The Final Stage of Chosen Narcissism

 … by Gilad Atzmon

On Saturday Polish PM did it again, he told the truth. He suggested that there were also Jewish perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the Munich Security Conference that it won’t be punishable to say there were Polish perpetrators of the Holocaust “as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian; not only German perpetrators.”

In PM Morawiecki’s eyes the Poles were also victims of the WWII, “Many of you,” Morawiecki said,  “have probably heard about the Lidice village in the Czech Republic. In Poland we had 800 Lidice — 800 villages completely annihilated, exterminated by German Nazis.”


The Israelis are really upset by the Polish PM’s attempt at truthfulness. Morawiecki’s attitude crudely interferes with the primacy of Jewish suffering. The idea that a democratically elected goy leader thinks independently and authentically is, apparently, as hostile to the Israelis as a war declaration. Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid said Israel’s ambassador to Poland should be recalled immediately in response to Morawiecki’s comments.

Israeli Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay insisted that Morawiecki “spoke like any other Holocaust denier.” Gabbay added that the “the government of Israel has to be a voice for the millions of murdered and strongly denounce the Polish prime minister’s words.”

This is indeed a new and refreshing development in Jewish nationalism. Israel isn’t anymore just the state of the Jews, it is also the voice of the dead Jews. I guess that we should start to consider a three state solution. One for the Palestinians, one for the Jews and one for the dead Jews.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also attended the Munich conference, called his Polish counterpart’s comment “outrageous.”

On the face of it seems as if Lapid, Netanyahu and Gabbay are participating in an open contest. Each one of them attempts to perform the ultimate form of delusional psychosis. Lapid calls the Israeli Ambassador to return home, as if a war has embarked between the two states.

Gabbay takes upon himself to become the voice of the dead Jews. In fact Netanyahu seems slightly more content than his political counterpart. One may wonder, why Israeli leaders compete each other in being psychotically delusional? Presumably, because in Israel psychotic behaviour translates into votes.

It has been accepted by many Israeli and Jewish scholars that the Holocaust is the most popular contemporary Jewish religion. Jews, so it seems, believe in many things that are often contradictory but all self-identifying Jews believe in the holocaust. The next question is what is it in the Holocaust which makes it into such a popular religion?

The Shoa is a Jewish victorious narrative. It is a story of a lethal plan to destroy the Jews that ends-up in a great Jewish victory, a spiritual revival and military empowerment.

The Old Testament points at similar Biblical narratives. Like Hitler, the Pharaoh also wanted to destroy the Jews however,  Exodus’ God interfered and saved his chosen  people inflicting on Egypt ten devastating plights that made contemporary WMD warfare look like a friendly adventure. The Book of Esther also brings to light a similar story. An attempted genocide by the Persian king is averted.

Eventually it is actually the Jews who massacre their enemies en-mass. This vast killing narrative made it into Purim, the most Joyous Jewish holiday.  Like in The Book of Ester, In the Holocaust religion the Jews resurrect themselves without the help of God. Not only have Jews been saved, they even managed to build a Jewish national homeland on the expense of the indigenous Palestinians.

But, in fact, the Holocaust takes us one step further. While in the book of Esther Jews saved themselves without the assistance of God, In the Holocaust religion the Jews have managed to rescue themselves in spite of their God. While God let Auschwitz happen, it is the Jews, the people, who survived against all odds and in spite of their God raised themselves out of the ashes.

In the holocaust religion, therefore,  ‘the Jew’ is the new Jewish God. The Holocaust religion, as such, is the final and ultimate stage in Jewish narcissism for ‘the Jew’ is the Jew’s saver. We are dealing with an auto fulfilling self loving mechanism. This is exactly why Lapid, Gabbay, Netanyahu and other Jewish leaders around the world are performing such an irrational shameless tantrum in reaction to the new Polish history law.

The new Polish history law interferes with the Jewish grandeur. It breaks the narcissistic binary dichotomy between good and evil (Jew vs. Goy). The Jews are no longer the ultimate victims and the Goyim aren’t the ultimate evil. In the eyes of Morawiecki, the Poles suffered as much as the Jews, their country was minced to pieces. And just like the Jews they also recovered, they even want to emancipate their past.

The Polish new history law is an attempt to humanise modern European history. It universalises suffering. It strips the Jews of their blind sense of victimhood. It makes WWII into an historical event subject to open scrutiny. It doesn’t deny the past. It, instead, denies the prospect of Jewish narcissism.


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  1. Saving to a text app is a good idea. That way, if something happens and the article is deleted from the internet, you still have it on file. Personally, I save everything that I feel is important, articles, discussions, comments, videos…everything. Making multiple backups on a regular basis is never a bad idea either.

  2. It seems ironic, how a Zionist would take it upon himself to become the voice of the dead Jews, when the president of the Zionist council Chaim Weismann, told the Jewish relief fund that he and the Zionist movement refused to provide any funds to struggling European Jews after WW2. That’s because Weismann and his NAtional ZIonists needed the AskeNAZI European jews to move to Palestine to help forge the Jew-ish state. The Zionists knew most European Jews would never willingly move to the desert, so they had to be forced to flee there seeking refuge. Theodor Herzl’s plan to induce the “antisemites” was made manifest in WW2 by the AskeNAZI-NAtional ZIonists. Ever since the beginning of today’s Israel, the Zionists have been targeting Jews in foreign lands hoping they’ll flee to Israel for refuge, because they can’t maintain the Jewish state as such, without the constant influx of new Jews.

  3. You may all say what a brave Polish man, but I see it just the other way. I say: polish busines as usual. Perhaps you’ve never heard about 60-100 billions for antizipated German reparations just some months ago. Look a bit deeper into this and perhaps you begin to grasp the bigger picture beeing played out here in slow motion.

    People normally don’t look in Polish policy, but the last installation of this politician was organized by a very influential jewish person who suddenly appeared and managed to do this, he’s the key player behind the scenes but never to be talked about.

    Gilad, you tried to analyze this but I must say that the real game beeing played here is much deeper as you might think. We have well informed Polish sources here in Germany who have said exactly this and also a bit more about the backgrounds.

    By the way, Trump has just openly enforced Bibi in his Holohoax rant.

    • Of course it is about money. If it was justice, any court in the world would consider all victims, not just a few here and there. Germany and Japan, have been converted into domestic milking cows. This whole issue is covered with rotten mold. That said, anything that brings awareness to the unique opportunistic feature of it, is , in the long run, a good thing.

  4. 60 million people died in WW2. To honor only a few deaths dishonors the others.
    That is what religion does. This one, this one, but not that one. Small children are taught not to do that.
    Only the smallest cannot learn it.

  5. Timely as holiday of Purim is nigh. Though they were given rights of ownership and government representation in Persia, strange that Haman would get Xerxes to approve the executions Jews within the Kingdom. Ester sessions with Xerxes, and Haman, saves Mordecai and Haman is executed. Mordecai then assumes Haman’s former position. Xerxes gives the edict allowing Jews across the Kingdom to defend themselves against any attack on the previously approved date. Well they did and Mordecai and Ester established the festival of Purim. Be very vigilant Moraweicki, this seems a time of defense.

  6. There is hardly any comment regarding the massacre of 10 thousand Polish officers and elite after the Soviets invaded Poland, and buried in the Katyn forrest. It was of course blamed on the Germans, but was the blood thirsty jews in the Soviet govt behind it all.

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