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Last week the world confirmed, Vladimir Putin may be the last true leader of humankind. How can I say this, you ask? Well, because the insane mainstream media proved it, that’s how. And The Guardian headline reads, “Killer, kleptocrat, genius, spy: the many myths of Vladimir Putin”. Get ready for yet another intellectual mind melt, as “the west” summons every demon to thwart the great Vladimir V. Putin.

A lot has changed in the last couple of weeks. For one thing, CNN unloaded twin six-guns into their own feet when a hidden video cam recorded one of their producers admitting the whole “Russia” narrative is about ratings. Like the cartoon character Yosemite Sam, America’s once venerable cable TV news giant blew the feet off any future possibility they’d be taken serious ever again.

And for the globalist lefties who anchored their propaganda to CNN, the same comical high jinx will probably bring down their other famous tabloids, the Washington Post and the New York Times. In all honesty, Stanley Kramer, the man who directed the 1963 epic comedy “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, could not have orchestrated a more fitting demise for western mainstream news. Baby Boomers reading this will identify, but for younger readers let me explain.

President Donald Trump has made an everlasting meme out of the term “Fake News”, or better yet “Really Fake News”. Trump has been the victim of the biggest media smear campaign in history, a smear campaign in which billionaire enemies own and/or operate most of America’s media. This we all know.

But what the genius billionaires who control most of the American government do not realize, is how blatantly obvious the circus of media has become. Or, maybe they simply don’t care? Look at Trump from the pragmatic point of view, just for a second. Half the voters in America selected him as president, but somehow he is the world’s second most evil man for ALL of the media. Let’s examine the media coverage of the Trump-Putin meetup in Hamburg, just for a reference point.

“The Press?”

The New York Times story headline read, “Russia Crows Over Putin’s Meeting With Trump”. The Washington Post Blog lead with, “Just how manly was that Trump-Putin summit?” And Bloomberg engaged in more wishful thinking with, “Trump Emerges From Putin Meeting With Cease-Fire and Little Else”.

I could share more here, but you get the gist. Anything that either Trump or Putin do (or are suspected of doing), its used for ratings or flat out propaganda purposes by formerly influential western media.

In the battle to grab eyeballs and convert conservative values, America’s technocrats and hedge fund heroes differ to stories about German Chancellor Angela Merkel rolling her cow-like eyeballs at Russia’s Putin. Like I said, it’s a circus. A silly, mind numbing, useless circus of idiotic propaganda – corporate owned media. And you don’t have to be born in the 50’s or 60’s to recognize it.

So how does all this make Vladimir Putin the “last true leader of humanity”? Well, for those who would challenge that Donald Trump is this leader, let’s remind you.

Donald Trump is a businessman, a true autocrat, somebody used to giving orders and seeing them followed. While he does lead well, this characteristic does not make him an ideal leader for humanity. Donald Trump, for all his positives, will trade 20 years of prosperity for Americans for a “too thin” atmosphere 40 years from now. Like I said, he’s a businessman.

Putin, on the other hand, has demonstrated a far more pragmatic and long-term brand of leadership. And his moniker bears religious values and core cultural reflection. In order to reveal what I mean, it’s necessary to quote from Kieth Gessen’s story on The Guardian, which I mentioned earlier. Gessen characterizes Vladimir Putin lore, just so:

“Putin’s recent ubiquity has brought great prominence to the practice of Putinology. This enterprise – the production of commentary and analysis about Putin and his motivations, based on necessarily partial, incomplete and sometimes entirely false information – has existed as a distinct intellectual industry for over a decade. It kicked into high gear after the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, but in the past few months, as allegations of Russian meddling in the election of President Donald Trump have come to dominate the news, Putinology has outdone itself.”

What better indicator of Vladimir Putin’s incomparable leadership of the Russian people can there be, than for a failed system of western oligarchy to despise him so? Gessen, for his part, goes on to describe “Putinology” in terms of its revelations about “us” as a human society. The Guardian writer makes many great points on Putin, and he misses the mark in characterizing the man too far toward the dictator side.

However accurate or inaccurate his story may be though, it’s a perfect piece of evidence to support my own claim – for what would the makeup of the world’s greatest leader be? Does Putin represent his people better than any other world leader? Are Russians far better off with him at the helm? Or would they be better off under the guidance of some idiot socialist democrat there in Moscow? These answers are simple. Yes, Russians are protected and may well flourish under Putin. No, turning the world’s biggest country over to Rothschild pawns ready to carve the country into investment bits is the worst idea.

As for The Guardian and the “moderate” view on Putin, not even the most accurate of stories dares to show Vladimir in a true light. The New York Times and the others paint with psychedelic colors what really should be a pen and ink drawing. Take Crimea, for an example.

In Gessen’s Guardian story, he acquiesces to the ruling western elite, their bitter Crimea moaning. Skillfully woven into the credible tit-for-tat of his “Putinology”, the Russian-born American novelist writes:

“Was it really worth international isolation, increasingly bothersome sanctions and the eternal enmity of the Ukrainian people to seize a beloved but past-its-prime resort area that Russians don’t even really visit any more? There was fear that the post-Maidan government of Ukraine might cancel the lease on the large Russian naval port in Sevastopol, but surely a genius might have handled the threat through something short of seizing the entire peninsula?”

[Editor’s note: The Crimeans voted to join Russia. The West will chafe about that for a long time.]

Yes, the sanctions are increasingly bothersome. Maybe some Ukrainians will be pissed off at Russia forever, but then Badera fans always were anyway. Sure, it’s true nobody much goes to Yalta anymore. I know, I am a travel expert too. But the Sevastopol truth! This is where the former “Occupy” chronicler weaves the wrong spin in. In what has become typical for intellectual journalism, the truth of Crimea is convoluted, contorted, used for the purposes the entire Cold War was intended for.

Instead of revealing the real geostrategic import of Sevastopol and Crimea, Gessen and others obfuscate the clear reality – Putin did what he had to do. Putin acted in Russia’s behalf, and exactly in the manner western neo-cons and Cold War psychopaths knew he would. What kind of journalist or historic idiot ignores this crystal-clear nugget?

Obfuscating the truth of Vladimir Putin or Russia, it takes idiots and geniuses actually. Gessen is but one of a cadre of Putin haters employed to titillate the overactive political minds out there, and to lure fence riding readers into “their” camp. The camp I am talking about is the camp of all those opposed to Russia ever amounting to anything at all.

Russophobes, globalists, neo-leftists, banksters, the new technocrats, and the fringe interests made hugely powerful by the likes of George Soros. Gessen and his fellows would have you believe that Vladimir Putin saving Crimea was some surprise! What, you figure Russia’s fleets being banned to the far frozen North would not cause a predictable reaction? Let me explain briefly.

For some historical context where Crimea and geostrategy are concerned, this CSIS report by visiting fellow Boris Toucas details the importance of the Black Sea, Sevastopol, and the wider Crimea situation. While Toucas also caves in to the NATO narrative CSIS is paid to adopt, I use his assessment for purpose here. Written in February of this year, the report shows clearly that the United States and allies always knew what the “Color Revolutions” would cause.

Abbreviated version – Vladimir Putin had no choice whatsoever. The Euromaidan, and every move the West made, demanded an opposite and equal reaction. With all the “Putinology” going on in the news and from Washington think tanks, the current West versus East mess is tightly scripted.

We are watching a drama unfold, one in which a true leader’s tireless reactions are fully understood – anticipated – and leveraged to the fullest extent. Ukraine, the march of “democracy” to Moscow’s doorstep, the missiles that protect this new world order, and the blame game against the people being assaulted – what manner of intrigue is all this?

Read this, the academic equivalent of Gessen’s psychedelic Putinology, from a scholar with eyes on a global strategic career:

“A hegemonic power in the nineteenth century, an overstretched power during the Cold War, and an exhausted power after 1991, Russia has returned to the Black Sea region and Eastern Mediterranean as the European and American presence in the region is in retreat.”

Wherever you look, whomever you consult from within Putin’s opposition, the rhetoric and strategy play out the same. There’s the bombastic and blatant name calling prevalent in social media. And the paid Putin foes within the ranks of traditional media gyrate in between the out and out lie and the pseudointellectual synopsis, “Putin evil – we good”.

Then there’s the levels of Russophobes within academia, lined up for their research grants to prove once and for all, “Russia bad – we good”. The truth though, it’s not so far removed from our sight. NATO tries to oust the Black Seas Fleet from bases in Crimea – Russia moves to prevent this.

The CIA and American interests arm rebels to overthrow Syria’s government on Israel’s say so, Russia and Putin defend Russian interests and allies in the region. In the Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and in all the CIS nations anti-Russian propaganda and intrigues are in the works. In Europe the aging elitists cajole, any who will defend their hegemonic growth syndromes. “EU good – Putin bad”.

But the narrative is losing ground. The echo is returning with a contravening message, “Putin good – Bad guys bad”. And oh, my God the bad guys are afraid now. Just read their headlines since Trump met Putin in Hamburg.

And there is your last great leader of humanity. The man who made them all cringe in fear. And all for his people. By God that’s a leader.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

First published 19 July 2017 –



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