Pope Benedict XVI Knows Church Going Underground

He makes mention of the Church no longer being able to occupy its current churches and also says the Church will become smaller and more purified.


By Eric Gajewski

Say what you want about the real Pope Benedict XVI but he knows the Church is soon going underground. The semi-traditionalists say he was “great” while hard-line traditionalists and sedevacantists will argue he taught heresy. What type of heresy (material/formal) is still debated upon by the latter two groups?

Has Pope Benedict XVI changed since Vatican II?

This is also debated in traditionalist circles these days. In any case, to me, it is clear, that, he is, the long-awaited end times Pope to flee Rome. The papacy will be moving out of Rome once the False Prophet shows up and says he is now over the “Christian church” (after the economic collapse & worldwide revolutions). “The Dogma of Faith” will be preserved in Portugal” Our Lady of Fatima, 1917

It is interesting to note that the Antichrist’s website long predicted the false ecumenism of Rome which would lead to “Catholics” and heretics being falsely seen as a part of the same “Church”. Blessed Emmerick also foretold this.

In this article I want to handle certain questions being asked but also break down the crisis we are faced with as many are be tempting into despair or are sadly quitting the Faith altogether. Pope Benedict XVI gave a warning and sadly it flew under the radar of those who identify themselves as Catholics.

He knows the real 3rd secret of Fatima. The church will become small and will have to start afresh more or less from the beginning. Pope Benedict XVI The real third secret concerns “the Faith” as so many prelates even Popes have alluded too. Rome is about to “dogmatically lose the Faith” as a one-world religion is cemented into her proud heart.

Sounds awful like what I have been saying, no?

Our Lady at Fatima reassured us though, that, in the end, Her Immaculate Heart would triumph. The False Prophet and Antichrist will soon arise and we will go underground for a “short season” and then with the passing of the Planet X system, we will get a fresh start. God will pave the way for us in a miraculous fashion. Those of you who have followed this apostolate for some time know I have been saying this for years now. Fr. Malachi Martin said, that, unless we accept, that we are in an apostasy now (Vatican II) the 3rd secret of Fatima makes no sense! He said the churches now would become “null and void”. An implication of the formalized one-world religion or formal schism.

Vatican II is leading souls into this formalized One World Religion. Several notable Cardinals Odi and Ciappi also reiterated the same message concerning the real 3rd secret. However, don’t hold your breath for the Masonic-ridden Vatican to release the real 3rd secret.

To end with, I would boldly state that Benedict XVI even knows he is the Pope to flee Rome but do not look for him to publicly acknowledge this. All hell is about to break loose in the world knowing we will get a holy Pope to soon lead us is comforting.


Not Fake news. This past year antipope Francis admits he might be “the one” to cause the formal schism! Now what supposed “Pope” would even dare to make such a claim? He has even been on record saying you can have two popes reigning at once and that the Church has had, in her past, two popes over the Church (which is heretical). Can only have one Pope (with possible antipope(s).

Where were the “semi-trad dubia backers” on that one?

Some of us believe, on top of this, that Francis is a true formal heretic. He doesn’t even believe in a Catholic God. All of this sounds like fake news but it isn’t. I can’t tell you how many people come on to my social media saying that what I am saying is fake news. These are the same people following Masonry in Vatican II who also watch mainstream news thinking it is legitimate. I rest my case.

For those wondering how will the Church go underground? The worldwide persecution has not started yet and remember what argument the VII Popes made concerning Communism and the consecration of Russia. They said they didn’t want Russia to make certain moves. With all of the evil laws being put into place, it should not take a rocket scientist to figure out what we are being set up for.

I’ll give you a hint a One World Socialist State. The whole world will be like Greece/Venezuela (in turmoil).



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