Rudolf Hess – The Truth (3)

Michael Shrimpton revisits the controversy over Rudolf Hess's 1941 flight to Britain


No apologies for returning to the Hess/Halifax Coup of 1941, as I have been passed fresh information. I’ll be covering the false flag nerve agent attack on Colonel Skripal in my next column, due out on Saturday week. (You can rule out the Russian SVR – looks like another pathetic GO2 attempt to smear President Putin).

As I keep repeating, intelligence analysis is an ongoing process. As new information comes to light you review your opinion and may have to revise it. Unlike say Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, the ‘useful idiot’ in charge of counter-terrorism at Scotland Yard, who is currently implying that the Russians tried to murder poor Colonel Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on Sunday, I don’t leap to conclusions.

It’s not looking good for Colonel Skripal BTW, sadly. A nerve agent, almost certainly lifted from Russian stocks by the DVD, was used and he’s reported to be in a coma and going downhill fast, poor chap. Anglo-Russian relations are also going downhill fast, as dummies in the media, Foreign Office and Parliament fall for the false flag. All for next week, however. I want to give a considered opinion, not the sort of hysterical nonsense you’ll read in the Russophobe Times or tabloids like the Guardian, no offense intended. In the meantime you can see a video briefing from me on YouTube:

The new information

I am greatly indebted to my fellow author John Harris, who with his colleague Richard Wilbourn, has written extensively about the flight of our community partner Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess to Britain on May 10th 1941. As regular readers will recall, Harris and Wilbourn like to check their facts, unlike many historians.

They debunked the myth that Hess flew non-stop from the Messerschmitt airfield at Augsburg-Haunstetten to Eaglesham in south-west Scotland in their brilliant book Rudolf Hess: A New Technical Analysis of the Hess Flight May 1941 (Spellmount, 2014). As they have conclusively demonstrated, his Bf 110E had insufficient oil capacity to do the run non-stop.

This research backs up earlier research by David Irving, the pro-German historian, who found that Hess’s aircraft lacked auxiliary fuel tanks when it took off from Haunstetten. As I have already indicated, I respectfully agree with Irving on this point.

As I indicated last week, after my second column on Hess was published John was kind enough to invite me to his accountancy firm’s offices in Northampton, appropriately located on Billing Road. We enjoyed a lengthy chat, during which he was kind enough to show me a World War II Luftwaffe FuG 10 receiver, of the type fitted to Hess’s Messer. I have a nice photo of an FuG 10 to show you, but I’m afraid the media upload facility isn’t working today, so no photos!

Hess’s alternate

Since the flight was arranged by the Abwehr and was carefully planned by Luftwaffe intelligence officers, Hess had an alternate in case he was waved off RAF Dundonald. Of course he did. The Jerries always have a plan B, even if it involves retreating from Russia.

I’m now much more confident that we have identified the alternate. As I explained last week, when he baled out, Hess was on a heading for the private airstrip belonging to Walter Runciman’s daughter-in-law, Margaret Fairweather, then in the Air Transport Auxiliary and the first woman to fly a Spitfire. Lord Runciman was a dodgy Liberal, if that is not a tautology, who had been helping the Germans since at least 1914.

I think it’s now clear that the airstrip at the Fairweather house was large enough to take a 110, unlike the small strip at Dungavel House, which as you will recall was the Duke of Hamilton’s hunting lodge. I have no doubt that Runciman’s fellow Liberal and Abwehr agent of influence, Sir Archibald Sinclair, the Secretary of State for Air, would have let him have a few hundred gallons of the good stuff in jerry cans. Jerry cans, BTW, are known as ‘jerry cans’ as they were originally designed by Jerry. Our community partners the Afrika Korps made good use of them.

The suicide note

Since last week I have learnt that forensic testing arranged by the Hess family has exposed Hess’s alleged suicide note as a forgery. I have no problem at all with that analysis. It’s clear that Hess was knocked off by GO2 and did not commit suicide.

Looks like GO2 or DVD made the age-old mistake of forging someone’s signature by comparison with earlier writings. They failed to take account of his advanced arthritis. As you get older your signature can alter, particularly with degenerative conditions such as arthritis. If you’re going to forge a signature (my advice is: don’t!) you need to make sure the signature style is consistent with the age of the author.

One of the problems with forgeries is that once exposed they tend to blow a case wide open. The Iranians had that problem in 2002-4 when they came after me with that bogus Bar Council complaint. As they ran into trouble VEVAK decided to prop it up with a forgery.

The Professional Conduct Committee succeeded in holding back the forgery from my legal team for the Bar disciplinary hearing at first instance, but they were eventually forced to disgorge it, whereupon it was sent straight round to a documents examiner. She pronounced it as the worst attempt at forging a diary that she had ever seen! That’s another thing with forgeries BTW – always get an expert forger to do them. (I remember exposing a forgery when I sat on the old Immigration Appeal Tribunal – the idiot forger had spelt ‘divorce’ as ‘devorce’ on what was purportedly a Bangladeshi High Court divorce decree!)

The forging of the suicide note really puts the hat on the suicide theory. Of course Hess was assassinated, poor man, no doubt on the orders of someone high up at the Cabinet Office fearful of the exposure of their role in the plan to assassinate Winston Churchill, commit an Act of Regicide against His Imperial Majesty King George VI, the King-Emperor, and install a German puppet regime headed by the German spy Viscount Halifax, aka ‘Halibag’.

Remember that in 1987, when Hess was assassinated, some of these Cabinet Office scum – Phillip Allen, e.g. – were still alive. The penalty for High Treason had yet to be watered down to life. Obviously Allen should have been given a fair trial and hanged. Indeed he could have had no complaint, had he been exposed in 1941, had he been tried for his life in a State Trial at the Bar of the Parliament he had tried to destroy, and been decapitated by axe at the Tower. Treason is the worst crime that you can commit. It is entirely right and proper that convicted traitors suffer the full panoply of a State Execution, with all its attendant psychological terrors.

Parliament BTW still has the power to try traitors for their lives. I’m sure there’s an axe stored away somewhere (if not we can always ask Wilkinsons for a new one). If that observation makes the hairs on the back of the neck of the GO2 Director stand up then so be it. If, as I suspect, he gave the order to whack Colonel Skripal and his daughter in an attempt to smear Russia he may find that he has few supporters. And yes, I do know who he is, and he knows that I know.

Ivone Kirkpatrick

John Harris has persuaded me that Ivone Kirkpatrick was at the BBC that evening. I’ll bet he was! He was looking forward to broadcasting news of the death of Winston Churchill and the destruction of the House of Commons by the Luftwaffe, I’ll warrant. (Check the wind next time, boys!)

I’m still pretty confident that Frank Foley, one of more senior German double-agents inside MI6, was in the meet and greet party at Dundonald, along of course with Phillip Allen. Allen later rigged the result of the 1975 EEC referendum in favour of the German-controled EEC, BTW.

The fake Hess flight plan

Hess’s probable route, as suggested by Harris and Wilbourn in A New Technical Analysis, has received further support by an analysis of German air defense activity in the areas Hess himself alleged he overflew. There is absolutely nothing consistent with an unauthorised flight over the heavily defended areas Hess claims he flew over. Hess was covering for Canaris and Goering, of course – the last thing that he wanted to disclose to his interrogators (who, absurdly, included Frank Foley) was that he had landed at a Luftwaffe base to refuel and have his oil tanks topped up.


I hadn’t realised that Hess had been exhumed and a DNA analysis carried out to test the theory that the man kept in Spandau at the request of the Cabinet Office was not Rudolf Hess. You will not be surprised to learn that the DNA tests confirmed that it was indeed Rudolf Hess. Very frankly the theory that it wasn’t should never have been ventilated. It has now been utterly discredited.

The Phoney War

A startling piece of evidence has come to light, related in Terry Gander’s excellent history of the 40 millimeter Bofors gun, The Bofors Gun (Pen & Sword, 2013). What, I hear you ask, has the Bofors gun got to do with the Hess Flight? Allow me to enlighten you, dear readers.

In 1939 our community partners the German Army (technically the Heer, but usually referred to as the Wehrmacht) captured a number of Polish land service Bofors guns. These had been manufactured by the Polish State Arsenal at Starachowice under license from AB Bofors in Sweden. In early 1940, before the Abwehr’s Neville Chamberlain was thrown out of office by the House of Commons and Daladier chucked out in France, no fewer than 60 of these captured guns were sold to Sweden.

Not a single Bofors gun had been fitted to a US Navy warship at that stage. The only non-Swedish warships carrying 40-mil Bofors guns in early 1940 were a couple of Polish destroyers, some Polish subs and minesweepers, the gallant Dutch cruiser de Ruyter and not much else. The 40 mil Bofors L60 automatic AA gun was state of the art in 1940. The Royal Navy were still using a few in the Falklands War, for heaven’s sake! (as Gander relates, HMS Intrepid and HMS Fearless even used their Bofors guns to shoot down an Argie A-4 Skyhawk.)

A gun good enough to shoot down a Douglas Skyhawk jet fighter in 1982 was pretty hot property in 1940, let me tell you. The L60 version (there was a weanier, 43-caliber, version for subs and small craft) was the world’s first single-hit-kill automatic AA weapon. It not only packed a powerful punch, with an effective horizontal range of over 3,000 yards, it had integral, predictor fire control and a brilliantly-designed autoloader mechanism giving a cyclic rate of around 130 rpm. The US Navy loved them to bits, and used them to blow Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft to bits. Even some kamikazes got whacked by Bofors guns, especially if the target ship was tooled up with the formidable Mark 2 Quadruple Mount.

The 40 mil L60 was the AAA you wanted in 1940. It was the AA gun Harrods would have sold you. They were priceless, not least as AB Bofors had only a limited manufacturing capability. The Navy Department wanted them so badly they actually ordered them in 1941 without a license. That’s right – the water-cooled barrels on the naval versions may not have got hot, but the entire gun system itself was hot, as in illegal. (AB Bofors eventually got a check from the Pentagon in 1958.)

There is no way that a belligerent planning a long war was going to sell its entire stock, captured or not, of Bofors guns in 1940. The answer, as Gander himself states (page 109) is that our community partners were not planning a long war. How did they know in early 1940 that the war wasn’t going to last much longer? Britain and France had gone to war in September 1939 and were belligerents.

Because Chamberlain had done a back to back with Admiral Canaris, of course. He needed to declare war (strictly we didn’t actually declare war, we just stated that we were at war after the German government failed to respond to our perfectly proper ultimatum) in order to stay in office, ditto his fellow scumbag Daladier in Paris. Very obviously, both Chamberlain and Daladier had agreed with Canaris to bale out of the war after a decent interval had elapsed after the German defeat of Poland. These two idiots had done the same over Czechoslovakia, agreeing that Hitler could take the rest of the country after a few months had elapsed.

All that went out of the window when dear old Winnie came in. Britain now had a serious war leader, one who would go on to whack Nazi Germany. The RAF were now allowed to drop bombs on Germany instead of leaflets. (One pilot on a leaflet raid told me they were instructed to take the rubber bands off the packets in case they hurt any Germans!)(He also told me that they usually ignored the order and chucked them out in wrapped bundles)

The Hess/Halifax coup was all about murdering Churchill and caving in to Germany. That’s why Hess had a draft ‘peace’ treaty with him, knocked up in Herr von Ribbentrop’s knocking shop, aka the German Foreign Ministry.

I think we now have a better understanding of Kapitän zur See Langsdorff’s suicide in 1939 after the Graf Spee business. Like most senior Kriegsmarine officers he thought that Britain wasn’t actually going to fight. HM cruisers Exeter, Achilles and Ajax settled any doubts on that score. When Achilles and Ajax opened their main battery A arcs, the ‘guns ready’ lights in their Director Towers lit up one by one and their first 6” broadsides screamed their way at supersonic speed towards the hated German foe they were sending a message to more than just Hans Langsdorff (who was a gent BTW and did not deserve his fate).

Way to go the NRA!

Well done Wayne LaPierre! Offense is the best form of defense. Much to the surprise of the Democrats and liberals everywhere both the President and the NRA went on the attack last week over Parkland. They were right to do so.

Passing new firearms laws won’t help in a case where existing firearms laws were not enforced in respect of the only shooter who has admitted responsibility. We have no idea where the other shooters (I am thinking a team of three shooters inside the school plus a spotter plus two drivers, making an assault team of six) acquired their firearms from.

It makes obvious sense to harden American schools whilst American schoolchildren are being targeted by German Intelligence in pursuit of Germany’s strategic ambition to disarm America’s civilian population. Had Parkland been hardened most of the dead kids would not have died. It would have been the Bad Guys going down instead.

As promised I passed a copy of my last column to the office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Congresswoman has not denied prior knowledge of the plan to assault Stoneman Douglas High. A non-denial is not the same thing as an admission, of course, and readers must make of her non-denial what they will.

I emphasise for the avoidance of doubt that I have not reached a concluded view about the extent of Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s prior knowledge, if any. As a courtesy to the Congresswoman it is also right that I should emphasise that no one is saying that she might have committed a capital felony contrary to the laws of the State of Florida.

IF she had prior knowledge of the German plan to assault Stoneman Douglas High AND suppressed that knowledge from the proper authorities then arguably the Congresswoman would have been an accessory before the fact, which I think would be classed as a first degree felony under Chapter 777 of the Florida Statutes. Under Florida law an accessory before the fact to a capital felony (and all involved in the actual assault were guilty of capital murder) is treated for the purposes of sentence as an accessory after the fact.

Of course any decision to investigate, let alone charge, Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz would be entirely a matter for the proper Floridian authorities. I say no more than that.

USS Lexington (CV-2)

Well done to Paul Allen and the team on discovering the wreck of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV-2), the ‘Lady Lex’, tragically sunk in the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942, a great American naval victory. In saying that I do not overlook the participation of units of the Royal Australian Navy, the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy and Royal Navy personnel in the battle (Task Force 44, under the command of Rear Admiral John Crace RN), but thanks to German assets in Downing St, Cabinet Office and Treasury we had insufficient carriers and fast battleships in theater to play a significant role, even though the territories under immediate threat were in the British Empire.

I refer to fast battleships advisedly. Naval historians tend to overlook the fact that all of the naval aircraft involved in the battle were short range, single-engined, tactical types. The first really long-range shipboard aircraft was the De Havilland Sea Mosquito, first landed on a carrier, as it happens, by a late friend of mine, the great Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown RN, a really first-rate type.

The shortest distance between the opposing fleets could have been closed, preferably under cover of darkness, by a fast battleship squadron in a matter of hours, bearing in mind that battleships could have stood off at say 15 nautical miles and sunk the carriers by long-range gunfire. Indeed at one point the opposing fleets, which had been spotted at about 120 nautical miles apart, were racing towards each other at a combined speed of over 50 knots.

But for Cabinet Office interference, which led to the loss of Force Z and the grounding of the armored aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable in Kingston, Jamaica, ordered to deprive Force Z of air cover, we could have reinforced Task Force 44 with the mighty fast battleship HMS Prince of Wales, the battlecruiser HMS Repulse and the Indom. This would have given Vice-Admiral Fletcher, to whose leadership in the Battle of the Coral Sea I pay frank tribute, another carrier and two powerful surface combatants.

The ideal tactic, after the initial carrier exchanges, would have been for Prince of Wales and Repulse, with the heavy cruisers HMAS Australia and USS Chicago and the light cruiser HMAS Hobart in support, to close Rear Admiral Hara’s Carrier Strike Force at night, using airborne ASV radar to position TF44 to the west of Hara’s carriers, slowed down by the damage to Shokaku, at dawn on May 9th. Fairey Albacore torpedo bombers from the Indom could have attacked from the east at the same time, catching the Japs in a pincer movement. (The Royal Navy led the world in 1942 in night-time carrier operations and the Albacore, whilst slow, had good deck-landing characteristics, ideally suiting it to night operations.)

In the events which happened, thanks to absurdly low pre-war defense expenditure, it was not to be until the following year that a British armored carrier entered the Pacific Theater of Operations (HMS Victorious). British carriers and fast battleships were not able to play a meaningful contribution to the defeat of Japan until Okinawa in 1945, when the armored decks of the British carriers came into their own, leading to the well-known ‘kamikaze bounce’.

Sir Roger Bannister (1929 – 2018)

I was greatly saddened to learn of the passing this week of Sir Roger Bannister, the first human being to run a four minute mile, at Oxford, in 1954. The old boy had a fine brain as well as a good set of legs, and was consulted from time to time by British Intelligence.

We bumped into each other, as it happens. Like me, he was very modest (!), which is probably why we got on so well together. He was a lovely chap, as was my old friend Norris McWhirter, who was one of the timekeepers on that famous day at Iffley Road.

Well done Gary Oldman!

Well done to Gary Oldman on his richly deserved Oscar for Darkest Hour. I know the media are trying to muddy the waters by saying that his ex-wife has accused him of hitting her over the head with a telephone book. Judging by her warm tribute to Gary on the Today program this week it clearly wasn’t the London telephone directory.


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  1. Congratulation. You, and only one other investagative journalist seem to have nailed it. Debbi Wasserman Schultz is possibly culpable in the Parkland FF. It happened in her district. The motive is to get as many dems elected this fall as possible. The end target is the 2nd ammendment. This makes much more sense than the official story. I saw the video of the 3 man team hurriedly running, and boarding a white pickup. The school security camera footage of the interior should be aired publicly, and now. Independent autopsy reports too. Definitely not Cruz. Don’t be surprised if we begin to hear calls for a constituional convention in 2019. Possibly for some obscur, and innocuos reason. That should be our red line, or red alert.
    I would like to hear your opinion on the Seth Richard assasination, er I mean murder.

    • The program of the matrix they programmed the germans with in brainwash is falling apart on all levels after a crack in the matrix has happend in the 1980th.

    • This way perhaps ?
      Problem: Antifa creating chaos and havoc,
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    • They staged a coup in November the 9th 1918.

      The Kaiser is going, without a full legal resign.

      So we are actually have 100 year of a liars and fear controled “fake”goverment.

      And next Wednesday Angelika Dorothea Kasner( a.k.a. Merkel)
      will go for another run.

      Since Edward Bernays and Willhelm Reich the people shut know about the mechanism of mass and mind control.

      But sadly enough , they did not at a long range.

      So we have still this BS going on …

      It look´s like the germans of today have nothing in common with there ancestors who defeated the Roman Empire !

      I don´t like it, but it´s looking so …

    • No doubt.

      They have a lot of new weapons today.

      If you ever ask what Germany and North Korea shared,
      look into the school system !

  2. Huanebu Jagdgeschwader
    Copy & paste from in your Face:

    This is one of a series of at least 3 posters produced by the War Dept. in the mid-40s in anticipation of Germany’s use of flying discs. Since the clock ran out on Hitler and the war ended before enough could be produced in time to turn the outcome of the war the War Dept. decided to cancel their release to the public and attempt to cover up the whole Flying disc technology Germany had developed and to back-engineer the technology for their own interests under the radar and behind the public’s back. Only now after 70yrs are people learning of this.,,,,,,

  3. Wow that was a ramble , so Hess was coming to assist in the assassination of Churchill. That explains why he was kept in prison for all those years and finally murdered by his jailer, of course it’s obvious.
    It’s of course nothing to do with Jewish run America , Jewish run Soviet Union and bought and paid for Churchill by the Jewish bankers using the flimsy excuse of the invasion of Poland to attack the one country in the world that was in the process of removing the malign influence of the Jews with the backing of the Zionists and taking back control of it’s own banking system. Had as the war ended we stood by Poland and gone with Patton to free Poland from the Soviets I might believe we were acting honorably and standing by our Christian treaty obligations but we did not we adopted Jewish obligations and “tore up our treaty obligations” in front of our former allies and walked away. Lets also never forget that in 1939 after they mobilized their armies 6 months before Germany invaded the Poles actually thought they could beat the Germans and take all the territory up to Berlin under Polish control. Nothing the Jews like more than 100 million dead Christians ( 40 in the war and 60 by the Bolsheviks ) would go down as a good day at the Zionist office.

    • Well, said, there is more accurate history in your comment than in everything Shrimpy has ever written.

    • @JS
      don´t call the Swissies ever again “Germans”, even if a part speaks german, plz. Stalin was a Swiss agent like Hitler and Mao.

    • Parts of France and Austria as a whole also Tyrolia (Nothern Italy) are also speaking german so they must be germans, yes ?

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