VT Concert night – ‘We can be heroes, just for one day’


Peter Gabriel – Heroes, Live in Verona – 2010

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       First published … January 28, 2018

Bowie, during his last year

I haven’t done a VT concert night in some time. Keeping up with the crazy world, the holidays and life issues, has squeezed it out. VT salute two great artists tonight, one living, and one not.

I had promised myself, when I got a 4K TV monitor in December I would spend some time looking at a wide variety of material to evaluate how well the Sony upscaler worked, expecting it to be better on some things than others.

One also wants to see how a new TV does with native 4K, and the best demo material for that is the big production concerts. As Gordon had promised me, I was blown away.

Even the compressed YouTube material is stunning. You can pay for the TV in concert tickets that you will never have to buy, plus the parking fees.

My initial goal had been to save my eyes from the endless hours sitting here in front of it, with the extra sharp text, good brightness, and the larger fonts usable on a 43″ screen, Thankfully it fit with a two screen set up on the old dining room table I use in my office, living room, home studio.

In my search for demo videos I stumbled across an early David Bowie concert. His head shot was a look I had never seen, and the song, Heroes, I had somehow missed. The song and his performance, even in the older video quality was fabulous, the multiple watch kind, as he really showed how he handled an audience.

But little did I know what awaited me when when looking for more good 4K live performances to build up a folder. I ran into Peter Gabriel’s – Heroes, Live in Verona, 2010. It was incredible, no drums, no guitars.

He had quite a stage production for this tour, including a full string orchestra. And always the creative master, he had a shorter, but very unique rendition of the song that no one else will ever try to copy, as it is Gabriel’s forever.

So without further ado, I bring you a memorable four minute musical event. VT thanks all those who had anything to do with it as we truly need all the uplifting spirits help we can get, and Gabriel, with Bowie’s song, reaches right into our souls. An artist can do no better.

I hope you enjoyed that, but I can’t dis Mr. Bowie as his live version is great, too. He died in 2016 from liver cancer, working right up to the end, as we will probably do.

“Look up here, I’m in heaven” from a hospital bed.

This line above, was incredibly, in his last music video.  He was two years older than Gordon and I.


From the BBC, January 2016

David Bowie only discovered (Note: or was told) his cancer was terminal three months before he died, according to a documentary marking the anniversary of the superstar’s death.

The film, David Bowie: The Last Five Years – due to air on BBC2 on Saturday night, a day before what would have been the singer’s 70th birthday – reveals that Bowie discovered his treatment was to be stopped while he was filming the music video for his final single, Lazarus.

Bowie died on 10 January 2016, days after turning 69 and the release of his 25th studio album, Blackstar, having kept his illness a secret from the world.

…full article is here.


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  1. The comment by odel is really cool…

    in the end a warrior must keep the peace

    what is truth

    truth is peace

    only evangelical i could be


  2. The musicians come to the warriors to keep the light house lit, and to show us the way, that we strive for something, and that the goal is alive, that inside humanity is something poetic that cannot explain itself with numbers or facts or laws, but something else, and it is reaching for that, that we find energy and strength to keep going. To be better. To be honest. If someone tells me I can’t hear David Bowie sing, then I have a problem with that. I have a choice to make. One that is easy if I listen to him sing.
    David Bowie born Jan 8 1947 Died Jan 10 2016 , ” the blossoming of the lotus, born on the day of the monkey and passed on the day of the Eagle” within the Lotus , the poet emerges speaking to plants and animals, because it is the spirit of the earth. The song of life. And in life, some flowers bloom for just one day. And a glorious day it is. Let us protect it.

    • Yes, And we saw an instant proof of this in the video, when he say the line “We will beat them”…it got an applause from part of the audience. It was not an ovation. But a few people , who got it instantly started it, and then a second wave picked it up quickly. It was a beautiful moment of a song writer’s power to connect with an audience, even moreso with Bowie’s lyrics, where if you just read them, not having heard the music with them, it just isn’t the same experience. This teaches us we often have to target more than one of the human senses to reach people, and that is an acquired art. Gordon and I were having a chat some years ago reflecting on VT, and he brought up for the first time what a learning experience it had been for us, and that literally, we were light years beyond what we knew (or thought we knew) than 5 years early, and that if we could stay in the game, we would be saying the same thing 5 years from then, and he was right.

  3. Oh, we all need a break from the blood and guts. Burn out is a common occurrence in this business. We look around at who is left, really in the game from 10 years ago, and many are just gone. One of the most usual routes was they tried to gain readership by attacking everyone else. And then there were idiots who thought they could make $25, $50K in google advertising a year…dreamers. We are content to take scalps now and they, from those who deserve it.

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