The So Very Jewish War on Russia


[Editor’s note: Russia just doesn’t get it… The infamous IDF cybercrimes, and by cybercrimes we mean actually doing them, the cabal’s Unit 8200, has happened again. They run Wikileaks, Intel Corporation, Google, Facebook, Youtube, and literally, not just dozens, but hundreds of fake IT companies, fake news organizations, and very real CIA contracting firms. Everything they do, they blame Russia, they then get millions of dollars to protect their victims from Russia as well. You just can’t make stuff like this up…

Their newest incarnation, fronted through the Atlantic Council, Israel’s mechanism for controlling the Pentagon and State Dept., is called, made up of 23 mostly former CIA, Eastern European, Black Propaganda fronts now aptly renamed as anti-Fake or anti-Disinfo, borrowing dime store hipster jargon.

Tusk and Putin at the site of the plane crash that wiped out the Polish govt. Note how Tusk looks delighted whereas Putin is thoroughly disgusted.

The European end of this is controlled by Donald Tusk – Israel’s man at the heart of the EU. According to our sources, Tusk rose to prominence when the Mossad blew up an airliner, killing the entire Polish government; immediately thereafter, as the anti-Russia smear campaign went into high gear, Tusk showed up on the scene, reminiscent of Rudy Giuliani in the ashes of the WTC.

As a reminder, our FBI source, back in 2014, informed us that it was Giuliani who lead the American portion of the team, including Israeli and Saudi terror groups that nuked the WTC and hit the Pentagon with a cruise missile.

The Atlantic Council organization, tasked with scapegoating Russia, is fully engaged with partner organizations deeply involved in real acts, terror bombings, assassinations, plane crashes, poisonings, gas attacks, and the smear campaigns and helped them get away with it.

Listen very carefully; there would be no terrorism whatsoever, except for one thing. ALL, and we mean ALL terror attacks in recent years, are staged in order to blame an innocent perpetrator. Do remember, the fate of Osama Bin Laden, when he got sick of working as a stooge for the CIA, the US cut off his medical care and took his Washington apartment – we all know the rest – he was blamed for 9-11 and soon after died of kidney disease and worse still, killed again years later and dumped somewhere north of Antarctica in the Southern Indian Ocean. But we digress…

VT began tripping over the Atlantic Council’s partner organization two years ago, when we established ties between the Mossad, Wikileaks, the White Helmets, Infowars, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; on a larger scale, we had the world crime organization, the Kosher Nostra, with dozens of Zio-oligarchs joined at the hip with Wall St puppet Donald Trump.

Of course, the reason we are writing this is simple, we are ready to do battle, we are wondering how long it’s going to take Mueller to begin looking even closer to home. At the heart of these groups – the Atlantic Council’s disinformation cabal, past their Mossad roots and Saudi funding is European history; we might ask why Jewish-led organizations in America and Europe – the Atlantic Council, the ADL, and AIPAC, are so cozy with Nazis – that’s who our man Tusk is, you know. His Nazi snipers were at Maidan, it was his SS commandos that staged the Odesa slaughter that brought about the Russian takeover of Crimea.

The tiny ‘guns for hire’ – failed academics and hack bloggers paid to browbeat the American public with McCarthyite scare tactics (please see the website, you just won’t believe it) are probably unaware they joined the likes of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the baby-killing White Helmets. We’re going to keep reminding them…  G]

A pregnant woman murdered inside the govt building in Odessa, 2014, one of many victims of the Nazi massacre.

US Think Tank Gathers 23 Top Orgs. to Tackle Alleged Russian Disinformation

Dozens of organizations and experts have come together to launch a new online portal that tracks what they call Russian ‘disinformation’ campaigns around the globe, the Atlantic Council said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Today the Atlantic Council launched, an interactive online guide to track the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns abroad,” the release said. “The portal brings together 23 top organizations and more than 80 experts fighting Russian disinformation in the United States and Europe, and is an initiative of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center.”

The portal is meant to be used by journalists, governments and policymakers who need information about Russia’s ongoing influence operations, the release said.

“It’s time to stop ‘admiring’ the problem of Russian disinformation and start fighting back, using the tools of democratic societies to counter the autocrat’s playbook,” Ambassador Daniel Fried of the Atlantic Council said in the release.

Over the past year, Russia faced multiple accusations of spreading propaganda in the West, especially during elections and referendums. Moscow has repeatedly refuted the allegations of its interference in other states’ internal affairs.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, when speaking about accusations of meddling in elections in the United States, the United Kingdom or other countries, has emphasized that no shred of evidence has been provided to substantiate the claims.


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  1. Mr. Duff writes,
    “Of course, the reason we are writing this is simple, we are ready to do battle, we are wondering how long it’s going to take Mueller to begin looking even closer to home”

    You think that the fate of America depends on what Mueller says, you are (wondering) how long it will take
    Mueller to look closer to home. Why does Mueller need more information? It seems that you have plenty why doesn’t Muller use the information you have?
    Read My Lips Mr. Duff nothing is going to happen.

  2. “Russia just doesn’t get it…” – GD

    Do the people that matter read VT?

    “…ALL terror attacks in recent years, are staged in order to blame an innocent perpetrator…” – GD

    If that was changed to “almost all” I would have no disagreement, but absolutes generally turn out to be false.

    • Mr. Duff writes,
      “Of course, the reason we are writing this is simple, we are ready to do battle, we are wondering how long it’s going to take Mueller to begin looking even closer to home”
      You think that the fate of America depends on what Mueller says, you are (wondering) how long it will take
      Mueller to look closer to home.
      Read My Lips Mr. Duff nothing is going to happen.

  3. Adrian, my apologies, for reading your comment the wrong way. With regards the image of the girl, I am still raw and emotional with regards what they did to her and the kids on that day. Hence, not reading your comment correctly.

    Ian Greenhalgh, enjoying reading your informative comments. Thanks for pointing things out.

    • You’re welcome. I try my best to answer questions, but if I don’t know, I say that I don’t know rather than making something up, which is what a lot of others do and that helps no-one.

  4. As far as we can tell, the American funding and leadership for Maidan and beyond came from Google Corporation through Jigsaw and Idea Groups and the leadership of “flea-0-con” mastermind Jared Cohen

  5. Thanks Johny, I was not sure if I had read his comment correctly, so apologies. Still cannot forget 2 May 2014 and watching it all unfold. Obama and Merkel, were hold a Press Briefing in the White House Rose Garden, blaming Russia for everything, whilst you watched youngsters, jumping from the building, on fire and being attacked when they landed. In Europe, back in 2014 and none of our media or leaders cared. F. William Engdahl, his article, featured on VT, was one of the best the I came across, very graphic, but, sadly, worth reading.

    Iam Greenhaigh – thanks, I mentioned the Soros funding, owing the the Cyber Berkut Memos that were released, back in 2014 and how he likes regime change.

    CyberBerkut hacks emails exposing George Soros as Ukraine’s arch-puppeteer…

    Sorry, trying to find original post, but, still checking through the site. Came across this archive memo, which may or may not interest you.

    25.11.2014 CyberBerkut gained access to the documents of Joseph Biden’s delegation officials…

    • Yes, Soros is someone who is often blamed for things that were really the work of the Zionists. Soros himself admitted he pumped large sums into Ukraine, but it didn’t go to those who seized power in 2014, I’m not sure exactly where it went as it’s been a while since I studied Ukraine in any depth. Soros and the Zionists are sworn enemies, something which dates back to Soros’ early life in Hungary, so the Zionists use Soros as a convenient scapegoat, just as today, they try to Blame everything on Russia. I’m not saying Soros is an angel, just that he isn’t on the same side as the Zionists and has always been bitterly opposed to them. We must remember that there are factions that fight each other for power, think of it like mafia families.

  6. If you’re killed in 2014, how can that be the result of the Nazi massacre?

    Another thing, the Towers on 9/11 weren’t nuked. Bombs, yes; Nukes, no.

    I signed up to follow VT because I thought it would serve truthful journalism. My two remarks here, are making me wonder if I should rethink that.

    • I’m sorry, but the WTC was indeed nuked, this is proven fact that we have explained in great detail at VT in a long series of articles. We know all the details from the design of the nukes used, how they were smuggled into the US, how they were positioned in the buildings etc. etc.

      Your other comment makes no sense, the 2014 ‘coup’ in Ukraine was the work of neo-Nazis from Poland and the two westernmost oblasts of Ukraine – Lvov and Volyna, which were formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and rather than being ethnically and historically Russian, liek the rest of Ukraine, are populated by a mish-mash of Germans, Poles, Ruthenians, Rusyns and a handful of other groups.

      Yes, VT publishes truthful journalism, but clearly you have a lot of learning to do before you can recognise it as such. You can learn what you need to know by looking at the vast archive of articles we have, we covered both 9-11 and the Ukrainian ‘coup’ in great detail.

    • It may well be possible you can’t handle the truth. Then again, if you are an american, living in a slave state with rigged elections, what you think or do doesn’t matter anyway. Do as you will. It is a long way, I would guess, from where you are to reality.

      You might not even like the trip, many don’t.

    • Western Ukraine has kind of worst and brutal nazism. The Bandera’s followers were catched and killed almost till 1950 by Zhukov. But many of those nationalists hide on bottom and their ideas are alive today and planted into the youth. Nazism is not the only root from Germany. There is US nazism and not only. Even in Russia there are such b@stards. Exceptionalism is one of the way to Nazism.

    • Exactly. A lot of the killings carried out behind the German lines during WW2 were carried out by those Nazis from Western Ukraine, they were recruited into SS paramilitary police units, they also provided large numbers of camp guards for the SS-Totenkopfverbande, and they were the worst, more cruel, brutal and murderous of all camp guards, the Germans actually executed quite a few of them for mistreating the prisoners (often Jews). In 1944, these SS-Totenkopfverbande units were removed from camp guarding duties and turned into combat units, they were useless for fighting the Red Army, so were used against easier opposition in the form of poorly equipped and untrained partisans and often, non-combatant civilians, one notorious group formed mostly of these Western Ukrainians was the Dirlewanger unit whop were deployed to Warsaw to fight against the Polish uprising there. However, they behaved so badly, raping, pillaging and murdering instead of actually fighting the Polish combatants, that the German forces rounded them up and shot them. The way they behaved in Warsaw in 1944 was exactly the same as their descendants behaved in Odessa in 2014. These people would do well to remember how they were utterly crushed by the Red Army in 1944 and 1945, how the Soviets brought them to justice by putting a bullet in their brains, fitting treatment for such murderous thugs, then they might realise that the modern day Russian Army would crush them in short order not least because they richly deserve to meet a nasty end for the way they have abused and massacred innocent ethnic Russians in Ukraine. The Ukrainians, despite their belicose rhetoric, are well aware that if they were stupid enough to actually take on the Russian Army, rather than attacking the civilians in Donbass, then the Russian Army would walk all over them in short order and their tanks would be rolling into Kiev within a few days and into Lvov a few days after that. They should remember Illovaisk and what the Russian airborne units did to the mercenary murderers of the oligarch battalions, a richly deserved dose of brutal military justice was handed out and every single man in those criminal bands known as oligarch battalions was given notice that the Russian Army would not allow them to continue to slaughter the innocent people of Donbass.

    • BeamMeUp. With respect, I’ve recently had the opportunity to become aware of something called the “backfire effect”. It describes how brain function often causes an individual to believe a fallacy even more strongly when confronted with evidence proving one’s belief to be in error. It happens in the amygdala portion of the brain. Research has shown that when deeply held beliefs are challenged, the amygdala in some brains interprets the challenge to be physical rather than mental, thus causing the fight or flight reaction. Perhaps you’re not quite ready to challenge your beliefs.

    • Great thanks, Ian. Truth from A to Z.
      And those criminals make annual marches in the Baltic states and now in Ukraine.
      Amidst them during the WW2 were the Hungarian batallions. The same brutals. There even was the common rule for Red Army soldiers – Not to take hungarians in prison. To shoot at place.

    • That war was horrific, all sides behaved badly at times, for instance, two days into the invasion in June 1941, a recon unit of 7th panzer division discovered an abandoned field ambulance. Inside it they found some dead German soldiers that had been stripped naked, bound with barbed wire then mutilated and killed with knives. This hardened the hearts of the German soldiers and made them less inclined to treat the Russians well. Of course, we don’t know who did that to those dead Germans, was it actual combat troops of the Red Army or was it the NKVD, a group that specialised in murder and torture… With both the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, the frontline fighting troops generally behaved themselves properly towards the civilian populations, the problem lay with the other troops, those who were never at the frontlines fighting, who had weak officers and poor discipline, they were the ones who were responsible for most of the crimes against civilians. For instance, when the Red Army attacked Berlin in 1945, hundreds of thousands of German women were raped, but it wasn’t the front line troops who did it, it was the rear echelon guys, mostly Asiatics who had probably never seen a European woman before and had been whipped up into a mindset of rape, pillage and murder by the propaganda writings of the notorious Jews Ilya Ehrenburg and Wassilly Grossman. In one book I have, there is a story of a Russian combat unit from a Guards division capturing a building and finding the basement packed with terrified women and girls. The officer ordered his men to give them water and some of their rations, then he warned the women ‘we won’t harm you, it is those who come behind us that you must be afraid of’ referring to the Asiatic support troops who would come along after the fighting had moved elsewhere. This same pattern of behaviour existed on the German side too, where discipline among the fighting troops was strong – officers and NCOs could and did shoot men on the spot for committing crimes, and they were usually far too busy fighting to have time anyways. It was the support troops, men not fit for front line duty, often not even Germans but rather, recruits from the occupied countries, that committed the crimes. These men were often the worst scum around, men released from the prisons of the occupied nations, they had to be kept away from the German fighting units because the Germans had a habit of shooting them out of hand for behaving badly towards the Russians. I’m not aware of the behaviour of the Hungarians and Romanians as there is almost nothing written on them in English, I own dozens of books on the Eastern Front of WW2 and in all of them, the Hungarians, Romanians and Italians are barely mentioned.

    • Yup, today’s Ukrainian neo-Nazi thugs are the grandchildren of the Nazi-collaborating thugs of WW2.

    • ADM (atomic demolitions munitions) are the only reasonable explanation for the destruction of WTC 1 and 2; how else is most of a structure turned into a pyroclastic cloud (as the amount of conventional chemical explosives required could never have been smuggled in by Urban Moving Systems without notice) with the debris pile staying hot for months, but the WTC 7 collapse is a classic example of progressively cutting columns so the floors “pancake” onto each other – if an ADM was used, it was in the basement and detonated after the collapse (to hide evidence?).

  7. This woman in the picture deserves justice! We all need to think about that. I want to see those responsible annihilated!

  8. Do you mean the girl in the image? You can find F. William Engdahl’s article, Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa…Extreme Graphics VT to find out what happened to her.

    She turned up for her cleaning job, at the Odessa Trade Union Building on the 2 May 2014, heavily pregnant. If she had gone into labour, the previous day, the baby would have been born, premature, with a chance of life. Instead, she turned up for work, to do a low paid job and was raped, strangled then burnt alive, by the fascists that took control of Ukraine, following the Soros funded coup d’etat.

    • Soros didn’t fund it, that’s a lie put about by the people responsible.

  9. It appears the disinfo site hired the same artist to do their website intro, as Bibi used, to make the famous (Acme) bomb poster he unveiled at the UN. Wiley Coyote has never been so popular. I love the little tanks racing across the screen, traveling right to left. Is it sublime message? Who is paying for all this nonsense? Better yet who is the intended audience?

  10. There are many Russians that get it. Klintsevich for one surely. But their choice so far is soft power and reciprocity, a path that seems to be winning on the long run. Western Slavic states are a special type of US vassals, they still believe it was US that brought them independence but once the post Soviet generations reach maturity all that is going to change.

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