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“The sun grows dark,

earth sinks into the sea, 

The bright stars 

From heaven vanish; 

Fire rages, 

Heat blazes, 

And high flames play 

‘Gainst heaven itself.”  

22 – The Prophecy of the Witch (The Völuspá from the Poetic Edda)

And so the Eddas tell a tale of a poisoned world, a world born of Ice and impregnated by Fire, a world that must one day be consumed by Fire. 

Hitler and all his legendary scientists did not believe one word of Einstein’s ‘relativity’ gibberish. The very existence of the Ahnenerbe attests to how little they believed of academic history and the ‘glory of Rome.’ They were taking no one’s word about the cosmos either. Hitler, in a rare stroke of luck for the truth about National Socialism, is on record in ‘Table Talk’ as endorsing the “cosmic theories of Hörbiger” 23 for his ‘Thousand-Year Reich…’

At the turn of the twentieth century, Hanns Hörbiger invented the Hörbiger Valve; till this very day an integral component in the efficient production of steel, greater productivity in mining, High-pressure chemistry and the global network of gas exchange. HOERBIGER, the company he founded, is still active throughout the world as the leading player in Compression Technology.

Like so many of the great German scientists, Hörbiger was also a visionary. He established Welteislehre or Glacial Cosmogony with the publication of Wirbelstürme, Wetterstürze, Hagelkatastrophen und Marskanal-Verdoppelungen in 1913. It is a completely different cosmological narrative than that espoused by the empires academic whores. Most Germans including scientists believed it. Amongst party members, it was a fact. Welteislehre would have been the crowning glory in the lavish planetarium National Socialism planned to build on Linz’s Mount Pöstling. “According to the structure’s plans, the ground floor was to centre around Ptolemy’s universe, the middle floor Copernicus’ theory, and the top floor, Hörbiger’s theory.”24

There are four maxims for the World Ice Doctrine. “There is absolutely no completely empty space in space, that in this space no form of any force can reproduce itself without loss and that only a contradiction of the source of everything can happen.” 25 The fourth is an unmitigated slap across the face of Einsteinian relativity. There is no “heat radiation in space…” 26  

In the grim but startlingly plausible cosmology of Welteislehre, events in this world are based on an eternal conflict between the forces of Fire and Ice. It is through their contradiction of each other that the universe ebbs and flows. Or as is said in the Zohar, the holey living creatures rush forth and return… 

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As practically the inventor of air conditioning and refrigeration Hörbiger did not believe for a second “floating gas balls in free space to be possible.” 27 The “Kant-Laplacean nebulous or nebular hypothesis,”28 adapted by academic astronomy since days of yore, which has “cosmic bodies formed from cloudy masses” 29 is not practical from an engineering standpoint. With German practicality, the Austrian engineer envisions a more sensible but far less stable universe.   

In Welteislehre, the solar system was created when a dead waterlogged star, encased in ice, penetrated deep into a fiery mother star causing an explosion that hurled about a quarter of its debris beyond the gravitational pull of the mother star and into free space. Comparatively; if the mother star was the size of an apple, the seed star would be the size of a pea and the present sun a pinhole. 

The present sun is a seed sun. It grows by feeding on and amalgamating the fiery chunks of star matter hurled from the primordial explosion, pulling planets of various compositions of fire and ice into its orbital sphere as it does. Other pieces, many frozen chunks of ice formed when oxygen from the explosion mingled with the hydrogen that prevails in all of space, continued to “reach outside the attraction of the young forming sun.” 30 These frozen corpses of ice suspended in interstellar space are what astronomers call the Milky Way. Nowhere near the inscrutable distance away given by academics; the Milky Way is “about forty to fifty times as far from the sun as its outermost planet,”31 Neptune.

“The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune” are mostly ice and water while “the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars” are primarily “star material.” 32 Because Space is not a vacuum but a vast and seemingly eternal sea of hydrogen, all meet resistance as they circle the sun. Because of this resistance, they move like the needle on a record player in “inwardly narrowing circular spirals. The same applies to smaller celestial bodies, which orbit planets as moons. The smaller a circulating mass, the faster its spiral path narrows. Hour by hour, year by year, small bodies originally sunk to the sun, or merged with larger, sun-orbiting masses.” 33

The current solar system is what’s left; with Mercury soon to be absorbed by the Sun, Venus long dead and “superimposed by an impenetrable ice sheet, so is the case with Mars and our Earth Moon.” Mars acts as a shield for Earth intercepting inbound Ice-bodies and incorporating them into its own boundless ocean of ice covering its surface like the shell of a nut, or sometimes, as is the case with Deimos and Phobos, capturing them as small moons. Rarely do any of these “2 -5 km” miniature ice stars “escape Mars and reach the earth’s center of attraction.” When they do they are dissipated in the earth’s atmosphere causing freak weather events like the “tremendous thunderstorm of May 29, 1613” which accompanied by rolling thunder leveled German crops in hours by pummeling them with “fist-sized hailstones.”34 

Welteislehre accounts for all storms, catastrophic and otherwise, as the result of ice blocks from the Milky Way drawn in by the Sun being intercepted and absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. “Now it goes without saying that the Milky Way ice does not reach the actual surface of the earth in the original form of gigantic blocks.” The blocks enter into an orbit that “gradually passes into the uppermost layer of hydrogen and finally into the actual layer of air in the earth’s atmosphere.” There they eventually burst, pushing the air masses before them that generate the weather. If the block of ice is big enough “these masses of air create the considerable storm that precedes hailstorms.”35 A block of ice one hundred meters in diameter can produce five centimeters of rain and hail in an area ten kilometers in length and about a kilometer in width. If the ice blocks dissipation is violent enough cyclones, tornados and other aberrant weather phenomenon occur.  

Because of their infusion with ice from the initial explosion in the mother star, the external planets have never been able to support life. They are frozen and desolate. Hörbiger taught that the ring of Saturn was formed from the residuals when it absorbed a giant ice moon. Violent events of lesser magnitude are common to all the other celestial bodies in the solar system. All are destined to eventually feed the Sun, which may one day grow to a mother star. But the Earth is unique in the realm of the Sun for its ability to sustain intelligent life. Protected by Mars and further from the Sun than Venus and Mercury the Earth performs a “miraculous balancing act between extraterrestrial water replacement and in-ground water retention.” 36 

Hanns Hörbiger said the Earth is a meeting-point between Fire and Ice. It has attracted several Moons. The previous ones, all just like the present one, were originally planets between Earth and Mars. Eventually, each crashed into the Earth causing major extinction events, as must this one before finally Mars itself is dragged into Earths orbit. Each collision is clearly defined in rock “stratification, coal and petroleum formation” and in the “major gaps in the history of fossilization” 37

Glacial Cosmogony postulates that there were intervals on Earth in which there was no Moon. It was during these periods that“animal and plant species developed and at that time only experienced real blooming.” 38 It was in a moonless epoch that the great dinosaurs flourished and it was the Moon in the night sky that foretold their impending doom. “Since the earliest days of the earth, moon-times alternate with moonless times one after the other. Lunar times are catastrophes, but moonless times” 39 are marked by abundance and prosperity for life on Earth. 

By the cyclic and catastrophic waning orbits of the Earths Moons “the earth’s surface was shaped in the course of time, mountains were formed, floods and ice ages were triggered, living beings were destroyed or given new opportunities for development,” 40 a new beginning but the same old ending. As the Moon closes its orbit for its fatal kiss with the Earth “the lifting power increases enormously.” 41 The Moon gathers up the oceans on the equator, hydrogen is forced in as air escapes the atmosphere, Ice Ages ensue. The very shape of the earth grows contorted and the Earth trembles as mountains move, attracted to the Moon. 

When it is close enough, the Moon divides the waters into two mountainous floods that scour the earth as they follow its careening orbit; “every day the waters of both flood plains are thrown north,” 42 then south. Glacial Cosmology fundamentally denies the existence of true stratification taking place at any other time than during these periods of nightmarish tidal waves. “Without the huge daily floods, without Ice Cold, neither real stratification nor mountain building can take place.”43   

Finally, in “cloudbursts of indescribable violence,” accompanied by electrical discharges of cosmic proportions, the Moon comes raining down on earth as mud and giant hailstones.  Ultimately, its exposed core is torn asunder and pummels “the earth with rock and iron slag hail.”44 Gradually, the murderous tidal waves subside and the earth ceases its trembling from where the icy water had pierced it to its fiery core. Life begins again. “The earth is newly rejuvenated and fed with lunar loess.” 45 And in a sacrifice of cosmic violence fertility is restored to the land.

In the Eddas, the World began in a yawning void called Ginnungagap. Back then, north of Ginnungagaplie the world of primordial Ice called Niflheim. From Niflheim flowed twelve rivers that originated in the bubbling spring called Hvergelmir. As the venomous waters ran from the spring, they froze into rime until touched by sparks from Muspelheim, the world of primordial fire that lay in the south. The sparks melted the poisonous concoction and “the drops quickened into life and took the likeness of a man, who got the name Ymer.”46 

Of Muspelheim, the Edda tells its readers that no one may know anything because it is too bright and dazzling for all but those who are native to it to see. “Surt is the name of him who stands on its border guarding it. He has a flaming sword in his hand, and at the end of the world he will come and harry, conquer all the gods, and burn up the whole world with fire. Thus it is said in the Vala’s Prophecy [The Völuspá]:

Surt from the south fares   With blazing flames;   From the sword shines   The sun of the war−god.   Rocks dash together   And witches collapse,   Men go the way to Hel  And the heavens are cleft.” 47

As Ymer slept, he perspired and from his sweat came “the races that are called frost−giants.” 48 As the rime melted it also gave life to a cow called “Audhumbla. Four milk−streams ran from her teats, and she fed Ymer.” 49 For sustenance, Audhumbla licked rocks that were covered with the rime. “The first day that she licked the stones there came out of them in the evening a man’s hair, the second day a man’s head, and the third day the whole man was there.” 50 The man in turn begat a son who married a giantess and together they had three more sons “Odin, the other Vile, and the third Ve.”51

Odin and his brothers slew Ymer and so copious was the blood from the slaying that it drowned the entire race of Giants or Jötnar, save one who escaped with his wife in an ark on a sea of blood. They reconstitute the jötunnrace across the river Ífingr in the land of Jötunheimr. From there, the jötnar menace both humans in Midgard and gods in Asgard till the Twilight of the Powers or Ragnarök when all accounts will be settled… 

From Ymers corpse, Odin and his brothers created the world and from the sparks of Muspelheim, they placed the luminous stars in the heavens. The Sun and Moon were positioned to each be relentlessly pursued through the heavens by two wolves.

Skol chases the Sun and Hate the Moon. These wolves, devourer’s of worlds and mid-wifed by an ancient witch in a forest called Ironwood, are of the race of the Fenrir’s wolf. Hate is his son. “He will devour the mon, and stain the heavens and all the sky with blood. Thereby the sun will be darkened, the winds will grow wild, and roar hither and thither, as it is said in the Prophecy of the Vala:

In the east dwells the old hag,   In the Jarnved [Ironwood] forest;   And brings forth there   Fenrer’s offspring.   There comes of them all   One the worst,  The moon’s devourer  In a troll’s disguise.   He is filled with the life−blood   Of men doomed to die;  The seats of the gods   He stains with red gore;   Sunshine grows black   The summer thereafter,   All weather gets fickle.   Know you yet or not? ” 52

Tacitus according to authorized history was a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire. In Anatoly T. Fomenko’s version of history, Tacitus was in all likelihood a Cistercian monk committing what he could to posterity. Either way, he’s relevant. He writes of the four principal gods of the Germans. “Mercury is the deity whom they chiefly worship, and on certain days they deem it right to sacrifice to him even with human victims. Hercules and Mars they appease with more lawful offerings. Some of the Suevi also sacrifice to Isis.” 53 Isis is synonymous with Freya and Hercules with Thor. Mars could only be Odin leaving Loki as Mercury the god of human sacrifice…

The Prose Edda is filled with accounts of Loki’s deeds, good and bad. Like the Pale Fox of the Dogon in Africa and the Coyote of the Navajo in Americas Southwest, Loki is a trickster god who serves neither good nor evil. The good Loki does is always in compensation for the evil he has done; many times he is fixing what he broke but he usually fixes it better than it was…   

The reappearance of the brilliant star Sīrius “in ancient Egypt right before sunrise on the eastern horizon toward the latter part of July heralded not only the morning, but also the flooding of the banks of the Nile. Sīrius was both yearned for and feared, because it could cause great destruction and at the same time brought with it the rich volcanic topsoil of the Ethiopian highlands to fertilize the Nile Delta.” 54 The Norse knew Sīrius “as Lokabrenna or Loki’s Torch.” 55 

Just like Mercury, Loki is swift. “He had the shoes with which he could run through the air and over the sea.”56 His Magick is potent and his mind the keenest among the gods. The Prose Edda says Loki “is fair and beautiful of face, but evil in disposition, and very fickle−minded. He surpasses other men in the craft of cunning, and cheats in all things. He has often brought the asas [gods] into great trouble, and often helped them out again, with his cunning contrivances.”57

After enraging the gods by causing the baldness of Thor’s beautiful wife Sif in a prank, it was Loki’s shrewd bargaining with the dwarfs that acquired, aside from the hair of gold that would grow just like regular hair for Sif, Mjolner the famous Hammer of Thor, Gungner the Spear of Odin and Frey’s magic boat; Skidbladner which when not in use folds up like a pocket napkin. Among these treasures fashioned by the dwarfs, Loki also procured a “gold ring called Draupner.”58 “Every ninth night eight other rings as heavy as it would drop from it.” 59

After the gods had established “Midgard and made Valhal, there came a certain builder and offered to make them a burg, in three half years, so excellent that it should be perfectly safe against the mountain giants and frost−giants, even though they should get within Midgard.” 60 The gods gave him one winter, not knowing that he was a mountain giant himself and on Loki’s advice consented that he could use his horse Svadilfare, also a supernatural being. Svadilfareended up doing more work than even the mountain giant and it became apparent the two would meet the god’s deadline which would be a disaster for every living thing.

According to the deal the gods had made if on the first day of the summer the burg was completed the builder would have Freya’s hand in marriage and the Sun and Moon. With summer upon them and the burg almost finished Loki turned himself into a mare and seduced Svadilfare so that he ran off. “Loke had run such a race with Svadilfare that he some time after bore a foal. It was gray, and had eight feet, and this is the best horse among gods and men.”61 The horse was Sleipner the great steed of Odin that can ride into and out of Hell itself. The deceitful mountain giant unable to complete the task without Svadilfare would be paid in full by Thor who “broke his skull into small pieces…” 62

In yet another instance of Loki losing the day then winning it back big; through his treachery, a giant named Thjasse, who could turn himself into an eagle, was able to snatch Idun and her apples of immortality and carry them off to Jotunheim. The gods could not help but notice that with the “disappearance of Idun,−−−they became gray−haired and old.” 63

Faced with this time a death sentence at the hands of the wrathful Thor, Loki atoned for it by borrowing Freya’s ability to turn herself into a falcon then turning Idun and her apples into a nut and stealing them back. As a falcon grasping the now nut of immortality he races the giant eagle Thjasse back to the walls of Asgard and hits the ground as he goes over the wall. The gods burn the wings of Thjasse as he goes over in hot pursuit so as he can no longer fly, then “slew the giant Thjasse within the gates of Asgard, and that slaughter is most famous.”64 

Loki took it all too far with the death of Baldur “the greatest misfortune that has ever happened to the gods and men.”65 Here is the beginning of the end of everything, the reflection “in the cosmos in the form of the luminous gods’ defeat by the dark forces. The Edda evokes this in a striking manner; a universal anguish spreads, the gods themselves feel under threat as a result of Balder’s death, as he, more than any other, is the expression of Nature’s luminous transfiguration.” 66

Baldur’s funeral was extravagant. “Frey came riding in his chariot drawn by the boar called Gullinburste or Slidrugtanne. Heimdal rode his steed Gulltop and Freyja drove her cats. There was a large number of frost−giants and mountain−giants.”  68 The anguish was universal.
It all began when the gods grew troubled by Baldur’s dreams of impending doom. So Frigg exacted an oath from fire, water, iron and all kinds of metal, stones, earth, trees, sicknesses, beasts and birds and creeping things, that they should not hurt Balder.” 67 The gods then amused themselves and paid homage to Baldur’s greatness by hurling weapons at him at their meetings, knowing they could not hurt him. This annoyed Loki to no end so he turned himself into a woman and gained the confidence of Frigg learning from her that thinking it could never harm anyone she had extracted no oath from mistletoe. Loki fashioned a dart from mistletoe and got Hoder who although blind was the strongest of all the gods to hurl it at Baldur striking him down dead before the rest of the horrified gods.

The floating funeral pyre, Baldur’s great ship Hringhorn, had to be launched by a legendarily strong Giantess named “Hyrrokken. She came riding on a wolf, and had twisted serpents for reins. When she alighted, Odin appointed four berserks to take care of her steed, but they were unable to hold him except by throwing him down on the ground. Hyrrokken went to the prow and launched the ship with one single push, but the motion was so violent that fire sprang from the underlaid rollers and all the earth shook.”69 Thor had to be restrained from killing her by the other gods for her seeming insouciance.

Nana, the lovely consort of Baldur died of grief right on the spot and was added to the crematory along with the Draupner Ring by Odin. “Thor stood by and hallowed the pile with Mjolner. Before his feet ran a dwarf, whose name is Lit. Him Thor kicked with his foot and dashed him into the fire, and he, too, was burned.” 70

Baldur’s soul is commended back to Niflheim, the Icy source in the North from whence all life came. In Niflheim is the place called Hell, named after Hell, the great Goddess who rules over all the dead. “Hermod, the Nimble, Odin’s swain,” 71 is dispatched on Sleipner to persuade Hell to give Baldur back to the land of the living.

“He rode nine nights through deep and dark valleys, and did not see light.” After crossing the Gjallar−bridge which spans the Gjallar−river, the last of the twelve rivers that originate in the bubbling spring calledHvergelmir, he comes to the gate of Hell. Sleipner “leaped over the gate with so much force that he never touched it. Thereupon Hermod proceeded to the hall and alighted from his steed. He went in, and saw there sitting on the foremost seat his brother Balder. He tarried there over night. In the morning he asked Hel whether Balder might ride home with him, and told how great weeping there was among the asas [gods]. But Hel replied that it should now be tried whether Balder was so much beloved as was said. If all things, said she, both quick and dead, will weep for him, then he shall go back to the asas…” 72

The gods sent out a universal request for tears from “men and beasts, the earth, stones, trees and all metals, just as you must have seen these things weep when they come out of frost and into heat.” All complied except for one Giantess named Thok who scoffed.  “Let Hel keep what she has! It is generally believed that this Thok was Loke, Laufey’s son, who has wrought most evil among the asas.” 73

Loki fled the god’s wrath hiding in a rock and turning himself into a salmon. But when the gods finally caught up with him they took him to a cave and “took three rocks and set them up on edge, and bored a hole through each rock. Then they took Loke’s sons, Vale and Nare or Narfe. Vale they changed into the likeness of a wolf, whereupon he tore his brother Narfe to pieces, with whose intestines the asas bound Loke over the three rocks.

One stood under his shoulders, another under his loins, and the third under his hams, and the fetters became iron. Skade took a serpent and fastened up over him, so that the venom should drop from the serpent into his face. But Sigyn, his wife, stands by him, and holds a dish under the venom drops. Whenever the dish becomes full, she goes and pours away the venom, and meanwhile the venom drops onto Loke’s face.” 74

There Loki will remain till the day of his vengeance when there will be Ragnarök…

 “When Loki is free,  slips from his bonds,  and the fate of the godscomes,  ripping everything apart.”  – Baldrs draumar (Baldr’s dreams)In 2007 the cable TV network HBO acquired the rights to turn A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of epic fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, into a dramatic television series. A Game of Thrones would first air on HBO in April of 2011… The hanging judge came in unnoticed and was being wined and dined  The drilling in the wall kept up but no one seemed to pay it any mind”  – Bob Dylan “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts”“Your memories. Implants, they’re all implants!” – Deckard to Rachel, in Blade Runner  https://youtu.be/NwJEb3vJvWY  https://youtu.be/NKTeZnyk3P8

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