Crop Circle Meditation, Stephen Greer



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  1. It’s refreshing to see some comments that are from critical thinkers & not indoctrinated fundamental thinking from a School of Fish in a Mason’s Jar. Mandelbrot’s Set was discovered officially (LOL) in 1954. Although we know sacred geometry gnosis existed from at least Pythagoras (Greek) epoch. I suspect earlier as we can clearly see from earlier architecture of temples that used geometry earlier i.e. Malta & Gobekli Tepe. The masonic Alien agenda has long been known & easy to debunk & figure out. I agree with the LASER/Microwave technology used to create & generate these typical sacred geometry forms. The world’s a stage & the MAGI-ckians were caught long before Blue Beam or Roswell’s 47th problem of Euclid. The bigger question in my mind is do the proles become conscious before the big Arc of Crisis’s/Malthusian manufactured events or remain unconscious to this great social-cultural experiment of ignorance & nescience. Dunning-Kruger Effect-Dunbar’s Number groups-Red Queen Evolutionary Dynamics Theory are all even money & awaiting the social Darwinism experiment results of this out of chaos came more chaos. Enjoy the ‘Gesu’/Jesuit (crypto-jew) Kabuki Theatre of the absurd.

    • I’ve noticed a prolific use of the “Dunning Kruger effect” by a certain group of people lately. It’s funny how trends on the internet can lead to identifying paths of origin or leanings. It’s a easy thing to throw out there, and nobody can actually tell which effect is being spoken of, or how it is applied. It’s a circular argument, and the effect is mostly being portrayed by those using the term.
      I suppose it could apply to crop circles, in the sense that so many people think, people cannot do them. I attribute this, to the starvation of art in education systems. Sacred geometry is simple, and has been around a lot longer than Gobleki Tepi, which is not a good example of geometry in design at all. I believe there have been at least two crop formations made by elementary school children with a few teachers, that were taken as prophetic symbols or communication from the stars imprinted by mysterious beams of light. Sometimes it doesn’t matter even if the entire team of people make a video showing them doing it, folks still don’t accept the simple truth.

  2. Projecting small images onto buildings for murals is done using a grid pattern. Scared geometry which makes up the largest part of circles, can be done with a single string and stake for circles. To lay out a square or rectangle of any size, on any ground, just locate the first corner and direction, 3,4,5 the corners, and perfect it by shooting the diagonals. That can be expanded into any direction or size. For best results , make the crop circle just before rain, and footprints are washed away.
    The phenomenon , is the intuition, and shared “idea” stories as well as premonitions, combined with the schedule of shapes that have been known for eons in calendars of multiple cultures. Shape has a schedule. So, what else has a schedule ?

  3. Ha, I would turn that around and say, when are the free hand formations coming ? Ya know, something that cannot be laid out with rudimentary tools ? I’ve been following since the beginning, I’m not hard to find.
    It’s good underground art, but there are plenty of other underground art forms that are just as, if not more, compelling these days. Funny how they seem to love England isn’t it ?

  4. Appear crop circles for 4 reason

    1.Alien make for communicate to human
    2.Alien make for communicate to Other
    3.human artists make for cool
    4.human make for communicate to Alien

    • you forgot, 5) Intelligence operators perpetuating Alien themed phenomena
      6) Hundreds of thousands in tourism
      7) Advertisement for , movies, new technology, businesses, weddings, concerts, or any other reason the wealthy might want one
      8) artists communicating to each other ( like graffiti) Italian team etc,…
      9) artists making political statement ( Nettle Hill formation etc., anti GMO, etc)
      10) The sake of art for arts sake
      11) personal ceremony by various groups
      12 ) should I go on ????

  5. …..for the record, all crops circles are made using a plasma energy bottle which also acts as a energy force field, and the shapes are created by computer……it’s also known as a scalar energy interferometer, or Project Bluebeam, same technology the US stole from Tesla in 1943…….the Boeing 777’s we all saw hitting the towers were created using the exact same technology……..check out the Project Bluebeam videos on youtube, were you can pet the T-rex, get to see a whale jump into the high school auditorium, and so on…….they attach a bubble of liquid metal made from strontium, barium, and niobate that covers the highly magnetic plasma bottle which gives it a 3 dimensional look and feel……..your hand will not pass through these energy force fields….they are NOT HOLOGRAPHIC technology……….but a step above…….the foos fighters on 1945 and all UFOs, portals, dragons, cities over China, the triangular shaped “anti-gravity” craft seen over Phoenix and everywhere else, are all created using this technology………Gary Hinchman………..

    • for the record,… one the more obtuse arguments, is that people cannot do it. 3 Guys with string can lay out a perfect square or circle with intricate detail in under an hour. Myself and one other guy can layout humungous rectangles or squares in minutes with rudimentary tools. With a 5 man team, and proper prep, can lay down intricate and massive formations in a couple hours and be home before sunup.

  6. This jewish joker writes he can summon UFO’s at will. The jig is up, the gifted story telling is over. The tribals have stolen everything and claim it all belongs to them, fair and Square. Since they are incapable of making the proper connection at its occult resource, the formula consistently fails. That is why these infiltrators turn everything into crap, right?.

  7. When I first heard of Steven Greer and Sirius his organization on Youtube I became very excited. I was so pleased to finally see someone with real credibility finally talking about ET contacts and doing actual field research and experimentation on the subject. So the next day I went to his website to learn more and when I did I came to a golden front page where a Masonic square compass was proudly being displayed (flaunted), to my dismay.
    I will NEVER trust ANY member of such a corrupt organization that has ruthlessly, for centuries, laid waste any and all hope of a peaceful benevolent western civilization. I sincerely question the integrity of anyone else who would do so. I now suspect that Gordon Duff is a Freemason as well. How else would he have so much inside information in so many branches of government and the pharmaceutical industry (including his RN wife who shamelessly promotes vaccines.) Which means that Gordon Duff is part of a sick, secret agenda to destroy humanity.

  8. Other artists, the best ones, dig deep for metaphysical symbolism and place it in strategic locations. It’s a way to make a complex statement through temporary art and remain anonymous. It is a new art form that is only possible, due to photography and now drones. Prior to the drones, the photography was a competitive industry with huge investment required.
    The best so far, is the Pheonix crop circle. I take partial credit for it, but the artistry is wonderful and the entire thing is simply better than any recent painting or sculpture in my opinion. For my own part, I am the only source I know of that publicly lists Pheonix decan as being the 3rd decan of Gemini , which is the time frame of it’s making, June 12.

    • Perhaps the least studied area of the art form, is the shared intuitive or the shared inspiration associated with the art form. Unlike a movie or play, the artists are not in contact with each other, and yet, some can draw a certain formation and then it appears. Even groups have done this. I attribute this to 2 things. One, art when inspired is always dedicative of set shapes or themes, according to time. Two, shared consciousness between similar minded artists, who are focusing and attentive to the art form. It is a display of the potentiality of shared human consciousness. btw, I think Greer and a few others only charge 10 grand or so, to follow their journey into the stars, next to a crop circle that may well be depicting a Fart.

    • btw, the 9th chapter of Genesis is Pheonix decan, the replenishment of the earth rising after the flood.
      This story is used to justify many bizarre things, but Pheonix is the 9th decan, and the story is about that. So, to correct that , I should say, I am the only source I know of, that shows the named list in order, but not the only source the HAS them in order. Chapter 9 Genesis, is a spot on descriptor of Pheonix decan, complete with the 3 sons, who are the only thing that matters. The notion of replenishment, after the death.
      Artist example Paul McCartney, his band called Wings, and the album “Back to the Egg”. No other Bird returns to the egg but Phoenix. The album cover is also highly fitting.

  9. There are many levels of opportunism associated with crop circles. The most successful of course are the artists who make them. The reasons they do it have great variety. For some it’s a challenge, others a ceremony, others a prank, others a hoax, others a capitalist enterprise, such as movie advertisements.
    Even the obvious movie advertisements can be dissected and interpreted as confirmation that a specific size meter is inbound from a specific place in space and is due to hit a specific geographical location at a specified time. I LOVE Crop circles.
    Others are political art, as they should be. The first one this year is a “Jesus Bug” in Rape. Yes, the specific water skipper, AKA the Jesus Bug, beautifully placed in a crop called Rape. Excellent.

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