Talk given 4-10-18 (approx. 45 minutes)

Special guest Joseph Sciambra joins me to discuss: his background and story, life on the streets of liberal San Francisco, the Jesuits, the culture of self and death, University of San Fran’s “drag ball”, sodomy/new age connection?, Fr. James Martin, LGBT retreats, the real deal or attempted normalization of homosexuality, his Howard Stern interview, Gay Marriage “martyrs”? why sodomy is so important to satan and MUCH more!

Joseph Sciambra was born in 1969, in Northern California, not far from San Francisco. He grew up in a stable and loving home while attending Catholic parochial schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Early on, the dark shadow of pornography would cloud his entire childhood and teenage years.

Throughout the 1990s, Joseph lived around the homosexual culture of the Castro District, offering him rare insight into the daily lives and struggles of many gay men. Later, he became an amateur porn actor and escort. In 1999, following a near death experience, Joseph returned to the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Since then he has written extensively concerning the real-life issues of pornography, homosexuality, and the occult. He received his BA from the University of California at Berkeley in Art History and his MA from Sonoma State University.


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  1. Do yourself a favor and read this book about the 60’s and 70’s. If u like rock and roll this book by David McGowan written in 2013 was an eye opener for those that heard about it and could find it was called “ WEIRD SCENES Inside the Canyon”. laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. This little bubble like a dr Seuss psyop explodes the controlled matrix of what we have today.

  2. Dude never mentions Satan or gives any semblance of an answer to the title. Because it doesn’t exist. It isn’t satan grabbing your young boys behind the altar, it is the unmarried “celibate” strange man, who everyone calls FATHER, who is doing that stuff. The ones who keep telling you, the sins of man were the womens fault.
    I call bullshit !

  3. The Catholic Church is gay by design and intention. Always has been. The plight of the gay man, is non acceptance by strong men, and this guy confirms that repeatedly and it is true. In a society where being openly gay is not accepted, the church found sanctuary by marrying theology with militant territorial conquest by providing skilled infiltration and a measure of confiscation of the hearts and minds of the new conquest.
    So the church served several purposes at the time of formation. One, a sanctuary for the gay community, veneration of the mother (and the invisible father) , a usefulness to the military faction of Rome to secure inclusion, and a theology to spread so as to have pseudo legitimate reason to eradicate existing cosmology.

    • Simple observations,.. priests are not allowed to marry women. Why would that even be a consideration ? There is no possible spiritual answer. It’s all bullshit and just a protective measure along with a strong attractant for other gay men to join. It works. The Catholic Church is the happiest org in the world to see gay men flocking to the church now, and if they rejected this group would go bankrupt and lose most priests.
      Due to the lack of acceptance by strong men when they are young, the desire to reach out to young men is also present. When pedophiles enter this equation, we get rampant pedophilia and 40 % of the priests and Bishops are pedophiles in the sense they prefer young boys. It is psychological projection.

    • So in case folks still don’t get it, the usefulness is the hearts and minds aspect of military conquest. The soldiers come in, then the black robes, and their job is to install the new theology and send the profits home.
      In this way, which has been quite successful, the monetary benefit is insured a continual flow. Every population they were conquering, had a ready population of reclusive gay men, who now had a purpose to fill and even complete veneration in the community. it was the opposite of rejection. The theology HAS veneration of the virgin mother as unmarried men, and SEEKS approval of the invisible Father. That my friends is a gay org all day and night and it holds true by the mountains of evidence before us today. The straight church members are the only ones shocked or in denial. Time to wake up, you have been fooled,… again.

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