Putin to Netanyahu: Get your act together


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Putin finally sent a message to Netanyahu telling him that he needs to start acting like a grown-up.

Netanyahu has been a problem child since the beginning of his political career, and he obviously thinks he is politically immortal: he can lie, deceive, summon military forces to kill innocent babies in places like Gaza,[1] and even call the United States to do his diabolical work.

But now he is being told that he has to shape up or ship out. During a phone conversation, Putin has told the mad man to “avoid any steps that could lead to a new round of confrontation dangerous to everyone in the region.”[2] How did the mad man respond? Well, he used the old boring and stupid trick: Israel was responding to “Iranian threats” in the region. He said:

“I reiterated to him [Putin] our right and our duty to defend ourselves against aggression against us from Syrian territory. We agreed the security coordination between our armies will continue.”[3]

Let’s take this statement to its logical conclusion. Do countries like Iran and Syria have the duty to defend themselves against Israel? Is it right for Netanyahu to continue to destroy one country after another in the Middle East in the name of “self-defense”? Who gave him that right? The international community? The United States? Or the Talmud, which by the way is the legal system in Israel?[4]

You see, the mad man in Tel Aviv will never take time to answer those questions in a rational way because that would ruin his political career. Moreover, Netanyahu will never tell us what he means by “Iranian threats” or “aggression.” Iran is in Syria legally. The United States is there illegally. So, which country is really being aggressive here? Who is the mad man fooling this time? Rex Tillerson? Donald Trump? Nikki Haley?

He can grab Tillerson and other political morons by the balls and force them to kill, steal, and destroy in the Middle East for Israel, but people are certainly waking up. The Russian Foreign Ministry has recently stated:

“Moscow is deeply concerned with the latest developments and attacks on Syria. The danger of the escalation of tensions within and around the de-escalation zones, which have become an important factor in reducing violence in Syria, is of particular concern. We consider it necessary to unconditionally respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and other countries of the region.”

I would hasten to say that Russia needs to move the dialogue forward by framing a policy which will stop Israel from incessantly and diabolically attacking Syria. Israel has been playing video games in the region for far too long. It is time that nations of the world, particularly Russia, challenge this terrorist state.

  • [1] For a recent study on this, see Norman Finkelstein, Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018).
  • [2] “Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid dangerous escalation following Syria raids,” Russia Today, February 10, 2018.
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  • [4] Marissa Newman, “Netanyahu reported to say legal system based on Talmud,” Times of Israel, May 8, 2014.


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  1. I agree, It is time to.stand up. But it is hard to overcome a century of brainaashing. The crux of our problem lies in the financial system. We have all heard; “money is the root of all evil”. Could it be that simple? Maybe so. Mayer Rothschild’s said, and which I can only something like this. “Allow me to print a nation’s money, and I care not who makes it’s laws”. That was back in the 1700s. Maybe an expose of his exact statement will make a fine article. A real thorough dissection, word by word, a listing of every possible meaning of the statement with all the possible personal benefits he could acheive as the man with the power to create a nation’s money. One of the first things I would do with my fresh money is pay some politicians to agree that my business can not be audited, or scrutinized.

    • …We have all heard; “money is the root of all evil”…

      The actual Biblical wording is, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It’s the prioritizing the pursuit of wealth over everything else that leads to evil.

      For instance, Big Pharma doesn’t care how many people are damaged or killed by their drugs, as long as they continue to make a profit.

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