Fabricated Hate, the Phony “Jew v. Nazi” Fake Narrative


… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Jim W. Dean Managing Editor

The “Kosher Nostra,” sometimes known as the partnership between the Rothschild banking system, and the Israeli led mobs that run Ukraine and much of Russia, have long partnered with  anti-Zionist or neo-Nazi organizations of their own creation.  Stormfront and Andrew Anglin, have been by our estimation, Israeli controlled.

We believe this organization was created by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, which we long identified as part of spy organizations working against the US, to smear enemies of the Kosher Nostra, a powerful and secretive crime organization now capable of running governments and orchestrating wars.

This is the simple truth, deal with it. The CNN story below and depicted in the video is a very dangerous one.  Yes, it involves something sinister and poisonous at the heart of America.

How can supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom are Jew haters, racists, and criminal trash, utterly back a president whose advisors and cabinet, his friends, make up not only many American Jews but in actuality, the worst of the worst of financial criminals and mobsters who just happen to be Jewish.

Few Jews voted for Trump and fewer still support his politics.  Now for some backstory:

Years ago, VT made its policies clear.

  • VT supports international law in all forms including opposing the illegal settlements on the West Bank and the apartheid policies of the Tel Aviv government which are in direct controvention with the 4th Geneva Convention.
  • VT supports US policy that has pressured, until now, Israel to comply with International Law.
  • VT also recognizes, as a publication led by intelligence personnel, that Israel has been at odds with the US over security issues in the following ways;
  • a.  Israel, under Pollard and others, sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets in exchange for Jewish Russians allowed to immigrate by the hundreds of thousands to Palestine.
  • b.  The Israel lobby actively uses coercion, blackmail and bribery to influence American policy toward war on nations that financially compete with Israel.
  • c.  Israel, or Israeli led organized crime, which includes what is misnomered the Russian mafia, have orchestrated financial disasters such as the one in 2008, which cost the US $10 trillion dollars.
  • d.  Israel and its secret partner for over 60 years, have staged terror acts including 9/11, the 7/7 London bombings, the Paris Hebdo attacks and endless others to manipulate public opinion and American legislators to support policies favorable to Israeli backed organized crime.
  • We have seen universities controlled, their curriculum turned into pure propaganda, free speech killed not only under political correctness but total censorship and fact blackouts.
  • The current sex scandals, which are rightly cleaning out a very few monsters who have mostly exploited millionaire starlets or others much less vulnerable than those who really need protection, is now being used to silence opponents and cover up the sex blackmail ring of Trump/Epstein that ran an espionage operation on behalf of Russian Mobs for years.

To forward this agenda, elections have been rigged and Russia, most recently, blamed for it. Moreover, the media, now recognized as totally fake, has created a phony narrative blaming Islam for everything.

… from CNN

CNN: “The founder of a popular neo-Nazi website says a “troll storm” he encouraged against a Jewish woman in Montana should be considered protected speech and a lawsuit against him should be dismissed.

Lawyers for Andrew Anglin, the founder and publisher of the Daily Stormer, responded November 30 to a lawsuit filed by realtor Tanya Gersh, saying the dispute between him and Gersh boils down to the First Amendment.

Well-known First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza, who is representing Anglin, told CNN, “The only thing he (Anglin) did was call for people to speak, but people want to draw the line for speech they don’t like.”

An avalanche of hate: How a Montana mom became the target of a neo-Nazi troll storm
Gersh, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing Anglin for “invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violations of Montana’s Anti-Intimidation act.” That suit was filed in April in the US District Court for Montana.

She told CNN earlier this year that her family endured weeks of harassment leading to her physical and emotional deterioration because of Anglin’s actions.

Gersh says Anglin used his website as a platform to encourage his thousands of readers to contact her through email messages, social media, letters and phone calls.

They all centered on two facts: She was Jewish. And Anglin accused her of extortion.
She says there is one man to blame for what happened to her and her family: Andrew Anglin.


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