Extreme cold is becoming the new normal around the world with multiple snowfall records being broken each winter amid extremely frigid temperatures. This phenomenon is already causing a significant worldwide impact on crops, basic infrastructure, and daily life.

Most of the US continued to experience one of the worst winters in its history this year. As temperatures got a little less cold, snow and ice melt have been causing destructive ice-laden flooding in the Mid and Northwest.

Meanwhile, China, Japan, and Taiwan also saw record snowfalls and freezing temperatures, and extreme cold was also present in unusual places like Morocco, Tanzania, Turkey, Irán, Israel and Saudi Arabia. And of course, Europe got its fair share as usual.

This month, hurricane-like winds wreaked havoc in Europe, the US, Asia and Latin America, and in some cases was accompanied by unprecedented tornados.

The Ring of Fire showed increased activity, with volcanoes erupting around the globe along with several earthquakes of significant magnitude. Some researchers link these phenomena to the increased incidence of cosmic rays.

So get your big coats on folks, because with the sun’s minimum in its 11-year cycle just around the corner, we may soon have to confront the beginning of a new mini (or ‘maxi’) ice age.


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  1. Seen the video now and this weather manipulation reminds of both 2012 and 2013. Similar to then the geopolitical situation was extremely tense, crises were manufactured primarily with Iran. This became obvious EXACTLY on Oct.1 2012 when the MSM totally (!) shifted attention away from Iran and towards the presidential election.

    Three-four days after Obama got reelected the MSM was again spewing fear by portraying Iran as the treat to humanity.

    In the spring of 2013 a lot of Biblical revelations about natural mysteries were fulfilled, like blood read river flowing (in Jordan IIRC), abnormal storms, etc. These things have not seized but no doubt this January was immense.

    The common factor is that the Talmudist-Kabbalist alliance need for their existential survival (due to humanity waking up) start up the Biblical End Times (of which they, the clergy themselves, have written and created, including Jesus). The preparatory kick-off was 911 (semiotics for Lucifer going from 9th to 11th dimension and thus “outsmarting” JHVH the Creator, and hence “11”) but the real kick-off of the End Times is with the start of Armageddon (which is in Syria bordering Israel, IIRC), which will start WWIII and first and most importantly is intended to destroy the West.

    • Why? Because we with internet and computers living in the same countries as the leaderships of these occultist elites are their biggest threat: the Hegelian Thesis, while WWIII is the Hegelian Antithesis. One World Under Ten Regions is the Hegelian Synthesis.

      The new Thesis after that will be an external threat. Dr. Werner von Braun said that there will be a fake alien invasion by UFO’s built at Area 51. This will as we see with the light balls etc. in the film be complemented by various HAARP effects.

      The new Antithesis to that will be a global defence against the “aliens”, and the following Synthesis is of course a One World Government: the complete goal of the revolution of Serpent Races against the Creator.

  2. The whole solar system is changing if you know what I mean. Seems the end of the zodiak sign and the entry into the age of aquarius now in full swing feelable here on earth. We are just part of the galaxy we are in.

  3. …just like the Y2K and December 21, 2012 scare.

    1. The elites want us to be anxious and full of negative energy.
    2. I wonder if not Planet X is a planted deception to make us look for causes to all weather disturbances coming from the outside and not from Earth.

    Planet X = HAARP, probably.

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