The Kennedy Papers

Michael Shrimpton looks at latest revelations about assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy


The latest releases about the Kennedy Assassination are fascinating, but there’s no smoking gun. The memos were mostly written for posterity and there is no reference to the DVD.

Since President Kennedy was assassinated on the orders of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris and the assassination was carried out by the DVD the released papers do not take us much further.

Perhaps the most significant memo is that written by J. Edgar Hoover showing more concern about how to persuade the American people that Oswald was the killer than finding out who actually had shot the president.  The FBI have never been interested in the facts about the Kennedy Assassination.

For decades they have lied about it, pretending, e.g. to have a ballistics match between the Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5 mm rifle alleged to have been purchased by Lee Harvey Oswald and the bullets which killed the president. Since the president was killed by bullets of two different calibers and ‘Oswald’s’ gun wasn’t fired on 22nd November they can’t have done.

The FBI were also well aware that the rifle alleged to be Oswald’s had been recovered without a clip. Oswald could not therefore possibly have achieved the rate of fire attributed to him. The FBI then set out to deceive the American public by conducting a series of phony tests with a clip. The Bureau’s lies have continued to the present day, seriously damaging its credibility.

Oswald’s meeting with Kostikov

It has long been known that Oswald, who was an operative with a relationship with both ONI and CIA, met with a KGB officer in Mexico City on or about October 1st 1963, i.e. not long before the assassination. I wasn’t aware of his identity, so Vladimirovich Kostikov’s name was new to me.

Being intelligence illiterate and unaware of the German sponsorship of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, let alone the 1943 creation of the DVD, the media have leapt to the conclusion that Kostikov had to be working for the Soviets. Since Oswald was even then being set up as a patsy in the complicated plot to murder Kennedy, it is far more likely that Kostikov was DVD.

This is the problem with letting amateurs do intelligence analysis, not that we can stop them. They’re easily fooled and tend to know only the names of agencies that they can look up on Wikipedia, which is heavily influenced by the DVD’s Propaganda Section. Department 13, Kostikov’s department, was badly penetrated by the DVD. Its NKVD predecessor, e.g. had knocked off Trotsky in Mexico, on Stalin’s orders. Stalin, of course, was Abwehr.

It looks as though the Oswald/Kostikov meeting was part of a back-up plan to implicate the KGB in the event that the lone shooter theory fell apart. It would have done of course if the DVD’s Frankfurt-based Correa/COREA Group had lost control of the autopsy.


LBJ at work

More interesting is the revelation that the KGB were aware of Johnson’s involvement by 1966. LBJ did not instigate the plot, indeed he was only brought in at a fairly late stage, but he was fully aware that President Kennedy would be returning to Andrews in a box. The CIA confirmed LBJ’s involvement early on, via his office phone records. The federal judge was on put on standby half an hour before the shooting.

Another problem with amateur intelligence analysts like journalists and police officers is that aside from being grotesquely ignorant they lack the intelligence to connect dots. I doubt that any newspaper or TV analyst, e.g., has linked LBJ’s involvement in the Kennedy Assassination to his March 31st 1968 announcement that he would not seek re-election.

Since he was eligible (a vice-president who assumes the presidency on the death of an incumbent can serve the remainder of that president’s term and two more) and a highly ambitious machine politician, LBJ’s announcement came as a shock to the American public. Since both the CIA and FBI knew by 1968 that he had murdered his way to the Oval Office LBJ’s position was in fact untenable. It was nothing to do with the Tet Offensive, which LBJ had in fact encouraged by not bombing North Vietnam.

I will say this for LBJ however – he was one of the coolest mass-murderers in history. Charles Manson had nothing on him. I do not mean to suggest of course that Johnson killed political opponents with his bare hands. He had others do that for him. It would be years before America was lumbered with a more violent president.

Who killed Kennedy?

The answer is given in my book Spyhunter, indeed it’s one of the reasons why there has been such a frantic effort to suppress the book. Even now the BBC dare not mention its existence.

President Kennedy was both a brave man and a patriot. He sacked the German spy Allen Welsh Dulles as director of the CIA, replacing him with a loyal American, John McCone. He either ignored, or was not briefed in on, the New York Air Disaster, intended by the murderous DVD as a warning. From the moment that America took control of the CIA (until ‘Mac’ was appointed, only DVD officers were permitted to serve as DCI) Kennedy was in trouble.

Dulles was a vicious thug, no offense intended, who had no scruples about trying to murder his way back into power. He had after all fully supported the Holocaust. He chose fellow German agent Richard Helms as operational director for the assassination. Suave, amoral and a fluent liar, Helms was a good choice. There is little point in planning an assassination and not putting a killer in charge.

There aren’t many takers in the Intelligence Community (INTELCOM) these days for the idea that Dulles was working for you guys. The mystery is how so many people were fooled into believing that he was over so many years.

My view is that there were three teams of shooters, but that only two got shots off. The ballistics don’t really work for the grassy knoll, although clearly there was activity there. Bullets fired from the knoll in the timeframe would probably have shattered the Lincoln’s windshield. The president was clearly caught in a cross-fire – it is a nonsense to suggest otherwise.

One team was American, out of Texas, probably linked to Johnson. Another was out of Saigon. Carlos Marcello Snr did the bankrolling and was later taken out by the CIA. He was Mob and of course reported to the DVD. The Mob were always sponsored by German or Italian intelligence. Al Capone didn’t have immunity from arrest by the FBI for nothing.

Once the DVD’s role was discovered by a CIA team working out of Dallas the game was up for Dulles. He was allowed to rig the Warren Commission, but the CIA knew that the Commission was a joke. They even arranged for an ammunition clip to be delivered to it – some months after the event of course! It was a member of that team, as it happens from the great state of Texas, who later went to LBJ and told him that his role in the assassination would be leaked to the Washington Post if he stood again. Then as now the Post was effectively an Agency newsletter.

The Cabinet Secretary

It has been revealed this week that Sir Jeremy Heywood KCB CVO, the Cabinet Gruppenführer, sorry Secretary, has come down with a touch of cancer, poor chap. He’s desperately trying to hang on, but will have to resign on grounds of ill-health soon, always assuming that he doesn’t snuff it first, no offense intended.

Sir Jeremy is anti-Brexit. It will be interesting to see whether his successor is pro or anti-Brexit. The Civil Service has to decide whether to accept Brexit and try to restore its shattered reputation for competence and impartiality or continue with its Brexit sabotage efforts.

The Cabinet Secretary is the most powerful person in the country after the director of GO2. He or she selects the Cabinet, usually allowing the Prime Minister a couple of personal choices. He or she gets access to MPs’ personal files and those of senior judges. The Cabinet Secretary controls senior judicial and Civil Service appointments and most honors. He or she also controls the Cabinet’s agenda and determines government policy, occasionally allowing ministers a look-in for the sake of appearances.

The Cabinet Office also controls the state’s propaganda organs, including the BBC, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and most police forces. It is impossible to commence a political prosecution in the UK without the sanction of the Cabinet Office.

The Persecution of Ben Stokes

The scandalous persecution of England’s leading Test cricketer, Ben Stokes, by Avon and Somerset Police (ASP), has taken a fresh twist this week. As readers will recall, Stokes was wrongfully arrested in Bristol, England on September 25th as part of an attempt by ASP, a force which has been badly penetrated by Germany’s GO2, to hand the Ashes to Australia. The wrongful arrest was accompanied by a vicious smear campaign suggesting that Ben Stokes was guilty of a criminal assault.

The two young gay men Ben and talented team-mate Alex Hales very properly stepped in to help, Kai Barry and Billy O’Connell, have now come forward in their defense. Moreover, they have now actually been spoken to by ASP. ASP were aware of Kai and Billy by no later than 0400 hours on September 25th, but chose to ignore them as it was force policy, with respect, to set up Ben Stokes for a malicious prosecution by withholding critical evidence from the CPS. The truth would also have undermined the ASP/GO2 propaganda campaign against Stokes.

The arrest triggered a major counter-intelligence operation. I assume that senior officers’ phones have been tapped as MI5 try to work out who in the force is involved, the extent of their criminality and the level of retaliation which would be justified. GO2 may find that the flow of automatic weapons into the Bristol area has been increased in the last 30 days and that their narcotics distribution operation down there will be taking a few hits in coming months. Corrupt ASP officers with narco-dollars in their offshore accounts may find that their balances have been quietly reduced.

MI5 really only become aware of the DVD’s operations against Good Guy sporting teams and figures as a result of Spyhunter. This is partly because they lacked knowledge of the DVD’s internal structures and were unaware of the Psychological Warfare Section and partly because they lacked specialist aviation expertise.

The first major German attack on a British sporting team after the war (the Abwehr had launched an operation against gifted England batsman Wally Hammond before the war and of course set up the Bodyline controversy in 1932) came in 1958 when the DVD tried to destroy Manchester United in the Munich Air Disaster. Although they failed to murder the entire team, as planned, eight Manchester United players were put to the slaughter, including Duncan Edwards, who was murdered in a German hospital fifteen days after Flight 609 went down.

The Germans had of course taken care to make sure that the runway was dangerous before 609 was ordered to take off, inspecting it by car and having a lightly-laden Luftwaffe Convair take off shortly beforehand. Wikipedia, as one would expect, lets the Germans off, suppressing inter alia the fact that the Luftwaffe discovered the unique hazards for tricycle undercarriage aircraft of slush on runways when operating the Me262 in the harsh winter of 1944/45.

Having got away with murdering eight Manchester United players the Jerries went on to murder British racing drivers Mike Hawthorn, Jim Clark OBE and Graham Hill. They also murdered the US Figure Skating Team on board Sabena Airlines Flight 548 on February 15th 1961.

MI5 are also now more aware of police corruption in the UK and in particular the buying up of police officers by the GO2-controlled narcotics distribution cartels. No offense to ASP, but these days it is probably easier to find an honest policeman in Bogota, Colombia than it is in Bristol.

It looks as though Ben Stokes will be cleared and will fly out to Australia (first class, I hope) to join his team-mates. If ASP escalate the crisis then I imagine that some very difficult counter-intelligence decisions will have to be taken. I am glad that I do not have to take those kinds of decisions and entertain the greatest of respect and sympathy for those who do.

A Nice German

I am sometimes accused (I cannot think why!) of being anti-German. I am in fact rather fond of Jerry. I often feel sympathy for them – it must have been galling watching GO2 cock up the torture and murder of Dr David Kelly, e.g.  The Gestapo or the DVD would have been much more efficient. There are some things that the Germans do rather well, and torture is one of them. It’s not an area for amateurs.

Invading Poland is another. The German invasion of Poland was much better organised than the Soviet Union’s, which very frankly was a shambles.  Genocide is another thing the Germans do really well – if you’re going to organise a genocide you would be well-advised to bring in Jerry from the outset. Otherwise lots of people are going to escape.

As I have explained elsewhere, I have met at least eight nice Germans, including a Generaloberst, who was charming. I am sure that there are others.

One such got a good write-up in Sun on Saturday, Luftwaffe radio operator Rudi Schoberl. When based in the Channel Islands in World War II he smuggled food to a Mrs Hallett, who had eight kids to bring up. He settled in England after the war and was recently reunited with the Hallett family. He seems like a genuinely nice man.

The Sun got one thing wrong however. They described him as a “Nazi”, which was deeply unfair. There is no reason at all to suppose that he was a member of the Nazi party, or even a Nazi sympathizer. He was just a German serviceman serving his country in wartime and doing his job. Yes he was the enemy, and yes Germany is still the enemy and is still waging war against us. Rudi Schoberl’s war ended in 1945 however. His decency and humanity deserve respect and I salute him.

I am far from saying, BTW, that there were no nice Nazis, but they were pretty thin in the ground. Your average Nazi was not a nice person. Even Reinhard Heydrich, who was charming and a gifted piano player, could be a bit of a stinker at times.

My reading this week: Empire of the Skies

James Hamilton-Patterson, Faber & Faber, 2010

This is a rather good book, charting the rise and fall of Britain’s post-war aircraft industry. It’s sardonic and well-written.

There are times however when the author, with respect, does not appear to be on side: suggesting that Saunders-Roe might have done some market research before designing the massive, ten-engined Princess flying-boat, e.g. That would not have been a very British thing to do, indeed it’s the sort of thing that Boeing would have done.

Of course there was a need for businessmen to fly to South America in large, luxury flying-boats. They just hadn’t discovered it, that’s all. Flying down to Rio in a Princess would have been rather pleasant.

The obvious thing to have done with the Princesses of course, once the airlines had rather unpatriotically decided that they wanted something sensible, would have been to present one to the Queen’s Flight and one to 32 Squadron, for VIP use. They would have added immensely to British prestige. Imagine turning up for a summit in one of those!

Hamilton-Patterson is also unfairly critical of the length of lunches enjoyed by senior management at the Bristol Aircraft Company and of the fact that the directors very properly took the view that balance sheets were not for gentlemen. Of course a company balance sheet is not a proper subject for gentlemen directors to discuss – they are for accountants. And what’s wrong with a two-hour lunch, starting with a glass of sherry, may I ask? You can get a lot of business done over a long lunch, making sure you wait until the port is passed of course.

The big weakness in the book is the absence of the intelligence angle. GO2 waged a bitter war against the British aircraft industry after 1945, sabotaging prototype after prototype and murdering test pilot after test pilot.

The author even manages to discuss the cancellation of the TSR2 without once mentioning that the Labour minister responsible, the late Roy Jenkins, was a German spy. Two other German spies who get a mention without being exposed for the scum that they were, no offense intended, are Sir Ben Lockspeiser, who cancelled the Miles M.52 supersonic aircraft, and Duncan Sandys. Both should have been hanged, nicely of course, during World War II. MI5, sadly, missed the bastards.

Saunders-Roe Princess Flying Boat


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