Francis’s “Favorite False Movement”, This Says It All

Folks, truth does not reside in the Vatican these days nor reside it reside in the mainstream media nor in the majority of public opinion.


By Eric Gajewski

The ecumenical humanitarian corridor project spearheaded by the Community of Sant’Egidio

False ecumenism has been pervasive in the Church for decades now. This is truly nothing new. The modernists of Vatican II think it is great and Catholics resisting the “new principles” of the Novus Ordo religion see it for the Masonic sham that it is.

Here we have another “blockbuster” article from arch-heretic John Allen of Crux who makes it seem like these Agenda 2030 principles are actually Catholic principles. They are not.

This ecumenical humanitarian corridor project is just one of the “movements” within the emerging One World Religion structure that screams “new tower of Babel”. No longer are men divided by doctrine (they imply) but rather they are “united” by a false peace perpetuated by heretics from all over the globe. John Allen writes this is “Francis’s favorite movement”!

No kidding. Of course, it has Novus ordo principles written all over it. Let us take a look at some of them and further analyze this Novus Ordo “masterpiece”.

Celebrity status? Way to sell this false movement (ecumenical corridor project) Mr. Allen (insert sarcasm wherever you like). He makes mention of how many reporters “have flocked to the scene” just to see this group in the airport!

Wow! So, we have ecumenical groupies now as well?

I thought the movement itself was bad enough but I suppose anyone who takes up Masonic Vatican II “ecumenism” can now be deemed a “rock star” like their idol Nope Francis.

You would think judging by some of the recent pictures of Francis’s talks in Rome people would wake up to this propaganda that he is some sort of celebrity. Even liberals crack jokes about Francis these days. Nevertheless, maybe this is the new angle of Crux. Ecumenical groupies.

Sant’Egidio same objectives as Francis. Well, no wonder Francis loves them.

If they are Agenda 21, tree-hugging, “John Lennon-like” Socialists then welcome aboard!

What are some of the same common objectives of these heretics? There is conflict resolution, defense of the poor, protection of the environment, opposition to capital punishment, and ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue – most prized by Francis.


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  1. Well, laymen, and the flock are working with a different set of intelligence. By now, the number of Cardinals and others around the Pope are being “read in”. Certainly one glaring indicator of this is the China policy.
    “China’s 10 million faithful Catholics, who risk much for their fidelity to Rome, are confused and disillusioned by the Vatican initiative.”
    “The Communists want to enslave the Church,” Zen is warning Vatican leaders. “You’re putting wolves before your flock, and they’re going to make a massacre.”

    • China is not against religion. They openly support and allow freedom of religion. What they do not like, is an outside Power such as Rome, becoming the object of allegiance to their people, over and above the loyalty to the people. That is the same policy the US should have. See, we have right now, loyalty to Israel and Rome, infused among our foreign policy, DOJ, USSC, USM, Senate, and all bodies of governance. The result has been constant war, with religion as the motivator and support doctrine. This has resulted in the favor of a few, creation of millions of enemies, and a stupefied world gazing at us wondering why we are so stupid and violent.

    • The intelligence the Vatican now has to reckon with is verbatim correlations in the Old Testament to the I-Ching. Correlations that are supported by documents and text from several cultures much older than any Judeo/Christian adventurism. Structure that exposes the origin of the writings, and how they could have possibly been obtained and misconstrued into what dogmas are now being taught. The Vatican has no choice. Conservative christians have a big surprise coming. The amount of cognitive dissonance the knowledge would cause is severe, and the rollout is paced to minimize trauma. Actions are required on behalf of Rome to persist and move forward with recognition, that itself is a fraud. Understandably hard to do, but then again, Nobody twisted their arm to steal the books, and create a monster out of them for military conquest.

    • The new price for freedom of religion is honesty, Is that so much to ask? Well, apparently it was too much, so now asking is not what is being done. Best get moving, because, if blood is shed by correcting the lie then the liar bears the burden, not the corrector. This is earth. Mercy is limited.

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