NEO – Mueller and Trump, Why Russia didn’t do it

What will happen to Facebook and Zuckerberg now?

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: VT was right again. We have long editorialized that the Intel agencies have been inside social media for quite some time, conducting offensive and defensive warfare for the “hearts and minds” of the people.

The fork in the road to begin doing this on an industrial scale cranked up after 9-11, when no one was challenging anything the government wanted to do. This was when we spotted the announcement from the Pentagon that it was setting up the Office of Special Plans.

We got the details of what it was really for quickly, by good people who watch out for such things. Israeli Intelligence was constantly attacking the Pentagon, thinking that anything being withheld from them was “unfair”, and being done by anti-Semites. From Wiki:

The Office of Special Plans (OSP), which existed from September 2002 to June 2003, was a Pentagon unit created by Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, and headed by Feith, as charged by then-United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to supply senior George W. Bush administration officials with raw intelligence (unvetted by intelligence analysts, see Stovepiping) pertaining to Iraq. A similar unit, called the Iranian Directorate, was created several years later, in 2006, to deal with intelligence on Iran.

What used to be a secretly done thing, rigging policy decisions by feeding fake intel into the highest level of decision makers, some of it ordered like a fast food meal, went mainstream.

Slipping seeded “raw Intel” into the information uptake is done constantly in shadow warfare, which is why skilled analysts historically vet what passes by them before hitting the desks of decision makers.

Israel Intel has been skilled at seeding Intel going to US decision-makers

Israeli Intel operatives have a field day doing this, and we believe did so with the full knowledge of many members of the Bush top command. There was no investigation, despite both Wolfowitz and Feith having strong Israeli Intel connections.

As for election influencing, while corporate media has covered the Russian social media charges of election interference by Russia, it has not printed anything about the major Western countries, led by the US and Britain, having done it for ages.

They also have had deep penetration into social media, via members of the Eskimo tribe, which no one is supposed mention. Almost all of the free press community have been waived off from covering this, leaving the public with no defenders … Jim W. Dean ]

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Mueller is walking a tightrope with Trump in his investigation

– First published … March 25, 2018

Analysis of the Mueller investigation has shown what too many of us have known all along. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is just another “useful idiot.” His Russia investigation is simply a coverup of the real rigging of the American election, the backstory now going public, Facebook, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Cambridge Analytica and the mobsters they represent.

The suspicions were already there. Mueller’s history has been clear, he is a political fixer like Pompeo at the CIA, now elevated to Secretary of State, and the rest of the gang. What we see is simple, back to the ever so right quote Lenin:

“If you want to control the opposition is to lead it yourself.”

We saw it all early on, the use of algorithms by Facebook, Google and Twitter and their ties to the lie machines created in Macedonia, now “forgotten” and the think tanks that run Washington, all financed by the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, the Israeli-American gambling boss.

Now we know they not only kept files on 50 million Americans through Facebook, using the data there to profile fears and emotions, targeting and manipulating millions but when Google added their incredible mass of data, billions of illegally read emails and more, the American people became little more than pawns.

Again we reiterate, Russia didn’t do it. It was the tech companies, all working as is now being made public, for Israeli intelligence and the mob. From the Daily Beast, March 20, 2018 by Jamie Ross:

“Facebook has been plunged into crisis over the allegations that Cambridge Analytica misused data from more than 50 million people to help elect Donald Trump. Nearly $40 billion was wiped off Facebook’s market value Monday, an emergency meeting is due to be held Tuesday morning, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized for remaining silent during what some analysts are describing as a threat to the company’s existence.

Zuckerberg has been summoned to the British parliament to give evidence about the how it handles people’s personal data. The head of a British inquiry into ‘fake news,’ Damian Collins, has accused Facebook of previously ‘misleading’ a parliament committee, adding: ‘It is now time to hear from a senior Facebook executive with the sufficient authority to give an accurate account of this catastrophic failure of process.’”

What is being left out is more telling, that Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, has long openly worked for Israeli intelligence and that evidence now exists that Israel not only ran the program to rig the American election, as many believe it did in both 2000 and 2004, leading to the destruction of Iraq, but that it did so again in 2016.

Few note the real policies of former Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama, the even handedness in the Middle East and their use of leverage against Israel. Obama never accepted wild claims made against Syria as Trump has and never attacked Damscus.

Evidence of Israel’s role in gas attacks in Syria was overwhelming even though Russia was blocked from presenting same to the United Nations time and time again.

But then we hypothesize, what are we speaking of when we talk of Israel? This is where so many back off as anyone who questions Israel is smeared as an “anti-Semite” though the Likudist extremists who run that nation are mostly former Russian gangsters and enemies of Russia’s current leadership.

The reason for what appears to be Israeli animosity toward Russia in reality originated when Putin cleaned out the oligarchs that looted Russia for two decades, plunging that nation into poverty and then fleeing to Tel Aviv or New York with endless billions of ill gotten gains. This is real history, not the history written down in books or reported in fake news.

More on happenings in London as reported by Jamie Ross:

“As anger grew toward Cambridge Analytica on Monday after Britain’s Channel 4 broadcast a report showing company executives boasting about their extreme propaganda strategies, including filming opponents in compromising situations with Ukrainian sex workers, authorities in the U.K. and the U.S. also questioned whether Facebook mishandled the alleged breach and it’s now facing damaging investigations that will further tarnish its brand.

Britain’s information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, confirmed she was applying to the courts for a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica’s London offices and said Tuesday morning that she has been left frustrated by the company’s reluctance to cooperate with her investigation.

[ Editor’s Note: There appears to have been the classic “fix” in at the British Court by delaying for days the seizure of Cambridge’s computer files, giving the needed time to remove any incriminating evidence Jim W. Dean ]

Fears have also been raised that the investigation may have been compromised by the presence of cybersecurity consultants from Stroz Friedberg—the company hired by Facebook to audit Cambridge Analytica on its behalf—who were in the London offices on Monday evening, until they were asked to leave by the information commissioner.

Asked if there was a risk of Cambridge Analytica or Facebook destroying evidence, Denham said on Sky News: “As this point we’re not satisfied with the cooperation we’re getting from Cambridge Analytica, so the next step is for us to apply to the court and to do an audit to get some answers as to whether data was misused and shared inappropriately.”

British Parliament Culture Committee Chairman Damian Collins said:

‘This is a matter for the authorities. Facebook sent in data analysts and lawyers who they appointed. What they intended to do there, who knows? The concern would have been, were they removing information or evidence which could have been vital to the investigation? It’s right they stood down but it’s astonishing they were there in the first place.’”

The issue now is one of accepting what is happening for all to see rather than absorbing the fake narrative sold the world. For those unaware, it isn’t just millions of Americans but government officials as well, who form their opinions and prejudices against nations, races of people, religions and even ideas themselves.

The are imprinted via fictional television shows like Homeland, whose writers and producers are in actuality as complicit in psychological warfare as those who run Cambridge Analytical, Google or Facebook, the groups now under the public microscope.

As for Mueller and his investigation, it is pure theatre. As for Trump, more theatre as well, a buffoon long shown to be a mob asset, now wielding nukes and threatening the world, holding it hostage to his bad brain chemistry and his criminal handlers.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



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  1. Nice theory, shame it’s nonsense. The election was rigged, this has been proven, for example in one Wisconsin district with 800-odd voters, over 2500 votes were recorded. Cambridge Analytica was used to analyse the pre-election polling data and identify which districts around the country needed to have their voting tallies altered to produce a Trump ‘victory’. Trump is not just a ‘different lunatic’ he’s a complete fraud put in place by the same organised crime oligarchs that he has worked for for decades.

  2. Good story, Gorden Duff. All I want to know is while we know the perpetrators in America, what about the ones in Britain? Or is this one about America (instead of Russia) did it all without accomplices? I am so glad, the blame has fallen on Mame.

  3. At this point Russia is almost irrelevant. We can safely say the USA is a seething snake den politically. Any other conclusion is legitimately unbelievable. VT’s obsession with defending Russia is…. well weird to be honest???

    • We don’t defend. We don’t have to. The Social media heads have said the ads bought by Russia were insignificant, half of them running after the election. That showed that someone was attacking Russia when they had not solid evidence, and a powerful support lobby popped up to pour fuel of the fire. Fomenting Russophobia with a huge budge was a freight train running down the tracks. Meanwhile, Israel, meaning Israeli intelligence, interferes in US elections, and has always done so as part of it natural looting and pillaging operations, and not a word of this has popped up during this whole controversy. VT does not have a full corporate media blackout on us because we publish silly things. We would not be blocked at all if we were doing that. And yet the country level consulting we do, is not effected at all. Riddle me that.

  4. All theater, these are all actors, no one will go to jail, no one will pay a price, they ALL, Trump included are just distraction.

    If people were actually going to jail, maybe, but no one does. Only man who went to jail recently was Bernie Madoff, and that is because he swindled Jews…

    • A good point sir, but there are a few isolated case of political graft sending people to jail, but not when they are wired it to very powerful groups. Corporate American is immune from prison systems, only exposed to paying fines, which are effectively paid by the stockholders. Even top corporate head that are convicted have their golden parachute contracts protected, with specific language that they will be paid regardless. I know of no case where they were taken away…or…any real push to prevent such contracts.

  5. Yea, Mueller as a handler is pretty soft. If Britain is charged with election interference during their Brexit, they would suffer, so everyone gave them a pass. From my perspective, Britain and Israel are a direct threat to US sovereignty and it is their ambassadors who should be expelled immediately. They only want us to help clean up (perpetuate) their mess, because if we withdraw from their alliance, then the chickens could really come home to roost. If a Russian company is connected to the Kremlin, is a British company connected to the crown ? Channel 4 news in Britain, is working harder for America than our own state Department or Intelligence.

    • The people. I do not equate Washington and the people in the same vein. They work for us, and we could disturb it anytime we want. Comfort and comfortable lies are what most Americans prefer. So we don’t.
      The first step would be to tax all religions and their properties.

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