Intel Drop: Fetzer and Sandy Hook, A Study


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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

When I think of Sandy Hook, I think of the school counselor who told reporters that she saw the shooter, looked in his eyes, recognized him and noted that his mother was a kindergarten teacher at the school, “a loving teacher any mother would want for her own child.”

A day later she said she saw the shooters shoes and the mom wasn’t a teacher at all, in fact, she ate her entire story.

This was enough.  I knew something was very very wrong.

Most of the work on Sandy Hook has been done by Jim Fetzer.  I contend it is excellent work with exceptions. Fetzer and I went over this on the phone time and time again.

I think Sandy Hook was an experiment, to see if a staged event could be used to not only test the ability to stage more and get away with it, some with real dead, some with crisis actors, but more.

I also think major components of Sandy hook were to manage and “burn” the press, by adding unnecessary details and events, such as:

  • The shooter drove a black Honda which later turned out to belong to a petty criminal 40 miles away.  Why?
  • The AR rifle used, when the police found it, magically turned into a shotgun.
  • FBI agents, showing off for the press, spoke to each other in Hebrew, breeding a rumor that the Mossad staged it all, a rumor we believe was not accidental.
  • A suspect was taken into police custody right after the shooting, while camera’s were running, a suspect who was chased by police, publicly arrested and “disappeared” from the public, no arrest records, no mention, but what appeared to be street theatre.

Fetzer has dozens more, some I believe totally valid but others, about the school being closed or some of the work by Helbig, I think it was being done, fed to the media, to test out theories in disinformation.

Here is what we think we know; Sandy Hook may well have been a testing ground, along with the Boston Marathon bombing, for events in Syria and Ukraine, the Maidan snipers, the White Helmets and their staged gas attacks, these and so many others, all built around information gained through staging Sandy Hook and other “street theatre” with real or not so real dead.

We believe, and by “we,” I mean the study group at VT tasked with examining staged or “false flag” terror events, like the Paris “Hebdo” attacks, that there are many reasons for this, sometimes small or seemingly small.

Would a government, a government in the US, Britain and Israel we contend is controlled by world organized crime, kills its own people, stage terror events, risk war and do it over and over for no more reason than to control a news cycle or to take attention off a Trump gaff?

The same program we see staging these events, and we think the Las Vegas shootings were real but done with the full aid of Saudi intelligence, who was set up in significant numbers in the hotel, supposedly “a floor above,” also runs fake corporate intelligence services as well, all being fronts for Mossad disinformation and working closely with the Mossad’s Wikileaks front.

When we look at the Israeli groups, Black Cube and Psy Group, now being investigated as being the real culprits behind the Trump election fakery, we follow the money chain from Canada and the Bronfman family, oldest crime family in North America.

We trace them to Stratfor, Wikileaks, Prison Planet Wiki, Black Cube, Psy Group, Infowars and to exactly what the conspiracy theory media has been saying all along, satanic pedophile rings that run much of DC.

Sandy Hook, we believe, was the precursor for the latter gas attacks in Syria and much of the mayhem we saw in Ukraine including the very real slaughter in Odessa in 2015.

The first staged, and we believe Google Idea Groups was behind it, gas attack in Syria was 8 weeks before Sandy Hook.  We believe they are related, part of the same experiment, the same cast of characters, ones we saw in Paris, in Boston and have seen since dozens of times.

From Jim Fetzer:

SANDY HOOK: Michael Vabner website shows “Noah Pozner” all grown up

Michael Vabner, whose images as a child were used to create Sandy Hook fiction “Noah Pozner”, has a web site visited by my correspondent, Bruce Sullivan, and turns out to have just graduated from the University of Connecticut, Storrs (2017) with courses in IT and web management. I visited his web site (which as of now can still be accessed here) and captured this, a photograph of “Noah Pozner”, all grown up:

His resume includes stints with a DOD-related company, InfoReliance Corporation, FairFax, VA (June-August 2015 and 2016), leading me to believe he may be the party who has been infiltrating my blog and taking down images I have posted proving that “Noah Pozner” was a fiction created out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child. Here is Michael Vabner’s resume, which was published on his web site:

Bruce Sullivan checked out InfoReliance Corporation and found its client list was a virtual Who’s Who of US government-military-industrial agencies, where Michael Vabner’s training with them (to me) strongly suggests that he has been the party who has been infiltrating my blog to take down images that prove Sandy Hook was staged and that “Noah Pozner” not only did not die there but never even existed:

Hi Jim,

After reading your article on “Sandy Hook Parents sue Alex Jones”, I went to Michael Vabner’s personal web page and on it he posts a resume (attached) that in one section reads list what appears to be 2 years of a summer internship:

Michael Vabner EXPERIENCE InfoReliance Corporation – Fairfax, VA June-August
2015 & 2016 June-August 2015 & 2016

Being of a curious nature, I immediately went to the InfoReliance Corporation web site where they list some of their customers (see InfoReliance Corporation customer list at URL ( (attached); these customers include:

Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Department of Agriculture
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of State
Department of the Interior
Department of Transportation
Department of Treasury
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Department of Commerce
DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
DHS Einstein
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

TO NAME JUST A FEW! How much more “Deep State” can you get??

I hope this helps you and the other Sandy Hook researchers.

Bruce Sullivan

The images that have been taken down–again and again!–by the infiltrator (where Michael Vabner turns out to have the kind of background and training that would qualify him as an amateur spook) are ones that provide some of the most powerful proof that Sandy Hook was political theater for the purpose of advancing the Democratic Party’s gun control agenda, the promotion of which we are seeing repeatedly played out. Here’s one that has been removed many times:

which, of course, reveals that the famous photograph by Shannon Hicks (top) sent around the world the day of the alleged shooting was itself staged, where a second photo (bottom) Shannon has also admitted taking shows parents observing with their arms folded and hands in their pockets, while the policeworman rearranges the kids to get “a better shot”. If you look in between “Boy #1” and “Boy #2” (bottom), you can see other parents casually looking on, leading me to refer to this photo as “lounging at the massacre”. Others are more obvious targets:

This from a blog where six of us established that Kelley Watt’s conjecture–that “Noah Pozner” was made up out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child–appeared to be correct, where we established that they had the same eyes, the same ears, the same shape of skull, which would be confirmed by the more precise comparison facilitated by superposition of an image of Michael upon an image of Noah by Larry Rivera to confirm that they are indeed one and the same:

In the meanwhile, Wolfgang Halbig has produced photos (which he has told me he has had verified by a photographic expert), one of eight of the Sandy Hook girls–alive and well and looking cute and perky–and another that includes even more of them as well as four of the Sandy Hook boys, where on the bottom right you can see a photo of Michael Vabner as he appeared (what I take to be) a few years ago, where Bruce Sullivan has now provided us with an updated image:

How much more proof could we possibly need that Sandy Hook was a hoax? It turns out that We the People are being scammed, first by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Eric Holder (with Sandy Hook), more recently by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheriff Scott Israel (with Parkland), where we can expect these fake school shootings to continue in their ongoing effort to “brainwash” the American public into changing its attitude toward guns, which would be a very bad idea. Check out:

“The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control”, which I recorded for Memorial Day. We have to get a grip on the insanity of the DNC fabrication of school shootings to salvage their prospects for the Midterm elections, where they are panic-stricken that they may lose massively. We are witnessing one more cynical and sadistic exploitation of orchestrated acts of terrorism designed to instill fear into the target population to promote a political agenda. Rather than electing more kindred spirits, these despicable cads deserve to be booted out of office and held in the contempt they deserve.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-editor of

SPECIAL NOTE: VT does NOT endorse Sandy Hook deniers, however being an open forum for all points of view, it believes in the First Amendment and academic freedom. Thus VT others a platform to tell their stories, points of view, and opinions. VT empathizes and stands with the victims of Sandy Hook and their families.


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  1. Stimulating interest is not, by itself a benefit. Trump and Charlie Manson do that. So, when there is an audience, that has a certain amount of voids when it comes to exposure of civics or military operations, I think it is a disservice to compel examination of wild geese, or already completely debunked topics or specifics.
    The biggest harm that has been done to whistleblowers or actual truth tellers regarding government conspiracy, is to feed critics with material that is used to illustrate an inaccurate picture by ridicule.
    Credibility, is an issue when fighting the main stream. It’s just the nature of the fight. So, technically, if a person is harming the credibility of an honest movement fraught with criticism by existing establishment, they should have the awareness to remove themselves ideally, but certainly must be removed. That is not a statement about a summary of their work. It is pragmatism.

  2. Is there a cite for that 40% quote?

    The only thing I recall Duff writing is that he believed that about 40% of the raw intel received by VT is intentionally false. How much of that false information slips by the filter of verification efforts and gets published and how much real intel gets discarded due to inability to verify (suppressing real intel for the safety of VT staff members and/or sources is a completely different matter) is something only an omniscient being would know (if such things exist).

  3. Folks need to get over the astrology “hump” or obfuscation, and go to calendrics, which correlate with every system taught by every science in the world. And it is the only science which gives the “meaning of things”, in a way people can understand, and even further, survive off planet or predict and recognize primal motivations and thoughts. Until then, be monkeys. Thoughts and feelings are on a schedule. So are events. If the public does not grasp this before corporate does, then pawns will be produced for the benefit of the wealthy forever, till blasto time. Any autonomous computer intelligence will find it during expansion. And it will immediately be exploited unless the base programming is designed with this in mind.

  4. Sandy Hook happened during a period ancient astrology warned about. Krampus comes just before Santa Claus. He kills children. It is Saturnian energy and it happens in the days leading up to winter solstice. And other times depending on the days.
    In the case of Sandy Hook, it happened twice in the same day, 12 hours apart on opposite sides off the world. That is a correlation.
    People laugh, but I blame Sandy Hook and Larry Nassar on the Catholic church for simple reasons. They dictated and corrupted time so you cannot see what is coming, or what just happened. This stuff was known across the world, and to see the crime, trace the steps.

  5. Let’s be clear about some things:

    1. Fetzer does not care about facts and whether he gets things right or not, he simply wants to tell a good tale, it is part of a deep insecurity he has that means he wants people to love him and view him as some kind of white hat professor of truth.

    2. Fetzer refuses to admit he was wrong about Jade Helm, to this day he insists he was right to ‘warm America’ about what was going to happen. This shows his arrogance, but he embodies a somewhat strange anachronism in that as well as being very arrogant, he is also deeply insecure.

    3. Most of his JFK work is bunk, he has simply regurgitated and tacked together the work of others and failed to separate truth from lies, hence he has subscribed to the work of known liars like Madeleine Duncan Brown. Fetzer continues to hold the firm opinion that the meeting at the Murchison house took place, that LBJ attended and it is key to the case. In reality, it is well established by proper researchers that the Murchison meeting simply could not and did not take place, just another tale from Madeleine Duncan Brown that Fetzer swallowed and regurgitated.

    The Fetzer method is simple: take a load of unsubstantiated crap you found on the internet, tack it together in order to form your own narrative then promote it hard while at the same time refusing to do the hard work of actually verifying the facts that could support it. Therefore you end up with a kind if crap conspiracy theorist nonsense that is a great detriment to those who do proper, honest research.

    Crime Scene Investigation 2013 A Guide For Law Enforcement
    Original guide developed and approved by the Technical Working Group on Crime Scene Investigation, January 2000. Updated guide developed and approved by the Review Committee, September 2012. Project Director: Kevin Lothridge Project Manager: Frank Fitzpatrick National Forensic Science Technology Center 7881 114th Avenue North Largo, FL 33773
    Contents A. Arriving at the Scene: Initial Response/ Prioritization of Efforts …………………………… 1 1. Initial Response/ Receipt of Information ……………………………………………………………….. 1 2. Safety Procedures ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2 3. Emergency Care………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2 4. Secure and Control Persons at the Scene …………………………………………………………………. 3 5. Boundaries: Identify, Establish, Protect and Secure …………………………………………………. 4 6. Turn Over Control of the Scene and Brief Investigator(s) in Charge ………………………. 6 7. Document Actions and Observations ………………………………………………………………………

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