The Florida School Shooting

Michael Shrimpton analyses the latest German outrage

A mother grieves (photo: Sun Sentinel)

Yet another tragic massacre this week, this time at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. As usual it has been followed by knee-jerk responses from the MSM and politicians, mostly aimed at those nice people the National Rifle Association. Also as usual the MSM are pushing the lone shooter theory. It doesn’t look like a single shooter incident, however. Once again federal background checks proved utterly useless, probably because they were waived. Unlike CNN this column is going to ask some serious questions. This nonsense has got to stop. Those people who continue to block Spyhunter from reaching the President have to ask themselves: ‘have enough young people died?’   

The Basics

In a carefully timed attack 20 minutes before school ended on St Valentine’s Day (note the date!) a large number of shots were heard in the high school. A total of 17, mostly young students, were murdered, it would seem by short bursts of automatic fire from assault rifles. The school had an armed security officer but he was absent. One shooter, Nikolas Cruz, 19, who had been expelled from Douglas High, was arrested and has confessed to the shooting. He has not however named any accomplices. His public defender has stated that he wishes to avoid the death penalty (no surprise there) and is willing to plead guilty. Cruz sought to evade arrest by merging with the pupils as they evacuated the school. Having got out of the school he then waited to be arrested, i.e. he made no attempt to flee the Parkland area. He clearly knew he would not be facing armed opposition.

The dead included assistant football coach Aaron Feis, who courageously put himself in harm’s way. Other members of the teaching staff behaved courageously. Girls were not spared. The dead were shot in different locations, although concentrated in one large building in the campus. We have lost some very fine human beings.

The timeline permitted Cruz to make contact with his control or accomplices. No explanation has been offered by the federal authorities as to why the background check was effectively waived. Cruz fitted the psychological profile of a school shooter and was known to the FBI in that context.

The FBI failed however to commence an investigation and were content for someone with a history of violence, mental instability and atrocious behaviour in school to possess an assault rifle. The weapon he is said to have used was purchased legally in Florida, but no statements have been made about the acquisition of the ammunition. The source of funds for the purchase of the weapon has not been identified. There is no evidence in the public domain at this time that I have been able to discover that the ammunition was purchased, legally or illegally.

ATF, who ought to be the lead agency, have once again been shut out in favor of the FBI. The Fibbies are effectively investigating themselves, since the Bureau were aware of the one named shooter yet took no action, save possibly for passing his details on to Frankfurt. The FBI has a lamentable record of failure in investigating mass-shootings. They haven’t yet even managed to identify the other shooters in the Las Vegas shooting.

Some of the surviving students have promised to march on Washington to demand changes to gun laws. Commendably, they want Douglas to be the last school shooting, but they’re aiming at the wrong target. Cruz should not have been permitted to own a firearm and a large quantity of ammunition under existing firearms legislation, which once again has not been enforced. The students are asking the wrong questions of the wrong people. Sadly, this will not be the last mass shooting in America, let alone the last school shooting.

Peter Wang, one of the young victims

How many shooters?

Mass-shootings are typically sponsored by hostile states and are planned, usually meticulously, by intelligence officers, usually from the DVD or one of its sub-agencies such as the Correa/COREA Group. Again typically, they involve multiple shooters. The usual target is gun laws. Pro-German media outlets invariably use mass-shootings to disarm communities, leaving them helpless. This strategy has been wildly successful in Britain and Australia, where legislators were panicked into passing knee-jerk anti-gun legislation.

The tactic has proved much less successful in the USA, thanks largely to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and the NRA. The NRA, to whom I am sending a copy of this article as a courtesy, are not intelligence-led however. Whilst they come up with correct policy arguments they are ignorant of the DVD and fail to analyse shootings correctly, no offense intended. Put shortly, they know their guns but not their intelligence, and sadly do not know what they do not know, paraphrasing that nice man Donald Rumsfeld.

Thanks to a kind reader, I have seen videos of eyewitness testimony from two female students at Douglas High, stating that there were at least two shooters. Doing the best I can with the information available, I reject the single shooter theory. I think the number of dead, the ratio of dead to wounded, suggesting that the shots were carefully aimed, the physical distribution of the casualties and the number of rounds fired suggest 2-3 shooters. I have no problem with Cruz’s confession, so far as it goes. Fake confessions to capital crimes are comparatively rare. Yes they happen, but it’s not every day that a guy shouts “I did it, I shot the sheriff, the kids etc., gimme the juice, I need that juice!”.

Detailed ballistic analysis would be needed to confirm the number of shooters, but given that the Fibbies are in charge and the Bureau’s failure to mount a single serious investigation of a mass-shooting incident to date, it’s highly unlikely that such an analysis will be undertaken. Ballistic analysis would be a starting point for the ATF, I’m sure.

The FBI’s involvement

I think the FBI’s involvement goes beyond just sitting on the reports emanating from Florida about Cruz. We know the Bureau has a history of deception, e.g. over the Kennedy Assassination, and crossing the boundary from inactivity in the face of serious crime to outright criminality.

My analysis is that the FBI assisted Cruz to obtain a firearm by getting the federal background check waived and aided in his recruitment by passing his details to the Correa/COREA Group in Frankfurt. It is even possible that Cruz’s control is an FBI agent. Fibbie credentials would allow a man or woman to move around Florida easily and would also both impress and intimidate Cruz. Like the Gestapo before them, the Fibbies love intimidation!

Christopher Wray should go (I respectfully endorse Governor Scott’s call for Wray to wresign) but I don’t think he was involved. No offense, but he’s not bright enough to be an intelligence officer. With the honorable exception of that nice man Judge Bill Webster (hi Judge!), directors of the FBI tend to be either transvestites or useful idiots. The trannies are usually blackmailed into working for the Krauts and the useful idiots aren’t bright enough to work out what their subordinates are up to. Such is the level of Christopher Wray’s intelligence illiteracy, again no offense intended, he has probably never heard of the DVD or the Correa/COREA Group. He’s so dumb he probably thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.

The death penalty

A common theme of German intelligence recruitment of killers, a tactic they have been using since at least M’Naghten in the 19th century, is an assurance that they will not be executed. Cruz is clearly worried about being juiced, with good reason. These assurances are often worthless.

The murders at Douglas High meet at least two of the discrete requirements of Florida law for the imposition of the death penalty. They were clearly premeditated and were particularly heinous. Oddly, the victims weren’t young enough to invoke the protection of the law as regards the murder of minors. In terms of schools Florida law effectively protects elementary schools only.

The DA should go for the death penalty, regardless of plea. There is no need here for a plea bargain. The guy is desperate not to get juiced, but he should have thought of that before he pulled the trigger.

He’s never going to tell the truth as long as he thinks he will be allowed to live. What I would respectfully suggest to the Florida Department of Homeland Security is that they take a leaf out of the book of those nice people the Mossad, and I don’t mean the Torah. When the SD and DVD’s SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichamnn was about to be hanged, the great Rafi Eitan took him a bottle of Scotch in his cell. The Obersturmbannführer knew by then that his people’s assurances that they had enough pull in Jerusalem to let him off the hook, as it were, were phoney. He spilled the beans, and I don’t mean Heinz. From then on the Mossad knew beyond a reasonable doubt that the Abwehr, Gestapo and SD had been reorganized at the end of the war.

Find out Cruz’s favorite brew or drug, and take him a bottle, or a reefer, or whatever, on the night before he’s due to be wheeled into the execution chamber, making sure first that all appeals have been exhausted. He’ll be at a low ebb and will inevitably be feeling bitter about the people who recruited him and assured him that he wouldn’t be executed. That’ll be the time when he coughs.

I’m not saying don’t juice him. Of course he should be executed, in the nicest possible way. What I’m saying that is kids’ lives are too valuable to continue being thrown away like this. Parents’ lives are valuable too. Well over 30 lives have been wrecked this week, on top of those murdered and wounded.

We need to nail one of these mass-murder ops, and nail it good. Having captured one of the operatives at Douglas High we need to make sure that he is interrogated professionally and effectively. That means keeping the Fibbies out of it. If Florida DHS don’t where to lay their hands on a reefer (I’m sure they do) they could always borrow some marijuana from the DEA’s private stockpile (for use on special occasions).

If the warden objects and says he doesn’t want people’s reactions dulled by drink or drugs as they’re executed tell him to go get stuffed, nicely of course. Does he want more dead kids or does he want Cruz’s execution to be as painful as possible?

The confession

If I were the DA, I’d be wary of relying too much on Cruz’s confession. This is a standard German tactic – get your guy to confess early, in the hope that law enforcement eases up on obtaining other evidence, then get a bent judge to throw it out. Remember decisions on admissibility are made by judges, not juries. A lot of narcotics are shipped through Florida, the DVD largely controls that trade and they have a need for tame judges down there.

No offense, but after the Andy Martin scandal, the Florida judiciary do not have a good reputation in the Intelligence Community. The DA needs to watch out. (I’ll be sending the DA a copy of this column as a professional courtesy.)

Preliminary conclusions

To sum up, my preliminary analysis is that this was an attack involving multiple shooters, that Nikolas Cruz was one of the shooters, that the FBI assisted in his recruitment and that the agency which controled the operation was the German Correa/COREA Group. The attack on Douglas High was planned in Frankfurt and the sponsoring state is the Federal Republic of Germany.

The memo

The memo was going to be my main topic this week, but events have rather overtaken it. My analysis, previously presented on VT, that the FBI and CIA were backing Clinton in 2016 and that CIA asked GCHQ via MI6 to tap the Trump campaign’s communications is probably now more widely shared.

The Fibbies only switched tack and pretended to be anti-Clinton after internal Democrat polling showed they were headed to defeat. This is a standard tactic when you’re trying to rig an election and you know your party’s going to lose.

Video Presentation on Rudolf Hess

The Bases Project in Wiltshire, England, have been kind enough to broadcast a presentation on mine on the Hess/Halifax Coup on YouTube. The link (I hope this works!) is:

My reading this week

The dear old Warspite

This has included Ten Greatest Ships of the Royal Navy, by John Ballard (no relation to the anti-British crank from Woods Hole, who apparently believes in man-made global warming!), published in 2015 by Amberley.

No two naval historians or naval warfare specialists are ever going to agree on the ten greatest Royal Navy warships. For the record I don’t agree with John Ballard’s selection, which leaves out HMS Devastation and includes the Commando Carrier HMS Bulwark. All the vessels he chooses were fine ships however, most with distinguished service records.

He makes two common mistakes however, along with many other naval historians: he thinks the Anglo-German Naval Race contributed to the outbreak of World War I, when we might have deterred our community partner the Kaiser had we won it by a larger margin, and he regards the capital ship as obsolete by World War II.

In fact World War II demonstrated that battleships are better able to stand up to bombing than any other class of warship. Ballard thinks he makes his point by pointing out that HMS Warspite was badly damaged by German guided bombs off Salerno. Yes she was, but the modern anti-aircraft cruiser Spartan was sunk only a few months later in a similar attack at Anzio.

Warspite not only survived the world’s first guided weapon attack, she went on to hammer our community partners on D-Day. She should have been preserved as a national monument of course, but the pro-German Cabinet Office and Treasury blocked the idea.

As I point out in Spyhunter, it is slightly odd to see the Battle of Midway cited as ending the reign of the capital ship, when none of the Imperial Japanese Navy battleships engaged in the battle was damaged, let alone sunk, and the majority of the carriers involved were lost. Only one British battleship (HMS Prince of Wales) was sunk by airpower in the whole of World War II, all attempts to sink French capital ships by the use of airpower failed and American battleships were only sunk when tied up alongside in peacetime. The majority of the battlewagons hit at Pearl Harbor were refloated, refitted and returned to the fray.

Capital ships, properly used, had their role in the fleet for at least half a century after Midway. The most recent combat operation involving a battleship was during the Gulf War, only 27 years ago. Sensibly, the Russian Navy still uses capital ships. Their day is not yet done.

Notwithstanding the mistakes and the questionable selection of subjects this is still a useful little book and I recommend it. I don’t suggest people avoid books just because I happen to take a different view to a fellow author!

The British sloop Amethyst

This Week’s Movie Review: The Yangtse Incident (1957, dir.

Michael Andersen)

Released under several different names, including Battle Hell, in the States, and starring Richard Todd in the lead role, the Yangtse Incident is one of the greatest of all war movies. Superbly acted, with a splendid theme tune, it tells the story of the sloop HMS Amethyst’s dramatic escape from the commies in 1949. Unusually, the film-makers were loaned the actual ship to help make their movie, although she was scrapped soon after under pressure from Peking.

The Amethyst (later re-classed as a frigate in order to cause confusion) is one of John Ballard’s selections for the ten greatest British warships. Her break for the open sea, running the gauntlet of communist Chinese shore batteries, is a great story of courage and daring. It’s an inspirational tale as we make our own break for the open sea from a brutal and dictatorial tyranny with Brexit.

The communists are correctly and fairly portrayed as fat, sleazy and dishonest. Their claim that Amethyst fired first was an outrageous lie and a stain upon Peking which lasts to this day.

If Peking thinks that we have forgotten Lt-Commander Bernard Skinner, Amethyst’s murdered skipper, and the other brave men who died aboard her, or as a result of their wounds, they can think again. Sadly not nearly enough ChiComs died during the escape – the C-in-C Far East should have been permitted to order the mighty battleship Anson to support Amethyst by pounding the forts at Woo-Sung with main battery gunfire.

Unhappily, the German agent Clement Attlee was in charge in Downing St. As now we suffered from weak leadership. Many lives and much treasure would have been saved had we entered the Chinese Civil War on the side of the Nationalists, in response to the unprovoked attack upon HMS Amethyst, as we should have done.


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  1. The best exposition of this event can be found in Yoichi Shimatsu’s series on rense. The last one’s title begins with ” March for Our Lives…”. Sheds light on the ADL’s op to make Cruz ( jewish ) seem a ‘white nationalist. As well, David Hogg’s father’s employment at Cubic Simulation Systems, it’s contract with the IDF, it’s ability to ‘sanitize’ and control communication systems and video feeds ( 20 minute delay ), the local Chabad house, and Cruz’s psychiatrist. So Shrimpton does useful work here, averting blame to Germany in lieu of his Israeli friends.

  2. Why the DVD? A red herring? In Shrimpton biography, Shrimpton has a history with NSA and Jewish in USA? Two red flags.

    Who would gain most by disarming US citizens? CIA/Bush Crime cabal and Deep Judas State. No German DVD necessary.

  3. “We” are not at war. Religions, and Oligarchs are. They suffer from “low information” life management skills.

  4. Adding weapons to any area is escalation. Subtracting weapons is de-escalation. 70 % of all teachers chose the position to have paid summers off. Not exactly the go get em crowd. The days of the Wild West are supposed to over. In fact, the only reason they aren’t is “low information voters”. Who clearly are getting a voice right now. If we can’t keep our schools safe without escalation of police state, then we really need to take a hard look at how we make decisions holistically. And the opinions and actions of those who got us here, would not count in that discussion. And the only British opinion we should consider, is Gordon Ramsey.

  5. Police in china do not carry guns for the most part. There was one death by cop in China for 2017 and 1,000 in the US. I am a concealed carry permit holder, and the most concerning thing, is if a teacher is in a physical struggle with a student, while carrying. Also, the sight of a teacher, concealing is ridiculous. Where does a teacher in a dress conceal it ? Where does a male teacher in a button down shirt conceal ?
    Suggesting teachers carry in schools is Orwellian. We have a violent culture by design. Either we accept the losses or go deeper into police state. Mitigating this into a win , is no longer an option. Religious extremism always aids a police state. The US needs to tax religious holdings, and war and violence would decrease.

  6. Being a veteran does not make one “handy” in a close quarters civilian gunfight. Being a war veteran has not bode well for the development of ‘nerves of steel” either. Basic m-16 training does not qualify anyone to have weapons in a school. Also, I would ad the track record of our military and schools throughout the Middle East.
    Lastly, bringing guns into our schools is to me a very strong advancement of a police state, and certainly not advisable. If I can put a snake in a teachers desk drawer, I can steal their weapon. Accidental firings alone would doom the idea within weeks. It is not thinkable. Fences and metal detectors, which would mean de facto detention, or control the guns are the only solution. Or we live with what we create.

  7. Good to see young Anthony Borges on the road to recovery, well done for bringing that up JS. I’m sorry to see that a number of your comments were removed by the way, not sure what’s going on there, not least as abusive posts, e.g. by “Simpsons Donkey” are allowed to remain.

    I’d a lot more impressed Simpson’s Donkey if you didn’t hide behind a cloak of anonymity!

    John Z is very wide of the mark. Sir Winston Churchill was a titan and the greatest statesman of the 20th century. Not sure what cries we Brits are supposed to have committed. We ran our Empire well – when it went to the Chinese and the Germans hundreds of millions suffered. Zimbabwe is a good example. A Chinese client state, the country’s in a mess.

    I have passed my article along to those nice people the NRA and the State’s Attorney for Broward County. Thanks Christie, in Mr Satz’s office.

    The CIA didn’t create the DVD – it was actually the other way round! Hillenkoetter was DVD.

    Not sure I’ve ever had a go at the German people, who have never controled Germany. My targets are the people who run Germany. They’re arrogant, evil and megalomaniac, a bit like Hitler but without the moustache and the personal charm.

    • Glad to hear you are OK with the German people. All of us people agree that it is good and well that we get along. I am tired of the fractionalization aired by those previously named megalomaniacs. Nice write-up Sir.

  8. “Unhealthy or “nervous” laughter comes from the throat. This nervous laughter is not true laughter, but an expression of tension and anxiety. Instead of relaxing a person, nervous laughter tightens them up even further. Much of this nervous laughter is produced in times of high emotional stress, especially during times where an individual is afraid they might harm another person in various ways, such as a person’s feelings or even physically.” nervous laughter
    anyone can watch youtube compilations of random people being interviewed by the news, many times after traumatic events,… and see the plethora of responses that folks love to oogle over

  9. As more emerges, I am more and more curious about Jereb and whether local police were members of his group. “However, after being evaluated by Henderson Behavioral Health professionals, the decision was made not to hospitalize him. Additionally, the report noted that in 2015 Cruz had a “Nazi symbol drawn on his book bag” and “hate signs on a book bag stating, ‘I hate n——.’”
    And the politics of his adoptive house. I am suggesting white nationalism propaganda led to his mental confusion and expression and emboldening him to commit violence. The uptick in this since Trump and his demagoguery has been sharply noticeable.

    • Johnny, It is not hatred to stop a thief and it is not hatred to call out a liar, and it is not hatred to ask a people to not judge others by the color of their skin.
      It is however cowardice, avoidance and regret that drives the captured to cry ,.. and it is their ignorance that was the seed of their stupidity,.. and it was their domesticated nature that allowed them to follow charlatans into war.
      And that is all , I get from you. And you will teach your children to do it too. That is why when you tried chummy buddy on me, it didn’t work. Maybe it’s best if you moved on.

    • JS, Jereb came out immediately and sounded credible as to the identification of Cruz. Then the police came out and gave a vague statement with notable omissions, then Jereb retracted in a non credible way. And it all just wisped away into the wind. Until I find out otherwise, this strongly indicates that he retracted by request of the police, which means cops may have been members, which is pretty standard in the south and not surprising at all.

  10. Interesting article Mr Shrimpton. If you ever find yourself in Govan/Linthouse there is a nice new(ish) eatery/pub serving decent nosh and some good craft ales called amethyst. Named after the ship. It is situated on the Clyde next to where she was built. There is also the Fairfield heritage centre/museum nearby which any ship buff would find fascinating.

  11. Here in my native Scotland you cannot even buy an air rifle without being interrogated by the thought police for days. He is obsessed by yee Germans Mr Shrimpton however to me this is yet another man who should have been in a mental hospital. The trouble is when you factor in drugs and mental health issues you have these incidents , he could have just as easily used a car or van when they emerged from school. The other factor is that in the UK and the USA the political class have shut down the mental health care provision and decanted the people into prison or an underpass near you. When you add in mind altering drugs to a mind that is already in trouble you are only going to get events like this.
    Stand firm on the 2nd amendment America.

  12. No use waiting for Trump to read spyhunter, he doesn’t read.
    As for the rest of your article, it’s only been 4 days since, yet every ones an expert, you have lost me.

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