TRUTH JIHAD: Cyber-surveillance whistleblower Mark Novitsky: “Super Bowl false flag threat is real, I’m leaving Twin Cities”


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Mark Novitsky says my article “False Flag Super Bowl Nuke Alert” is all too plausible – so plausible that he and his family will be leaving the Twin Cities this weekend. (Mark alerted me to a statement by Israeli PM Netanyahu that could be interpreted as a threat to unleash a false flag terror attack on Minnesota, as explained in the update at the end of my article.) [Note: It looks like Bibi has an alibi this time: He was likely referring to the Mall of America stabbing incident.]

In this interview we discuss the final destruction of the 4th Amendment via the FISA bill extension, which was passed under cover of an orchestrated smokescreen: A snow day and government shutdown, the “sh*thole countries” brouhaha, and the “Trump and the porn star” scandal. These calculated distractions misdirected the American people away from the hideous truth: We are now officially in an Orwellian dystopian dictatorship with no limits on government/corporate surveillance of citizens.

Other topics include:

*The “dual state” consisting of the window-dressing representative government institutions on the one hand, and the real power consisting of organized crime infiltrations of the security agencies on the other.  (See Benner’s National Security and the Double Government; Kouzman, Witt, and Kakabadse’s State Crimes Against Democracy; and Eric Wilson, ed.’s The Dual State: Parapolitics, Carl Schmitt and the National Security Complex.)

*The ever-accelerating brainwashing of the population using techniques developed by Edward Bernays, the father of mass mind control.

*The role of false flags in the conditioning of the population to accept war and repression.

*The series of Minnesota politicians who have clashed with the Deep State: Jesse Ventura, Paul Wellstone, and Mark Dayton.

Let’s hope and pray that the Twin Cities will be intact when Mark returns there after Super Bowl weekend!


Update from Mark on Super Bowl Sunday

“Guys… yesterday the Minneapolis StarTribune (HACKS!) Front Page Headline… (Day before Superbowl!!!)  “Event’s Security Firm Fired”! / WTF! The DAY before the Superbowl??? Now they figure this out? “Mpls Security firm EPG replaced by G4s for insufficient background checks  of its employees…and declined to provide information about how the problem was discovered, how many EPG employees or what their duties were.” Now the Mpls. PD rep mentioned was Lt. Bob Kroll… WHO I HAVE HISTORY WITH /  we were together in the 336 Army Army Reserves / FT. Snelling…he is now the MPD Union Leader…”Minneapolis Police Lt. Bob Kroll said that the site EPG was guarding was left short-handed after several of its officers were yanked away by federal authorities.” Superbowl host commission spokesman declined to provide information / context — SO all things considered…G$S replaced the Chicago Security firm 2 months ago…now the DAY b4 the Big Game… they announce there has been a HUGE problem!!! “In a world of universal deceit…telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – Orwell.   Peace.” – Mark J. Novitsky


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  1. The NFL is the adjunct military unit of propaganda and recruitment. The Super Bowl is probably the safest place to be on Super Bowl Sunday. Anything at all happens and billions go flushy.
    The mongers of war, would not hurt a player until the player is located overseas where they can use the propaganda from his friendly fire death, to further promote the patriotism of concussions on the football field in conjunction with riling up any triggerable anger for the purpose of more war.
    The last minute security sweep and vetting proves it.

  2. This just in – looks like Bibi has an alibi this time!

    “Kevin – after listening to your Podcast with Mark Novitsky, I had the exchange below with my brother, where he uncovered an attack in Minnesota five days before Netanyahu’s speech to UN.

    There can be little doubt that Netanyahu’s reference to Minnesota would be attributed to that attack, which presumably made the news coverage at that time.

    Naturally the Super Bowl is always a candidate for an attack, but under the circumstances … I don’t think Netanyahu’s 2016 speech can be seen as his forecasting it for the SB in 2018.

    Thought you’d want to know this. Again, the link to story is:,_Minnesota_mall_stabbing

    Keep up your good work and the good fight!”

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