Hurricane Irma


Another week, another hurricane! No doubt the WaPo will be describing this one as another ‘one in a thousand year event’. The probability of two one-in-a-thousand-year events occurring in a fortnight isn’t one in two-thousand, boys, it’s about one in a million.

I suppose if a tornado were to hit Washington and take the roof off the WaPo building, the journalists would simply congregate outside and say, ‘Well, that’s something you don’t see every day’.

Boys, there are more inquiring minds on the Xinhua News Agency. If Charles Manson is ever let out on parole, I can see WaPo journalists asking him round to baby-sit for them.

Irma looks like another SHEWS-boosted storm. The chances of two Cat 5 storms (I appreciate that Harvey was ‘only’ a Cat 4 when it crossed the Texas coast) occurring naturally this close together and hitting two key American states are statistically very low indeed.

We know that the DVD has a storm-boosting weapon system (SHEWS, or Scalar High Energy Weapon System). We know that the Federal Republic of Germany has been engaged in a quasi-war with the United States of America since 9/11. We also know that Germany was opposed to the decision of the American people to elect President Trump and that German assets in Washington have been instrumental in the outrageous smearing of the President with the baseless Russian allegation.

We also know that German penetration assets in US agencies and the federal bureaucracy have been successful so far in blocking intelligence about SHEWS from reaching the President, although they may have failed to prevent the Vice-President from being briefed in. Interestingly, Vice-President Pence traveled to Fort George G. Meade in Maryland this week. I don’t think he went there for a cup of tea, not that you’ve got much chance of getting a decent cuppa at the NSA (sorry, guys). (I expect they gave him Pepsi – if I remember rightly the CIA do Coke and the NSA do Pepsi.)

With the President in the dark and operating blind, not least as everyone in a position to get a copy of Spyhunter to him has so far sat on it, we also know that the Germans understood that they would get another free hit against their hated American enemy.

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We also know that the German DVD is the world’s most powerful and ruthless intelligence agency, far more ruthless than the Nazis ever were, indeed they make the Nazis look like pussies.

Hurricanes don’t normally follow coastlines, at least not for hundreds of miles. They usually cross inland and downgrade to tropical storms. Yet Irma at one point was predicted to track up the Florida coast, multiplying the economic damage.

No hurricane this powerful has ever before been observed over the open Atlantic. You can forget man-made global warming – it’s a hoax, propagated mainly by German assets, fellow-travelers and scientifically-illiterate idiots. There was a significant and sudden increase in ocean surface temperatures in Irma’s path, consistent with SHEWS energy being poured in.

Interestingly, Irma’s strength also fluctuated, consistent with the jamming by the NSA of SHEWS transmissions. I am calling Irma as another German SHEWS attack, with the Atlantic coastal belt of the State of Florida as the primary target and the British and US Virgin Islands as the secondary.

The ‘where is your evidence’ boys

People with no understanding of how intelligence agencies operate often ask, or shout at, intelligence commentators, asking, or screaming, ‘where is your evidence?’ Intelligence agencies HARDLY EVER hand out sensitive raw data. They just give out product.

You’ve got to work out which intelligence commentators are real and have serious agency contacts and distinguish them from the wannabes and the fakes. Not always easy, although I’ll give you a clue: only serious intelligence commentators are targeted with malicious bomb hoax prosecutions!

You can forget Bad Guy agencies fessing up and handing over evidence of their crimes. Our community partner Adolf Hitler was probably the most open and honest Chancellor Germany has ever had. He was certainly the most charming, as long you weren’t Jewish, although he appointed people who partly Jewish to his cabinet. I’m NOT saying that he was all that open and honest, of course – it’s just that the opposition wasn’t all that stiff.

Even Hitler never admitted to his crimes, however. What chance is there of his successor Merkel admitting to a crime against peace? It would be like expecting Charles Manson, a German asset BTW, to say where all the bodies are buried.

No Bad Guy bureaucracy in history has ever owned up to what it has done, unless it had to. Yet still, some 1,700 years after the first modern bureaucracy was created at the Vatican, people expect Bad Guys to hand over secrets, just like that. (There are Good Guys in the Vatican as well, of course, including that nice man Pope Benedict, who’s rather nicer than the other pope.) The ‘where is your evidence’ brigade are simply naïve.

The legal consequences of boosting Harvey and Irma

Projected path of Irma

The boosting of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and their direction towards the continental United States, were Acts of War by the Federal Republic of Germany upon the United States.

If so advised, President Trump would be entitled to seek a War Powers Resolution from Congress and follow President Wilson in declaring war on Germany. (President Roosevelt didn’t need to – Hitler declared war on America first.)

Since high-energy weather weapons have yet to be declared to be Weapons of Mass Destruction, I do not say that strategic nuclear retaliation would be justified.

A total conventional war, including the bombing of key German strategic targets such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich by the USAF’s powerful B-52 and B-1B force would however be justified. If the Krauts don’t want to be bombed they shouldn’t have attacked America.

As a matter of public international law, it is irrelevant that the decision to attack America was taken by the Director of the DVD, not the German Federal Chancellor, nor the German federal government. Germany is and always has been an intelligence state, where the visible organs of the state are only nominally in control.

The decision to invade Luxembourg and Belgium in 1914 was taken by the German General Staff, not our community partner the Kaiser, nor the Chancellor, von Bethmann-Hollweg, who, like Merkel, was a mere figurehead.

It is also irrelevant that there are nice Germans. There’s no point in posting a comment saying that you met a nice German called Hermann in a bar in Hamburg last week, and he gave you a wonderful shag. I too have met nice Germans, several in fact. The problem with Germany however has always been that nice Germans never get to make the decisions.

Germany’s not a democracy, unlike Britain, Russia and America. It’s also irrelevant that Germany’s armed forces are weak and that the German Army’s last major combat engagement against American ground forces was the Battle of the Bulge. I doubt that any large combat formation of the Bundeswehr or the Luftwaffe would remain operational after 30 days of war-fighting against America.

The same could be said of the Iraqi armed forces in 2003. It didn’t make the war illegal. In effect German intelligence has been writing cheques that the German military cannot cash. They made the same mistake in 1914 and 1939. They can’t stop themselves, but it’s not our problem.


The position of Great Britain

Barbuda in the Leeward Islands is part of the British Commonwealth. The British Virgin Islands are a Crown Colony, i.e. a British possession. The British position has always been that an armed attack on a Member State of the Commonwealth of Nations would justify a Declaration of War against the aggressor. For the purposes of the Law of War an attack on a British colony is indistinguishable from an attack on Great Britain herself.

Thus the unprovoked Argentine attack on the Falkland Islands in 1982 led to war with the Argentine, and rightly so.

The German decision to attack Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands would justify a British Declaration of War on the Federal Republic of Germany and the implementation of our War Plan for Total Germany. The sensible thing, if you guys did not join in, would to be invite Russia to declare war as well and attack Germany from the east. They key to defeating Germany has always been to engage her in a two-front war.

It is an utter irrelevance that Barbuda and the BVI lay between the storm’s formation point and the primary target. Germany invaded Belgium and Luxembourg in 1914 in order to outflank the French army and capture Paris. The fact that Belgium wasn’t the primary target mattered not. You may as well say that the decision of German military commanders in Belgium to permit their troops to rape Belgian nuns and bayonet Belgian babies to death wasn’t a war crime because the atrocities had the ulterior motive of frightening the civilian population into submission and freeing up troops for the attack on Paris.

Obviously if we do decide to go to war, which would in practice require the resignation of our Chamberlain-like Prime Minister Theresa May, who would rather sacrifice British and West Indian lives than stand up to Germany, no offense intended, the Royal Navy would blockade German ports. Blockade was vital in both world wars. That would include mining the Rhine and the Danube, of course. There is little point in sinking the German merchant fleet, or bottling it up in her North Sea ports, and leaving the back door open!

War with Germany would be popular and provide a great boost to the British economy, as well as morale. Of course there would be lots of dead Germans, but that’s the price you pay if you attack the British Commonwealth and murder innocent British subjects. It’s sad, but there it is. As that nice man Bomber Harris used to say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Capture of the DVD’s HQ in Dachau would be a key war aim. We must not repeat the strategic mistake we made in 1918 and again in 1945 of leaving German intelligence intact. All we got after the first lot was World War II. After the second lot we got the European Union.

We’ve also got to break up Germany. It’s the key to a lasting peace in Europe. Our community partner Harry Hun is an aggressive beast and needs to be tamed.

The LA fires

In this case, direct evidence of al Qaeda’s strategy of starting bushfires exists and is in the public domain – it was seized by Seal Team Six in the 2011 raid on the former Osama bin Laden compound in Pakistan. As with hurricanes nothing has been done to warn communities of the dangers, or make preparations to protect the civilian population.

I happen to know La Tuna Canyon. It’s a pleasant part of the world. I also happen to know that there are some very important CIA-sourced records in a non-fire-hardened facility in a neighboring canyon.

If anyone on the LAPD SWAT team reads this they may recall a plan to protect that facility which involved sortieing a U-2 from Beale. (I still remember the bemused call in the early hours of the morning from the U-2 squadron’s intelligence officer wanting to know why he was getting calls from Meade, why the Bad Guys were headed to this particular canyon, what the hell did I need with a U-2 doing a racetrack pattern at FL600 over the Pasadena Freeway and how the hell did a Limey civilian become involved.)

The chances of these particular fires having started by themselves seem to me to be pretty low. No doubt the LA Times will be favouring its readers with fairy tales involving careless smokers and cigarette butts. They need their own butts smoking, no offense intended.

Please don’t try this at home, but it is harder to start a bushfire in open country with a single discarded cigarette than you may imagine. It won’t be al Qaeda, but it’ll be ISIS, or a bunch of Mexicans. Cans of accelerant are likely to be involved.

Some years ago, having cottoned on to al Qaeda’s plan to wage war on the West by starting bush fires, I put forward a plan to upgrade the Western world’s firefighting capability. You don’t put out a bush or forest fire with buckets of water, or even fire hoses. You put out a fire in open country from the air, not the ground.

For that you need water-bombers, although they don’t just drop water. As it happens piston-engined airplanes are more efficient at lower altitudes than jets. They also suffer less performance degradation from superheated air than jets. Try watching a jet take off in hot conditions and you’ll see what I mean. (I once sat on the flight-deck of an RAF VC-10 and watched a PIA Boeing trying to get airborne from Luqa on a hot day. The crew weren’t convinced that she was actually going to make it – I’ve never seen an airliner so close to crashing.)

There happen to be rather a large number of suitable airframes lying around. They tend to be long-range 4-engined jobs, and could easily fly the Pacific. The summer in Oz happens at a different time of year to the northern hemisphere.

Since the West is facing a major fire threat, defense budgets could be used to help, and countries could help each other. Water-bombers could position to the appropriate hemisphere at the time of maximum danger, with heavy maintenance being done in the fall/spring.

Douglas DC-7C

You would be surprised how long piston-engined airliners can be kept in the air. Just ask the boys and girls at Everts Air Cargo in Alaska. They’re still flying Douglas DC-6Bs! When not needed to fight fires they could put in crowd-pleasing appearances at air shows. Fighting terrorism can be fun!

We are getting nowhere near enough water and retardant on bushfires. I’m sure the good people of La Tuna Canyon would have loved to see, and hear the roar of, a DC-7C coming in low to bomb the hell of that naughty old fire with thousands of gallons of retardant. For all the good the politicians are doing they may as well be standing by the fire and pissing on it.

I’m all for pissing on ISIS instead and getting our act together. And if that means a new lease of life for some wonderful old aircraft, some quality flight time for retired airline pilots and introducing awe-struck young apprentices to the intricacies and power of a Wright R-3350-988TC18EA1 Turbo-Compound, great. That’s 3,350 turbocharged cubic inches by the way, folks – it’s a lot of engine. Put it in your Camarro and it would blow the wheels off.

Before anyone asks what do I know about firefighting and have I ever handled a fire hose, I have actually. In a different life, a long time ago, when the planet was young, I was on the firefighting team of a nickel plant in North Queensland, where I learned how to handle a fire hose. It’s not quite like directing a garden hose. Two hands please, and body weight over the hose. One hand under and one hand over is what I was taught. And if you lose control, hang on for dear life!


My reading this week

Aside from hurricane tracking reports, I have been reading Graham Simons’s splendid tribute to the Boeing B-29, B-29 Superfortress: Giant Bomber of World War Two and Korea (Pen and Sword, 2012). This well-written and balanced account tells the stirring story of how the boys at Boeing created the most advanced bomber of World War II.

The intelligence angle – Abwehr sabotage of the B-29 program and theft of the blueprints, including the role of Barack Obama’s nominal mother-in-law down in Wichita, Kansas – is not covered, but I would not expect it to be. Getting the giant new plane into combat by 1944 was a major achievement.


Simons covers the great fire raid on Tokyo on March 9th/10th 1945 very fairly. Unlike whingeing liberal weanies, who cover the fact up, Simons is objective enough to point out that much of Japan’s war production was contracted out to small facilities, which very often were located near major war plants.

Irma on 11-Sept-2017

The March 9th raid, and its follow-ups, therefore legitimately targeted Japanese war production. I know some liberal historians have inflated the casualty figure for propaganda purposes, but I go with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s estimate of 124,711 killed and seriously injured. That was a shame, but if the Japs didn’t want Tokyo razed to the ground they shouldn’t have bombed Pearl Harbor. I’m sure their intelligence knew from the Abwehr that America was developing a massive new superbomber.

Simons explains and justifies Curtis LeMay’s decision to switch from precision high-altitude daylight bombing to low level night bombing. General LeMay was undoubtedly correct.

The targets were usually obscured by cloud, there were serious icing problems at 30,000 ft and the jetstream induced large bombing errors. General LeMay, sadly long dead, was a friend of a friend, who flew recon missions for him, and a fine air commander.

He benefited from his time in England of course, adopting RAF Bomber Command tactics to win the war in the Pacific and obviate the need to invade Japan. The boys of XXIst Air Force Bomber Command did great work.

The great fire raids on Japan demonstrated an enduring truth: the democracies are not weak. When we wage war, we wage it to win. We don’t start wars, but we sure as hell finish ‘em.



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