundering – sanctions busting scheme tied to the Reza Zarrab case.  And little mention of the impact Mike Flynn, quite possibly acting as a Turkish agent, had in regards to the US response to the Turkish “coup,” which if false, enabled a Wahhabist leaning dictatorship to emerge from a previously secular, democratic NATO member.

What happened to the miles of oil trucks streaming into Turkey as was reported by media in 2015? They were destroyed as part of a Russian and limited American anti-terrorism operation, but here is the memory jogger.

Oil tanker trucks destroyed by Putin

From December 3, 2015, according to Gordon Duff  : “Our own questions come down to something very simple. There are thousands of oil trucks, not old military oilers from the Saddam era but those that became surplus in the US when oil became too cheap for fracking, those trucks, they are now carrying Iraqi and Syrian oil to Turkey and beyond.

“We want to know how the US missed thousands of pickup trucks being shipped into Syria and Iraq, brought in through Jordan and Turkey, all upgraded and armed, without the US seeing any of it, without the CIA knowing anything.

“Then again, the CIA and America’s satellites and drones missed 5 mile long convoys, at time 4 abreast, carrying oil into Turkey. We are saying these convoys are visible from the moon using the naked eye, bigger than the Great Wall of China.

“For months, brokers working with, we are told Bechtel Corporation and British Petroleum, bought up a veritable sea of surplus tanker trucks across America. Look at the highways, you can’t say you don’t notice. Driven onto ships at the Port of Houston, they traveled east where they are now being destroyed by Russian bombers, trucks that used to ply America’s interstate highway system.
Every moment that America feigns ignorance of Erdogan’s crimes is a national disgrace.”

At the time, the Turkish opposition not only had evidence against Erdogan in regards to the oil purchases from ISIS, but also weapons transfers, including chemical weapons, as well as human trafficking and other trafficking crossing the Turkish border into Syria, as was reported by bravely reported by Serena Shim.

Google Idea Groups, now Jigsaw,  was reported to be behind the 2013 gas attacks in Syria, moving the gas across the Turkish border as an attempt to prompt President Barack Obama to attack Syria.

Listening to Trump laud Erdogan yesterday, for his fight against terrorism, one would have to question is our memory completely erased and/or have we been fooled to accept a current false reality based on lies. VT readers know it is a lie, but the mainstream press goes on day in and day out forgetting about the truth of what one could say is a potential terrorist meeting with a leader whose ties connect direct to organized crime through Felix Sater, and whose friends Kris Kobach and company enabled the theft of the 2016 election.

Erdogan and Trump connect on many issues, as was reported today by  Duff. 

One thing missing, is the relationship of  Turkey in regards to a possible attack on Iran. The administration has openly stated Iran poses a threat despite being in compliance to the nuclear agreement and having the relief from sanctions continued. However, with the potential internal pressure building between Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as the role Azerbaijan may play in regards to an attack on Iran facilitated potentially by Turkey. This may be the same “opportunity” that was reported on back in 2010.

With Turkey holding joint military exercises with Azerbaijan, it seems clear that there is a potential for old plans to be pulled off the shelf.

The Target may be on Hezbollah and Iran through Turkey

Newsweek reported last week Hezbollah: Next Confrontation with Israel Could be Invasion  There was also a potentially false story planted  by Reuters regarding words that were now said by an Iranian minister “Iran minister warns Saudi Arabia after battle comments: Tasnim” by Reuters, Dubai that were not sourced anywhere. There was NO verifiable quote from the minister. Israel has made threats to Lebanon, and the Lebanese were warned that Israel may strike them.

So what does this mean for Turkey? Turkey may hold the key to attacking Iran and Hezbolla through Azerbaijan. Is Turkey willing to flip the situation using Iran as a target and working in conjunction with Israel who is making Hezbolla a target, by saying Hezbolla may strike Israel to further its empire building?

Who are the terrorists?

There are those who use money laundering and criminal activity at their behest.

While in town, it was also reported by Reuters that “Turkey also has raised concerns about a U.S. criminal case against Reza Zarrab, a dual Turkish-Iranian national, arrested last year and charged with helping Iran process millions of dollar in transactions that violated U.S. sanctions against Tehran.”

What was unreported was that the Zarrab case directly links to Erdogan and his family. Zarrab is on trial for allegedly violating US Sanctions on Iran by funneling gold and cash through Turkey with the assistance of Erdogan.

From the article: “The U.S. had imposed strict controls on all international banks and corporations, banning them from doing any business with Iran. Therefore, Iran faced great difficulty getting paid for its oil exports. A couple of Iranian businessmen, Babek Zenjani in Tehran and Reza Zarrab in Istanbul, stepped up to circumvent the sanctions.
“Oil payments would be made to companies and banks in Turkey, huge amounts of gold would be bought with those funds, and then the gold would be exported from Turkey to Iran, directly or perhaps with a few stops in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other places in between. This scheme, although very simple, required huge amounts of money and gold transferred on a daily basis, which would undoubtedly attract the unwanted attention of government officials.

“That problem would be addressed by generous bribes, commissions, and police protection. When you are moving billions of dollars daily, a few hundred million dollars to government officials is just the cost of doing business.

“But the scheme blew up and came out in the open on Dec. 17, 2013, when Turkish police, or rather, a certain section of Turkish police not loyal to Erdogan, arrested Reza Zarrab and the sons of three cabinet ministers, along with a few bank leaders.

“They had indisputable evidence including wiretaps, videos, telephone conversations, and documents proving the large amounts of bribes passed on from Zarrab to the ministers and bank officials. The evidence also included money counting machines in living rooms, several million dollars in shoeboxes, expensive gifts, and money being delivered to the ministers’ homes in suit bags. All the dirty laundry came out.

“One of the most interesting telephone conversations released by the investigators and reported by several media outlets was between Erdogan and his son, when Erdogan instructs his son to get rid of all cash in the house, after he hears about the raids to his ministers’ houses. His son’s response after several hours of frantic work reveals that despite all his attempts to distribute the cash at home to colleagues, relatives, or associates, there is still some 30 million euros left at home.”

With the Zerrab case ongoing, and Erdogan in town, one would wonder why Erdogan would not be questioned? I guess sovereign immunity protects him. It is too bad that Justice Against State Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) did not go that far enough to eliminate sovereign immunity.

Did the False Coup enable Erdogan’s impunity?

According to the Turkish government, Fethullah Gulen an Islamic scholar, preacher and social advocate was behind the coup. However, the people blamed for the coup reported a different story on the day of the coup and recently in court.

“Col. Erdoğan Kurt, who traveled to the capital before the coup even though he was stationed in the eastern city of Siirt, claimed he did not know he was ‘taken to’ to the army headquarters. The colonel added that he was not involved in the putsch bid while he was there.

“I boarded the helicopter with other soldiers and I thought it was taking us to a safer location. It landed at the army headquarters and I did not know why we were taken there. I stayed there (until the morning of July 16) and did not take part in the coup,” he said in defense of himself.

General Akin Ozturk’s immediate statement while being arrested was ‘I was acting jointly with Hulusi Akar,’ said Ozturk.

Was the coup organized from within Erdogan’s group amidst ongoing fears inside as those who were Western leaning could clearly see a shift away from secularism to Wahhabism within the Turkish government? Was the coup staged in order to purge possible opponents? How many were jailed and sit in jail, potentially falsely accused because of Erdogan’s desire to consolidate power for his potentially criminal enterprise? Where the Western leaning secularists framed?

Perhaps Washington knows this and that is why they have continued to arm the YPG Kurds who are fighting ISIS in Syria.

And the US was reportedly tightening security at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.

Erdogan does not have a power position in the US, unless it is given to him. His value may be found in the Israeli desire to attack Iran despite the terrorism being sponsored by Saudi Arabia with the backing of Israel. The Zarrab case may have a little “gift inside” for organized crime and against Iran that has not been exposed yet – though Rudy Giuliani has been working to “politically” defend Zarrab and the Federal Judge has asked Giuliani to disclose if the government of Turkey is paying their fees

Destabilization of the Middle East continues, as those in leadership have questionable ties to organized crime are the ones on stage. The Kosher Nostra is very public today. When will they be outed?


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