VT invited to Iran New Horizon conference in March

What does the future hold for Iran and Iraq now?

6th International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Artists 

New Horizon  –  March 3rd through the 5th – 2018


Lion of Persia

[ Editor’s Note: If our visas are cleared, Gordon and I will enjoy early Spring in Iran, without the flowers unfortunately, as it will be a bit chilly.

But we are really looking forward to going as, due to a paperwork snag in 2015, we missed going once before to the Habilian Association Conference for Iran’s 16,000 terror victims’ families.

That’s right, they have suffered over five 9-11s. Americans know nothing of this because anything sympathetic to Iran’s history is blacked out of US media. The way Iran has been vilified here you would think that it had overthrown our country after WWII, put a puppet in charge, and taken over our natural resources, looting the country from one end to the other.

But wait, it was we who did that to Iran, and the current crop of NeoCons and puppets openly proclaim that is their goal once again. The spotlight must be shown on this depravity so it can be clearly seen for what it really is, a second attempt after the fake nuclear weapons program scam was exposed for what it was.

Persepolis Lion

This year’s theme is a timely one. The President of Israel and the United States, Donald Trump, has declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of the Jewish people, a kind of declaration of war against the UN and international law. But we know agreements are not much of an impediment for a president that does not really read.

While the fate of Jerusalem-al Quds is the formal theme, the threat of unipolar monster will be another one lurking behind, as that is the well from which all future geopolitical misery seems to come.

Poster for The Messiah

The conference chairman is Nader Talebzadeh; Iranian iconic cultural figure / documentary filmmaker and director of controversial movie The Messiah (2007), and prestigious TV host.

His viewers are mostly students, business elites, politicians, academics & military personalities (particularly Iran’s worldwide known Major General Soleimani), the people in the office of Supreme Leader and very probably Leader himself.

We hope we will be able to add some extra time to see what historical sites we can in Ancient Iran. At our ages now, approaching 70, we can never assume we will be back again anywhere.

When statistically you have lived 75-80% of your life, it’s amazing how that can focus your mind on not taking a day for granted, as the grains of sand flow down the life glass. Visiting a cradle of civilization is not to be rushed… Jim W. Dean ]

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May 2018 bring greater cooperation among peace-loving countries and solutions which have been until now intractable world conflicts.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 6th International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Artists (New Horizon) in Tehran. The conference will host academics, politicians, authors, journalists, activist, filmmakers, and movie critics and media commentators from around the world to discuss different viewpoints and show worldwide solidarity with PALESTINIAN oppressed people.

The theme of this year’s conference is “JERUSALEM/AL-QUDS, THE ETERNAL CAPITAL OF PALESTINE” which is organized by New Horizon Secretariat with cooperation of IRIB World Service (including PressTV), Iranian Parliamentary Directorate General for International Affairs as well as Secretariat of 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada, and will take place on March 3rd through the 5th – 2018.

So to fight hatred, conflicts and destruction we hope you will join us at this event, and be among the voice of love, truth, peace, and hope. Together we can create a new world and a new age of freedom for all.

The battle against imperialism never ends

Mission statement:

The USA unilaterally has recognized all of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli entity contrary to years of precedent by the UN declaring in Resolution 181 as far back as 1947 that the Eternal City would have an international status. US action over all of Jerusalem was opposed by most countries in the world body.

Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel seemed to confirm a long-held suspicion among many long-time observers: The US is not interested in a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse. Yet, the US one-sidedly proceeded with its recognition at the instigation of the Zionist entity, flaunting its own previously held position and demonstrating that the US does not live up to its international commitments.

Over the years, most countries have come to see West Jerusalem as being under Zionist jurisdiction, with East Jerusalem being under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian authority to make it the capital under an eventual two-state solution.

Task of the conference will be to examine options that can formally be presented to the UN for consideration to get the US to clarify its position on the status of East Jerusalem to help move to a solution to this perpetual question of Jerusalem’s status.




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  1. Ah yes, the key is to always try to eat at buffets, and always bring your own bottled water. Never put a tooth brush in your mouth without washing it. Hide the mouth wash under the mattress. Rinse any glass and wipe down before drinking from it. etc.

  2. Jim, thanks for acknowledging the murdered accountants. At the time DOD was missing $2.3 trillions, today its over $10 trillions, add in HUD’s missing cash and it’s $21 trillion. So new records of this growing crime are created daily. What can we do? At some point our debt will become unservable. Maybe it has to reach that point before America wakes up. When the bankers do to us as they are doing to Greece, maybe then we react. There will be blood. Crazy, pure insanity.,

  3. Jim, thanks for acknowleding the murdered accountants. With ever false flag, i.e. Murrah Bldg OK City, VA agent orange records, St. Louis VA fire, same, 911 with bldg 7

  4. Yep Joe and the NY Fed transfer of $15 trillion to Pureheart that eclipsed the fraudulent national debt by greater than 150% when it was done.

  5. I hope both of you get visas. I look forward to your reports. This is off topic, but maybe not. I know you and the entire staff monitor the comment section, as you should, so you may be aware how often I mention the lack of any coverage of the missing money at DOD, and HUD. We all heard Rumsfeld announce on September 10, 2001 that 2.2 Trillion was unaccounted for at the DOD. We all know what happened the following day, and the death of 30 forensic accountants in the Pentagon strike. Since then the amount has grown exponentially $21 Trillion, in what I have to say is a financial coup. If reports are accurate we’re talking real money in an amount that guarantees the thieves the means to buy who ever, and whatever they need to keep the crime dark. My simple question is; why VT doesn’t report on this? A response will be surely welcomed.

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  6. The Persians begin their year on the Vernal Equinox. The event is timed beautifully for the arts and gatherings of good socializing. Particularly foreign visitations. The time of March 1 -10 is well known for “ships at port” as topic for artists, and tons of connections to people born during the time. The I-Ching sees it as “the geese arriving at the shore”. For all systems, it is the last decan in the 32 round. It is chapter 32 of Genesis which is precisely 32 verses long and begins 1 And Dude went on his way, and the angels of God met him. and the end is 32, and is the formation of a family who is bound by the thigh forever. This is a direct reference to Jupiter, the Hindu ruler of the decan, which is specifically associated with the thigh. It can be expressed in many ways, such as ” and the newcomers were embraced by the family, and they joined the ceremony of the thigh”. The central figure in old calendars such as the Dendera shows a hind quarter of a large mammal as the center of the family. It is the symbol of strong support. The people born during the time have many contacts and relations. In wholistic observation and condensation of all cultural knowledge of the time, it would be, “The gathering and return of Family before the dawning of the new Sun.” or “The return of the Seed” especially this year. Additional observations are that it is well timed for serious truth as well.

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