Crimes Against Women: Islamic vs. feminist perspectives


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

I recently discussed the #MeToo movement and related issues with two feminist friends, Cat McGuire and Barbara Honegger. Click on these links to listen:

Cathleen McGuire offers ecofeminist take on #MeToo (2nd hour)

Barbara Honegger and Cathleen McGuire continue the conversation on (eco)feminism

Cat and Barbara have different takes on feminism. But both agree that women have been oppressed for thousands of years. And both seem to advocate remedying that situation by going even further toward eliminating “traditional” societies, which they view as patriarchal and sexist, in favor of a (post)modern dispensation emphasizing individual freedom and fulfillment.

So what could possibly be wrong with that?

Quite a lot. I don’t think the individual pursuit of happiness (via, for example, “sexual freedom”) leads to individual happiness. Neither is it an adequate basis for collective social life.

As every anthropologist knows, the basis of human culture is the restrictions that limit sexual behavior and channel it towards reproductive social units, i.e. “families.” More than 95% of known cultures (representing 99%+ of humanity) structure families so as to ensure that every child knows who its father is and gets support and protection from that father. In most of those societies, sexual acts that threaten children’s ability to identify their fathers and thereby demand paternal protection are viewed as very serious crimes, often formally or informally punishable by death. (In most traditional societies, such punishments are rarely carried out—their purpose is to deter and warn, thereby maintaining standards that most people follow.)

“But who needs such barbarism these days,” today’s progressivist secular humanists intone. “We can use DNA testing to enforce child support!”

But it isn’t just about material support. Traditional restrictions on sexuality, i.e. “family values,” are the most fundamental and most important building blocks for the extremely rich networks of social interaction, many of them based on the extended family, that characterize traditional societies. When these networks, and the societies built around them, break down, the result is (at best) a miserable world of individual pleasure-seekers “bowling alone”—i.e. pursuing individual gratification in the absence of the rich, intense emotional connections to dozens of other beloved (and occasionally hated) human beings that is the real source of happiness. At worst, the society freed from tradition becomes a hellhole of mutual exploitation, government and corporate tyranny, violent crime including escalating “senseless” carnage, single-parent familes, sexually-transmitted diseases, rampant commercialism, drug and alcohol addiction, meaninglessness, purposelessness, anomie, and so on.

I spent a year in Morocco in 1999-2000, living in an extended family household. It was the happiest year of my life. Even though I could barely understand Moroccan darija, I experienced far more real, warm, intense sociability during that single year than in all of my other 58 years put together.

By 1999, the encroachment of individualistic Western values had already started rotting traditional Islamic Moroccan society. Idiotic television spectacles on channel 2M, the French government supported channel, were pushing materialism and hedonism. (Why Morocco allows the French Islamophobes to target Moroccan Muslims with this kind of toxic propaganda I’ll never understand.)

But as of 1999-2000 Morocco’s social fabric had not been fully frayed. There was massive pushback against an elitist, feminist NGO driven effort to “liberalize” Morocco’s Islam-based family code. People’s ordinary lives, at least in Oujda, totally revolved around extended families and local communities (with mosques being especially central to male social networks, and bathhouses and the inner quarters of private homes playing host to female social networks).

Women’s social networks largely determined who marries whom. These inter-family linkages have enormous power, and women are the key players.

Traditional Muslim “arranged marriages” (which are usually not 100% “arranged,” since the prospective bride and groom generally have a lot of input and veto power) are generally happier, especially for women, than Western marriages. Women do most of the arranging, because women’s brains, which are radically different from men’s brains, are considerably better at the kind of verbal, emotional, intuitive, holistic proccessing based social skills necessary for such tasks. Obviously, in a rich, complex, traditional society with massive intense emotional interaction happening constantly on a scale light years beyond anything in the modern West, women will thrive while men will be a bit out of their depth; whereas in a “rationalized” secular individualistic society where quantitative/spacial skills are at a premium, the male brain will dominate…and be freed to pursue its power-seeking, hedonistic, often sadistic impulses.

In traditional societies, it is taken for granted that the purpose of life is primarily to serve others, and only secondarily to pursue individual gratification. Women, for obvious evolutionary/biological reasons, are better suited to serving others than are men. This is yet another reason why, as my wife often reminds me, women are overall better off (and more empowered) in a traditional Islamic society than in a modern Western one. The society resonates with their deeper natures; and they largely control it, generally from behind the scenes.

Many women understand this, at different levels. Some learn it when they come into contact with the Qur’an or with Muslims. Many end up converting to Islam. The woman-friendly nature of Islam, mendaciously concealed by Zionist-dominated mainstream institutions, is one reason why more than two thirds of converts to Islam are women.

Under Islam, no man is allowed sexual access to any woman without promising long-term support to her and any children that might result from their union. (It’s called “marriage.”) Removing this restriction may “liberate” men (from their consciences), but it amounts to the ultimate crime against women, in the view of my wife and many other Muslim women. The ongoing crime wave against women that the #MeToo movement seeks to expose and oppose is in large part the product of a society in which the hyper-rational, emotionally-stunted, intuition-free, always-potentially-sociopathic male brain has been “liberated” from its responsibility to women—and to other people in general, other creatures, larger “others” including the community, ecosystem, and cosmos…and above all the ultimate other, God.

There is much more that could be said, but I will defer to Dr. Javed Jamil, the Indian physician who has done so much comparative statistical analysis that, on the whole, supports the above argument.

-Kevin Barrett


Dr. Javed Jamil


 Crimes against women

               The level of violence in society depends on several factors but three of them are extremely crucial: Fear of God; Fear of Law; and Fear of Society. If these three disappear in the minds of individuals, the level of violence will surely increase. Out of the three, it is perhaps the fear of law that counts most. If the fear of God had been enough, religious laws would not have prescribed punishments for violence. But the fact that all legal systems including religious laws prescribe punishments clearly indicates the importance of the fear of law. The modern systems have sought to demolish the fear of God altogether, have caused a massive diminution in the fear of law and have made many crimes acceptable in society. The results are for all to see. Despite colossal legal machineries with huge money involved, the current model of Western judicial system has proved to be an abysmal failure in acting as a deterrent for crimes.

Let us now examine the case of violence against women. This is specifically important because the modern ideologies boast of substantially raising the status of women in society.


               The combined effect of the commercialisation of sex, the social culture it spawned and the legal framework that its proponents propelled was an overwhelming increase in all kinds of violence. Rapes, murders, abuses and the other forms of domestic violence have reached a level at which society loses its claim of being civilised.  The conditions that prevail in a typical Western society, or any society that follows Western legal system or tries to imitate its social norms, are good enough for rapes to abound. The empowerment of women sans security has made them easy targets. They are no longer confined to the safe environs of family for most of the time. They usually get out of out of their houses early in the day and do not come back till the night has settled in. They are normally not accompanied by any that would guard them. Often, they are travelling or walking in lonely areas away from the public gaze. They happen to be in situations and places where their screams for help have little chances to be heard. Their appearance hardly helps them. While several factors contribute to the rise in the incidence of rapes, two are the chief culprits. The first and more important is the laxity of law, in word as well as in practice. The second is the provocative images in the media, including soft and hard porn, nude pictures and highly provocative write-ups. It can be argued that rape is more “violence manifested in sex rather than sex manifested in violence”. However, whichever the case, the truth is that the above two factors remain the ultimate culprits. It may be right that it is the desire to overpower a person rather than have sex is responsible for rapes. But these could never have culminated into sexual assaults, except in a small number of cases, if the atmosphere had not been so terrifically charged with sex and the law not been so terribly impotent, as they have become.

               According to Justice Department, in the US, one in two rape victims are under 18, and one in six under 12. This means that more than two third of victims are those that have not attained the official age of adulthood. The same is true of most of the countries having modern legal and social systems. Cases are often reported in the media where the victims of rape are children less than 6. How rape is demolishing the whole myth of women’s “freedom” and “empowerment” can be gauged from the statistics that look horrible in the very first sight. Every eleventh woman in the US and every fourth in South Africa have been raped, and attempt to rape has been made on every fourth woman in the US and every second in South Africa. Conditions in most of the European countries are no better.  What is disturbing is that only 6% cases are punished. This demonstrates the lack of confidence in law-enforcing agencies as well as the inability of women to report on account of the fact that a substantial majority of the assailants are their relatives.

               Let us first study some of the major statistics about the incidence of rape. The following is the list of top nations in terms of total number of rapes committed in a year:

1. United States 89,110 (1999)  

2. South Africa 53,008 (2000)  

3. Canada 24,049 (2000)  

4. Australia 15,630 (2000)  

5. India 15,468 (1999)  

6. Mexico 13,061 (2000)  

7. United Kingdom 8,593 (2000)  

8. France 8,458 (2000)  

9. Germany 7,499 (2000)  

10. Russia 6,978 (2000)  

11. Korea, South 6,139 (2000)  

12. Spain 5,664 (2000)  

13. Zimbabwe 5,567 (2000)  

14. Thailand 4,020 (2000)  

15. Venezuela 2,931 (2000)  

16. Poland 2,399 (2000)  

17. Italy 2,336 (2000)  

18. Japan 2,260 (2000)  

19. Colombia 1861 (2000)  

20. Netherlands 1648 (2000)  

21. Indonesia 1372 (2000)  

22. Jamaica 1304 (2000)  

23. Papua New Guinea 1295 (2000)  

24. Turkey 1260 (2000)  

25. Chile 1250 (2000)  

 26. Malaysia 1210 (2000)  

27. Sri Lanka 1202 (2000)  

28. Ukraine 1151 (2000)  

29. Romania 1110 (2000)  

30. New Zealand 861 (2000)  

31. Bulgaria 593 (2000)  

32. Hungary 589 (2000)  

33. Finland 579 (2000)  

34. Norway 555 (2000)  

35. Belarus 530 (2000)  

36. Czech Republic 500 (2000)  

37. Denmark 497 (2000)  

38. Costa Rica 475 (1999)  

39. Switzerland 404 (2000)  

40. Portugal 385 (2000)  

41. Tunisia 334 (2000)  

42. Kyrgyzstan 321 (2000)  

43. Zambia 300 (2000)  

44. Ireland 218 (1999)  

45. Moldova 200 (2000)  

46. Lithuania 183 (2000)  

47. Uruguay 175 (2000)  

48. Slovakia 129 (2000)  

49. Greece 114 (2000)  

50. Latvia 104 (2000)  

Total      295,879

Source: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 – 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)

Latest available data in terms of rapes per 1000 people

Rank Countries                                Amount 

1. South Africa:                 1.19538 per 1,000 people 

2. Seychelles:                                    0.788294 per 1,000 people 

3. Australia:                                      0.777999 per 1,000 people 

4. Montserrat:                                  0.749384 per 1,000 people 

5. Canada:                                         0.733089 per 1,000 people 

6. Jamaica:                                        0.476608 per 1,000 people 

7. Zimbabwe:                                    0.457775 per 1,000 people 

8. Dominica:                                     0.34768 per 1,000 people 

9. United States:                              0.301318 per 1,000 people 

10. Iceland:                                       0.246009 per 1,000 people 

11. Papua New Guinea                   0.233544 per 1,000 people 

12. New Zealand:                            0.213383 per 1,000 people 

13. United Kingdom:                       0.142172 per 1,000 people 

14. Spain:                                          0.140403 per 1,000 people 

15. France:                                        0.139442 per 1,000 people 

16. Korea, South:                             0.12621 per 1,000 people 

17. Mexico:                                       0.122981 per 1,000 people 

18. Norway:                                      0.120836 per 1,000 people 

19. Costa Rica:                                 0.118277 per 1,000 people 

20. Venezuela:                                 0.115507 per 1,000 people 

21. Finland:                                       0.110856 per 1,000 people 

22. Netherlands:                              0.100445 per 1,000 people 

23. Denmark:                                    0.0914948 per 1,000 people 

24. Germany:                                    0.0909731 per 1,000 people 

25. Bulgaria:                                     0.0795973 per 1,000 people 

26. Chile:                                           0.0782179 per 1,000 people 

27. Thailand:                                     0.0626305 per 1,000 people 

28. Kyrgyzstan:                                 0.0623785 per 1,000 people 

29. Poland:                                        0.062218 per 1,000 people 

30. Sri Lanka:                                    0.0599053 per 1,000 people 

31. Hungary:                                     0.0588588 per 1,000 people 

32. Estonia:                                       0.0547637 per 1,000 people 

33. Ireland:                                       0.0542829 per 1,000 people 

34. Switzerland:                                              0.0539458 per 1,000 people 

35. Belarus:                                       0.0514563 per 1,000 people 

36. Uruguay:                                     0.0512295 per 1,000 people 

37. Lithuania:                                   0.0508757 per 1,000 people 

38. Malaysia:                                    0.0505156 per 1,000 people 

39. Romania:                                    0.0497089 per 1,000 people 

40. Czech Republic:                         0.0488234 per 1,000 people 

41. Russia:                                         0.0486543 per 1,000 people 

42. Latvia:                                         0.0454148 per 1,000 people 

43. Moldova: .                                  0448934 per 1,000 people 

44. Colombia:                                   0.0433254 per 1,000 people 

45. Slovenia:                                     0.0427648 per 1,000 people 

46. Italy:                                            0.0402045 per 1,000 people 

47. Portugal:                                     0.0364376 per 1,000 people 

48. Tunisia:                                       0.0331514 per 1,000 people 

49. Zambia:                                       0.0266383 per 1,000 people 

50. Ukraine:                                      0.0244909 per 1,000 people 

51. Slovakia:                                     0.0237525 per 1,000 people 

52. Mauritius:                                   0.0219334 per 1,000 people 

53. Turkey:                                        0.0180876 per 1,000 people 

54. Japan:                                          0.017737 per 1,000 people 

55. Hong Kong:                                0.0150746 per 1,000 people 

56. India:                                           0.0143187 per 1,000 people 

57. Qatar:                                          0.0139042 per 1,000 people 

58. Macedonia,                                0.0132029 per 1,000 people

59. Greece:                                       0.0106862 per 1,000 people 

60. Georgia:                                      0.0100492 per 1,000 people 

61. Armenia:                                     0.00938652 per 1,000 people 

62. Indonesia                                    0.00567003 per 1,000 people 

63. Yemen:                                        0.0038597 per 1,000 people 

64. Azerbaijan:                                 0.00379171 per 1,000 people 

65. Saudi Arabia:                              0.00329321 per 1,000 people 

Weighted average:                         0.1 per 1,000 people 

SOURCE: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 – 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)

               What a great statistics again for the “champions of women’s rights”! Out of the top 50 nations in terms of the incidence of rape, the US, South Africa, France, Germany and Australia feature among the top 10. Out of about three hundred thousand incidences of rapes committed in top 50 countries, which is more than 95% of all the rapes committed all over the world, more than 210 thousand are committed in the “most advanced”, “peace loving” and “women-loving” nations of the world. Out of these, about 90,000 women are raped in the US alone. According to Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) Statistics website, there were 247,730 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault in the United States in 2002. Approximately 87,000 of these were victims of completed rape. It is estimated that only 39% of cases are reported. If these are taken into account, only 6% of the perpetrators of rape get any kind of punishment. This means that only one of 16 rapists will ever spend a day in jail. 

               There are people who argue that the incidence of rapes looks less in Muslim countries because they are not reported and because, in Muslim countries, forced sex by husbands is not considered rape. While there may be some truth in it, these cannot account for the extraordinary difference between the rates of rapes in Western and Muslim countries. In Muslim countries too, rates of rapes are higher in countries where Western legal systems are being followed. The truth is also that not only in Muslim countries but also in Western countries, an overwhelming majority of the cases are not reported. This demonstrates, apart from other compelling reasons, total lack of faith in the minds of the victims in the ability of the system to nab and punish the culprits to their satisfaction. Data have established that not more than 6% of rape cases lead to the conviction. According to Home Office (UK) Study of Rape, over two thirds of cases dropped out during the police investigation. Half of the cases that were “crimed” by police resulted in no further action. According to the same report, in a small minority (12%) of “stranger rape” cases where the suspect was identified, the case was more likely to proceed to court than in those cases where the culprit and suspect were previously acquainted.  And if at all a case reported reaches the stage of conviction, what is the punishment for him? Hardly a few years’ imprisonment! When millions of women are raped or sexually assaulted every year all over the world and hardly a few thousands are punished, only hundreds severely, the disincentive for a rapist is hardly enough to strangle the incentive he sees in it.

               According to Bureau of Justice Statistics (US Department of Justice, 1994), in slightly less than one third of rapes, the offender uses a weapon. In a little less than half the cases, the victim sustained injuries other than injuries to sexual organs caused by the rape. The effect of violence is usually harsh enough to require medical attention in more than three fourth of cases. Unfortunately, for a number of victims, medical attention reaches them when they do no longer need them; their soul has already relinquished their bodies.


Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer and Head of Chair in Islamic Studies & research, Yenepoya University, Mangalore,  with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map” and  “Qur’anic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. Read more about him at Facebook page:; He can be contacted at doctorforu123”



Extrajudicial versus Judicial Justice



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  1. And men will argue this forever and not get it right. We should strive for women’s respect, not their submission. The men should spend more time on how to teach our sons, than instructing the needs of women.
    If our sons are taught to disrespect women or to see their gender as inferior, then illness will surely follow.
    My first and lasting impression of topless societies is peaceful and unashamed. Mature, and not so impulsive.
    The thought when I see women covered completely, is perhaps a long enduring necessity of protection, which speaks of being under siege or some doctrine or male domination has had it’s way. That it is not safe for the woman. In any case, it is the small and hardened brute, that treats women as objects or property.

  2. The blame for much of the problem Kevin describes must be placed at the doorstep of the Hollywood Perverts who produce all this “art”, sex and violence pornography today. When I grew up in the 1940’s there were strict limits placed on them by society and the law. Their lying lawyers got the laws abolished while they crossed the line of decency forever. They worship one GOD: MONEY. Most of them are of the Jewish “Faith”. Anything goes, no matter whom they may harm, so long as it makes good, easy money. Many of them likely would not allow their own kids or family to be influenced by the obscene garbage they produced in films under the protection of Amendment Number 1 of our Constitution. None of the films produced when I grew up contained the level of violence and sex produced today. Sex films were available in 8 mm short silent films but had no sadistic or violent content at least in the few I ever witnessed. Much of the sex and violence produced by these Perverts would not be permitted in other societies but as these worthless films with zero redeeming value make their way around the planet they do great harm. Why not return to the days of Rome and have contestants brutally fight to the death or rape to the death in the arena for “entertainment” and “freedom of speech”? Doesn’t the “sport” of boxing do enough damage to a brain?

    • There is a simple solution to this problem: Boycott. Boycott is a basic human right all over the planet. Every citizen and human on this planet has a basic human right not to purchase goods or services from anyone or any government period end of sentence. No laws can be enforced seeking to abridge this basic human right either as the outlaw nation Israel seeks to do today while they operate an open air concentration camp for the Palestinians and even did 9/11 to the fools in the U.S. Never attend, or allow your kids to attend, another worthless movie with sex and violence with zero redeeming value. Drop the TV in the nearest dumpster. Our family did this over 20 years ago. You will save money and brain cells. Isn’t the “sport” of boxing bad enough on the human brain?

    • There are plenty of ancient cultures who for millennia were practically nude, and slept in a common area, which means procreation happened when they ‘thought everyone was asleep”. Nudity does not cause violence, in fact a good example is the islanders who welcomed Columbus topless or in bikini’s only to experience rape and torture they never imagined beforehand. In artistic communities today, where the common folk of the creative type gather, rape is uncommon and would be reported immediately. Hollywood is not a good example, because massive amounts of power and money are mixed into it. Politics and the war machine also work their agenda into it. Aggression is the cause, not creativity and the sight of a nude person. A violent culture.

  3. Take the case of Larry Nassar. One reported, nothing happened. Another then another, until finally one spoke loud and clear in court, and then the dam broke open and revealed a system of cover up and victim blaming.
    In a secular country trying to convert from marauding colonizers to a peaceful self sustaining people of all types, religion is not the answer. If religion is injected into our civic laws and governing structure, it favors it’s own. We see this now, and it is self evident. It will rot us from within and cause massive dispersion. If all of the crimes and deviants of the church were brought to the public, they would outlaw the church tomorrow. I cannot fathom the benefit of such absolute disregard for women and children. All we have is war, and we need to assist the empowerment of our women leaders. We have to decolonize our minds, and put down our weapons and colonizing ways.

  4. These are some good points, and I agree that the arranged marriage system that includes consent, works well for expanding and maintaining a close family unit. It is the two families that become married, not just the bride and groom. I took some time and read some stories by muslim women explaining the process and it all sounded very good. My question though, was If there was a case where the woman was very unhappy, and she wrote about it, could she publish it without backlash ? I do think the ability to speak publicly is a major factor in reported rape. I also think the case of a married woman being raped is far less likely to be reported in a society where she might suffer a penalty for being raped. The wave of reporting in the US did not happen until the women felt safe enough to come forward, and if you use statistics from the 50’s , they would show massive differences.

    • Ancient cultures found success in a variety of ways. I live in Haudenosaunee traditional lands, and they were a Matriarchal society which maintained peace between five different territories quite well. It is not what people generally think. For instance, when the community gathers, the elder men eat first and are served by the women. So the daily structure and daily lives do not differ much from a Patriarchal system. In other cultures, such as the Maya, they have thousands of years of traditions that have inclusive terms such as Mother-fathers, and father-mothers, and more align people in the community by suitable skill set, rather than gender alone.
      Some people make great husbands and fathers, others do not. They also place a high regard for the art of matchmaking, and to be a elder matchmaker is a high responsibility and station.

    • Chinese culture is very interesting today. They rely on wisdom more than religious tradition, and have strong tradition that is not associated with religious text, but societal wisdom accumulated and tailored for their culture. America does not have that. We do not accept who we are. We are a marauding band of colonizers and mercenaries led by Judeo Christian domination policies written long ago. That is who we are. We are the NWO.
      If we want to become something else, and I think we do, then only a strong feminine support structure is going to get us there. None of our good leaders among us are attracted to DC right now. We need to make it so they can come out and be supported and not suicided.

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