Holocaust Museums Are Monkey Business

When will the Holocaust establishment have some intellectual honesty to build some kind of museum for those who were raped after the brutal war? Or how about the peasants during the Soviet terror? Who will speak for those people?


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…by Jonas E. Alexis

Jewish historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol writes in his book Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler, How History is Bought, Packaged and Sold,

“‘Shoah [Hebrew for Holocaust] business’ is big business…[In] the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold. $168 million was donated to pay for the building of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on a plot of Federal Land in Washington, DC. Millions of dollars have financed memorial projects throughout the United States, ranging from the installation of Holocaust memorials to the establishing of University chairs in Holocaust studies. Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List netted over $221 million in foreign box offices and even Academy Awards.”[1]

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein came to similar conclusions in his book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.[2] Cole wrote those statements twenty years ago. But if you doubt that his assessment is out of date, then think again. The Washington Post itself has reported that “The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is marking its 25th anniversary with a new — and bold — $1 billion fundraising goal.”[3]

Seeing the cash that never stop coming in the Holocaust coffin, museum director Sara J. Bloomfield declared: “We see that we have all this momentum that we really want to seize. “We thought it was important to send a message to the survivor generation that we will secure the museum.”[4]

The simple question we have been trying to ask for years is this: Why send a message to only Jews who allegedly suffered in Nazi Germany? What about building just one Holocaust museum in memory of the German civilians who literally raped and tortured by the Allied forces after the war? Did they deserve what happened to them? Was it necessary to rape “every German female from eight to 80,”[5] as historian Antony Beevor put it?

“Red Army soldiers don’t believe in ‘individual liaisons’ with German women. Nine, ten, twelve men at a time – they rape them on a collective basis.”[6]

These were not isolated cases, and we have addressed these issues in the past. Beevor moved on to say:

“Even many young women soldiers and medical staff in the Red Army did not appear to disapprove. ‘Our soldiers’ behaviour towards Germans, particularly German women, is absolutely correct!’ said a 21-year-old from Agranenko’s reconnaissance detachment. A number seemed to find it amusing. Several German women recorded how Soviet servicewomen watched and laughed when they were raped. But some women were deeply shaken by what they witnessed in Germany.”[7]

Natalya Gesse, a close friend of the scientist Andrei Sakharov, said that the soldiers in the Red Army “were raping every German female from eight to eighty.”[8] The Times of Israel has called these historical facts “alleged atrocities.”[9]

When will the Holocaust establishment have some intellectual honesty to build some kind of museum for those who were raped after the brutal war? Or how about the peasants during the Soviet terror? Who will speak for those people?

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  1. If interested in “deep” Soviet/Russian history which Mr. Greenhalgh mentions, I recommend some of the videos of Russian historian Andrei Fursov. He’s on youtube. See ulaghchi channel on youtube. Most have are in Russian with subtitles.


  3. Yes, a definite possibility. This is a subject that Gordon and I have discussed at length on a great many occasions, we are fairly sure Krushchev was working for the cabal and we know for sure that Trotsky, Lenin and the original Bolsheviks were, but Stalin is something of a mystery – how should we interpret his elimination of the Jewish old Bolsheviks, for instance….

  4. I got acquainted to three jews. One had been in Auschwitz playing the violin in the camp band, the second one was in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Blechhammer and went for the yearly vaccation by his own to Kattowice, the third one was in Theresianstadt, complained she could not sleep in the noisy dorm, so she got a two bed room. All three confirmed, that the Swedish Red Cross controlled the camps every 6 month, interviewed the inmates at random about the conditions and complains, no guards present. They told the never saw people gassed for cremation. Only after the war they heard of it. Are they holocaust deniers too ?

  5. LS…
    It is the time to nuke Jerusalem and to destroy the so called holy places. As long there is man made religion there will be war, slaughter and perversion. We have to learn at last who we really are ! ( Read The Wes Penre Papers )

    • The simple truth about organised religion is that it was invented by man as a way to control and oppress his fellow man.

  6. What evidence is there that 6 millions Jews died there, when reports say there weren’t 6 millions jews in all of Europe the. Further there is statistical evidence that some 26 millions of Russian citizens and soldiers died in WWII times partly due to transportation/communications disruptions leading to starvation and freezing. 1 in 5 Russians perished then, affecting every family. This is why no Russian ever wants to go to war again, right?

    • The Red Cross had full and unfettered access to all the German camps during WW2, be they POW, Prison, Work or Internment Camps and they kept precise records that were published postwar, they state 271,854 persons died in those camps, of those perhaps 170,000 were Jews. There may have been no death camps, certainly none of the camps in Germany were death camps and only four in Eastern Poland along the Bug River may have been death camps – Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Majdanek. We know, from the Korherr Report and the Hofle Decode that 1.2 million Jews received ‘sonderbehandlung’ (special treatment) at these camps, but is this a euphemism for extermination? There was a typhus epidemic at the time and it seems more likely that these 4 camps were used to delouse the Jews living in the ghettoes of Poland. No archaeological digging has ever been allowed at the sites of these 4 camps so we simply don’t know if there are mass graves there or not, it seems unlikely there are for various reasons. Where the real exterminations were carried out was further east, in what is today Ukraine and Belarus, carried out behind the advancing army groups by a motley assortment of police and paramilitary units, such as the SS Einsatzgruppen and the Ukrainian Bandera bands. The method of killing was simply shooting them and throwing them into large pits. We don’t know how many people did this way or what portion of them were Jews and we will never know. It is very unlikely that German Jews or Jews from the occupied nations of Europe were sent to the east to meet this fate, rather, they were local Jews, Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians and Russians by nationality, Jewish by religion. There is one well known case of German Jews being transported to the east and slaughtered however and it happened at Rumbula at the hands of over-eager SS commanders.

  7. I watched the video and find nothing in it offensive. Of course, this video will not survive long on youtube!
    Questioning the official version is not liked!
    Thanks for the link.

  8. Why must the world remember only Khazarian deaths to the exclusion of the rest of society?

    And what had the Khazarians been doing to incite hatred wherever they go?

    • I wasn’t referring to the Khazarians as they are only part of the story. I was referring to the Sephardic Jews who the Romans expelled and who then settled around the Mediterranean in places like Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Sicily and the Balkans. The descendants of these people have played just as large a role in the modern Zionist project as the Khazarians and have been, throughout the last two millenia, using the tools of usury, bribery and money manipulation to gain power and influence. It was these Jews who ran the Atlantic slave trade, who infiltrated the royal courts of Western Europe, who were kicked out of Spain by the Inquisition in 1492, who settled in the Netherlands, established the Amsterdam banking hub and later conquered Britain by proxy, created the Bank of England and City of London and went on to create the age of imperialism that killed hundreds of millions of people and stole the better part of the Globe’s wealth. In recent decades, they have had some success in hiding their own role and shifting the blame for everything onto their Khazarian collaborators. Not that the Khazarians are in any way innocent, but to focus on them to the exclusion of the others is to make a grave mistake.

  9. This is the one decadent Jewish and Christian and UNO MYTH that excuses all the other REAL HOLOCAUSTS!
    P.S. I posted one of your articles some time ago on my own Blog linked to facebook, and facebook banned me for 30 days!
    Oy Vey!

  10. Is the alleged Holocaust of WWII by the Germans the first example of man’s inhumanity to man since the beginning of time? No it isn’t. Neither Israel nor the U.S. recognize the much better documented Armenian Holocaust of 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks in 1915. Many other examples happened many times in history long before these two. Israel must consist of the most arrogant selfish group of gangsters on the planet to fool people into focusing on their plight while ignoring all other especially their current Palestinian Holocaust today. All these thugs learned from Nazi, Germany is how to copy them. It is an obscenity in itself to try to make money off of all this too. But who is surprised by such selfish evil goals by this bunch of crooks of the world?

  11. Until humanity or enough knowledgeable people come to the conclusion that much of our real ancient revisionist history is a lie the beatings will continue. The word Museum etmyology root is Muse. The current PTB have made a gordian knot mess of real planetary history deliberately. The Zionist Holohoax had help from Russia as well. Until people research to understand or realize the matrix paradigm construct is rigged nothing changes. Either truth matters & it gets sorted out or it gets buried. At this point the real origins of epistemeological/gnosis/knowledge/nous is available for all to discover/learn/evolve from the Mason Jar indoctrinated thinking. Some make it past the filter some don’t. That’s not Darwin doctrine per se, it’s just the true nature of how species either make it to survive or perish in this paradigm.

  12. Why were they crying wolf before there were any wolf?

    1) 1900-06-11 – The New York Times
    6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of zionism

    2) 1918-10-18 – The New York Times
    6,000,000 souls will need help to resume normal life

    3) 1919-09-08 – The New York Times
    6,000.000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated

    4) 1919-11-12 – The New York Times
    6,000,000 jewish souls facing poverty, starvation and disease

    • Because in Hebrew scripture it says that 6 million must be sacrificed/lost before they can regain the promised land.

    • I think they started plotting to ‘reclaim’ the ‘Promised Land’ when the Romans kicked them out nearly 2 millenia ago.

    • These notices began to appear only after the Ottomans were defeated and at that point Khazarians knew that it was only a matter of time before they would conquer Palestine and thus these ads were there to say:

      “Hurry up, Palestine, Palestine, Palestine!”

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