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I believe in the wisdom of the Russian people, I believe in their determination to save their country from the furious pack of losers of the colonialists. Be strong, be proud and incorruptible! The whole world of normal people hopes for you.


Galima Galiullina, Ph.D for VT

Today I will be brief, as required by the situation, as this situation is extremely dangerous. Thinking about how several events these past days converged in time and space, I venture to presume the script is following the Libyan version. But, I see a very different outcome.

On March 18, 2011, I was at a “show” otherwise it’s hard to say what it really was, organized for students and professors at the George Washington University in the District of Columbia. There the Ambassador of Libya to the US, and two runaway Libyans, painted the horrors of the bloody Libyan regime and appealed for the West to save the people of Libya from the bloody dictator.

The ambassador (who called to bomb his own people) spoke first and briefly then quickly retired, saying that he was in a hurry to meet with President Obama. The other two traitors were extremely emotional, describing the suffering of the Libyan people. The gathered intellectuals listened, and I saw neither embarrassment or doubt on their faces.

The next morning, an attack on Libya by united coalition forces began. The world community was told that the operation is carried out to protect the peaceful population of Libya from the bloody regime. Blossoming Libya, then the most prosperous state on the African continent, today is a failed state, where 4 million armed men run around with Kalashnikov rifles seek food for their families.

Here is a brief Wikipedia summary of Russia’s response to these events at that time on

March 29, 2011:

“An international conference on Libya was opened in London, which was attended by more than 40 foreign ministers and leaders of key regional organizations. Basically, these are representatives of countries that are now launching rocket and bomb strikes against the positions of Libyan government troops. The conference was not invited to Muammar Gaddafi, who, however, sent a letter to the meeting participants, calling for an end to the “barbarous attack of the coalition forces” [231]. At the meeting of the conference, at the initiative of France, the question of forming the International Contact Group on Libya and its powers as a body for working out coordinated political decisions will be considered, while NATO will “plan and support joint actions of the Allies” in Libya [232]. The representative of Russia was not invited to the conference, which, according to analysts, was done deliberately to teach the Russian leadership and specifically Vladimir Putin for his negative attitude towards intervention.

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, in Votkinsk, Udmurtia, during a conversation with workers of the Votkinsk plant, condemned the intervention in Libya and the US position in this matter. He said: “This resolution of the Security Council is undoubtedly defective and flawed … It will immediately become clear that it allows everyone to take whatever action is taken against a sovereign state … And in general, it reminds me of the medieval call to the crusade.” He also called the US policy of intervening in conflicts in other countries as a stable trend in which there is no “no conscience or logic”, saying that during the Clinton presidency there was a bombing of Belgrade and Bush Sr. and George W. Bush, Iraq, and Afghanistan [218] [219]. A spokesman for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that Putin’s assessment of the situation around Libya was his personal opinion [220].

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, commented on Putin’s statement, calling the words about the crusade illegal, as they “in fact lead to a clash of civilizations.” Medvedev also noted that he does not consider the UN Security Council resolution incorrect, and said: “Everything that happens in Libya is connected with the ugly behavior that was carried out by the leadership of Libya and the crimes that were committed against its own people, this should not be forgotten, everything the rest are consequences “[221].

Then the events unfolded swiftly and bloodily, civilians murdered under bombs and missiles, to which NATO troops were sent to rescue, and in October Hillary Clinton could satisfy her thirst for blood with an animal grin, watching the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi live on air. The audience, who watched the same scenes on the screen of their home TVs, was also satisfied – the tyrant was killed, the people of Libya are free.

Do Western politicians dream of the same bloody finale for Putin? Of course! They have accumulated so much fury and anger against this “dictator” who oppresses the Russian people together with a handful of friends-oligarchs, that they are ready to help the Russians get rid of the bloody regime and again bring democracy to Russia. Give only a sign, call us to help.

And what do we see these days?

London puts forward unfounded accusations the Kremlin poisoned Skripal and his daughter.  Syria breaks another provocation prepared by coalition forces to poison civilians with chemical weapons. Putin wins election with such a crushing and undoubted advantage that all the work of the fifth column in Russia appears ridiculous and useless.

Not to be surpassed in their race to the bottom, Western coalition governments choose on the same day to announce the expulsion of 150 diplomats rather than send condolences to Russia to express sorrow on the death of 64 people – 41 children – in a Siberian city entertainment complex.

The vanity of the fifth column is melting like the spring snow pack across Russia, leading western provocateurs to question the investment in their failed attempts to destabilize Russia.  One-and-a-half percent of votes given for liberals in the March election are a picture of the death of liberal ideals in Russia without any hope of resuscitation.

All the long-term efforts of think tanks, university laboratories, media gurus of the West to create Putin’s image as the chief demon of Evil, the dictator and creator of a bloody regime did not affect Russians.  Collectively, all efforts galvanized support and made Putin invulnerable to the arrows issued from all possible positions.

Unfortunately, attacks on Putin by enemies inside Russia and in the west appear to be accelerating. Taking advantage of the tragedy in Siberia, opposition media in Russia echo claims by alternative media that Putin is responsible for the disaster.  The claim is that corruption at all levels of business and government inevitably lead to such disasters. On the other hand, Russians now take responsibility for combating corruption at the local level, realizing how ignoring building codes and fire safety measures can have devastating personal effects.

Then in what way does the West intend to overcome its internal crisis aggravated by the insatiable greed of the elites, the ideological deadlock of the puppeteers?  The west continues to create chaos, and built on the chaos and suffering of the world population by pursuing a paradise on earth for themselves. What future lies ahead for the unwashed masses, more and more feeling themselves as herded sheep? The answer is simple: war for the western elites simply means what it always means – more for them and ignore the screamers.

At the same time, even the most insane of the Western war choir are nervously trembling at the thought that it’s possible Putin is not bluffing.  What if he has weapons that will blow up not only their luxury villas in California, but also roast them alive in bunkers and shelters along with their dogs, mistresses and children.

It follows from this: a direct attack on Russia can only be made by a madman. But, split Russia from within, promote rebellion inside, and turn it into a wild unguided crowd – could be the solution they envision.

Inflaming Russian society to such an extent that it will destroy the country itself is a wet dream of the western troglodytes who so badly want to see on the TV the tattered body of the overthrown dictator – they still hope for this!

And all these “sleeping” agents dream of how money will again flow for them from the generous hands of Western benefactors.  To do this only it is necessary to try, it is necessary to turn the grief of mothers and fathers into anger and fury. This is what we see today in Russian cities.

I believe in the wisdom of the Russian people, I believe in their determination to save their country from the furious pack of losers of the colonialists. Be strong, be proud and incorruptible! The whole world of normal people hopes for you.

Galima Galiullina, PhD

Washington, USA



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  1. Thank you, dear Galima, for another article. Thank you for your thoughts and expressions. It is a cursed time when Russian liberals (literally-traitors and the 5th column in Russia) try to find greedy profit even during the recent terrible tragedy in Kemerovo.. Let us have good spirit and conclusions to overcome it all.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Galiullina, for these true words.

    You mentioned that the liberals only got 1.5% of the votes and you also thankfully mentioned the words, Mr. Medwedew spoke in 2011 regarding the attack against Lybia. He clearly spoke Western words and ideology not Russian language which is not treacherous and lying.

    We must take this into account to value the true influence of the liberals in Russia, because they constitute a real threat against their own people, not as voters but as persons in high up places all over the Kremln government, the judicial system, the Russian media system which in term of concentration resembles the US sstem, the high up financial circles including Russia’s state Bank, which to this day strangles normal Russians with their “liberal money politics”.

    Putin once made his famous “deal” with his adversaries and Medwedew didn’t resign after his desastreous words then. This is the real power, these people represent and on which the whole West is focussed, it’s the enemy from within and the deal stands up to this day with no new negotiations.

  3. While the former tyrannical Soviet Union has vanished. our own U.S. government has moved closer to it. Actions speak louder than words. The nice sounding words of our Constitution have been gang raped by corrupt whores in our Congress, and operating in secret, hidden from public view, in the corrupt executive branch. Try submitting freedom of information act requests to discover what your government is doing in secret protected by the full military armed force of government. All you will finally receive, usually after waiting years, are blank redacted pieces of paper. Try flying on a plane and observe the TSA gang rape your basic rights in the 4th Amendment. Do you believe you are “guaranteed” a jury trial? Think again. Do you believe government can’t confiscate your personal property? Think again. Do you believe our courts are totally honest and above board and follow their ethical rules and law? Think again. A book was published listing 42 federal judges by name and location who patently violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. Troops in our military have been ordered to take potentially dangerous drugs like guinea pigs because the corrupt FDA gave the military a waiver of consent. Governments at every level do as they please because there are no immediately effective ways to challenge them.

    • I have lived in Athens, Georgia over 50 years. Only yesterday one of our tenants, who has a small dog, told me this horror story which just happened to them. The dog got loose by accident. They are responsible people. Someone reported it and the dog was picked up by the dog catcher. First they had to pay nearly $100 to get the dog back. But this was trivial compared to what followed. They must now appear in court. Do you know what the local government fine is for this horrible first offense where no one was injured or harmed so far as I know? $1,500! Yes fifteen hundred dollars.
      These folks are struggling anyway and don’t have this kind of money. Contrast this draconian government misconduct with my experience growing up in a small town in California. Our family always got dogs at the dog pound. We had a fabulous sheep dog which liked to wander up town and hang around the Pacific Electric Station. He was very friendly and never harmed anyone. Even the local police chief brought the dog home in a police car many times. A real estate agent once even sent Laddie home in a cab. It was written up in the local newspaper! Obviously our country is moving toward a police state isn’t it even in Georgia today?

  4. Good article. I wonder how much Russia can take before they decide to retaliate. If war does break out, I hope that those who have been poking the bear are the first to roast. I hope their trillion dollar bunkers become their tombs.

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