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VT Nuclear Education: (2010) Iran, Korea Nuclear Lies on Orders from...

Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America’s military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars.  His own popularity, at a real 8%, was the reason, that and the economic collapse that he was trying to push back until he left office. 

U S envoy to UN asks Security Council to act if...

Denuclearization deadline passes almost unnoticed as impeachment sucks up all the oxygen in Washington.

Nukes off the table for N. Korea talks

Jim W. Dean - Trump conned us, as he knew that North Korea would not give up its nuclear programs first, and then begin sanctions negotiations.

Trump was never serious about North Korea talks

After a couple of grandstanding media shows, Trump revealed he wanted NK to completely dismantle everything FIRST. That demand was dead on arrival, so North Korea began its testing again; and here were are in the middle of nowhere for making progress.

Who is working to push Bolton out?

Jim W. Dean - It comes as no surprise that Bolton has enemies, not only outside the administration, but inside.

Trump falls in love with…

...by Jonas E. Alexis You can’t make this stuff up. Trump is in love—with Kim Jung-un. This means that the United States and North Korea...

Is the US now ‘The’ Rogue Nation on the planet?

A senior political expert cast doubts over the success of a recent deal between Washington and Pyongyang and said the US government has shown that it does not “honor any agreement permanently”.

Trump and Kim, According to Duff (Press TV video)

Trump salutes North Korean general.

Iran is not North Korea: Trump’s regional allies prefer civil war...

by Trita Parsi, ... via the Middle East Eye - First published ... June 13, 2018 - As US President Donald Trump returns from a successful photo-op in...

Democrats put a bullet in Lindsey Graham’s political head

The Democrats have universally put a bullet into Lindsey Graham’s political head and split it apart because the warmonger and Zionist puppet was asking that the United States needs to look for fresh blood in North Korea.

Intel Drop: North Korea as Fake as Trump

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Suddenly North Korea "surrenders" in the same week where we learn that mob thugs working for Trump seized his laboratory...

Pompous Pompeo – “Pyongyang must dismantle weapons program”

Pompeo attempts to reframe the breakthrough on the North Korean talks, but it was clearly Kim Jong-un's initiative to freeze research and testing on his nuclear missile program and to meet with the South Korean leader.

Ukraine Admits Providing Missile Technology to N Korea – UN Expert

Jim W. Dean - The Ukraine government's earlier claim that it had found no evidence of ballistic missile parts to N Korea was an admission that those in the government had sold these and pocketed the money.

Lindsey Graham wants blood, but he ain’t gonna get it

...by Jonas E. Alexis If you think that New World Order agent Lindsey seeks to drink the blood of North Koreans, you are not crazy....

Sergey Lavrov: No need for US to go to war with...

...by Jonas E. Alexis Newsweek has recently quoted Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying that there is no need for the United States to get involved...

Israel’s Samson Option and the New Santa Claus Effect (Part 2...

A Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Santa Claus Effect - The Samson Option  Does Israel have a secret gun pointed at the head of the rest...

Japan, US, South Korea to hold anti missile drills

If the US had not ducked peace talks with North Korea, would we have had the continued testing by NK, resulting in the need for a coalition?

Sergei Lavrov: “Bloodthirsty tirade” against North Korea is unacceptable

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently called a spade a spade and has chastised United States officials once again for...

Trump to South Korean president: It’s all about that base, Bro

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Trump’s relentless Tom-and-Jerry fight with Kim Jung-un was never going to escalate into a nuclear war. Trump, for his part, obviously...

FFWN: Can Trump really launch a nuclear holocaust in five minutes...

Bruce Blair, an ex-nuclear-missile-launch officer, says Trump's order would go straight to the launch crews, so even if the generals refused, the nukes would fly.

North Korea has been a mystery to many. But why?

Jim W. Dean - I am suspicious that Tillerson and Mattis are playing the good-cop, bad-cop routine with North Korea's Kim, to create an opening for NK to reach out to Tillerson as his best play to get a deal in the works, but what that could be is beyond me.

Mogherini endorses VT’s editorial position that Trump’s breaking the JCPOA will...

Jim W. Dean - The EU has drawn its line in the sand on the JCPOA, and even stalwart allies like Britain, in the middle of the Brexit controversy, are standing firm with the EU in the Iran nuclear deal.

Beijing orders closure of North Korean firms in China

Jim W. Dean - China's and Russia's joint entreaties for the US to enter into North Korean talks by curtailing holding war game drills with South Korea, in return for North Korea stopping its nuclear testing, has been consistently rejected by the US. 

Dear Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un: Give Peace a Chance

Dear President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un: For the sake of the world’s people, it is now time for good faith negotiations.

Russian-Chinese Mukden Day exercise preempts Trump False Flag

Russia and China fired a shot across Trump's bow on September 18 – the anniversary of the Mukden Incident, the most important false flag in the history of East Asia.

Is our increasingly-automated society becoming SELF-SATIRIZING?!

How are we going to forget about impending nuclear holocaust if we can't watch the NFL and NBA?

NEO: US using North Korea to put anti-ballistic missiles close...

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler and I are on the same page that the US is milking the North Korean event for the ultimate goal of placing its anti-ballistic missile shield right where it has always wanted it, in Russia's back yard and China's front yard.

Trump NOT Iran Deal is the “embarrassment”

Donald "We Will Totally Destroy You" Trump just bombed even bigger-time than Bibi.

Kim Saves Trump’s Butt!

Thomas Mattingly - A new Gallup Poll shows that Americans widely favor a Trump military strike on North Korea and Kim Jong-Un to stop Kim & Co. from developing nukes and ICBMs that can hit the U.S.

Russia and China to US: Dialogue, Not Regime Change, in North...

The funny thing about all this political mumbo jumbo is that the countries that New World Order agents have been labeled dangerous are the same countries that are asking for peaceful resolutions!

Moscow to US Embassy Staff: You’re fired!

Israel obviously is scared to death to flesh out a political attack on Russia, therefore they have asked the United States to do the dirty work.

S. Korea’s Moon: There will be no war on Korean peninsula

There will be no war on the Korean peninsula, South Korean President Moon Jae-In said Thursday, saying Seoul effectively had a veto over US military action in response to the North's nuclear and missile programmes.

Xi to Trump: Show restraint on N. Korea, crisis must have...

Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the tense situation around North Korea with US President Donald Trump over the phone, urging the “relevant side” to exercise restraint, state TV said.

Donald Trump wants to invade the world, presumably for Israel and...

“Twenty million Yemenis, nearly 80% of the population, are in urgent need of food, water and medical aid, in a humanitarian disaster that aid agencies say has been dramatically worsened by a naval blockade imposed by an Arab coalition with US and British backing.”

Crisis in Korea

It’s a crisis, folks, but it’s not serious. The good news is that there is unlikely to be a war, and if there is a war, it’s unlikely to be nuclear. If there is a nuclear war, it will only be a small one, as the Chinese will be staying out, and frying North Korea won’t take long.

Trumpocalypse Now? Madman Prez Keeps Doubling Down on Whacked-Out Warnings to...

Trump is the only leader on earth who, by way of comparison, makes Kim Jong Un look like a sober statesman.

US Senate approves Iran, Russia, North Korea sanctions

Jim W. Dean - Multiple sanctions on multiple countries should never be lumped into one bill like this. With Russia in it alone, Trump might have sustained a veto; and the ambushers and Russophobes knew this.

US Military sure North Korea currently not capable of accurately striking...

North Korea has no ability to accurately strike the United States, Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Paul Selva said in a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

Why can’t we make a Paradise of the Earth?

Muslim Press has conducted an interview with Dr. Moti Nissani about the Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations and his research on U.S. government’s assassinations which he says are “as American as apple pie.”

North Korea unlikely to have ICBM technology, South intel says as...

Jim W. Dean - We smelled a hyped story right away on this alleged ICBM test launch. North Korea had obvious reasons to puff up its deterrent capability, but the US going along with it was just another case of lying to the American people to hype a threat.