I Like Icke—Here’s Why (Sorry, Ian!)


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

My friend and colleague Ian Greenhalgh recently outraged many readers with David Icke – Disinfo Agent or Just an Idiot? Ian’s headline followed the template I established a few years ago with Is Alex Jones a Complete Idiot? When several friends emailed similar questions about Ian himself, I answered:

“He’s neither an idiot nor an agent, he just likes to pick fights with more famous and more radical ‘conspiracy theorists’ and stir the pot. (Like I did with the Alex Jones article.) I think he sincerely believes what he’s saying. It is quite possible that China will win the 5G race and wind up dominating a 5G world, and the health effects will be annoying and shave a few months or maybe even years of a still-rising average global life expectancy…a more intense version of what we’re already suffering from EMF pollution, yet hardly anybody notices, much less give up their cell phone.

It’s also possible that Ian is partly right about the anti-China neocon faction pushing anti-5G activism to hinder Huawei…though I tend to doubt it because, in the long run, it would backfire by helping China and its friends get 5G first and thereby dominate the global economy (or what’s left of it after the corona controlled demolition).”

This would be a good topic of conversation for a radio interview with Ian, whose analyses are generally well-informed, and always worth considering. The health effects, and Orwellian overtones, of 5G are noteworthy, but so is the geopolitical context in which all of this is playing out.

When Ian picks a fight with Icke, or when I pick a fight with Alex Jones, or Muhammad Ali boxes George Foreman, or the white nationalists fight Antifa, and so on, people often let emotional partisanship get the better of their critical thinking. In this case, Ian too may have let his anger at what he sees as Icke’s COVID-19 denialism warp his judgment.

I haven’t watched the whole Icke video, but from the part I saw, Icke never says the coronavirus symptoms are ONLY or even primarily caused by 5G. Ian doesn’t offer any evidence that Icke said any such thing. Even the MSM propaganda attacks on Icke merely say Icke “linked” 5G to weakened immune systems and coronavirus symptoms. So Ian seems to be using a straw man argument, laced with the tired old 1990’s MSM anti-Icke ad hominems, updated for a conspiracy-hip audience.

Icke’s claim that with 5G “human life as we know it is over” is obviously hyperbolic. But those of us who agree with critics of technology like David Skrbina believe that beneath the hyperbole, Icke has a point. The internet of things sounds to me like a dystopian nightmare. Or, rather, a worse version of the dystopian nightmare we are already living in. If it were up to me, we would blow up or tear down every cell tower, not just 5G ones; imprison everyone responsible for turning the internet and cell network into a gigantic surveillance apparatus; imprison everyone responsible for spreading harmful EMF pollution to every corner of the globe; imprison everyone involved in weapons technology development of any kind; ban all genetic and biological research; and generally get rid of most post-19th century technologies.

The last invention that made life better rather than worse, in my opinion, was the bicycle. OK, maybe refrigeration too. But we would be vastly better off without automobiles, planes, most electrical appliances (and those we really need should be rigorously designed to contain EMF pollution), and—above all—cell phones. As far as I am concerned, anyone who carries a portable phone of any kind is too dumb to live. (That means that I’m pretty much the last sane man on earth…)

OK, so now you know how crazy I am, maybe you’ll understand why I like David Icke.

Whether or not Icke is right about his gigantic nebulous bloodlines conspiracy theory—which when you get right down to it isn’t much crazier than Gordon Duff’s theory about malevolent extradimensional demons feeding on human suffering and interfacing with the Rothschilds and their friends to maximize the suffering they feed on, and may even be compatible with it—I find Icke’s challenge to orthodox thinking stimulating and refreshing. What’s more, Icke often turns out to be right. His 2002 book about 9/11, for example, was way ahead of its time.

What’s more, the way David Icke bounced back after he was so brutally ridiculed in the mainstream media is a lesson in courage and steadfastness. As the Qur’an repeatedly says, the key to salvation is to “persist in truth, and persist in patience” in the face of ridicule by the powerful. Having experienced MSM ridicule myself, though not at the level Icke did, I can sympathize with what he went through, and certainly don’t begrudge him his current popularity.

Ian and other detractors will undoubtedly say, “Icke may have been partly right about 9/11 back in 2002, but the fact that a guy like him who had been skunked in the MSM was saying such things actually worked against 9/11 truth.” Ian might also say “Whatever truth there is in Icke’s ravings just lends credibility to the disinfo.”

The problem with such arguments is their circular logic. Anybody who challenges MSM orthodoxy on anything important is automatically labeled a nut. Therefore anything that person says, after having been so labeled, works against the truth. So I guess we should all just keep our mouths shut?

The argument that anybody who is right 90% of the time and wrong 10% of the time is peddling disinfo is equally specious. From where I sit, EVERYONE is wrong AT LEAST 10% of the time…except me, of course. That makes everyone except me a disinfo agent. And I’m starting to wonder about myself. After all, if I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that I could easily be wrong about at least 10% of my beliefs.

So to sum up, I think David Icke and Ian Greenhalgh are both heroic, sincere truth-seekers who are willing to risk public ridicule by saying unpopular things. They are both right about many things, and wrong about others. May Allah reward their efforts and forgive their errors.

Maybe they should duke it out on my radio show.


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  1. Wow! this article really brought em out of the woodwork! With this sort of thing, If there is simply too much background noise I have to rely on my own knowledge and experience. Since I also happen to be the chair of the RFI commitee at our local radio club. I see firsthand the effects of too much EMF. None of the “civilian” writers have taken into account the harmonics involved (which cause most of the birdies etc.) As for Gordon observations, he is not alone. Others have warned (in a sidelong fashion) about a race of maniacal parasites, the Ga-ould. It seems at times the only logical conclusion about what kind of creature would thrive on the horror, death, sorrow etc. etc. etc. and live for centuries.

  2. Whether or not you agree with all the things David Icke says – one thing is certain – he is a very brave man.
    As we are fully aware – the only way the status quo will change is when people speak out. This man speaks out on behalf of many who do not have the courage to dare to speak out against those who have the power and control. It is staggering to comprehend that in the US and the Uk – which are predominantly Christian countries, practising or otherwise, that they are being censored and controlled by a tiny minority. Contractors in some states in the US literally have to sign contracts basically agreeing not to be critical of Israel in order to secure work. How on earth did law get passed? moreover, who was the major architect of this law? The US is in a terrible state – and that was before COVID. Freedom and democracy do not exist in the true sense of the words and haven’t done for a very long time.
    As the very old and very applicable saying goes: To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

  3. icke gets a lot of guff because he ‘makes theories look like conspiracies’ but does so in a way he can name the enemy without burning himself. speech hasn’t been free for a long time where he grew up and his analogies are over the heads of most. lizard people are the geoos for one but you cant say that and not be ruined. if they ban saying revolution we say boogaloo, if we cant say that, its the big igloo

    • No, Icke is 100% a creation and operative for the British Establishment and has been since the moment they first presented his new esoteric bullshitter persona on the prime time Wogan show 30 years ago.

      Kevin may have had noble intentions when he wrote this article, but he has unwittingly done a major favour to those behind the likes of Icke who pay them to spread disinfo because he has caused both myself and Gordon to waste a not insignificant amount of our time dealing with all kinds of morons and trolls in comments and emails.

      Sorry Kevin, but it has to be said, you have done the enemy a solid favour and thus acted as a ‘useful idiot’. I know you have good intentions, but you really can’t keep being so naive and lacking in discernment as it is directly aiding and abetting the enemy in the info war.

  4. People are asking the question about Icke’s interview with London Real……where was it filmed?

    Considering Icke lives on the Isle of Wight, was it filmed at his house….or the London Real studios?

    Considering we are in lockdown in the UK, who travelled where without being ‘curtailed’ by our fine law enforcement officers?

    Freedom of speech?…..seems more like Freedom of Movement …for some

    • Everything you say is evidence that Icke is a well paid and promoted creature of the Establishment, otherwise he’d be stuck at home using a Skype connection like everyone else. Icke has always received special treatment from the day he walked onto the set of the Wogan show to be presented to 20 million viewers. It’s so bloody obvious that Icke is not the real deal that you have to question the discernment of anyone who fails to see through the thin tissue of lies Icke hides behind.

  5. First of all, we should STOP falling for the political PUPPET SHOW, and wake up to start joining the dots. the bankers have never had a problem collapsing the entire empires in order to get what they want in the long run, but they need some kind of turmoil to provide cover for the economic reset.

    Only when you discover how your masters play you and you see through the connections, you will begin to see how childishly the world can be changed.. Not to understand this is not to understand how the global power system really works which, in turn, means not being able to arrive at a correct diagnosis as to why things are going badly in this world.

    Second, we are all being distracted with corona-virus death toll..The full financial ramifications of the virus are yet to be understood – There is NO question that Coronavirues was deliberately spread and is designed to crush the global economy …we are being led into fear of death with controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage.. This will have huge ramifications for the global economy. Corona-virus is an extension of 9/11 -The world will never be the same.. — But They need plebs to believe that this pandemic was an act of nature – otherwise the entire chess game will fall apart..


    Regardless of what you think about David Icke, whether he is controlled opposition or Not.. the truth is that he reveals evil and points to awareness -the globalists need enemies at home and abroad to advance its agenda so they’re invented to justify what’s unjustifiable …

    All the evidence suggest the goal is to reduce the self-sufficiency of people to the point of total fiscal and social dependence on the top 1% elitists in the world. The most efficient way to gain control over the lives of the masses is through engineered imbalances in the economy and the shift into a digital currency system and cashless society which is right in font of your faces in which all your transactions are tracked -This will have huge ramifications for the global economy.

    • You make several very good points. I agree that after the pandemic, the big banks are going to own everything as almost all small and medium businesses will collapse and only hose bailed out by the banks will survive. It will become a corporatised world where small, independent retailers, restaurants etc. will be a thing of the past and all we will have are the big chains owned by corporations.

  6. In no way, shape or form do I oppose free speech. If using ad hominems to describe disinfo scumbags upsets you, that is on you.

  7. My advice is don’t try to email me, I have no desire to receive BS from paid trolls like yourself.

  8. Well said Nik. The real deal people aren’t featured on the BBC or any other MSM. That fact alone should tell people that Icke is working for the same people who run the BBC -i.e. British intelligence on behalf of the British Establish (what today is called The Deep State). You can’t buy the sort of publicity Icke gets.

  9. [Editor’s note: This is a prime example of a paid troll. Never commented before, it reads like it is from the same script as many other comments left by other trolls recently.]

    Of course Icke cant be right every time, neither can anyone in alternative information dealing with secret info each and every time, thats so obvious ! Also the circular thinking (Icke is right sometime, so uses that to act as a disinfo agent) used by Ian borders on the caricature. Thanks to Kevin for pointing it out.
    There is just too much “know it all” posturing and emotionalism displayed by Ian’s article, and what about the “too stupid to live” silliness, boy do those people take themselves seriously !
    There are so many in the EMF field, doctors and EMF scientists, warning us about the pushing down our throat, that the 5 G bandwagon is at least a dangerous trend, here is a short list of 300 saying just that :
    In fact Icke doesnt pretend 5G is the one and only factor to the virus spread.
    There are so many things we dont know yet about this virus’s origin. I cant even take totally seriously Duff’s claim the US military brought it to WuHan (with hardly any checkable references), esp. after the series of utterly naive postings on Iran’s plane bombing. VT’s editors all buy stock and barrel the view of the Iranian government, with whom they seem to be cosy. With a country rich with the most educated people on earth, who know so much more than whatever their government ever says, this took the cake for me.
    The truth on anything isnt so easy to come by, because almost everyone has an agenda, conscious or not.

  10. Gordons theory of non human entities working with the rothschilds to control earth is a constant theme of ‘The Ringing Cedars’ especially book 8 when Anastasia gives them a chance to opt out. Modern technology is an analogue of special abilities man once had when he was a part of nature. Modern civilization is the absolute proof that man has devolved into a monkey not from a monkey.

  11. Ian: Icke says the Queen is a space lizard who feeds on human blood. Gordon says she’s inv(f)ested with an extradimensional mind parasite that feeds on human suffering. Personally, I think Gordon is far more likely to be right. But since the sheeple won’t see much difference between the two “deeply weird” assertions, why do you think Icke is peddling disinfo, rather than just telling the very weird truth as he sees it, just like Gordon is?

    • Kevin, A far more useful and informative question would be to ask you why you can’t see what Icke is, it should be clear and obvious to you, so why isn’t it? Don’t let the fact he is a personable, somewhat likeable character cloud your vision. The fact that Icke’s new career as a esoteric bullshitter was launched by putting him on the most highly watched TV show in the country, the primest of prime time, 20 million viewers in 1990, which is equivalent to 30 million today, should tell you that Icke is a creation of, and operative for the British Establishment.

  12. Sorry, Ian… Icke is RIGHT, chemtrails are real…vaccines kill… and 5G is deadly. There you have it… from a simple man…living in a complicated world.

  13. “The goal of this operation is to identify the gullible people who will buy into these false theories,”

    Maybe the goal should be the truth.

    Frankly, Mr. Greenhalgh, you start to sound a bit like Donald Trump.

    In my humble experiences of my 73 years, I found that experts are the most easily deceived people once the enter en area of which they think they are an expert too.

    I pray that the hinges of your door of an open mind have not started to rust.

    Occasionally VT is wrong, or (even according to Gordon) not reflecting the real picture. We live with that without resorting to the use of put downs.

    Emotions are right behind everybody’s front door, in this time of stress, incompetence, dishonesty, manipulation and down right deceit.

    Maybe we should all treasure truth seeking and motivate people to do so, no matter how flawed some efforts may be.

    Although I am an atheist, I sign off with Kevin Barrett’s humble expression:
    May Allah reward our efforts and forgive our errors.

    And may peace and harmony be upon our paths.
    And may I be able to control my allergy to stupidity and ignorance.

    • My goal IS the truth, it is THEIR goal to identify the gullible idiots. Pray tell how I sound like Trump?

      Icke is an obvious disinfo op, blatantly obvious. Just take his BBC TV interview with Andrew Neill last year when he talked at length about 9-11, then right at the end, Neill asks him if he still believes the Queen is a lizard, Icke says yes he does et voila, Icke and the BBC just collaborated to undermine the truth about 9-11 by having it come from the lips of a man who believes the Queen is a lizard.

      Come on folks, this is disinfo 101 and I shouldn’t need to tell you Icke is a bought and paid for disinfo agent, you should be able to discern it for yourself as it is so obvious.

  14. i suppose Icke is creating a perspective .. a road that we’re able to travel down. We don’t have to go on it, or go all the way to the end destination (it could allow us a perspective that allows us to travel somewhere more convenient). It’s handy just knowing that perspective is available.

  15. Icke is ‘censored’ and ‘opposed’ simply to promote him and give him credibility in the eyes of gullible fools like yourself.

  16. David Icke is one of few people in the world who dedicated his entire life to seek truth, not necessarily to get it, but it is the intention and the way which is important.

    The problem with VT is that they try to be expert on every subject, be it medicine, natural sciences, religion, immunology and vaccination, military, esotrric knowledge,geopolitics etc. VT knows better than immunology experts about vaccines, one thing which the brightest immonologists agree upon is, that there is no conclusive evidence that every vaccines gave you protection. I work in these medical field so I know what I mean.

    • You work in a medical field and you don’t think vaccines protect? Pray tell, what medical field – a cleaner in a morgue?

      VT works with a large number of very highly qualified people, for instance, to produce the 9-11 Nuclear series, Gordon and I worked with scientists from Sandia and Los Alamos laboratories, whistleblowers who were directly involve in the cleanup at ground zero, who were there with their geiger counters and equipment within days of the destruction, these are real experts with real information.

      Icke is nothing like us, all he does is regurgitate a mixture of plagiarised internet crap and fabricated nonsense. I’m sorry you aren’t discerning nor intelligent enough to be able to realise this.

  17. Idk Icke. I know Ian and Mr. Barrett. The debates are useful – the arguments give birth to the truth. But to cut off all heads (hoaxes) of Hydra, VT may invite any of modern Nikola Tesla. To enlighten our dark mass (including me) about real influence of 5G frequency on man’s organism. That is all. Otherwise we will break thousands of spears here.
    My respect.

    • Gordon and I are working on a series of articles about the giant psyop that includes 5G, chemtrails, anti-vaccination disinfo and others. The goal of this operation is to identify the gullible people who will buy into these false theories, thus creating an army of ‘useful idiots’ who will promulgate these theories to a wider audience. To lead and direct this army, there are a number of bought and paid for cheerleaders, David Icke is one of the more prominent of them, but there are many others. Yes, Icke is a likeable person, if he wasn’t likeable, he wouldn’t be an effective disinfo operator.

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