USA’s Duplicity in Dealings with Pakistan


By Sajid M. Ansari for VT

Well, if  at all 9/11 was a ‘True Story” and since No Afghani and Pakistani were involved in 9/11 then why the US invaded Afghanistan, taking the plea of wiping out Al-Qaida, being responsible of 9/11,without any solid proof…?

The US did in Afghanistan exactly as she invaded Iraq taking the ‘plea’ of the presence of WMDs which proved totally baseless and false. Hence from these two examples, of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, it is proved that the 9/11 was also a “False Flag Operation’ of CIA & Mossad.

However, 15 out of 19 men named to be affiliated with al-Qaeda. were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were 02 from the United Arab Emirates and one each from Egypt, and Lebanon.(Ref: Wikipedia

There was no one involved in the so-called 9/11, from Afghanistan or Pakistani yet the US invaded Afghanistan and bombarded its cities killing over 150,000 civilians mercilessly, apart from injuring a lot more than these. On the other, in Pakistan, the US and Indian sponsored mercenary armies killed 73,000 civilians, more than 100,000 wounded, almost half of them have become invalid for life and the economic losses are amounting to 123 bill US dollars. Why..?

The US is responsible for killing of more than 73,000 innocent Pakistanis and app. More than 100,000 were wounded; almost half of them have become invalid for life, apart from the economic losses of over 123bil dollars. The US did it through mercenary terrorist armies, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Northern Alliance army of Afghanistan’s renowned drug/war lord Rashid Dostum, in collaboration with Indian army in civvies, who invaded Pakistan’s north-western cities adjoining Afghanistan border and infiltrated hundreds of terrorist inside the country right up to Karachi and Baluchistan in collaboration with India. Kulbhushan Yadev the leading Indian terrorist of RAW confessed of running terrorists network in Baluchistan and Sindh, killing thousands of innocent civilians through bomb blasts and target killing.

I strongly believe that the majority of the Americans whose tax money being spent on achieving Israel’s ‘objectives’, do not know about the intensity of ‘Proxy war’ being fought by Pakistan for the last 17 years as they are given the picture of the “War on Terror”, exactly as they were befooled off by the state department of the presence of ‘WMDs’ in Iraq which turned out to be fake. So it means that the main objective of the US administration to invade Iraq was primarily to ‘steal’ oil,  as much as they could, spending trillions of dollars of American tax payers money, plus genocide of the Muslims which is still going on in the M.E and Afghanistan,  to weaken the Islamic countries around Israel in order to provide security to Israel.

Similarly, again trillions of dollars of the US taxpayers being spent invading Afghanistan since 2001, under the guise of ‘War on Terror’, although, as mentioned earlier no Afghan or Pakistani was involved in 9/11 attacks. Fine, when the US killed OBL if at all he was responsible for 9/11, then, logically, the US should have withdrawn from Afghanistan but why on earth the US is still sitting in Afghanistan, despite NATO called all of its remaining soldiers back, so it means that the US has some ulterior motives against Pakistan, which she is carrying on in collaboration with India that is why she is not leaving Afghanistan.

Secondly, the US & Israel wanted to get rid of the growing power of Afghani Taliban in Afghanistan as they may become a major threat to Israel in the future.

Thirdly, the first Prime Minister of Israel, Ben Gurion, had once said in Paris -David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister. His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle,9 August 1967: (Reference: ““The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan.

It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.

So, when  the late Ben Gurion issued this statement, Pakistan was not a nuclear power by then he had just watched Pakistan’s war in 1965, with India, 8-10 times bigger and stronger country yet Pakistan’s armed forces crippled Indian army, navy and air force, in just 17 days. But now the major point of concern for Israel is that Pakistan has become a nuclear. That is why Israel pressurized AIPAC to ask the US administration to keep sitting in Afghanistan unless and until Pakistan is not denuclearized and since the prime objective of India is also the same so use Indian collaboration as well.   Otherwise, logically, the US should have packed off after killing the so-called head of Al-Qaida, OBL, on 2nd May, 2011 as the US had either killed most of the Al-Qaida members and had swept them away to Guantanamo Bay, those who survived. According to Wikipedia (Ref:, On May 15, 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released what they called a complete list of all 759 former and current inmates who had been held in military custody in the detainment camps after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) action was filed by the Associated Press.

The US took app 558 Al-Qaida members to Guantanamo Bay on March 3, 2006 the DoD partially complied with a court order to release the names of the remaining Guantánamo detainees. The court order required the DoD to release the names of all the detainees.[7] Initially, the DoD released only 317 names. On April 19, 2006, the DoD released a list with 558 names. However, of all prisoners at Guantanamo, Afghans were the largest group (29 percent), followed by Saudi Arabians (17 percent), Yemenis (15 percent), Pakistanis (9 percent), and Algerians (3 percent). Overall, 50 nationalities were present at Guantanamo.[13]whereas, on the other,

I am afraid, if the American people know as who are these ‘militants’ of Haqani Network…? So, for their information these ‘militants’ of Haqani Network, are in fact the  Afghani Taliban, the ones who had been trained by the US army to fight guerilla war against the Soviets for more than 10 years, also telling them, “Your Islam is in danger if the Soviets take-over Afghanistan and you must push them back (to USSR) and get Afghanistan freed from them.”   However, the Afghani Taliban got their motherland freed from the Soviet invaders and the US left Afghanistan, as its purpose had been served and after the break-up of USSR, USA had become the only Super Power in the world.

Therefore, now after the US invaded Afghanistan, the same Afghani Taliban are in fact ‘freedom fighters’, who want to get rid of invaders of their country, first the Soviets and now the Americans invaded Afghanistan. The Afghani Taliban are exactly like American Freedom Fighters who fought against the British in The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of Independence. Hence what the British used to call the Americans who were fighting for independence, as militants, or terrorists, exactly as the Americans now are calling the Afghani Taliban as militants and terrorist..? Whereas, the purpose of both, the Americans who fought against the British, in the War of Independence and the Afghani Taliban have been fighting against the Soviets and now against the Americans, is the same. So, isn’t it duplicity of the US Administration..?

Fourthly, the US and India, both are against CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor which is being built by China using Gawadar Port of Pakistan, as by virtue of it Chinese economy will grow leaps and bounds affecting Indian economy very badly.

The last but not the least, the mouth watering mineral resources of Afghanistan and Baluchistan, worth 3 trillion dollars. Therefore, in order to implement its plans the US required justification to invade Afghanistan and for that she required air space, for its air force, and also a safe land route for continuous supply of food stuff and ammunition, for its troops, which could only be possible through Pakistan. General Musharraf proved to be very cooperative to the extent that he also gave away four bases, Dalbadin, Shahbaz, Shamsi and Pasni airfields and air space corridors for USAF and two land routes  to/from Afghanistan, i.e. Chaman and Torkham.

The first priority of the US was to clean-up Afghani Taliban as they were the main hurdle in stemming of its hold in Afghanistan and also a future threat to Israel as they might go to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kashmir to fight with Israel and India to get librated Palestine and Kashmir. So, the ‘Troika’, the US, Israel and India, joined hands to finish off Afghani Taliban and then the next to denuclearizing Pakistan by staging a civil war through mercenary armies.

The US also asked NATO to participate and the both amassed more than 150,000 troops in Afghanistan. However, the US tested all of its new generation bombs, aircraft and what not in Afghanistan’s mountains to kill Afghani Taliban and destroy their hide outs. But during the 10 year war with the Soviets, the Afghani Taliban had become the world’s best guerilla fighters, hence the US and NATO army miserably failed to contain the Afghani Taliban, rather the US and NATO soldiers were mercilessly butchered by them.

By 2005 & 2006 the US and the NATO forces had been defeated by Afghani Taliban, on almost all fronts in Afghanistan and were very much perturbed, as almost half of the troops had gone back in body bags, via Jacobabad air base, however, the ‘Troika’ decided to change the strategy and behold the Afghani Taliban wherever they were and take-up the second most priority and that was to denuclearize Pakistan through igniting civil war as the US did in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. And for that purpose the US did not want to use its army because in that case Pakistan would have stopped the land routes of supplies for the US and NATO army and would also have closed its air space, therefore, the US told Musharraf that they need an army like Afghani Taliban who could fight with them, which in fact was a ‘Trap’ so that Gen. Musharraf give them permission to prepare a mercenary army and Musharraf gave them permission. The CIA/Mossad recruited lots of unemployed young men from KPK province of Pakistan and also from Afghanistan, and got them trained in India and also in Jalalabad, near Pakistan. The Pentagon sent 700 US army trainers to Pakistan as Gen. Musharraf had been agreeing to everything whatever the US demanded.

However, by 2007, the USA’s mercenary force, named Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan–TTP, was ready, laced with the state-of-the-art ammunition which even the Pakistan army did not have. In addition to it the US also engaged another mercenary army of the renowned war/drug lord of Afghanistan, Rashid Dostum’s Northern Alliance; hence the stage was set to unleash massive terrorism in Pakistan and that is what happened. The US/CIA, instead of sending TTP mercenary army to fight with Afghani Taliban, unleashed them in Pakistan for massive terrorism.

The vital proof of TTP used in invading Pakistani cities bordering Afghanistan and making way to Swat along with Northern Alliance army of Rashid Dostum, and Indian army in civvies, is the following article written by;

Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent

“Our secret war in Pakistan”

Posted: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 8:29 AM
Filed Under:
Kabul, Afghanistan

These mercenary armies, TTP + Northern Alliance of Rashid Dostum and Indian army personnel invaded KPK cities bordering Afghanistan and reached up to Swat in Pakistan, through the help of CIA helicopters and in accordance with their heinous plan, they wanted to start civil war in Pakistan. They were infested all over Pakistan and started terrorist activities, “Khud Kush”  bomb blasts throughout the country. They came in dozens of SUVs and were also dropped through US helicopters, killed innocent civilians and reached up to Swat, as told by the villagers. Hence according to plan Washington started ‘Drama”, making hue & cry saying, “Taliban are just 60 miles away from Kahuta and Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals may go in to their hands and the world peace is in great danger, therefore, Pakistan army should handover all its nuclear arsenals to the USA’s Delta and Orange forces who are trained and expert in handling nuclear arsenals. They may reach at the “pick-up points” within 12-24 hours to secure the nuclear arsenals and we have already arranged a place in Boston for ‘safe-keeping’ of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals.”  (Ref: the Washington Post 7-8 September 2007).

It was very amusing that Washington was considering Pakistani army and the people as idiots that they will hand over their ‘life-saving’ equipments to its enemy. Secondly, again Washington tried to put dust into the eyes of the world by telling that ‘Taliban’ have reached Swat, and are just 60 miles away from Kahuta whereas, in fact, they were the mercenary terrorist armies of the US, infiltrated in Pakistan to start chaos and civil war in Pakistan, like the US and Israel did in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. They were sadly mistaken or underestimated Pakistan army may be India misguided the US by giving example of 1971, however, by now the world would have known us (Pakistan) very well.  In 1971 India used USSR’s shoulders and infiltrated 300,000 Mukti Bahinis ( Bengali Terrorist army). The situation would have been opposite if India would have fought the war alone, against Pakistan. In 1998 Kargil War the US saved India.

Uncle Sam..!!! Our nuclear arsenals are very dear to all 220 mil Pakistanis and our gallant armed forces know how to protect these, exactly like the way a mother protects her children. So, how on earth Washington thought that Pakistan will hand over its life-line arsenals to the enemies. Yes, we all 220 mil Pakistanis  consider the US as our enemy # 1 ever since US unleashed  terrorist mercenary armies, TTP and Northern Alliance of Rashid Dostum in Pakistan, in collaboration with Indian army in civvies, killing 73,000 innocent civilians and 8 to 10 thousand soldiers, in addition to our economy suffered of over 123billion dollars.

The Salala incidence of killing 26 Pak army soldiers by the US/NATO army through gunship helicopters is a vital proof of the US army’s involvement in terrorist activities and also backing up the TTP terrorists.  The US army helicopters have been taking TTP terrorists inside Pakistan where the US/CIA wanted them to create violence that is he US why the US forces deliberately vacated 5 important posts when Pakistan army started operation in Mohmand Agency, so that the retreating TTP terrorists, may retreat through the area deliberately vacated by US forces. How can US deny of NOT stabbing in the back of Pakistan..?

In fact Pakistan helped an “Old friend” on his call to join in on “War-on-Terror” but the ‘Old Friend” stabbed in our back…!!! Why India refused to send its 15,000 army, you asked for..? Because observing decades old ‘friendship’ with Pakistan, India does not have faith and confidence in the US, at all.

By the end of 2011, the US and NATO forces were fighting on different fronts, inside Afghanistan, the Afghani Taliban had turned almost all the fronts into the  ‘Killing Fields’ of the US and NATO forces as more than half of them had gone back in body bags. So, the NATO countries decided to withdraw their remaining soldiers, taking the plea that when OBL, the chief of Al-Qaida had been killed, in May 2011, then why US forces need to stay any further in Afghanistan. Obama had rightly decided to call back the remaining US troops, leaving behind only 10,000 to provide security to the US embassy and its consulate offices in Kandahar and Jalalabad.

But Israel was adamant to denuclearize Pakistan at any cost so she used AIPAC to pressurize the newly elected President of the USA to continue ‘Proxy War” against Pakistan from Afghanistan, in collaboration with India hence the Trump administration sent 3,000 US soldiers more to Afghanistan and decided to give extra ordinary favors to India in order to lure her to send 15,000 troops to Afghanistan.  The US was expecting that after giving lot of favors to India at the cost of Pakistan, India will agree to send 15,000 troops, at least to fight (provide as cover to the US forces) in Afghanistan, but India refused.

So, in view of the above how and with what face the US asking us to “Do More”..? There is no presence of Haqani Network and ‘Safe Havens’ in FATA or KPK as logically speaking when Afghani Taliban are controlling more than 70 % of Afghanistan then why, on earth, do they need ‘Safe Havens’ in Pakistan…? But since the US has to keep playing the ‘blame game’ hence the rant of  “Do More” being continued by Washington, and threats of “dire consequences”, blocking aid and supply of army and security military equipments, even after facing continuous aggression of terrorists on our bordering cities by our enemies, the Troika’. The big question, upon which Washington is keeping mum, is that despite having state-of-the-art facilities of communication, aircrafts, LRGs, latest Humvees, tanks, armored cars why on earth the US forces cannot control Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, rather asking for the last 17 years to “Do More”..?

Uncle Sam…!!! We very well understand your ‘Game’ that since you are carrying on the “supply line’ of terrorists into Pakistan, in collaboration with India then why would you stop it….!!! So, now Pakistan has rightly taken a firm stand to says now “No More”, come what may, as Pakistan has come to know that on the one the US not only aiding and sending terrorists in Pakistan whereas on the other asking us to ‘Do More’..?

The US has put our survival at stake by joining hands with our arch enemy, India, openly, so, now we understand the true meanings of the proverb, “friend of your enemy is also your enemy”. USA asking us to ‘Do More’ is in fact a strategy by which the US wants Pakistan to fight against Afghani Taliban by sending its army in Afghanistan. Because the US as well as the NATO very well know by now that they cannot defeat Afghani Taliban, so why not to ‘kill two birds with one stone’, ask Pakistan army to go and fight against Afghani Taliban. This is out of question as we understand that the US wants to weaken our army by engaging it inside Afghanistan and besides that the US forces be allowed to go anywhere in Pakistan following the “imaginary Terrorists” in order to get access to the placement of Pakistani nuclear arsenals, under the guise of “following the terrorist”. But Pakistan’s army is the main hurdle otherwise both the political cults, PML-N and Zardari’s PPP would have agreed long ago, so that is why the US does not like Pakistan’s army and now the judiciary as well.

The “Troika”, the US, Israel, and India must know that Pakistan has seen the toughest time when the “Troika’s”  had planned a bloody civil war like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, through its mercenary armies along with Indian army in civvies,  in order to denuclearize Pakistan but our gallant armed forces fought tooth-n-nail and thrashed the terrorist mercenary armies out ruthlessly from our soil, though we had to sacrifice a lot as it was necessary to stay alive and we are alive, by the grace of Allah and we shall remain even if the US remains sitting there for another 50 years.

After the miserable failure of the three armies, TTP, Northern Alliance and the Indian army in civvies, to bring the desired results now the USA planning to add two mercenary armies, Blackwater and ISIS and start conventional war with Pakistan. But Pakistan want to remind US that our gallant forces will also defeat all five armies, and if need be we shall use all our nuclear arsenals in order to defend and protect our sovereignty at any cost.

The nation is thankful and indebted to the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who laid down his life but did not bow down to the US administration’s wishes to wind up the nuclear program which was solely for keeping the balance of power in the region as India had already done it in May 1974. However, by virtue of Bhutto’s sacrifice, we are safe and can look into the eyes of our enemies.

Probably the Americans have forgotten the words of her own country’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865): “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.


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