To the Muslim Puppet Leaders of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran etc:


by Abdul Kadir Mohmand,  former Afghan Mujaheddin Cmdr.

…for  VeteransToday

Now that unstable Trump has designated AL-Quds (called Jerusalem by the Jewish Zionists) as the capitol of Israel, unfortunately there will be more violence and chaos. This unnecessary action is a slap in the face to all Muslims. Al-Quds was the first Qibla, the place toward which Muslims turn in prayer.

The U.S. has waged unlawful wars against the Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. with the purpose of dividing, conquering and exploiting the natural resources. Now, we, the almost 2 billion Muslims need to stand up together and in lawful ways, peacefully end this violence and division caused and perpetuated by the U.S..

The Political System in Islam

The political system of Islam is based on three principles: (1) Tawhid (Oneness of God), (2) Risala (Prophethood), and (3) Khilafa (Caliphate).

Tawhid means that no individual, family, class or race can set themselves above God (Allah). No one is above God’s law. God alone is the ruler and his commandments constitute the law of Islam.

Risala is the medium through which we receive the law of God. Our holy book the Quran is the book in which God expounded His law through his prophets (may peace be upon them), the last being Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him).

A model system of Islamic life is contained in Shariah law. Shari-at Law means the straight path, straight way, and the divine law and system for social, economic, political and all aspects of life. Sharia law comes from two sources the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Shariat is best translated the “Right Way of Religion”. Surah 45, Verse 18 of the Holy Quran states, “Then We put thee on the (right) Way Of Religion: so follow Thou that (Way), And follow not the desires Of those who know not.”

Khilafa means leader president. We need a faithful strong and peaceful leader. As human beings we need to bring peace and stop the fighting, genocide and war. We are one race the human race. We all are children of Adam and Eve. Yet all over the world human beings are fighting and killing one another. We do come from different tribes and live in different nations. Yet we must remember that we are one and life is sacred.

Man according to Islam is the representative of God on earth. Therefore, man must follow Islam as the representative of God on earth. Man must be a representative on earth in accordance with God’s law, Islam. Man must be a representative within the limits prescribed by God. Man must execute the will of God. God is the creator and sustainer. Therefore, man must follow the straight path when representing on earth God’s creation.

These days all over the world Muslims are being slaughtered like animals, like in Afghanistan, Burma, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq. Muslims do not have a leader. Muslims need a leader to stop the division and pull us out of the darkness. After the tragedy of 9/11, many nations sent soldiers, some only one, to attack Afghanistan and scapegoated the Afghans and invaded and occupied their entire nation although the small group of people, who attacked the U.S, were not Afghans and Afghans were not involved.

Afghanistan is being collectively punished for the acts of a few non-Afghans. Everyday innocent Muslim Afghan civilians are being killed. Everyday innocent Muslims are being killed around the world. Everyday human beings from all tribes and nations are being killed around the world. Life is sacred. This violence must stop. Our leaders have the responsibility to stop the violence. Thus, we need good leaders of all tribes and nations and faiths.

We Muslims need a good Imam. Surah 21, Verse 92 of the Holy Quran states, “Verily, this Ummah Of yours is a single Ummah.” Ummah means “nation” brotherhood. Surah 6, Verse 159, of the Holy Quran, “As for those who divide Their religion and break up Into Sects, thou hast No part in them in the least: Their affair is with Allah: He will in the end Tell them the truth Of all they did.”

The Imam or Caliph must brave strong faith believe in (Oneness of God), Allah. La Ilaha Illal-lah Mohammad rasulullah. (There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is Allah’s messenger.) and only bow down to Allah, the creator and not the creation. An Imam must possess a sound knowledge of the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh). An Imam must have more religious knowledge than the others.

An Imam has to be very strong and be pious to unify.“When there are three, let one of them be their Imam and the most suitable person be the Imam is he who is the most learned among them.” (Muslim)“He who is the most excellent reader of the Holy Quran from amongst a party, shall be their Imam.

If they are equal in reciting it, he will act as Imam who is the most learned of them in the knowledge of Traditions. If they are equal, then he who is the foremost of them in migration; and if they are equal in migration, then he who is the oldest of them in age.” (Muslim)

The Imam must have the highest moral virtues. He must be just.“When Allah said to Abraham, ‘ Verily, I make you an Imam for the mankind’ Abraham asked, ‘And of my offspring?’ Allah replied, “My promise is not meant for the unjust.’” Surah 2, Verse 124 of the Holy Quran.

The Imam must remember Allah frequently. He must make the Holy Quran the center of all of his thoughts, interests, and actions. The Imam must be a devout servant of Allah.

As human beings we must all work together. As Muslims, we must not allow our division. We must unify Islam. We must choose a good Imam and leaders. Muslims need to be united, stop the corruption, greed, violence, wars, genocide, ethnic cleansings, and slaughter. We must help one another instead of fighting each other and allowing others to kill. Life is sacred.

There are about 52 countries in the world where the majority of the population is Muslim. Many countries call themselves Islamic countries. However, most of these countries are ruled by dictators, clowns or puppets. They do not have good leaders. There are approximately 2 billion Muslims in the world. We Muslims need to work together with our human brothers and sisters from all backgrounds and faiths.

We Muslims need to work together to bring peace and follow one Imam or caliph. Hanafi, Maliki, Hambali Shafei and Shiite religious scholars, need to unite and help all humans solve the problems in non-violent ways.

There needs to be one Islamic leader and federation. In the past, Muslims had a caliph until it was abolished by the Turkish leader Ataturk in 1924. As one Ummah, we Muslims can be strong and bring peace. As one human race, all human beings working together can bring peace.

The dictators and puppet leaders in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia have deprived and are depriving Muslims of their basis rights given to them by Allah. These dictators and puppet leaders and governments are not following Shari-at law. Human rights are those rights granted by Allah (God). It is the duty of every Muslim to ensure that every human being has the following rights and the following Islamic principles from the Holy Quran are followed:

• The right to life.(5:32) (6:151)

• The right to the safety of life. (5:32)

• The respect for the chastity of women.(17:32)

• The right to a basic standard of life.(51:12)

• The right to freedom-no slavery.

• The right to justice. (5:8) (4:135)

• The equality of human beings. (49:13)

• The security of life and property. (4:93)

• The protection of honor. (49:11-12)

• The sanctity and security of private life. (49:12) (24:27)

• The security of personal freedom. (4:58)

• The right to protest against tyranny. (4 :148)

• Freedom of expression. (22:41)

• Freedom of association. (3:11)

• Protection from arbitrary imprisonment. (6:164)

• The right to the basic necessities of life. (51:19)

• Equality before the law. (28:4)

• Rulers are not above the law.

• The right to participate in the affairs of the state (24:55)

Muslims must follow the straight path and through lawful and peaceful means unite and choose their own leaders from within themselves. We must follow the principles set forth in the Holy Quran and the Hadith. Islam means peace and requires unity and respect for all life and all members of the human community. We Muslims need to lead by example.


Abdul Kadir Mohmand


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