NEO – Hariri backtracks, Prince Salman goes quiet, and Lebanon takes a breath

What made Hariri do it? Why didn't he give his resignation to the Saudis instead?

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Crown Prince Salman -Can a 32-year-old really pull all these moves off?

[ Editor’s Note: Since returning to Lebanon, Saad Hariri has been walking a geopolitical tightrope between Saudi Arabia and his coalition government while playing the drama queen at the same time.

After exposing himself as a puppet of the Saudis, he now is maneuvering to claim he saved Lebanon from being dragged into regional conflicts, which is a new fraud piled on top of the first.

We have not heard a word from Mr. Hariri condemning the Saudis for destabilizing the region via its proxy terror war on Syria, which has crushed Lebanon economically due to the refugee problem, to the point where mountains of garbage piled up in its streets with no funds for a new dump.

His attempt to be a foil against Iran and Hezbollah by charging them with being terror sponsors after he has been in a coalition government with Hezbollah for many years was ridiculous. Iran had pumped huge amounts of money into rebuilding Lebanon’s infrastructure after Israel’s mass punishment in the last war by bombing civilian targets as collective punishment.

Hariri actually joined the Saudis in trying to start a new conflict, purely for the Saudis’ hatred for Iran and their loss at not being able to Balkanize Syria. Fortunately, Lebanon’s political leaders seem united in wanting to put this issue behind them and move on to its many other problems; but Hariri will be stained by it forever, and most deservingly… Jim W. Dean ]

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Endless conflict in the Mideast – Beirut National Museum, Jim Dean Archives – 2015

– First published … November 30, 2017

The geo-political theater around the three-ring circus started by the Saudis yanking Prime Minister Saad Hariri out of Lebanon to get a Royal spanking and then put on his pitiful resignation show, has taken a pause. The Royals have gone quiet, while their own internal power struggle plays out.

Beirut National Museum survived the civil war greatly damaged – Jim Dean Archives

Hariri is back in Beirut singing a different tune now, about how Lebanon has to remain united and not get involved in regional disputes, when two weeks ago he was point man on starting a war on Hezbollah as a way of getting to Iran.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah was way ahead of him, with his MP delegation stating they were wide open to having a discussion on how best to maintain Lebanon’s stability, despite their having to drive a Saudi- and Israeli-backed ISIS out of Lebanon.

Walid Jumblatt, representing the Druze population, directly challenged Saudi Arabia to engage Iran to diffuse tensions in the region, saying that there has to be reconciliation and compromise. How wonderful to see little Lebanon standing up to the Saudi, Israeli and US bullies, despite all of its other problems.

No one is buying the Saudi new bogeyman story

It seems no one wanted to buy the Saudi bait to be proxy cannon fodder in a Royals’ conflict with Iran. They have seen what happened to Syria and Iraq, and are not that stupid.

The Saudis’ bitterness at losing their terror war on Syria, and then trying to divert that failure into a new destabilization campaign against Hezbollah and Iran, did not play well in many capitals, including all those looking forward to doing a decade of big business with Iran.

Frankly, everyone is getting tired of failed fake leaders trying to blame others for their self-created problems by starting new conflicts.

Our Founding Fathers were a resistance movement, as is Hezbollah

On the contrary, the world is much more aware of who the real threats to the Mideast are simply by looking at the team of gangsters who tried to carve up Syria, who thought their plan of attrition would bear fruit in time, while pretending that the carnage was all just the people’s will, a civil war among Syrians.

Hariri’s Saudi masters were exposed by Qatar’s Ex-Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim when he spilled the beans that the US Coalition, Turkey and the Gulf States had spent $137 billion trying to destroy Syria. Think of what that money could have done for the region if it had been invested in peaceful development.

That said, if the Saudis had given to Yemenis to develop what it has spent trying to conquer them, the Yemenis would be grateful Saudi allies. But the Warmongers do not choose the peace route, preferring to have everyone at each other’s throats, the divide-and-conquer routine.

Saudi Arabia and Israel attempt to replace ISIS with the Arab League

It has been a turbulent two weeks while the crisis built up. The Saudis and Israelis came out of the closet on their legacy relationship by announcing their decades of diplomatic relations and intelligence sharing.

These two happening so close together, in the middle of the Hariri resignation fiasco, signaled that we were seeing the roll out of a new plan B to replace the failed Syria Balkanization project.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming when reading the news that, after a Saudi-called meeting, Arab League chief Ahmand Aboul-Giet announced moving forward with an anti-Iran resolution in the UN for destabilizing the Mideast.

The Arab League has been willingly played, and accepts donations

Mind you, this is after the Arab League kicked Syria out while the other Gulf State Arabs were conducting an open terror war against Syria, with alleged arch enemy Israel helping them out in the Golan Heights by tying SAA forces down there and supplying ISIS.

Meanwhile Hezbollah, while designated a terrorist organization by the US, had found itself fighting ruthless terrorists in Syria, most of them just plain criminals there for the looting, and abusing women with permission from the Saudi Wahabbi imams, while riding around in Japanese Toyotas, using US and Gulf State supplied weapons, including US made TOW missiles, lots of them.

Back in Jerusalem, the Likud defense minister, Russian émigré Avigdor Lieberman, who has a seething hatred for all Arabs and Muslims, announced that he wanted to form an anti-Iran coalition with the Arab Nations.

And at the same time, while Israel has been using settler extremists to defile the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the Israeli minister of military affairs says he wants to buddy up with Arab countries in a new alliance against Iran.

When will we stand up to the real state-sponsored terrorists?

The UNSC, a battleground in itself

Do they really think that the UN Security Council is going to buy a new Iran boogeyman fairy tale? I don’t think so. It all looks like a weird Saturday Night Live comedy skit, especially after the Hariri stunt, and Macron hugging him like a long lost lover when he arrived in Paris.

A lot of the world has learned who the real terrorists are, and they aren’t Iranians or Yemenis.

The chemical weapons that Saddam used on Iran were made in the USA, found by our troops, and at first thought to be the smoking-gun proof that Saddam had chemical weapons, until they saw the US manufacturer labels. The weapons were quickly removed from the country, never to be seen again.

The Iranians did not rain medium-range missiles down on Iraqi cities during their long war. It was the US ally, Iraq, that rained them down on Iranian cities; one of many details that few in the West remember, if they ever knew.

This new Fake War attempt puts the Russians in a tough position because, along with Iran and Hezbollah and the SAA, they saved Syria from being taken over by foreign-backed terrorists, and where Lebanon certainly would have been next.

Like Putin stating that it was better for Moscow to fight Russian citizen terrorists in Syria and kill them there so they could never return home, Hezbollah also knew it would be better to fight them in Syria.

They all were fighting to save themselves and not get picked off one by one by the terror-sponsor proxies. The Russians had had a taste of the US doing that in the brutal Chechen war.

Billions for war or billions for peace?

Russia does not want to sell S-400s and nuclear plants to the Saudis, and build similar plants and LNG gas facilities for Iran just to see it all get blown up in a new war. Moscow wants stable, long term commercial customers to keep Russia’s technology brain-power base growing and increasing its own defensive power, as Iran is doing, and for the same reason as Iran does. They know they are in the crosshairs of the unipolar maniacs.

Every billion dollars that gets spent on stupid wars that destroy billions more in infrastructure impoverishes everyone but the warmongers. They don’t get killed or maimed, or carry the huge financial debt for the war and rebuilding afterwards.

The boiler room that is the main engine regional instability now is state-sponsored terrorism, not the online recruited cannon fodder variety, but the boardroom and officers’ club kind. Western nations and their intelligence agencies, including the US’ and Britain’s, have been involved in this up to their eyeballs.

As long as we have no recourse against them politically or legally, we are doomed, because time will be on their side. More false flag terror attacks will find us pleading for more protection, followed by having more of our rights taken away and rendering us incapable of reversing the situation. I pray that it is not already too late.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VT, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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