Saudi Missile “Comes Home to Mama”

If it didn't kill a bunch of innocent people it would be hilarious


Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters and allied army units have carried out more retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, targeting several positions in the kingdom.

Yemen’s military targeted King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh and as well as Abha, Najran and Jizan Regional Airports with ballistic missiles. The Saudi air force intercepted some of the missiles over the northeastern part of the capital Riyadh late on Sunday night, Saudi state television said.

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According to SPA news agency, Yemeni forces fired seven missiles into the kingdom, killing an Egyptian resident and wounding two other Egyptian nationals.

Saudi coalition’s spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki said the death and injuries occurred in a residential house and were caused by falling debris.

The missile attacks come on the third anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s onslaught against its southern neighbor.


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  1. And the next day, an Israhelli “Iron Dome” battery “accidently” launched 12 missles towards Gaza!!! Yes, I’m smirking like a hyena feasting on a carcass ’cause me thinks someeone or something is trying to tell the Axis of Evil not to push it before everything blows up in their faces!!!

  2. It seems that two of the Patriot salvo of seven missiles failed whilst the others failed to intercept.

    Has anyone read anywhere what happened at the other targets that were aimed at?

    • The Saudis are in the process of signing up for a THAAD system. Bet they wish they could get some S-400 and S-500 when it finishes development.

  3. The Saudis buy most of their arsenal from the US so it’s safe to assume we made it. That it misfired adds strength to my opinion that this nation is so corrupt that even the weapons built to (cough, cough) defend us, especially the higher priced one’s, are inferior by design. With so much money being thrown at the MIC greed, and avarice has become their heroin. They are addicted. If you think I’m a bit off take a minute and think this over. In the 90s we still talked of millions. To be a millionaire was a splendid goal. Then 911 happened, that staged event, the tragedy that keeps on giving, gives what’s ours to them. Does anyone remember billions? Forget about it. Today it’s trillions. And what’s a trillion? The majority of us can’t comprehend how much a trillion is. here’s an example using miles. One trillion miles is 4,347,827 trips to the moon. I know this; 1 trillion is more than we need to run this country for 1 year. Friends we’re being taken for a ride, and unless we get a grip someday the bill will come due, and they will collect. That’s why our local cop looks like a Navy Seal. Our controllers are feasting while they feed us fear and bullshit. We turn our pockets inside out, put our wives and kids to work, but it ain’t enough. With 1 trillion dollars an honest man can defend this country, provide free health care, and education to all, with enough left over to fix our highways, and have a good steak. Wake up America or it’s all over.

  4. This failure of anti-missile defence (one of their own missiles veers off and hits the ground near houses) will cause a massive headache to everyone involved. Clearly on the video we see western (or is it Israeli) technology failures causing a very dangerous incident for the people it is meant to protect. The manufacturers will be shouted at, the military purchasers are questioned, the chain of supply will be suspected, new systems (from Russia – lol!) will be considered! it’s not like they were under a huge pressure of battle!

  5. Has PressTV been hacked along with NEO? Instead of a video, there is a message saying cannot connect to

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