Democrats put a bullet in Lindsey Graham’s political head

The Democrats have universally put a bullet into Lindsey Graham’s political head and split it apart because the warmonger and Zionist puppet was asking that the United States needs to look for fresh blood in North Korea.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

The Democrats have universally put a bullet into Lindsey Graham’s political head and split it apart because the warmonger and Zionist puppet was asking that the United States needs to look for fresh blood in North Korea. Graham told them:

If diplomacy fails, will you support my efforts to authorize the use of military force as a last resort to convince North Korea and China that things are going to be different this time?”

Graham added: “if diplomacy fails, as a last resort, Democrats and Republicans need to put the military option on the table or we’ll never get a good deal.” Military option, Mr. Graham? When did it accomplish anything good in the Middle East and elsewhere? Have you forgotten what your political ancestors did in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you getting so old that you can’t even remember that the current debacle in Syria is largely a marriage between the Israeli regime and Zionist puppets like you?

In any event, the Democrats didn’t buy Graham’s diabolical contract. New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez said: “I love my friend Lindsey Graham, but I think first we need a chance at peace.” Well said, Mr. Menendez. Menendez added:

“I’m not ready to give an authorization for use of military force to this President or any other one until I understand the path for peace is not attainable, and the threat continues to be a real challenge to the national security of the United States, and we have all of the intelligence on a robust debate in the Senate on such an AUMF.”

Based on what history has taught us, it is safe to say that the United States has never been threatened by any regime in the Middle East or in Asia. In fact, we have created false flag operations in order to destabilize other countries.

Pearl Harbor, as we have discussed in the past, was a false flag operation; the prevailing claim that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction was a false flag operation; the incoherent view that Assad was liquidating his own people through various means, including using chemical weapons, was a false flag operation. Some politicians know some of these facts. Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts declared:

“There is no military solution to the problem on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has nuclear weapons. The United States has nuclear weapons. This isn’t like the United States and Iran. Iran did not have nuclear weapons. Neither did Iraq. This would become very catastrophic very quickly.”

If North Korea is a serious threat (and I have never once thought that it is a real threat), then the threat itself was provoked. Some Democrats do insist that the threat is real, but they do not take the completely irrational view that military options are the solution. Dianne Feinstein was on the right tract when she said: “We will not let that problem stand, and the only alternative is to sit down and come up with an agreement and also make it such that there is an incentive for North Korea to do that.”

The first step of solving two conflicting issues is for people to be able to sit down and flesh out where the issues really lie. If frank dialogue isn’t even possible, how can we really say that the problem is insolvable? Cheers to those who opposed ethnic cleanser Lindsey Graham!


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  1. These chickenhawks don’t seem to realise that China, Russia and North Korea all have borders that meet in the northeast of N Korea. To consider a military attack on N Korea and not expect retaliation from all three is absurd.

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