British Film Director tells Belgium PM Where to shove his anti-semitism claims

Ken Loach stands up to the Israeli Lobby hit man


… from Russia Today, Moscow

“What about the Israeli army killing unarmed Palestinian civilians?” – Loach attacks Belgian PM

Natalie Portman

[ Editor’s Note: It is always cheering to see someone in entertainment stand up to the Jewish bullies and their thug proxies. British Director Ken Loach follows Natalie Portman in raising the bar in showing that civil rights terrorism can be successfully fought.

Prime Minister Michel of Belgium seems to have been tasked with making an example of Ken Loach by intimidating the Université libre de Bruxelles from giving Loach an honorary degree for the inferred crime against Jewish humanity…criticizing Israeli policy.

Dear Mr. Michel, you disgraced your country in carrying water for Israel now, when it has been in the middle of murdering unarmed Palestinian protesters, including children.

I would classify your attempt to take Mr. Loach down as a form of civil rights terrorism, to intimidate others for speaking out against Israeli crimes. By the way sir, being an intelligence site, we know a lot about how the Israeli Lobby buys politicians, especially from the smaller countries.

I had mentioned last week, in saluting Portman’s refusing to attend an Israeli award gala with a $2-million dollar prize in protest over the recent IDF turkey-shoot in Gaza, that leadership is always needed to turn these social monstrosities around, where a cowardice group-think sets in, a feeling that the Israel Lobby bully is just too dangerous to take on.

Every time someone fights back and survives, others are inspired to do the same. I do not know how to contact either Ms. Portman or Mr. Loach, but we will try to post something in the comments to let them know we appreciate what they have done … Jim W. Dean ]

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Gaza Turkey Shoot – 2018

– First published … April 27, 2018

Ken Loach, the award-winning British film director, has hit back at Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, after the leader claimed he should not receive an honorary degree because of alleged anti-Semitic comments.
Ken Loach – A man with a lot of depth
Loach was responding to Michel at a press conference an hour before receiving his honorary degree from the (ULB).
He told assembled reporters that he was shocked to have to make a statement concerning the Belgian PM’s comments, especially as he understood that Michel had studied law at ULB.


The previous night, Michel had been speaking at an event to mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s creation, where much to the surprise of the audience, he commented on the impending honorary degree to be awarded to Loach, reports the Guardian.

In an apparent dig at Loach, he told the audience: “No accommodation with anti-Semitism can be tolerated, whatever its form. And that also goes for my own alma mater [university].”

A spokesman for the Belgian PM, clarifying the comments, reportedly told Belgian newspaper De Standaard: “Michel’s statement may be read as a rejection of the honorary doctorate. The prime minister has studied the file and believes that [Loach] has recently made controversial statements that justify the withdrawal of that honorary doctorate.”

Loach has argued against accusations that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has a distinct problem with anti-Semitism, claiming Labour MPs who took part in a recent protest in Westminster against anti-Semitism were using it for political gain, to undermine their leader. The director questioned whether or not the MPs should consequently be expelled from the party.

In his rebuttal at the hastily-convened press conference, Loach seemed to questioned Michel’s understanding of international law when it comes to the issue of Israel/Palestine, suggesting that the Belgian PM is conflating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

The film director, a passionate supporter of Palestinian rights and frequent critic of Israeli state policies, asked:

“Mr Michel is a lawyer, did he wonder about Israel’s failure to comply with international law? Has he asked the question of colonization of the Palestinian territories? Has he asked the question of unarmed Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli army? Has he asked the question of refugees living under the protection of the United Nations? There are so many examples of Israel’s failure to respect international law.”

The Belgian PM is yet to respond to Loach.


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  1. I prefer Hitlers idea of purchasing Madagascar, and interning all Jews there instead. They need to have their OWN Country – to feel safe from the rest of the “Anti Semites” (AS) you see. Of course a wall around the Island with concertina wire atop would keep the AS from gaining access and persecuting the Jews some more. Only those thoroughly vetted should be allowed access – which of course would be access on permanent basis (interned). It would be beneficial for all Jews living in other places such as the US, and Europe to be “preserved” there as well, as we have seen in the media that there is a sharp rise in “anti-Semitism” everywhere. Of course, other non-Jews who “identify” as Jews (such as Evangelical Christians) should be allowed to be protected there too, especially since the Jews would need some “Shabbots-Goys” to work on Saturday for them – and of course to worship them.

  2. If people in the position to be heard remain silent, then suffering of all forms continues. religion should be held to the highest bar, when it comes to human rights and cooperation with international law.
    Israel should be forced to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty and allow International Inspectors access to their facilities immediately. If not, then they should face sanctions.
    Also, the extent of money laundering that is going on in American religious institutions needs to be examined very closely. It would make the real estate criminals blush.

    • I continue to be completely confused how christians are rejecting the churches and still clinging to the book which says the son of God was a Jew. The books were stolen and modified. Your faith is natural and needs no book. Supporting the notion that Pious Fraud is ok, you are endorsing every com artist wearing a robe.
      By being passive and apologetic, people get killed for stupid stuff. Millions and millions of them.
      John G Jackson ‘The Pagan origins of the Christ Myth”. and anyone who studies sacred text knows, but is not telling you, and the heads of ALL the churches know and are not telling you…it’s not just this one or that…

  3. I suggest we start small with making others follow the law as how About the American justice system shutting down that Amway corporation?

    Look at the rot Amway brought to America like Blackwater and Betsey Devoss and look at Flint Michigan and Amway money obstructing justice?

    First Amway then maybe we might be able to reign in whom we are not allowed to talk negative about!


  4. The Horror! The Horror!

    Why wouldn’t a Belgian Prime Minister side with Israeli Zionists? After all they share much in common by way of a sub-human, Satanic colonial history. How could a Belgian not be a supporter of Israeli Zionists and their raft of rancid, anti-Palestinian policies? After all, they both share a very discernible Heart of Darkness. Just how much have Israeli Zionists learned from the colonial abuse of native Africans by the Belgians in the Congo specifically. Does it not, in its crudest form mirror the anti-Goy hatred of the Talmud – the Jewish version and not the one they publish for general consumption by those rabbis in black? In comparison with the good Mr. Loach the Belgian PM – and all Zionists by extension, is nothing but a roach … a cockroach, or lets just say a lesser-being, in case anyone would imagine I am a bigot … God forbid!

  5. I am glad to see that Loach was given the award despite these rude public comments by Israel lover Michel. I have known many people in my 79 years of all religions. Some Jews were wonderful people. Sometimes you didn’t even know their religion. Others had bad manners and insulted others often without appearing to know they did. They help each other. They stick together. They promote one another. If two people are equally qualified for a physics position, the Jew usually wins out. There was an instance of chutzpah a few years ago of an arrogant Jewish Physicist at an Ivy League school, probably Princeton, where he called the department head of a lesser school on the West Coast to complain that they hired the wrong young assistant professor and should fire him and hire his own student! Yes, they have no shame. It is like they were raised by parents who never spanked them for any infraction. I believe Trump falls into this category. I also believe Israel lover Trump is a converted Jew because he behaves like a Jew and even looks like one with orange hair, and how could he succeed in Jew York without converting? I urge the editors of VT to see if they could prove it. He may have even aided Israel in doing 9/11/01. He never talks about how Israel did 9/11/01 but he must know it. Some of these folks have never been shamed by parents. My late Father could spank all four of us kids in the back seat of a 1938 Chevrolet and never had an accident either and without slowing down the car. Israel operates an open air concentration camp for Palestinians, steals land, has illegal nukes and treats neighbors like garbage yet they accuse others of anti S when they raise criticisms. Obviously they are running a con to use a religious ruse to avoid legitimate criticism of their gross improper human conduct against humanity.

    • MAFIA=Mazzini Authoriszers Furto Incendio e Avvelenamenti. In English, Mazzini Authorizes Fire Theft and Poisonings. That being said, in 1834, Giuseppe Mazzini, the originator of the mafia, was selected to be the illuminati’s director of political action. The mafia is but one tentacle of the jewluminati octopus.

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