The Black Cashmere Sweater and the Political Incorrectness it Caused


At times I have so much to say I don’t know what to say. Today was one of those times. Aggravating my annoyance was the reoccurring thought that I had to buy a birthday present for my former wife. I was afraid if I didn’t keep reminding myself of her quickly upcoming birthday, I’d forget it.

Finally, I threw down my pencil and shut my computer. I had decided to make my biannual trip to Talbots – a women’s clothing store.

Talbots was where I had for years bought Carolina’s birthday and Christmas presents. And for years, twice a year, I bought Carolina a black cashmere sweater. And no, Carolina did not have drawers full of black cashmere sweaters.

You see, my ex, being as contrary as ever, had always exchanged each of her black cashmere sweaters with something she liked better.

This was a good arrangement for us both, as I seldom guessed correctly on what items of clothing Carolina preferred; and she liked having a hundred, or so, dollars to shop with as she pleased. It was a good deal for me because I never had to worry about the item, size, cut, or color of whatever.

“Just give me that black one over there … is it cashmere?

“What size, sir?”

“Gimmie the first one.”

Today marked my twentieth, or twenty-fifth, visit to Talbots and I was growing bored with the same ole routine, so I began searching my sometimes fertile brain for a way to stir up some excitement. Looking around I saw three or four older ladies perusing the merchandise. “Not much to go on,” I thought to myself.

Then it hit me, while my clerk was in the backroom getting a box for Carolina’s black cashmere sweater.

In a voice loud enough for my clerk to hear me … and … for everyone in the store to hear me, I yelled the unpardonable …

Say … isn’t this a store for old women … it is … right?

“What?” I heard from the backroom, while smiling to myself.

My smile, however, quickly turned to a shocked look when someone grabbed my arm. It was an older lady, who said …

“Sir, I just look old, but I’m not really old.”

Then to my relief the lady broke into a big smile, which brought much joyous laughter to us both.

But the comic opera wasn’t yet over. Someone else grabbed my other arm and said in nicely accented English …

“Sir, you should know that being old is now the new chic.”

Then the nicely dressed and attractive lady gracefully glided away with a come-hither smile.

“Hmm, “ I thought while walking away from the store. My political incorrectness had not produced the outrage or the indignation I had expected. Instead, it had brought three total strangers together with smiles, clever comments, and some sincere laughter.

Certainly those two ladies are most exceptional, but perhaps (and I’m only saying perhaps) puncturing some of the PC balloons the ruling oligarchs have floated could bring people together. I know whenever I read or hear someone making fun of some politically correct inanity, I feel a kinship with them.

In any case, I decided to state some truths that are politically incorrect to talk or write about; and I’ve done so in this eBook. I want to see if my hate mail will be outweighed by the more favorable responses I might receive.

For years Western society has been succumbing to authoritarianism created in think tanks, engineered by intelligence agencies, promoted by major media, and agreed to by PC obeying citizens.

I believe the political correctness jag which has been hitting us daily limits our communication with each other, as it was meant to.

I do not believe the purpose of this PC nonsense is to make us more tolerant of others. The pretense of tolerance expressed by the media-promoted cultural Marxists is used to get the wider population of us to accept the most recent PC balloon afloat.

Most Americans think if they will simply obey the latest PC mandate and keep their mouths shut, they will avoid all censure or something even worse, such as a hate-crime allegation and indictment.

I would invite anyone who thinks playing it safe will keep them safe to carefully heed the rest of this Foreword.

The massive genocides carried out by Pol Pot’s crazed Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the French ten-year Reign of Terror, and the Bolshevik’s slaughter of millions of Russians, prove that being politically correct only protects one in the early stages of these massive liquidations of human life.

And as the Cambodians, the French, and the Russians found out, they had to march, shout the words given to them, and often kill those who only watched in horror, or be killed themselves.

Kill or be killed is at the end of the line for the mental straitjackets and communication muzzles of all PC promotions.

For almost twenty years, the Khmer Rouge Communist Red Revolution raged in Cambodia, with thousands of the illiterate cruelly massacring the educated. Wearing glasses was solid proof that one could read, which deserved death. Spotting the telltale indentations on the bridge of someone’s nose, without glasses, was sufficient evidence they were someone who should be killed.

During the French Reign of Terror (called the French Revolution), a completely law-abiding citizen could lose their head to a guillotine if a neighbor even falsely claimed they were not very enthusiastic about all the beheadings that were taking place throughout France.

For a decade, the rumble and roll of the tumbrils of guillotines were heard throughout France, with each beheading followed by roars of high approval from the oblivious masses.

There was no more justice or safety in France; the berserk mobs and La Guillotines reigned throughout the country for a decade – all followed by the loss of life in the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) throughout Europe.

During the early part of the twentieth century blood ran freely down the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. The real terror, however, for the Russian citizens soon arrived and lay ahead of them for almost an entire agonizing century.

Law-abiding Russians lived in constant fear of each other, the NKVD secret police, and the Black Maria trucks that made their nightly rounds imprisoning those who would most likely never be heard from again.

It was thought that those captives were either executed or sentenced to a lifetime of long days engaged in exhausting slave labor in the depths of freezing cold Gulags.

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, historian, and critic of communist totalitarianism, gave us the truth regarding the Soviet Union and its not so nostalgic past. At the same time, Solzhenitsyn gave us in America a glimpse at the Bolsheviks of our day – the Antifas, cultural Marxists, and Social Justice Warriors who have been trying to bring down America.

Take careful notice of Mr. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s words below.

You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about the enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

Perhaps the wisest words ever given us by the great Solzhenitsyn were these …

The line between good and evil runs down the middle of every human heart.

This means that inside every single person is the capacity for both good and evil. This evil lies dormant in the majority of us; but in some it’s called the Shadow as in Jungian psychology (analytical psychology).

The truly strong and mature are familiar with the Shadow within themselves and its nature but are also aware of its dangers and so realize their need and responsibility to bring it under the control of their consciousness. That is the action that makes one more conscious, more alive, more aware, and more fully souled.

To be unaware of the Shadow, or to be unable to control it, portends a coming disaster; it is an immaturity that will invariably defeat one in their game of life. And so it is with the Antifas, cultural Marxists, and Social Justice Warriors who are so full of hate they vent it in public places, accusing others of what they themselves are guilty; their whole worldview is erected on the self-defeating absurd politically correct platitudes they resort to, not knowing anything else.

No, today’s politically correct mania will not result in a kinder, gentler, more tolerant society. And as the chants of the Antifas grow louder, our time (and theirs) as a free and prosperous people grows shorter.

Sadly, the college professorially indoctrinated ones of the Antifas, cultural Marxists, and Social Justice Warriors are simply incapable of benefiting from any kind of even simple remedial education.

Explaining anything important to the damaged (those who have been psychologically molded) is difficult, frustrating, and seldom rewarding; so do not engage in it, unless you have a willing student.

So the stimulus-response snake of fascism, Marxism, and ignorance will continue to consume itself, with mankind not knowing that it is caught in the middle.

Few of us understand the powerful Shakespearian adage that expresses a general truth …

What is past is prologue.

Politically correct concepts are not ideas that spring whole cloth from the people. PC ideas come from think tanks and are promoted by the major media, all owned by a dark oligarchy – the same cartel of soulless beings that organized, funded, equipped, and directed Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, the French Jacobins, and the Red Bolsheviks of yesterday, and the Antifas of today.

All of the above attacks on mankind began with some form of political correctness; and all of them made some kind of sense in their initial stages. They had to appear to be a bit reasonable in their beginnings in order to secure a foothold from which to gain more leverage over society.

The next step in the PC control process is the enactment of laws and regulations enforcing politically correct concepts. Such legislation would have appeared as ridiculous without the long conditioning of PC drivel.

Next in the strategic PC game plan will come repeated media exposure of some of the boneheads who most egregiously violate one or more of the new PC laws: “Arrest them now,” most of us will say. And there we all will be, once again, validating the very laws that deny us our most basic freedoms. And once again, mainstream media propaganda becomes our conventional view.

The conventional view [media propaganda] serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.

John Kenneth Galbraith

There is little doubt that the PC notions we are hit with are passed down to our children, which must adversely affect their ability to think critically and for themselves.

Already their critical thinking takes a massive hit from our mandatory public schools, so children can ill afford the second punch from the politically correct demon.

Political correctness is not about right and wrong; it is about telling us to avoid communicating about the critical issues of our day.

As you get into this book, you will hopefully understand that the uneasy feelings you get from time to time are areas of importance we are not supposed to worry about or concern ourselves with.

I hope you will be brave and soldier through every politically incorrect passage I’ve written, as that is the way we can build a better world – one courageous violation of a PC mandate at a time.

Good luck to you,


P.S.  If you want to read the entire eBook, please click on this link:  Jack’s Newest Offering on Kindle


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