Russia to Theresa May: We ain’t scared of you


…by Jonas E. Alexis

We’ve lost something in the political, intellectual, and legal culture. It used to be that if a person posits an extraordinary claim, then he is under the obligation to provide evidence for the claim. That’s the way the Western world usually works. Keep that in mind as you read the following headline:

“Theresa May has given Vladimir Putin’s administration until midnight on Tuesday to explain how a former spy was poisoned in Salisbury, otherwise she will conclude it was an ‘unlawful use of force’ by the Russian state against the UK.”[1]

This is similar to the age-old tactic, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” If you say yes, then you have just admitted that you are guilty of committing a crime. If you say no, then you are still guilty of committing a crime.

Theresa May’s promiscuous accusation will never work in a sane world where the rules of evidence are respected and applied consistently. You simply cannot accuse someone of a crime and expect the same person to produce evidence that he is not guilty. It just doesn’t add up. In fact, one needn’t be a politician or even a lawyer to realize that May’s position simply is crazy.

That seems to be one reason why Russia isn’t taking May seriously at all. What May and New World Order agents need to do is simply this: produce rigorous evidence which shows that Russia is culpable. But there is something else here.

When May was asked in 2016 if she was prepared to authorize a nuclear strike on thousands upon thousands of men, women and children in the Middle East, she responded by saying:

Yes! The whole point of deterrent is that our enemies need to know that we would be prepared to use it.”

In a rational world, this is inexplicable. Let’s just do some thought experiment here. Let’s suppose that Russia is guilty. Could it be that Russia was simply following May’s prevailing vision? Could it be that Russia was actually universalizing May’s ideology?

May is ready to use nuclear weapons on thousands of perceived enemies, but other countries cannot do the same! How in the world did they elect these people as leaders of the so-called free world? This is not even differential equations or mathematical physics. This is common sense which applies to every human being on the planet.

What we are seeing here is that New World Order agents like May are desperate because Russia has humiliated them in Syria. NWO agents are still perpetuating the chorus that Assad has to go. But Assad, Russia and Iran are still exposing war mongers in the region. How long did it take the United States to obliterate Iraq? Just a few months. Libya? Just a few months.

But Syria? Well, both Russia and Iran are saying enough is enough. May and other puppets of the Zionist regime obviously do not like that. Therefore, they are summoning implausible scenarios in order to keep the Zionist expedition in countries in the Middle East alive and well. But Russia isn’t taking those people seriously at all.[2]

  • [1] Anushka Asthana, Andrew Roth, Luke Harding and Ewen MacAskill, “Russian spy poisoning: Theresa May issues ultimatum to Moscow,” Guardian, March 13, 2018.
  • [2] “Judgment Day: Putin’s midnight deadline has terminated, so what will Theresa May do next?,” Russia Today, May 14, 2018.


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  1. You have it wrong. It should not even have been up to Theresa May to make the first move. Russia should have taken responsibility from the get go. It was a Russian made poison and it was a Russian dissident. Russia should have been the first one to respond!!! At least have offered or be forthcoming with pertinent information. Russia failed! Theresa May did the right thing in expelling the Russians. See, this is not a ‘who has done it’, that’s actually secondary. It is the response to the situation that matters!

  2. I want to thank the leaders of the UK, the USA, France and Germany for their openness and courage, because they had the guts to openly confess that they really believe in the wildest of all possible conspiracy theories.

    But I also have to remind them of the danger to come to early and wrong conclusions from this wild belief, before taking into account any real facts.

    Because: This is no fantasy land, this is the reality! And for this, I salute Mr. Putin.

  3. To the 600 Members of Parliament, allowing for fifty who must surely dissent.

    The Charge of the Lie Brigade
    With apologies to Alfred, LORD TENNYSON

    Out of our league, out of our league,
    Fired up by Lie’s fatigue, onward and onward.
    All in a volley of breath,
    Implode the six hundred.
    Forward the lie Brigade.
    It was ‘poisons’ they said.
    In one noxious volley of breath,
    Implored the six hundred

    Forward the lie brigade.
    Was there a man dismayed.
    Not though the bounders knew
    Someone had blundered.
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to ‘boo’ and lie.
    Infamous volley of breath
    Implosive six hundred.

    May-hem to right of them,
    Urged on the rest of them.
    On and on – no haw and hem!
    Volleyed and thundered.
    Stormed at – as hot as hell,
    Boldly they swore and well,
    cursed between draws of breath,
    Poor Russia to the depths of hell,
    Deplored by the six hundred.

    • Part 2
      In this verbose Tory and Labor lair,
      Rash the lies, of true despair.
      “Oh this ignominious Russian bear!”
      Charging Russia, these hussars cluster
      Refill their venomous bluster.
      Logical Putin without Flattery spoke
      Right through their lies he broke;
      “Lasses and blokes, Novichok – Russia did not use,
      Hope that cooks your Salisbury goose.”
      And with that poke they choked.
      Shattered and sundered.
      Then they fell back in a rueful knot
      Down to the veriest clot
      Of all the six hundred.

      Shame cannoned to right of them,
      Cannoned to left of them,
      Cannoned behind them
      Volleyed and thundered;
      Like tortoises back into their shell,
      From rocking-horses other heroes fell.
      After they raved for nought, – oh well!
      See then sit back to draw their breath,
      From Novichok and all the lies of hell,
      Shame alone is left to them,
      Left to six hundred.

      Russia will not in glory fade
      Despite the wild charge others played!
      The world of these scoundrels sundered.
      Dishonored by the charge they made!
      Dishonored is the Lie Brigade!
      Ignoble six hundred!

  4. Think about what happens if Russia and other countries leave the SWIFT-system and use their own system ?

  5. this isn’t about evidence or truth .. this is about Spy-Movie style Theater. The entire situation was designed for maximum Theater and associated highly cinematic righteous table thumping, ultimatums, etc.

  6. The current events are proving, how correct the statement, that the world would be a better place, if women would lead it, is!Just another brick in the wall May is, after “the Iron Lady”, Albright, Clinton, Rice(both of them), “mad bitch” Halley, and so on and on and on!

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