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Michael Shrimpton looks at the planned US-North Korea summit meeting, and some other stuff.


I think the President was right with respect to cancel the summit with the guy with the funny hairdo. Kim Jong-Un is clearly in no mood to make concessions. The re-arranged meeting in Singapore will be a waste of time. The Norks are determined to continue with the nuclear program. The recent North/South Korea summit was a failure, achieving nothing except a photo-opportunity.

The West has very little leverage over North Korea. A Sino-German client state with a failed command economy and no significant exports, North Korea is pretty much invulnerable to sanctions. Yes hundreds of thousands of her people may die, but the regime has never cared for their welfare and isn’t going to start now.

The only way sanctions would work would be if the ChiComs joined in, but they won’t. Part of the problem is a desperate lack of understanding in the West of how the world works. Politicians, economists and commentators obsess on the onshore economy and barely consider the offshore economy, which is several times larger.

Huge sums – in the trillions of dollars – are generated every year by high-yield offshore trading programs, which central bankers and major intelligence players understand, but almost nobody else does. Of course the ignoramuses, as ever, are quick to condemn those in the know as nutters or conspiracy theorists!

When the DVD switched Germany’s support from Japan to the ChiComs in the early 1990s, in response to the collapse of the USSR, China got access to the programs, as well as access to Western technology. The DVD are past masters at technology transfer. Instead of Moscow getting the ‘blueprints’ Peking got them instead.

This gives the DVD and Germany a hold over Peking. Since the DVD set up the Workers Party of Korea and North Korea is and always has been a German client state there is no way that Peking will stop backing Pyongyang. The planned talks with the Norks are therefore pretty pointless.

The Korean War

The Korean War was carefully planned in Dachau, probably from about 1946. The DVD first needed their client Mao Tse-Tung to win the Chinese Civil War, so the early 50s was seen as the ideal start time. The DVD arranged for their man Clement Attlee in London to give the Soviets the world’s most powerful aero-engine, the Rolls-Royce Nene, to power the new Mig-15 fighter. The engine may have been labeled a Klimov, but it was designed in Derby.

Mig 15

The Jerries didn’t just arrange the engine, they also handed over advanced aeronautical research and the blueprints of the B-29. This was then ‘reverse-engineered’ as the Tu-4 strategic bomber. The ‘reverse-engineering’ was of course a cover story.  Reverse engineering is not as easy as it sounds.

The ‘North Korean’ Migs in the Korean War were mostly flown by Adolf Galland’s Me 262 boys, who were no doubt relieved to be flying a jet kite with a reliable engine. A friend of mine was involved in the operation which nabbed the Jerries. It was game over when they started shouting “Achtung Sabres” over the radio. You’re average North Korean pilot does not go around saying “Achtung Sabres”. Indeed, it’s a rare Nork who says “Achtung”, period.


The desperate lack of knowledge of our leaders doesn’t just extend to North Korea and the DVD. Machine politicians like Theresa May are seemingly unaware that Iran already has nuclear weapons. They’re plutonium-cored, using the plute the French shipped to Iran in 2003/4. France has a large black plutonium stockpile.

This was the intelligence that Dr David Kelly was taking to Mossad before his brutal kidnap, torture and murder by GO2. I knew he had been murdered of course – only nutters, journalists and some judges still cling to the theory that David Kelly committed suicide. It’s a bit difficult to kill yourself by cutting a single ulnar artery and even more difficult without a knife. (Corrupt officers in Thames Valley Special Branch reporting to GO2 added the knife, and a bottle of water.)

President Trump was absolutely right to scrap the Iran nuclear deal. It was one of the more pointless international treaties ever signed, even more pointless than the Kellogg-Briand Pact. It’s good to see the President getting access to sensible security advice at last – my friend John Bolton was an excellent choice for National Security Adviser.

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko (C), who was reported murdered in the Ukrainian capital on May 29, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (R) and head of the state security service (SBU) Vasily Gritsak attend a news briefing in Kiev, Ukraine May 30, 2018. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


If anyone still thought that the SBU and the Ukrainian regime had integrity they must surely have changed their minds after this week’s farce involving the staged murder of Arkady Babchenko. Babchenko is an idiot, no offense intended, who apparently thinks the murder of Russian citizens on a sabotaged transport aircraft is nothing to get upset over.

The whole affair was a nonsense, obviously designed by the SBU to embarrass President Putin. The Russian President is not a killer and clearly did not order Babchencko’s ‘assassination’. This week’s idiocy has severely undermined Kiev’s credibility.

This is the same regime which shot down MH17 in conjunction with the Chinese. It’s high time that Western politicians and the MSM started querying Kiev’s role in the shoot-down. The recent Dutch report on the MH17 shoot-down is a politically motivated travesty which ought not to fool anybody. It’s junk.

This week’s reading

This has included A Century of Air Power: The Changing Face of Air Warfare 1912 – 2012 by Dr Dave Sloggett (Pen & Sword, 2013). Dave Sloggett has advised the UK Ministry of Defence and is a respected air power analyst.

It’s an interesting and well-informed book, but marred by irritating errors. At one point Dr Sloggett thinks that HMS Warspite was sunk alongside HMS Prince of Wales in 1941 – Warspite of course was nowhere near Malaya at the time.

Dave Sloggett also thinks that the bombing of Dresden was wrong. He is not up to speed with the latest research on Dresden, which was the fourth largest center of armaments production in Nazi Germany in February 1945. He also fails to mention that the Abwehr/DVD were pushing Dresden as a target – a number of senior Nazis had moved painting, gold and other stuff down there, having been assured that it was off the target list. It was Stalin, who reported to Admiral Canaris, who pushed most strongly for the bombing of Dresden.

It’s a worthwhile book, but like me you may not agree with everything in it.

The real thing on the left, Hugh Grant on the right. Nice hat!

This week’s TV review: A Very English Scandal (BBC 1, final airdate June 3rd 2018)

This entertaining three-part series has just finished on BBC1. I sincerely hope it finds its way onto American TV.

The story is well-known. A gay British MP and leader of the Liberal Party, Jeremy Thorpe, had a long-running affair with a male model, Norman Scott. Scott went to the police and the Liberal Party, so Thorpe hired a hitman to whack him. The hitman missed Scott, but whacked a nice dog, Rinka, which Scott was looking after.

Jeremy Thorpe was tried at the Old Bailey and acquitted, after a less than impartial summing up, with respect, by Mr Justice Cantley. I knew both prosecuting and defence counsel by the way – Peter Taylor QC, for the Crown, and George Carman QC, for the defence. I also bumped into some of the other characters in the saga, including former Home Office minister George Thomas, himself gay.

In a bizarre twist the alleged hitman, Andrew Newton, thought by police to be dead, has turned up alive and well, and quite well off by all accounts. At any rate he owns an aircraft. Even a small airplane is pretty expensive to run these days, at least in Britain.

It was all pretty standard fare for a Liberal politician. Jeremy Thorpe’s career never recovered, of course. He might have got away with having a former gay lover shot, but not a dog.

Norman Scott seems to be quite a nice man, who has been interviewed this evening on BBC Four. Having a gun held to his head and seeing Rinka shot dead was obviously pretty upsetting. There is no doubt that Jeremy Thorpe was guilty, but of course as a keen supporter of EU membership he had Cabinet Office support. In a smart move they undermined the evidence of a key prosecution witness, former Liberal MP Peter Bessell, who was dying of emphesema and short of cash, by having a newspaper offer him a deal which involved extra payment if Thorpe was found guilty. That was a gift for George Carman of course. He was one of the finest cross-examiners at the English Bar.

A Very English Scandal is superbly acted. Hugh Grant plays Thorpe and the supporting cast includes Patricia Hodge. The casting is excellent. The scriptwriters made some basic errors with the legal stuff, however. They kept referring to the ‘stand’, whereas in England witnesses go into the witness box. They also got Mr Justice Cantley’s status wrong – he was never Lord Chief Justice.

Hopefully I’ll be back to weekly columns from next week – I’ve been having a busy time.


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  1. In facts,best both parties should meet in South Korea,not Singapore or other venue. We don’t know somewhere will sabotage to assassinate the whole group if no careful for security during travel and also accommodation ,food ,etc. For US has high security and CIA and other 16 intelligence agency not a problem for Trump. Don’t know what conspiracy will happen to Kim group. At first Trump decided at near DMZ ,recently met Moon is the best place. Why Singapore later???
    Trump,Mike CIA ,Pence and John Bolton threaten Kim before the talk is very dangerous manner. Better change the venue in Singapore to better safe convenient place,but hope no incident and avoid for peace success. Hope S’pore is allies to US,to stand strong protection -Kim group,perhaps might not safe to have meeting,may plant mike,conspiracy in room.Hope nothing happen

    Now calling joint forces to counter only massive force.US is a barking DOG, asking all allies countries one by one to counter China.So happen know that very high risk and they cannot compete, results complete down US power together.1st push Japan, Philippine,Vietnam,Malaysia,Indonesia,India,now last Australia, later nothing, so more British and France warships.Better station against Russia. All involve are troublemaker block headed without use head like bulls.This is not Syria been bully here.B4 a war3 start, better do more research on Hyper sonic weapon and other missiles which

  2. US military-industrial complex in America and much of the Zionist West would also amass billions of dollars out of perpetual wars.

  3. Since South Korea and Kim genuine want peace that done earlier part. Let leave out the US. Why does DPRK do have to go through with the US? Threaten, provocation, many negative element news, attack him and would start a war, etc. DPRK had already released 3 hostages for Goodwill gifts. Don’t know what conspiracy will happen to Kim group.

  4. – Could it be possible that John Bolton knows about the DVD?

    – Given that good barristers and good journalists (Tommy Robinson) are still put in prison for reporting the truth, is there hope for Britain?

    – Are you confident for Brexit?

  5. I guess I’m also a Mossad ‘snitch’! I’m well aware that not everyone agrees with me – I see that Ian and I are not entirely ad idem about the Royal Family!

    The war was NOT won by February 45, indeed Dresden shortened it, by about 2-3 weeks. To complain that the bombing was unnecessary because the war was already won when the bombing helped win it is illogical, with respect.

    It’s time for Jerry and his supporters to stop whingeing about Dresden. If Jerry did not want to be bombed he should not have started World War II.

    • The war could have ended at any time after September 1939, that was what the Germans wanted, they made literally hundreds of peace attempts via neutral Sweden and Switzerland, and were still making them after Normandy in 1944 – every one of them rebuffed. The war was won by the end of 1944, but Eisenhower saw to it that it dragged on in order to allow the Soviets to take Berlin and Eastern Europe. British 30 corps was sat on the autobahn that leads east to Berlin with literally nothing between them and Berlin, I know this for a solid, cast iron fact because a relative of mine was there, crewing a Comet tank. 30 corps could have been driving down the Unter Den Linden in a few hours and in fact, some of their advanced recce units did reach the Berlin suburbs where they drove around in their jeeps gawping at the astonished German civilians and frantically radioing Corps HQ to get a bloody move on and get to Berlin before the Germans could throw together a defensive screen. Of course, Eisenhower refused to give the Brits the necessary permission and he also withheld the petrol 30 corps needed. By the time 30 Corps and the rest of the allied armies were allowed to move forward again, it was too late, Hitler had sent Gert Von Rundstedt, probably the greatest defensive commander the Germans ever had, to organise a desperate defence out of the stragglers fleeing back from France and whatever rear echelon troops, old men and young boys he could scrape together. There was a second opportunity shortly after when Patton bounced the Rhine unexpectedly, but instead of doing what he wanted and driving straight to Berlin and winning the war, he was ordered to beseige Aachen and then to head south looking for a non-existent ‘national redoubt’ in the Bavarian mountains. It eventually cost the Russians a million men to take Berlin when months earlier it could have been captured by a couple of British battalions without firing barely a shot. The reason the Russians were in such an awful hurry to take Berlin in May 45 was Stalin’s edict to Marshalls Zhukov, Chuikov, Konev; he told Zhukov to instruct both of his army group commanders to take Berlin immediately. They barrelled head on into the German defences on the Seelowe Heights after firing off the biggest artillery barrage in history (which the Germans cunningly avoided) and got their arses kicked, suffered huge casualties and made little progress. Eventually the German lines to the north and south buckled, Berlin was encircled and the siege began. But why did Stalin so desperately want to get his hands on Berlin? It was nothing to do with Hitler, the prize sat in a southwestern suburb in the form of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Here was stored 1,800 tonnes of high grade Congolese uranium ore the Germans captured in Belgium in 1940 – Stalin knew all about the Manhattan Project so he wanted that uranium badly. But even that wasn’t the really big prize; that was the papers and research of a number of men – Hertz and Helmholz in the late 19th century then continued by Dornberger and von Braun in the 1930s. This work was into electromagnetism and gravity and had actually developed viable technology. Of course, Dornberger and Von Braun had already run away into the arms of the Yanks where they were paperclipped stateside an continued their antigravity/field propulsion wok under Larry Bell at NASA – it turned into the Apollo Weight Reduction programme. Stalin however got his hands on the KWI itself so the Yanks didn’t end up as far ahead in that field as they had expected.

  6. It’s always hard to be absolutely sure, but I am fairly sure. Kelly was the lead scientist who went to South Africa in the 90s and oversaw the dismantling of the Israeli-South Africa atomic bomb programme, he had a track record and it was a good, clean one with nothing to suggest he was a mole for anyone.

  7. David Kelly was murdered for being honest, which stepped on the toes of the Israeli-Neocon-NATO project to destroy Saddam’s Iraq. Kelly had a conscience and he paid for it with his life.

  8. Glad to see your back, we have a saying here in Maryland that differences of opinion make a horse race. I have a feeling that the phrase probably origenated in England. You know that Dresden comment will bring an absolute tonne of criticism as did your article on the Royal wedding. I don’t know what I enjoy reading more; hearing about the DVD, or everyones’ comments after you write.

  9. When we finish taking Britain, we should give one half to Ireland and the other half to France. Those who wish asylum can come to America, but not hold public office or lobby positions. or any position of major share holder of a corporation. and no banking, or military. Pubs would be ok.
    It should be illegal to speak English in public.

  10. If you truly believe that nuclear weapons are a hoax then I seriously advise you to urgently seek psyschiatric help.

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