WhatsApp: Black Cube/Facebook’s New Spy Tool for the Mossad



For those who don’t use encrypted messaging, Zoom and the far more popular WhatsApp won’t be familiar.  For those in business, everything goes on these services.  WhatsApp can put a call through anywhere, anytime, encrypted, safe and always a reliable way to reach someone in an emergency.

Then Facebook, and by “Facebook,” we mean the “ugly Zuckling” and his Black Cube friends, meaning “Mossad.”

Their deal was to buy a billion dollar app for nearly $20 billion and start tapping the phones/private encrypted communications of millions of users who are generally business travelers.

Black Cube – The Borg in form and function

It goes further, then they access the phone numbers called, gather data on them and tap them as well.  Eventually, every person that travels for business, including military contractors for instance, scientists, you get the picture?

All of it turned over to the folks that worked with Cambridge Analytica, a big name for a pack of Mossad thugs working with neocon scum and “Black Cube,” the folks Trump hired privately with money we have no idea where it came from, to fabricate intelligence on Iran in order to start a war.

Black Cubes methods, kidnapping Iranian “witnesses” and soliciting “testimony” at the barrel of a gun, the full “Gina Haspel,” as we call it, is exposed and so much else in the new TV series, “Deep State.”

Facebook says they are doing just fine and that their members are more addicts with no self respect, willing to submit to authority, even when that authority is Zuckstein and his mobster friends.

By “mobster friends,” we mean Gargle Corporation.

Jan Koum’s exit reportedly followed clashes over Facebook’s attempts to weaken encryption of the messaging service

Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp.
 Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp. Photograph: Alberto Estevez/EPA

And then Facebook came by and offered $19bn for the company, which at that moment was valued at $1.5bn. Koum and Acton accepted the offer and instantly became billionaires.

The big puzzle at the time was why Facebook had paid so far over the odds for a messaging app. The conventional wisdom was that Zuckerberg & co had noted WhatsApp’s rapid rise and wanted to be able to monetise all the lovely data that would flow from it. Facebook’s algorithms would read WhatsApp messages and use them to target the service’s users.

But the pill was sweetened, at least from Facebook’s point of view, by a decision to change WhatsApp’s terms and conditions to allow Zuckerberg’s crowd to access the phone numbers of the app’s users – unless they had opted out. This was a key moment, because once Facebook has your phone number, then you’re easy meat for identity purposes.

In this way, WhatsApp was launched on to the slippery slope that leads to full-blown surveillance capitalism.

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  1. Gosh, spying on Iran and our business military contractors by a nefarious company as who would figure?

    This if anything seems to me to be a serious national security issue.

    As an aside, I am getting emails pointing to alt right sites stating that Iran has “secret” nuclear weapons and facilities and they are now many of them clearly on the neo cons side with Trump and Netanyahu even I am astonished by this and all in a weeks or so time!


  2. Black Cbe was featured on NPR today. Albeit, in a manner which may be interpreted as an advertisement.

    • I actually happened to catch that as well. Several times the interviewer nudged and guided Farrow’s report to minimize the implications.

    • If i will use all of them, i’ll have not to work, but to exist constantly in the aura of Wi-Fi Somati :). I’m retro. I got used to XP OS, 7. And all my essence riots against Win10. It has unfriendly graphic architecture for me.

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