Exclusive: Americans and Israelis Tied to Skripal Smuggling Ring Captured in East Ghouta

ISIS Command Room Captured in East Ghouta, Americans, Israeli's and Others Held.


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, with Dr. Bassam Habib Barakat, VT Damascus

Here lies the secret behind the attempted assassination story of the Russian spy Skripal in Britain.

It was Skripal who had betrayed his country with his daughter in Salisbury, Britain, by the British intelligence, and accused Russia of doing so without evidence.

The Syrian Arab Army and with the help of Russian friends managed to confiscate a shipment of weapons destined for the eastern press two days before the Skripal incident and within this deal is a poisonous gas of green color produced by industry in Britain, in the city of Salisbury specifically. (ed: Porton Down)

This is precisely what President Vladimir Putin pointed out in his meeting with the BBC when asked why Britain was charged with the assassination of Skripal to Russia was his answer to look at the “mother tongue.”

The information confirms that there are British, American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers who were caught by the Syrian army in one of the heavily fortified operations rooms during the invasion of the Syrian army and its allies of the Eastern Duchy and direct assistance to Russia.

When Britain asked Oman to mediate with Russia to hand over British officers For Britain, the Russian answer was that of Syrian sovereignty and must be negotiated with the Syrian state. (Check what was written on the shell and then things will become clear).

Dr. Bassam Habib Barakat


The message above is directly from Damascus and highest level sources in Syrian and Russian intelligence to which VT has exclusive access.

We have gotten Israeli’s home before and will do what we can to get these Americans released.

Why isn’t the Pentagon reporting the capture of American chemical weapons advisors working in East Ghouta?  Does America dare Syria to parade them before the cameras (a Geneva Convention violation)?

Putin is demanding  an apology.  Diplomats from two dozen countries were expelled, wild accusations made, and now we learn that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made the whole thing up, lied his ass off.

There is absolutely NO proof whatsoever that Russia poisoned anyone and very real proof that Johnson is working for a foreign government, which we believe to be Israel.

We believe both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are “moles,” foreign controlled spies now commanding nuclear forces, a danger to the world.  Yesterday, Britain’s Sky News released the following statement:

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, told Sky News: “We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent.

We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to.”

And from an RT interview with Craig Murray:


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  1. “We have gotten Israeli’s home before and will do what we can to get these Americans released.” Why? These people know what they are doing, that it is a crime. Does the tact that the Nazis used, ‘we were only following orders’, that did not work for them, work for these people? They knew what they were doing and need to face the penalty for it. They are spies, terrorists and war criminals. Let them take what they have been dishing out to civilians, quite without any hesitancy, to court and see how they fair. Hanging is the usual for war criminal spies, is it not?

  2. I have always said that the British are behind a lot of these actions. What I want to know besides promoting Zionist activities both racist and non-racist, the British are insufferable. How come we, Americans, allow them to continue to meddle in our affairs? I only have to look at the mess in the Gulf of Mexico to understand their continued meddling is destructive for America. What is their rationale?

    • ‘The British’ aren’t behind anything, it’s because the same people that run Britain also run the US, Israel, the UN and just about the entire western world. The British people are no more to blame than the American people or any other people, the problem is a criminal elite that control us, they have no loyalty or allegiance to any nation or people, they serve only their own interests.

  3. Andrew- the article subject doesn’t seem to be of Skripal’s affair. However, whether KGB (doesn’t exist now),
    other agencies execute “traitors” is, in Skripal’s case, irrevelant, since the whole case looks like poorly
    executed smear campaign against R.F., specifically Pres. Putin. Just think, how many people slumbered
    over the benches, sleeping or in stupor, anywhere, even in Salisbury, get picked up and delivered with the
    police escort to the hospital, and upon that moment the P.M. of the country with F.M. know the names of
    persons from the bench and know without “doubt” these Skripals were poisoned by Russia with Russian
    sounding chemical weapon “Novitchok” ? Do all people visiting shopping mall carry passports? Who rambled
    through their belongings to determine their names? How about phone call between Julia and Viky Skripals
    (in Moscow)? Did Julia (poisoned daughter) stated all is fine, we o.k., dad is sleeping, Vicky do not come
    to U.K., everything will be o.k.?? The question may arise was Skripal a willing actor let’s say for a bigger
    vacation house in Spain, or was he threatened, since his daughter was there?

    • Aha. Also, what was the need to kill and burn to ash Skripal’s pets… GB says they were suspected of being poisoned too. What a joke! So, in this case how could a home cat to survive? Why not freeze its body and examine it? Stupid, but it looks like killing the evidence. Today, Julia Skripal sister was not given a visa to GB to visit these two relatives.. I hope Mad “british gentleman” Boris and his Toxic Lady May will be punished by the English people first. We knew during 500 years that GB establishment is cun, cinic and carnivore criminals. But such stupidness is smth extraordinary. Well, no wonder, if even one of the most world famous person from Albion – Charles Dickens expressed a desire to terminate all people of India during the rise of Sipai, in one of his letters. The roots of fascism grow in the English establishment. They will never apologise, they are cruel and cinic towards other nations. We trust the punishment for this lie to GB.

    • Now you see why I have hated the British establishment & ruling class since I was a child, I’d like to hang the lot of them.

  4. (Check what was written on the shell and then things will become clear).

    No they won’t. It looks to be a smoke canister produced by Wessex, who also make fireworks, who coincidentally have a factory in Salisbury.

  5. By the way, all foreign secret services know well that during 70s-80s USSR GRU and KGB officially refused and never practised killing (punish) the Soviet traitors living abroad. Nowadays, Russian Federation too.

    • I don’t think that is true at all, there was the notorious case of Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian living in London, killed using a very sophisticated high-tech umbrella gun that they almost certainly obtained from the KGB. KGB defectors including Oleg Kalugin and Oleg Gordievsky have confirmed that the KGB arranged the murder.

    • Ian, those were private cases. Maybe he was still precious and was doomed to death. As for Skripal – he was not top secret agent in the hierarch of the Russian secret services. He did his job to please the British and afterwards Russians squeezed all info from him about Secret services of the GB. There was no reason to kill him. He was empty.

    • As far as it is described, to punish Markov was the Bulgarian idea. But it was not appoved by Moscow. To search terrorists and liquidate them is important, but to kill ex-spies is not the best idea, hypotetically leading to fall down and scandals. This is why it is irrational and risky.

    • All intelligence agencies assassinate people, all intel agencies operate outside the law, the KGB included. Bulgaria would not have acted without permission from their soviet overlords and the device and poison used were Russian. However, I have never thought Russia was behind the Skripal ‘poisoning’ and I wrote this in my first article on the case and re-iterated in in my follow up articles.

  6. Great interview on the chemicals. Pretty much steps on that toad. So, many things in there, for one, the Americans took all the lab notes and equipment, but Porton Down could positively ID the substance which admits they have samples and have duplicated it. And “senior students from Cornell are capable of making it” means anyone in the entire world can make it, not just governments. This is beyond embarrassing now….it’s in cringe territory. Props to the guy giving the interview. Now, please everyone look around and notice how much influence is wielded with such little evidence or reasoning. Then compare to the amount of evidence displayed against Cambridge Analytica with such little comparable fallout.

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