France seeks “surveillance” on Iran ballistic program


Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Is Macron competing with Trump to see who can be Netanyahu’s favorite pute?

According to Reuters:

“Iran’s ballistic missile programme must be placed under international surveillance, French President Emmanuel Macron said… ‘I want a new cycle of negotiations with regional parties and the permanent members of the Security Council, like we did for the nuclear deal, but widening it to regional countries so that we can reduce and eradicate this insecurity,’ Macron told reporters late on Tuesday. ‘And (we need) to put Iran under surveillance over its ballistic missiles. It’s indispensable for the security of the region and so we need a mechanism of sanctions and control adapted to that.'” 

And maybe Iran’s military shouldn’t be allowed to have guns, tanks, artillery, or airplanes either?

The Iranians gave up their right — guaranteed by the NPT — to enrich as much uranium as they want. In return, they got…nothing. Obama welshed on the deal by maintaining sanctions and saying “well, now they’re not nuclear sanctions, they’re…well, they’re the same sanctions, but now they’re punishing you for other things you’re doing that we don’t like.” Trump has upped the ante by not only keeping sanctions but also threatening to tear up the nuclear deal.

France, like the US, and many other countries, is loaded with nuclear weapons, missiles to deliver them, and all sorts of other nasty stuff. Yet France faces no conceivable threat from any potential aggressor; while Iran has been under attack by the US, Israel, and their proxies since 1979. Why doesn’t Iran have the same right to defend itself that other countries do?



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  1. “Why doesn’t Iran have the same right to defend itself that other countries do”? Answer: because in 1979 Iran kicked BP, and Exxon Mobile to the curb, and Israel has designs on the entire region and the carbon resources within. France is a shill for you know who. What France doesn’t know is they are hated by the British, Israelis, and the USA. They, the French, are tolerated just a bit more than Italy, Germany, and Spain. When they’re (US, UK, Israel) done with the ME, Russia, and China the French are next. Macron is a micron. Poor France. Where’s DE Gaulle when he’s needed? Oh ny the way “They” are Charlie Hebdo. But I guess you know that.

  2. Kevin, Just a question. Why is your Truth Jihad program so constantly interrupted? It’s really malicious as the sound is cut, but the show isn’t stopped, and we miss important conversation and news. I’m guessing it’s more than the content as the radio show doesn’t revealing much that can’t be found elsewhere with a little effort. Is it because of your faith, or is it that Professor Hall has joined you? Don’t change a thing, I enjoy the program and will continue listening to share your pain. I would like to hear your explanation. Your show is f’d with more than Duff’s stuff.

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