David and Goliath battle continues in Yemen to the shame of Saudi partners

The US cannot sit in judgement on anyone after what it has done in Syria and Yemen

Mike Pence cancels Middle East trip – original title

Are we maybe re-living biblical times?

[ Note: Press TV Programs tapes its interviews for editing into a fast paced news feature, so one never knows what parts of your contribution they will use. Sometimes it is just one clip, but for this one I got three in a ten minute program.

It’s always nice to have more time as reporting on these complex wars is much harder to do really just using sound bites. So the pressure is on guests to pack as much information as they can into helping the public understand what is really going on.

Mining ironies is one of my tactics, like Trump pretending he is all for freedom and people’s rights in Iran when he has a heart of stone when it comes to the people Yemen, Syria, Donbass, the Palestinians, etc. The man is a three dollar bill.

We Americans have to find a way to rub these threat frauds into the faces of those who are the real threats, despite their efforts to steer us all over a mirage cliff to remove us as opposition.

But as long as Trump is there, we won’t be going anywhere, as Trump and his gang of hoodlums, those in public view and those not, are going to keep us busy as long as he disgraces the White house with his presence and his tweeting.

VT might start collecting funds for a Trump Wall the size of the Vietnam Memorial where we can have all of his silly tweets carved into stone just in case his Israeli friends find a way to erase them from Twitter …JD ]

Video below

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Yes, kids are fighting in Yemen

– First aired … December 27, 2017

These are the headlines we are tracking for you in this episode of On the News Line:

US VP cancels Middle East trip 

It appears the US underestimated the rebuttal and push back on their decision to recognize Jeruslame al-Quds as Israel’s capital.

The US VP Mike Pence had to cancel his trip to the Mid-east again. Previously the PA president Mahmoud Abbas refused to meet him after Trump’s decision on al-Quds.

Ansarullah fighters capabilities

Reports have surfaced that the Saudi bombing campaign on Yemen is not the only powerful force. Dozens of Saudi-led coalition military aircraft in addition to hundreds of battle tanks and armored vehicles have been destroyed by the Ansarullah fighters.

That may explain why the US just recently announced that they were pushing everybody to move into a political process as quickly, including the Ansurallah movement.



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  1. Goliath is another story with multiple correlations. The Lenape of “Delaware” went to the western part of NY and Pa to defeat the Allegewi who were giants. There are some caves in Central America with very old stories. It is said, that generations of intentional breeding produced specialized “small guys” who were trained and expert at killing the giant people who became a menace due to inbreeding. In modern times, the Amish of south western NY in the same area as the Allegewi, started to have the same problem and now have ‘mate exchange” agreements with other sects in Ohio. There is more to location than meets the eye.

  2. Everyone must easily observe that the once “white knight” United States of America has now turned into the Darkest Knight and is on the wrong side of all these conflicts, supporting international criminal terrorists against poor impoverished populations who continue to fight tooth and nail with all their limited resources as the “David” in these David and Goliath battles from Yemen with outlaw Saudis to Palestine with outlaw Israelis to Syria with outlaws U.S., Israel, Turkey, ISIS, to Afghanistan with outlaws U.S. and Israel, and on and on and on. The United States of America is on borrowed time and borrowed lies now. Its disgraceful lying president Trump, in charge of its disgraceful lying criminal military under the disgraceful lying criminal Pentagon, its disgraceful lying criminal Congress all bought and paid for by despicable criminal Israel is now an international criminal Mafia Enterprise acting against all principles of the meaningless Constitution which it gang rapes hourly and daily. Duped Americans must wake up and take drastic action to remove these despicable lying criminal traitors if America is to be saved. America is illegally in Syria at this very moment too. America is a shameful disgrace to the world today and must be boycotted world wide by every one of the roughly 195 nations no matter how small or large; do not do one penny of business with unindicted war criminal United States of America until they return to former legal and honorable values again.

    • It is just the US INC. ruled out of City of London and Vatican who are traitors to all the catholics and protestants all over the world. The head of that Hydra is located in Switzerland.

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