Trotsky, the Wall Street Thug



Galima Galiullina, Ph. D for VT

To 100 Years of Great October Revolution

 Part I.  Trotsky and Russia

Young Russia as an Object of Lust

Russia is not a state, it is a world, wrote a famous publicist about the land of the Tsar reflecting on the diversity of its peoples, the wide range of climatic zones, the large the diversity of its natural resources and the dissimilarities of the aspirations of human individuals, of which the empire is composed.

This introductory phrase for the article “Young Russia: The Land of Unlimited Possibilities” begins an analytical review of Russia in the early twentieth century by Gilbert Grosvenor in the November, 1914 issue of the National Geographic Magazine. My husband somehow miraculously caught this magazine in an eBay auction and gave it to me in 2014, the centennial year of the issue entirely dedicated to Russia. Many color and black and white photographs adorn waxed pages in the magazine and reveal the amazing diversity of Russian life at the beginning of the last century.

And for three years I admired this magazine until these last days when I made a startling discovery, why and for whom was this expose of Russia issued? In fact, this issue of National Geographic is a product of strategic marketing for Wall Street bankers and the largest American corporations.  Reading “Young Russia” before their decisive action to conquer the land of unlimited opportunities through the coming revolution can hardly be seen as anything but a thoughtfully conceived script.  Russia as a land of unlimited opportunities was for them, and not for the peoples inhabiting Russia. In the final passage we find the traditional view on the Russian people and the country as a whole for the worlds only “exceptional nation”:

“how it is in some respects younger even than the United States, for our ancestors brought from England and Holland institutions wrought through centuries of hard testing, and a blood and brain trained for self-government through many, many generations.”

And everything ends with an expression of hope that the illiterate and ignorant mass of Russians will be transformed by the efforts of those who bring the American experience of building railways, telephones, cinema, agronomy and livestock and, of course, democracy. In the article there is nothing about the universities of Russia, its scientists and writers, heroic history and great leaders. In fact, pre-revolutionary Russia appears to be the ideal geopolitical and geo-economic object for Wall Street’s strategic plans to seize the unreached lands, its natural resources and the whole Heartland. Through revolutionary chaos and changes, removing the weak and short-sighted Tsar, stupefying the masses with slogans about land to the peasants and factories for workers, fairy tales of a beautiful life under the power of the Bolsheviks, Western financiers and capitalists planned to remove a weakened rival, turn Russia into a raw appendage, and its naive masses – into white slaves.

Who became the ambassador of the revolution in Russia to implement the strategic plan of the Wall Street bankers? Of course, Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein). He was just born for this purpose: charismatic, strategic thinker, brilliant speaker, a tireless traveler and talented organizer. After escaping prison in 1907, leaving behind a wife and 2 daughters still detained, Trotsky traveled through Turkey and other countries eventually landing in France.  Expelled from France in 1916 Trotsky traveled to New York for a brief three-month stay that was very fruitful for Trotsky in his plans to plunge Russia into the chaos of revolution. Anthony Sutton in his seminal book notes the striking inconsistency of the revenues announced by Trotsky from his revolutionary activities.  Somehow Trotsky travelled to America with his family, rented an upscale apartment paying three months in advance, used a car with a driver, all on $12 per week.  Nevertheless, he managed to have $10,000 worth of gold with him when pulled off the Russia-bound ship and detained as a war criminal by Canadian authorities in April 1917.

Curiously, Trotsky also received an American passport and Visas to Russia at the behest of a magic wand, with the personal support of President Woodrow Wilson. You can try now to quickly to get citizenship in the US, if you are not Trotsky, it is unlikely to succeed.

His story about concentration camp in Halifax is a beautiful fairy tale! In fact, Trotsky was rescued from Canadian custody in Halifax by the British Embassy in Washington, which acted in turn at the request of the US Department of State, which was also pressured by even more powerful forces, namely Wall Street bankers. Sutton’s research found documents by Canadian intelligence officer John McLean who wrote that Trotsky possessed and has the support of powerful secret forces, whose power was so great that the order we received indicated that we had to give everything he demanded unconditionally.

In May 1917, Trotsky, with 10 thousand dollars in his pocket, arrives in Petrograd and unfolds stormy activity to win power. For 10 and a half years (before exile in January 1928 to Alma-Ata and expulsion from the country in January 1929), Trotsky proved himself to be a genius destroyer and a merciless terrorist. Terror for him was a reliable tool for immersing the population of the country in shock and awe. The most revealing story is the suppression of the Kronstadt mutiny in March 1921. By this time, the people had become disenchanted with Trotsky team and their bandit methods.

The sailors, who had previously led Trotsky and his gang to power, rebelled against one-party system, they demanded the surrender of power to the Soviets, as promised at the beginning. Trotsky personally organized the destruction of the rebels, and the methods are very similar to modern operations in the style of “shock and awe.” First, a plane flew over the fortress, scattered leaflets, where Trotsky was brief: “Surrender! Otherwise, you will be shot like partridges. Trotsky.” Next was the artillery and the mounted army. The fortress was bombed.

More than three thousand soldiers and sailors were killed in the storming of the fortress. Those who surrendered were tried or shot without trial. The cases of the prisoners were considered by the “revolutionary troikas” endowed with judicial functions. Of the 10,001 people who passed through them, 2,103 were sentenced to be shot (excluding those who were shot without trial), 6447 were sentenced to different terms of imprisonment, the rest were demobilized.

 Crimes of Trotsky Against the Soviet People

Ruthness and Merciless

Following the instructions of his employers in the United States, Britain and Germany, Trotsky concentrated unlimited power in his hands: he was People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs (without higher education, a commissar for military and naval affairs (note that the ruler of armed Russian forces was a man who never served in the army), the People’s Commissar of Communications. Even his wife Natalia Sedova was attached to the government of Russia, being the head of the General Museum. His incredible passion for power in the conditions of revolutionary chaos was fully satisfied. And incredible, diabolical cruelty helped him to retain this power. His favorite word was ruthlessness, and he was merciless. He greeted the beginning of the bloody civil war in devastated Russia with the words: “Long live the civil war!” He created the term “enemy of the people”, which then turned into an instrument of merciless terror against all who stood in the way of his plans or represented a threat of exposure.

Many details of Trotsky’s stormy activity in the 1920s still remain in the shadows. Some of the archival documents were destroyed, a large number of documents were taken out by Trotsky himself. But still historians manage to find some interesting nuances related, for example, to the attempted assassination of Lenin. The documents showed that, in anticipation of the imminent death of wounded Lenin, Leyba Trotsky and Yakov Sverdlov had already divided among themselves the highest posts in the country’s leadership. The abolition of the suspect in the attempt on Lenin’s life Fanny Kaplan without trial and investigation (there were only two short interrogations in the presence of Sverdlov) also provide food for thought, to whom it was advantageous to remove Lenin. And the disappearance of Trotsky shortly before Lenin’s death, and only a telegram of condolence instead of participation in the funeral, and an attempt to accuse Stalin of poisoning the leader-everything is still mysterious.

The story of the execution of Alexei Shchastny, Commander-in-Chief of the Baltic Fleet is indicative. Following the instructions of his British masters, Trotsky ordered the destruction of the Baltic fleet. Shchastny managed to take all 260 ships to Kronstadt, but Trotsky ordered the ships to be destroyed by the hands of sailors, to whom money was promised for this. For refusing to obey orders, Shchastny was sentenced to be shot after Trotsky’s fiery speech at a meeting of the Tribunal. At 5 a.m., Trotsky came to the basement of the building of the Revolutionary Military Council personally to verify the death of Shchastny.  He refused to extradite to widow her husband’s body.

The Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War ruined Russia, and removed her from the world arena of competition in the economy, science, culture, and military. The peoples of Russia, in that memorable 1914 National Geographic magazine, who appeared in pictures having a serene and joyful life, lost many of their loved ones in a fratricidal war, many died of hunger and epidemics. My people, Bashkirs suffered not only from the war, but most of all from famine organized by the Trotsky gang. A. Solzhenitsyn wrote: In 1917-1926, over a million Bashkirs, or 58.7% of the original pre-revolutionary population, perished from wars, suppression and famine. The tragedy of the Bashkir people in the Bolshevik revolution is one of the largest and most unknown genocides in world history.

The intellectual potential of Russia was undermined by the efforts of Trotsky and Lenin, many scientists, poets, artists, engineers died of famine and cruel consequences of war and revolution. Two-hundred-twenty-five intellectuals, philosophists, economists, lawyers, psychologists were sent by ship abroad to exile. Among them were Nikolai Berdyaev, Semyon Frank, Ivan Ilyin, Leo Shestov, Nikolai Lossky, sociologist Pitirim Sorokin, Lev Karsavin, writer Mikhail Osorgin and many others who later gained international recognition in exile. Trotsky did not need competitors in creating a new ideology, as well as those who would criticize what was happening in Russia.

Destruction of Industry and its Resource Base

By 1920, the volume of production had decreased 7 times compared with 1913! The economy lay in ruins. There was no money, no personnel for the restoration of production. However, this did not prevent Trotsky from ordering 2,000 locomotives from Sweden and paying 200 million rubles in gold in advance. By his order, concessions were established with American, British, Norwegian, Swedish corporations that devined to plunder the natural resources of Russia. Ural emeralds, Siberian furs, platinum and other precious resources went through the port of Tallinn without any customs inspection. Especially valuable prey were unique works of art from Russian museums and treasures of the Romanovs’ house. Even today the Queen of England is pictured wearing a jewelled crown belonging to the Tsar’s sister-in-law. Thanks to Trotsky, the Russian revolution became the most grandiose theft in history. The Russian churches were completely plundered. Trotsky’s wife, Natalia Sedova, supervised a commission for the seizure of church property. Rare icons, gold ritual objects were bought for nothing and disappeared in the West forever. In the US, in museums and private collections, you can find nearly 80 percent of these valueables. A quarter of Russia’s gold reserves were taken to the United States.

 Opening Russia for Plunder

 Trotsky had benefit of Wall Street funding from the beginning. Under the guise of a Red Cross Aid Mission, a delegation of bankers was sent in July, 1917. The mission was headed by William Boyce Thompson, the first Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Thompson funded the mission himself, donated 1 million dollars to the Bolshevicks, and arranged for a 2 million contribution to Trosky for setting up a publishing house. The Red Cross mission also brough along five physicians among the 26 bankers, lawyers, and businessmen. The medical personnel left after one month disgusted with the overwhelming focus on political and business matters.

In the fall of 1922, the Soviets created their first international bank. Anthony Sutton remarked this event was the victory of bankers over politicians. The bank was based on a syndicate in which former Tsarist Russian private bankers and new investors from among German, Swedish, American and British bankers participated.

The foreign bank consortium that participated in Roskombank represented mainly British capital. This included the company Russo-American Consolidated Limited, which was one of Russia’s largest private lenders, and to which the Soviets contributed £ 3 million as compensation for damages to British property in the Soviet Union as a result of nationalization. The British government itself had already bought substantial stakes in Russian private banks and according to a State Department report the British government made great investments in the consortium in question.

The bankers decided the fate of Russia. The concessions were concluded for a period of 60 years and the conditions for the Russian side were appalling: 93% of enterprises’ incomes went to foreign companies in concessions, 7% to Russia.

Red Terror

The Red Terror is a bloody story of the incredibly cruel killing of millions of civilians in virtually all regions of Russia. Unarmed peasants, whose bright and undisturbed faces are imprinted in photographs of the National Geographic Magazine, the intelligentsia, workers who questioned Soviet power, the sailors of Kronstadt and peasants in Tambov – in millions, lay under the sweeping sword of the Chekists.

In the years of Trotsky’s unlimited power, the Trotskyite mafia turned civilization  back, rendering Soviet Russia into a “raw material appendage” of the West, and Russians into “white Negroes.” Trotsky himself long before Hitler declared we must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes, which we will give to such tyranny as was not dreamed of by the most terrible despots of the East!

By 1927 Stalin had enough of Trotsky’s brand of revolution and began weeding out the disciples carrying out mass extermination of native Russians. The central point of Stalin’s accusation was that the Trotskyites were paid agents of international capitalism. The conclusion of a court judging one Trotsky official contains a statement: There is not a single person in the world who would bring so much grief and misfortune to people as Trotsky. He is the most dastardly agent of fascism. Therefore, all that was committed against Trotsky and the Trotskyites under the leadership of Stalin, it is necessary to consider the positions of the two leaders in relation to Russia in the context of the clash.

It is interesting that a prominent American diplomat became an unexpected advocate for Stalin in the eyes of the Americans. A few days after Germany’s attack on the USSR, US Ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1936-1938, Joseph Davis, answering the question “what do you say about the members of the “fifth column in Russia? “, Davis replied – “They do not have such, they shot them.” And he continued: “Suddenly, I faced a picture that I should have clearly seen while I was in Russia. A significant part of the whole world believed then that the famous processes of traitors and purges of 1935-1939 are outrageous examples of barbarism, ingratitude and manifestation of hysteria. However, it has now become evident that they testified to the amazing foresight of Stalin and his close associates … ”

 The Historical Drama: “Stalin against Trotsky

Modern Russians and the world as a whole need to understand in principle the historical drama “Stalin vs. Trotsky.” These two leaders had diametrically opposed strategic goals. Trotsky had the goal of turning Russia “into a desert inhabited by white negroes” and give her natural wealth and unlimited space to full ownership of Wall Street bankers and Western corporations. Stalin set a goal, together with the Soviet people, to build a strong state in which the relations of brotherhood, equality and justice would be the basis society. Realizing that world imperialism will initially see a threat to its own future in the Soviet state, since 1929 Stalin started an industrialization program in which the creation of the defense forces was the main task. These two historical figures had fundamentally different tasks: Stalin’s creation, and Trotsky’s destruction.

After many revealed facts about the stormy activity of Trotsky as the agent of the West in Soviet Russia, Stalin’s role in the fight against the Trotskyites is seen in a new light. The leader of the proletariat needed to save the country from internal enemies, who took Trotsky’s baton in the struggle for Russia. Interesting in this context are entries from A.M. Kollontai, the USSR ambassador to Sweden. Her meeting with Stalin in the Kremlin took place shortly before the outbreak of the war in the autumn of 1939. Kollontai wrote down Stalin’s words about the future of the country. Near the end of their conversation she wrote:

Many of the affairs of our Party and people will be distorted and spat on primarily abroad, and in our country too. Zionism, eager for world domination, will cruelly avenge us for our successes and achievements. He (Trotsky) still views Russia as a barbaric country, as a raw material appendage. And my name will also be disparaged, slandered, I will be credited with many atrocities. World Zionism will strive with all its might to destroy our Union, so that Russia can never rise again. The strength of the USSR lies in the friendship of peoples. The focus of the struggle will be directed, first of all, to breaking this friendship, to the detachment of the border regions from Russia. Here, I must confess, we have not done everything. There is still a large field of work.

With special force, nationalism will raise its head. He will, for a time, crush internationalism and patriotism, only for a while. There will be national groups within nations and conflicts. There will be many pygmy leaders, traitors within their nations. In general, in the future development will go – more complex and even frantic ways, the turns will be extremely steep. The point is that the East will be particularly agitated. There will be sharp contradictions with the West. And yet, no matter how events unfold, time will pass, and the views of new generations will be turned to the deeds and victories of our socialist Fatherland. Year after year, new generations will come. They will again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers and give us their due in full. They will build their future on our past.

Stalin correctly foresaw Russia’s future and attitude to it, today 38% of Russians consider him to be the greatest historical figure. Moreover, the revival of respect for Stalin occurs with the development of events in world politics and the pressure of unprecedented injustice and cynicism of the Western press against Russia. State media have little to do with this process of revival and rehabilitation of Stalin’s name. Moreover, liberal artists in Russia today are trying to present Trotsky as the hero of the revolution and the ardent leader of the masses which paradoxically adds to rehabilitate Stalin.

In fact, the people’s love for Trotsky sharply declined after the suppression of the 1921 rebellion in Kronstadt, and the Tambov peasant uprising, where Tukhachevsky, on the orders of Trotsky, first used chemical weapons against insurgent peasants.

Ice Pick Mercader – A Just Retribution

Trotsky in Russia had started successfully, but ended badly. Sent from Russia in January 1929, he found shelter first in Turkey, then in Norway, France and, finally, in Mexico. Germany refused to accept him. Apparently, the US too, although he was a US citizen (remember the passport Wilson personally approved and issued in three months?) He was not allowed to even give a lecture at an American university. Who needs a spent loser as a mercenary?

How was the death of Trotsky in Mexico from the ice pick of Mercader, the Soviet agent, covered in the American press? The headlines were strikingly similar: “The genius of the revolution died in the hospital on August 21, 1940”. Even then, in the media, important information was coordinated with the authorities through unified agencies that do not allow freethinking of editors and journalists. No one wrote that Trotsky’s death was an act of retribution for the lives of 20 million people who died in the fire of the revolution and the civil war, which Trotsky led and organized, for a ravaged country, for all the evil that he inflicted on millions of Soviet people.

Part II.  Boomerangs always come back!

“I just tremble for my country,

when I think that God is just.”

Thomas Jefferson

Modern America could not sense and understand when Trotsky’s boomerang returned to the senders. A huge part of the population still manages to believe that they live in the country of the triumph of freedom and the bulwark of guaranteeing human rights. The spiritual combination of religion and freedom merged to create an ideal exceptional nation.

The openness of American culture and its democratic principles created a model for imitation by other countries and a safe haven for millions. At the same time, the conviction that American principles are universal introduced a complex element into the international system. If governments practice them less than US standards require, they are not fully recognized as legitimate, and intervention and war unleashed by the US is the price of global leadership.

The permanent revolution proclaimed by Trotsky had as its goal not the liberation of the peoples of the world, but the destruction of sovereign states and their borders in the interests of global capital. The idea proved to be tenacious and now the flame of color revolutions, inspired, financed and instructed by the United States, has plundered virtually all post-Soviet states, destroyed several states in the Middle East, and is constantly raging in Ukraine.

 Shock and Awe as Trotsky’s Legacy

 The specter of Trotsky rose in the United States, his ideas of cannibalistic devastation and redrawing the world, the transformation of all unprotected countries into a desert populated by shocked slaves were useful to neo-conservatives. Shock and awe give rise to fear, a sense of danger and catastrophe, incomprehensible to the bulk of people. If Trotsky managed to destroy Russia in 10 years, the US has been engaged in the continuation of his case for three decades. Of course, the first thing after the collapse of the Soviet Union was shock therapy arranged against the Russians. Human losses in Russia alone amounted to 13 million people died between 1992 and 2007. Millions of children and adults became homeless beggars, many drug addicts. Prostitution flourished. The country has 1.3 million street prostitutes, some 100,000 in Moscow alone. A huge number perhaps up to 10 million “live goods” were shipped abroad, primarily to Western Europe.

Calling the collapse of the USSR a great geopolitical tragedy, Vladimir Putin did not exaggerate. The scale of the disaster can be understood by comparing the number of beggars: In 1989, in the Second World (including the European part of the USSR), there were 14 million people living below the poverty line. In 1996, there were 168 million.

The new Constitution of the Russian Federation was written under dictation of American experts and became the legislative base for a new even larger plunder than in Trotsky’s time. Invited by the new Russian government. Western, primarily American, economists developed a plan for reforming the country’s economy, and then, as advisors to the president and the government, ensured its implementation with the support and pressure of the IMF and World Bank.

Trotsky’s dream of breaking Russia into four parts still lives in the heads of American neo-conservatives. In the 1990s, one of the main objectives of the “Dulles Plan” for the destruction and colonization of Russia was achieved. The US victory in the cold war was the result of a purposeful, planned and multilateral strategy of the USA aimed at crushing the Soviet Union. US President George H. W. Bush, after the collapse of the Union, said that the United States spent five trillion dollars on the elimination of the Soviet Union.

Jacob Heilbrun in the magazine “New Republic” wrote that the best course for the US is to encourage further disintegration of Russia in every possible way. This disintegration is extremely beneficial for the United States. We will have more effective leverage over dealing with individual states within the former USSR, since the US could set them against each other. Also, a situation where the great power of Russia would not exist would immeasurably help the maintenance of America’s dominance in the international arena. The United States has already appropriated to itself the former Eastern European part of the Russian empire by expanding NATO.

But the boomerang of Trotsky in this case hits again. Americans have not yet realized that the loss of trust of Russians to the West is their greatest and irreplaceable loss! Le Carré called the insult of the Russian bear by the West a fatal mistake.  As a result, Trotsky’s ghost once again failed. America’s new world order is officially dead. For about 25 years since the end of the Cold War, one of the dominant themes of American politics was the attempt to globalize the liberal international order that initially prevailed in the West after World War II. There is not the slightest doubt that in a world where American values ​​will dominate, there is no place for Russian or Chinese values, and of course, for Islamic values. And the Russians, and the Chinese, and the Muslims realized this clearly.

The “soft power” of the United States has been lost, together with the charm of freedom and prosperity that attracted millions of hearts all over the world.

Moreover, the policy of demonizing Putin ended in complete failure as his popularity remains high not only in Russia but across the non-western world.

The Ghost of Trotsky Roams the USA

The maturation of the very revolutionary situation in which Trotsky and Lenin played in October 1917 is quite palpable in the United States. Legitimacy elected only 10 months ago, President Trump from the first days was subjected to severe corrosion and his every step is not supported by the establishment in either party. The population deceived by beautiful promises increasingly doubt the President’s actions are resulting in the outcome they expected.  “The tops are not able, and the lower classes do not want” – as Lenin described pre-revolutionary Russia. Now the boomerang is back.

The enslavement of the country to the interests of bankers and corporations and their subservient politicians was most clearly manifested in the war in Iraq. Thousands of American young men who believed that they were going to fight against the tyranny of the eastern despot Hussein faced a real hell of massacre of civilians, but many failed to think how to live after what they did in a foreign country. Iraqi writer Salam Khalid expresses his thoughts: “Baghdad, Al-Fallujah, Al-Najaf, Al-Mussol and all the cities of Iraq will forever remain beacons that illuminate the road to the future, symbols of courage and fortitude against the most aggressive and dirty militaristic machine ever known to mankind throughout its entire stories. They will remain a lesson for peoples who are fighting for democracy and freedom against the slavery of the Yankees – these enemies of life.

The sons of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, a country of free people, now live in the conditions of the most real Holocaust.”

The destruction of the memory of the nation by plundering national museums, art galleries and destroying libraries – Trotsky did this in Russia, America does it in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine. The National Museum of Iraq, the site of excavations of Babylon, a biblical city with a five-thousand-year history looted by American thieves.

 In Ukraine, in the early days of the seizure of power by the Poroshenko junta, the new Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk organized the export of a unique collection of gold artifacts of the Scythians and the country’s gold reserve to the United States. The value of the collection cannot be estimated simply in the value of its gold, these are ancient artifacts, the collection is irreplaceable.

Trotsky and the First Russian Sexual Revolution

The sexual revolution that occurred in the United States in the 1960s was not the very first revolution of its kind in history. The Russians made the first brave steps under the ideological inspiration of Trotsky in the 1920s. Americans are still little familiar with the shocking history of Trotsky’s fascination with Freud’s ideas. Deciding that the Oedipus complex would be harmful for the revolution, he allowed to begin in Russia the fight against the complex in children from an early age. For this purpose, the Children’s House-Laboratory “International Solidarity” was created, where children from the age of two were brought up in the conditions of experiments with child sexuality. The children of the Communist “elite”, whose parents were engaged in the revolutionary destruction of Russia, were under the supervision of psychoanalysts, whose main goal was to study children’s sexuality and methods of liberation from prohibitions and complexes. On the basis of observations and experiments, reports were made at international conferences. This institution existed from August 1921 to August 1925, then was liquidated due to the growing discontent amid scandalous rumors about what was happening there.

But in our present modern liberal society, early sexual education of children has taken a wide scale, all those who are trying to protest against the corruption of children and adolescents in educational institutions, are condemned for anti-liberal views and even are subject to prosecution. Trotsky’s ghost could have enjoyed the circus for catching pedophile criminals, there are so many of them in the enlightened capitalistic world and the tool of domesticating politicians and rich people is so convenient that it is hardly possible to expect any really effective measures in the near future to return Lolita and her sisters and the young boys to normal a life.

Suicidal Freedom

Sex, drugs and rock and roll – the youth of America was plunged into a powerful attack of corruption under the slogans of the struggle for freedom. Freedom was given as a rope for hanging in batches – if you want some more freedom – get it! All that was forbidden to the generation of the fathers, became free. Since the 1960s, ideologists of freedom have glorified it from the university stands, have been seduced from the covers of magazines and newspapers, have stupefied the consciousness and remnants of conscience with cocaine, heroin, LSD and marijuana. If we consider that the current young generation of politicians was born in the 80s and observing their intellectual level, you come to the conclusion that their parents were in that wave of permissiveness not the last participants.

A comrade-in-arms, and later a probable victim of Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin called cinema the most important of the arts for the Soviet state. In the US, Hollywood accepted this idea and turned its empire into a powerful brainwashing tool. If you look at the film production of the main film companies, the main topics – brave American guys are fighting evil on a planetary scale, our freedoms are so great that anyone who gets in our way will be destroyed. And the reward to the heroes is to choose what is more: same-sex love, gender reassignment, freely buy marijuana, freely enjoy porn. Trotsky sits on the couch and grins!

The unfolding scandal with Harvey Weinstein is seen by few as a just retribution for sins, sex between an employer and an attractive employee is just business, nothing personal! A depraved person is easy to control, and the goods for corruption are so sweet that any businessman cannot resist a profitable business! Moral consciousness, etched by the concerted efforts of the media, Hollywood, an example of absolutely immoral politicians and financial tyrants, turns the population into a helpless and disunited mass that is unable to resist the repression of the system. Consider the degree of apolitically of American youth revealed in the survey about the purported Korean hydrogen bomb. Young people willingly congratulated North Korea on this achievement!

Trotsky and the New World Order

Leiba Bronstein (Trotsky) could rejoice at the success of his ideas in America, whose interests he so zealously served. Freedom is gained by global corporations and banks, the world without borders is convenient for uncontrolled robbery of defenseless peoples. The elites of these peoples easily part with sovereign interests, and if they suddenly wake up – there is the stick of NATO or “moderate terrorists”. Protest movements are caricatured; what emotions can wake up a crowd with vagina hats instead of heads? Teenagers in the darkness of the cinemas, or basement rooms in front of computer screens, are hardened by another dose of violence on the screen and are corrupted by sex lessons right at school.

Fear is the dominant emotion, as it should be to the slaves. The fear of losing their jobs and being on the streets, the fear of failing to please their superiors and losing a career, the fear of hordes of terrorists who every day massively kill and soon reach each of us, the fear that the Russians will one day come and destroy our beautiful life, or Muslims pour in here in a black crowd in their hijabs and blow us all up. False flag attacks engineered shock and awe – all on schedule!

Revolutions around the world are planned at the state level and are a favorite tool for plunging peoples and countries into chaos, from which American corporations extract fat profits. If the country needs to carry out economic reforms, the World Bank experts go there and pursue the same policy that Trotsky carried out in Russia under the control of the bankers working through Swedes. The capitalism of catastrophes is the invention of Trotsky, perfected by Friedman and his disciples. It is difficult now to calculate what and who had robbed Russia in the 90’s, but the victory was Pyrric. The biggest geopolitical failure of the United States and Europe, is the loss of a boundless credit of trust in hundreds of millions of people, especially in Russia where a naïve population watched their dreams die in the looting arranged by American advisors.

Trotsky and the Media

Being a very gifted publicist, in the early days of revolutionary activity Trotsky realized the great power of the printed word. It was he who created the newspaper Pravda in 1908 in Lviv, and then continued the publication in Vienna. The newspaper became the foundation for the victory of Bolshevism and all the years of the existence of the USSR was the main newspaper of the country. The American media are currently the most powerful tool for managing the mass consciousness. Studies of methods of managing human behavior, actively conducted since the 50s, provide effective weapons for influencing the mindset of the masses and the self-awareness of the American nation. The degradation of journalism through bribery and fear has turned an entire army of creative Americans into conformists and corrupt servants of corporations and politicians. As a result, the nation has lost critical thinking and the ability to resist. The boomerang of Trotsky became deadly to its creators.

What can Save America?

  1. Complete rejection of the political philosophy of neo-conservatism and a national dialogue on “Who are we, Americans in the modern world?” To begin the formation of a realistic national development strategy in the 21st century
  2. Revival of the classical school of diplomacy
  3. Revival of real journalism
  4. The revival of the education system, educating citizens and creative personalities, rather than disadvantaged consumers and credit slaves
  5. Creation of a system of strict control over the agrarian sector and the food industry for the return of healthy and safe food for life.

Is it possible to Bury Trotsky’s Ghost Forever?

I think, yes, it is possible, provided a real portrait of this demon emerges. In Russia, the beginning of this process is laid, there have already appeared several serious works on the role of Trotsky in the destruction of Russia. Moreover, with the disclosure of the true role of Trotsky in the October Revolution and the Civil War, in the red terror, the plundering of the country, the destruction of millions of civilians a more accurate portrait can be drawn.  Stalin was portrayed through years of lies and withholding the truth. Stalin was no saint but certainly not the tyrant in the portrait Trotsky and his followers would have us believe.  For all his faults, Stalin was a defender of Russia, not a bloodthirsty executioner. Instead he was a leader who managed to defeat the conspiracy of agents of the global financial mafia, there is no villain who intentionally destroyed the sprouts of freedom by repressions, but there is a clever strategist who managed to organize the people to exploit industrialization and win in the most terrible war of the twentieth century against fascism. Perhaps in America the change of portraits through the victory of truth will help to understand the origins of the Deep State and realize what leaders it needs and what ideals need a revival.

Trotsky Farewell!

Trotsky’s story clearly illustrates the strategy of those trying to shape the world order for their own interests. Bankers and global corporations in any meaningful conflict support both sides, usually known to us as the right and the left, in order to be at any outcome with the winner. Ultimately, this strategy leads to ongoing control of governments and global processes.

Likewise, this strategy has led to the growth of various movements around the world, with Trump in the United States marking the beginning of a transition from the neo-conservative ideology that was the main reason for American intervention and many troubles worldwide.  Similar reactions against globalism began earlier in Europe as economic and social crisis forced politicians to reconsider sovereignty.   The furious attacks by mainstream media on Trump belie the tried and true strategy of backing all contenders as both political parties in the US are splintered and show cracks in old coalitions.  Who knows where this will end for the West but that we are now in a transition cannot be denied.

On the one hand, the antifa movement uses the values of liberal democracy, such as free trade, open borders, freedom of information, increasingly promoting values of LGBT people under these attractive slogans, introducing them into a powerful entertainment industry and using the generous support of international bankers. Trotsky in this movement should simply be declared a martyr for the idea! Exporting democracy most easily occurs through playing on the basic instinct.

Today both wings of the American eagle are trying to continue the work of Trotsky: neo-conservatives insist on the right of an “exceptional nation” to carry the values of democracy to the people of the world, whatever it costs the people themselves. Democrats sow throughout the world values for which in all sacred books are thrown to the Hyenna fire. Both ideals are rooted in totalitarian belief systems unable to tolerate dissent.

The outcome of the game in Trotsky’s boomerang is unclear, just as Trump himself is unclear, who promised a transition from 100 years of service to Trotskyism to the revival of sovereign democracy in the US. If you look at Europe, there the parade of sovereignty has already begun, and to me, surviving the collapse of the USSR, it painfully resembles the past. Russia, the first to survive Trotskyism in its tragic history, the first which renounced its heritage. And there are serious reasons to ponder why the Russians are increasingly talking about the end of the “new world order” and are heading the movement towards genuine freedom.


Galima Galiullina, Ph. D.

Washington, USA


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