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Coach is Full of ‘Demons’: US Televangelist Wants $54 Million for New Jet

Shearing the sheep and bringing in the cash

[ Editor’s Note: What can I say? People spend their money on all kinds of silly stuff, so I guess if they get off on the preacher versus the casino, why should anybody care? If they want brother so-and-so to fly around in a private jet to play the big man, so what.

In a way the holy roller televangelists are viewed as stand-up comics by some anyway, myself included. Who else could come up with a line like “Coach is full of ‘Demons'”? But y’all forgive me for suggesting that such a statement is a little short in the brotherly love department, from pastor.

Some, like me, would deem that more than a little bit of a suggestion that you are dealing with a religious huckster here, and not the first by any means.

What I would ask all these TV Telepathic Tornadoes is that if they wanted to reach out and touch some folks and not spoil the Godly atmosphere with their jet engine exhaust, there is a little thing called internet TV.

It is very carbon neutral, and the big money spent on the plane could go to helping hurting souls, and push back on the demons, the pastors’ alleged occupation. If they thought I was a demon for saying this, I would just say thank you … Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … May 29, 2018 –

Brother Jesse revving up the crowd

Louisiana-based televangelist and prosperity minister asked his followers to donate money for a $54 million jet so that he can “go anywhere in the world in one stop.”

In a video posted to his ministry’s website last week, Jesse Duplantis, who is based in Destrehan, Louisiana, announced that the Jesse Duplantis Ministry has already paid for his three private jets in cash.

“You know, I’ve owned three different jets in my life and used them and used them and just burning them up for the Lord,” the 68-year-old Christian minister said the video.

Duplantis is now asking for money to pay for a Dassault Falcon 7X, a large-cabin business jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation that contains three engines and can carry 12 to 16 passengers. With the $54 million jet, he won’t have to make multiple stops to refuel — an issue he reportedly faced with his previous jets.

Brother Copeland

“Now people say, ‘My Lord, can’t you go with this one?'” Duplantis asked in the video, pointing to a framed photo of his current Falcon 50 jet.

“Yes, but I can’t go in one stop. If I can do it in one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper, because I have my own fuel farm, and that’s what’s a blessing of the Lord.”

“I really believe if Jesus was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” Duplantis says in the video. “He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world.” 

Duplantis’ request comes four months after Texas-based televangelist Kenneth Copeland purchased a new Gulfstream V jet for $36 million.

Duplantis and Copeland defended their use of private jets in 2015. On Copeland’s television program, the two argued that commercial planes were full of “a bunch of demons” that would interfere with their busy schedules of prayer requests, the Washington Times reported.

“That’s why we are on that airplane. We can talk to God,” Copeland said at the time. “Now, Oral Roberts [an American Christian televangelist who died in 2009] used to fly airlines. But, even back then it got to the place where it was agitating his spirit.

People coming up to him, he had become famous, and they wanted him to pray for them and all that. You can’t, you can’t manage that today. This dope-filled world — and get in a long tube with a bunch of demons. And it’s deadly.”


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  1. When the different types of USA missionaires visited Belarus (ex-USSR republic, where i studied at school) they had great mass congregations of people. We never saw such preaches. They were low-level pastors, but they always mentioned the famous US preachers. They had money and the financed so-called church building. I used to start improving my english right at that time (1995-96 year, when i was 14), visiting these preachs and communicating with teen yankees. After that i mentioned that these so-called pastors are not so simple. And their job has no such beautiful intentions. My dad said that they are mostly CIA agents or crooks. Many people since that times understood that US pastors, their mad show with hysterical dancing and singing, collecting the decimes has Nothing good for Soviet (or simply orthodox christians). I’m glad we almost casted them away from Russia. They are capitalisr demons on spiritual service.

    • JohnZ, yes, unfortunately our driving culture is absent. The drivers make mad things. And besides the love for speed, we have very low fines for rude driving or traffic laws violation. The highest fine is less than $500. 90% of fines are about $50.

  2. “You know, I’ve owned three different jets in my life and used them and used them and just burning them up for the Lord,”

    The Ganeshites and the Hanumanists used to be the funniest devotees on Earth! Now, they have been far surperceded by Israel, Zionists, Televangelists, and other Evangelist nuts, including, some say, over a billion Vaticanists!

    I do not remember reading that Christ ever purchased a donkey. In three years he never earned a shekel nor did he ever beg for any gold or silver donation as YHWH used to do in the completely fabricated Exodus ! But, Christ had the amazing power of making thousands of shekels out of only one or a few shekels. Yet, the modern bank usurious gangsters do not even need one single shekel, because they make money out of THIN AIR! They are greater than “the Lord”! I wonder who that guy “Lord” really is? Certainly not “THE GUYS” of the Galactics preached by modern Prophet David Icke!

    • I still am unable to understand that religion of Israel where Christ came to preach to and care for only the Children of Israel! Even Israel was a total fabrication! To this day, believers do not give a damn whether this meant STRONG AGAINST GOD, ISRA EL or whatever! EL is the Arabic word for God that the bandits from Babylonia (?) Sumeria (?), Ur (?) borrowed from the Arab speaking people or nations. The world CHILD as applied to the Judahites and the others is quite misleading too. It smacks of an air of INNOCENCE, yet I found the God or Gods of Israel more GUILTY than innocent in their own accounts!

      Christ was said to have had a LORD he prayed to, but some one billion of his modern followers deny HIS LORD, and choose to pray to him instead as LORD arguing that gold (Holy God), silver (Holy Christ), and bronze (Holy Ghost) are one and the same. How many donkeys did Christ burn up for THE LORD? Were it not for Rabbi Saul, this Reformed Israelitic religion whould have died away. Rome rescued it from extinction by nailing Old Israel to the Cross, and making up a New Israel with a New Covenant, but with a huge improvement: by universalising it and making it an imperialist weapon to conquer the entire world at whatever costs! Genocide, racism, immorality, lies, and global terrorism are not obstacles at all.
      (continued 2)

    • {continued 3)
      Did the Archbishop of Canterbury not fly in her private jet to convert the Muslims in the Sudan after the West had declared war on them? Those modern Crusaders are fully documented to precede and follow the bombings of innocent and defenceless nations after millions of them they have been holocausted for the Lord! OR, IS THIS NOT A FACT?

      Thursday 31st of May 2018

    • (continued 3)
      Did the Archbishop of Canterbury not fly in her private jet to convert the Muslims in the Sudan after the West had declared war on them? Those modern Crusaders are fully documented to precede and follow the bombings of innocent and defenceless nations after millions of them they have been holocausted for the Lord! OR, IS THIS NOT A FACT?

      Thursday 31st of May 2018

  3. Eric Burdon and the Animals sang ‘Sky Pilot’ an anti-war song about preachers sending soldiers off to battle. The preachers were refered to as SkyPilots in the song. 1968, a great year for music and for twelve year olds getting ready to turn into teenagers. Some things are still apropos after fifty years, eh Jim.

  4. Sounds much like the Arab Spring movement and one of the pastors was Barack Hussein asking support for overthrowing governments and he got the support needed. Most seductive nation on Earth.

  5. Can’t make this stuff up? They have been doing so for 2000 years!

    Those who concocted the hundreds of “alternative” gospels and epistles being kicked about during the first several centuries AD/CE even confirmed that they had forged the documents. Forgery during the first centuries of the Church’s existence was so common that a new phrase was coined to describe it: “pious fraud.”

    Joseph Wheless’s extensive analysis of Forgery in Christianity is even admitted in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

    Some of the “great” Church fathers, such as historian Eusebius (c. 263-339), were found by their own peers to be unbelievable liars who regularly wrote their own fictions of what “the Lord” said and did during his alleged sojourn upon the earth. Eusebius wrote, “How it may be lawful and fitting to use falsehood as a medicine, and for the benefit of those who want to be deceived.” Wheless calls Church fathers Justin Martyr (c. 100-c. 165), Eusebius and Tertullian (c. 160–c. 220) “three luminous liars,” while Bronson Keeler concludes, “The early Christian fathers were extremely ignorant and superstitious; and they were singularly incompetent to deal with the supernatural.”

    The Christian plagiarists over the centuries were attempting to amalgamate practically every myth, fairytale or bit of wisdom they could “borrow” from the innumerable mystery religions that existed at the time. In doing so, they forged, interpolated, mutilated, changed, and rewrote these texts for centuries.

    • Great summary. They did a horrible job too, because there are many verbatim correlations that match text already authenticated to be older than the actual earth according to them. The internet is young, and many are still silent. But, it can’t hold for long. I’m amazed the Catholics are not having garage sales now, as it shows they have zero insight to the future. It is profound stubbornness.

  6. Mr. America,

    Since the Evangelicals have weaponized the scriptures and taken the narrative I of course suggest we do the same as mocking them gets nothing done and I shall remind you of our most famous Virginian Thomas Jefferson as he took a razor knife to the Bible and cut out the nonsense as our dear baptists seem to run the show as our dear Jefferson gave them a pass as the story goes?

    Whatever would I know but the war has come home as 22 a day take their lives as we need to do something with them!

    Ah let’s blame Jefferson for not letting them be jailed…..


  7. Mr. Dean I would of course prefer the saloon…

    Course look at Alabama and they get two Senators and gerimandered congressional districts like the rest of us and crazy local politics provides politicians that cator to folks that fund preachers 54 million dollar jets as that is the stuff one can not make up!

    Nothing should suspise me!


    • Yup… I figured you for a saloon guy. 🙂 I would have been, too, in my younger years, but its harder to oxidize alcohol when you get older. One beer puts you to sleep, even a half of one, and you sure as hell can’t go out to drink. You know you are getting old when you turn your shot glasses in for thimbles.

  8. So Jim, you’re from the Berkshires? That’s beautiful country. In ’96 I settled in Middletown, between Newport RI and Fall Reeve. I loved my 17 years there but, my children were in LA and, 1 thing an old man needs is daughters. So I’m back here again. A few days after I arrived in Ma. I was in a bar off the 90 talking to a native N.E.’der. He said the only thing that grows in Mass is rocks. For some reason I remember that conversation. Rocks. A couple of inches of top soil and then rocks. I assume it’seems true.

  9. Of course, chasing demons, and intimating that a spiritual authority takes sides, is the preferred method of recruitment and solidification of position by many charlatans. It should be overwhelmingly obvious, at this point, that it simply is not the case. Polarization of factions is the result, which causes unnecessary dispersion within society. Cohesion is not a difficult concept. Anyone who would consider fatherhood, does not set their own children against one another. Simple. If you intuit a lack of patience, perhaps, join the struggle to eliminate the tax exemption for religious entities. That would humble more than a few charlatans.

  10. The lines of ethics for spiritual guides has been established forever because it is a simple matter. There are many specialties that should be separate , but have been combined into a single occupation in modern religion.
    Conducting weddings and funerals is a humble affair, and donations should be reflective of the people’s desire or ability. Healing or counseling also. If there is a benefit, then the work continues. If their is no benefit, then the position becomes vacant. Preaching, is a sales oriented position and should not be considered spiritual guidance. Teaching is a separate thing, it is not used to attract new people or raise money. It is only for the purpose of conveying spiritual knowledge. That is not done, in any religion in the US, that I know of. At least not honestly.

    • One thing folks can do, as part of an independent investigation anyone can perform, is to take a count of churches in your area, per person and figure the property values. The ones folks overlook are the parsonages.
      Sometimes the parsonage is worth many times more than the church itself. Also, sometimes many parsonages are owned by a single church for tax purposes. that is also religio-financial chicanery. A good exercise in civic investigation by responsible citizens is to tally these and provide the numbers, to local meetings. The results are often shocking.

  11. @JohnZ, in my humble opinion no one is more of a charlatan than the catholic church itself, represented by the “quasi holy” papacy herself, who has the right to even change scripture, which he/they did on behalf of the ruling jesuits from behind and now in the open. They already did this in more than 900 cases.

    And isn’t it interesting that this american hole man cited a somewhat misleading bible meme “Jesus riding on a donkey” to justify his uninterrupted jet? This is exactly what you’ll find in the catholic teachings. The merging of the “protestants” with the “mother” is already done, but no one even noticed.

    All of these charlatans and their holy church brothers are high graded members of the fraternal community, led and formed by the jesuits and knights. The last “merger” with the moslem brothers is in the making right now with a mind boggling momentum.

  12. No sales tax … neither. I heard Rev. Ike tell his crowd, Jesus wanted him to have all them Cadillac’s and, your wife too.
    I wonder if these jokers actually believe what they say. At 36,000′ he talks to God? I guess he saves on long distance call charges. Wind him up and let him go.

    • Yea, the tax benefit for churches amounts to a tax on non-attendance for the rest of us. The donations are tax free to the tax free property, which increases the burden on the rest, and also the tax benefit to the individual donor also increases the burden on others. Meanwhile, charity is not the majority of expenditure, so the label on the tax forms is disingenuous. Any “holy person” or “priest” that files the form, is selling their wares.
      Uses for the monies gathered often includes, oil and MIC investments, which contradict the charitable label.
      At the end of the day, Fraud in advertising is illegal for business, and should be for preachers also. And yes, Pious Fraud is easily provable in court with just a handful of documents known to exist for centuries.

  13. The Founders of America put freedom of religion in the Constitution. Good as far as I am concerned. But they did not anoint them with the right not to pay any taxes did they? As others here have said and I have said. we must end this racket of not taxing these con artists selling religion to fools. If a fool wants to buy religion, let him or her. But tax them to the hilt. End all tax deductions for all these churches, especially the Catholic scammers. They own some of the most valuable real estate in the country. They use money donated for church purposes to pay lawyers to get the perverted priests our of child abuse charges. What a disgrace. This is just another failure of our totally corrupt Congress. And what would be so bad about forcing these con artists to prove their claims about religion? Why would that be a contradiction with the 1st Amendment? Fraud is fraud isn’t it? A person claimed to have communicated with God. He said he is still waiting for the reply. How about appointing people educated in religion as engineers to design our buildings, bridges, cars, boats, airplanes instead of engineers trained in rigorous physics and mathematics and the scientific method? Our cars would be crashing, our buildings falling down, our planes crashing our boats sinking, etc. Enough said?

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