Washington Post: “Five myths about Nazis”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Thomas Childers is “the recently retired Sheldon and Lucy Hackney professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania.” He has recently written in the Washington Post that there are at least five enduring myths about Nazi Germany. Let’s just discuss just the first three myths.

Myth No. 1: “Adolf Hitler was bankrolled by big corporate donors.” This myth, says Childers, has no factual basis whatever. The Nazis, he says, “were neither ‘financed’ nor ‘bankrolled’ by big corporate donors. During its rise to power, the Nazi Party did receive some money from corporate sources — including Thyssen and, briefly, industrialist Ernst von Borsig — but business leaders mostly remained at arm’s length.”[1]

The Nazis, Childers moves on to say, hated “interest slavery,” which capitalism represents. The Nazis hated capitalism because it “enslaves human beings under the slogan of progress, technology, rationalization, standardization, etc.”[2]

Myth No. 2: “Jesse Owens’s 1936 Olympic wins embarrassed Hitler.” There is again no evidence for this prevailing worldview, says Childers. In fact, there are evidence to the contrary:

“Hitler took great pride in hosting the Olympics, and for him the event was a roaring success — even according to Owens, who told the press: ‘When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand to me, and I waved back to him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany.’”[3]

Myth NO. 3: “Racist ideology was the key to Hitler’s rise.” Childers is certainly squaring off with the Holocaust establishment here, particularly with people like Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, who wrote a fraudulent book entitled Hitler’s Willing Executioners. Childers seems to have stabbed the Holocaust establishment in the back when he states: “The truth is that Hitler rose on the strength of his skill as a political strategist, more than anything else.”[4]

If he rose to power “on the strength of his skill,” then where did he get that strength to seduce the German people? Was some of his policies based on factual realities?

Well, surely Childers does not want to tread on that path because that may lead him to disturbing conclusions. More importantly, Childers can never get the intellectual courage to assert that the Holocaust establishment has been perpetuating those myths for more than fifty years. The sad part is that Holocaust revisionists have been refuting those myths since the beginning of time.

Childers gets to publish his article in the Washington Post without being called an anti-Semite, but people have been persecuted and even browbeaten for saying the same thing that Childers is now saying. Remember what happened to David Irving? Do you know what happened to Dr. Fredrick Toben?

Both Toben and Irving were jailed because they refused to prostrate before the Holocaust establishment. The same establishment still refuses to look at the whole scope of Nazi Germany. If they really care about history, they will certainly discover that German civilians suffered more than virtually any ethnic group after the war.

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