A Note on 9/11 Absurdity


Editor’s note: With no highjackers and our proof that nuclear demolition teams from Israel aided by Saudi intelligence did the deed…conclusive evidence we received from an insider/whistleblower…

I commenced flying Cessna aircraft fifty years ago in 1968, the planes allegedly used to train the 9/11 hijackers. I went on to achieve commercial, instrument, and multi-engine pilot ratings by 1970.

Subsequently, I entered US Naval Aviation as an officer in 1972 and went on to fly the four engine P-3 Orion aircraft for a cumulative period of ten years.

In 1978, I was hired by United Airlines as a pilot and, over a period of 25 years, flew the Boeing 737/727/757/767/777 and Airbus A-319/320 aircraft.

Over a career span of 35 years, I flew 15 different aircraft to accrue over 20,000 flight hours.

The alleged 9/11 hijacker pilots had perhaps a few hundred flight hours and were poorly trained and inexperienced pilots.

I can unequivocally state that there was no way that these pilots could have flown the 9/11 aircraft profiles and speeds which, incidentally, exceeds the maximum achievable airspeed of a B-757/767 aircraft by 140 knots at sea level. I could not have flown them myself.

The ONLY reason that the global populous fell for this lie is that 99.999% of the population are not pilots and do not realize the absurdity of the official 9/11 narrative!

Not one single pilot was permitted to testify before the 9/11 Commission to refute this ridiculous claim.

Dan Hanley


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  1. Hey Kommentatoren,
    Ihr habt ein riesiges problem in Amerika. Ich war in dem Augenblick wo das WTC 7 zusammen
    stürzte online. Ich war Gast bei zwei Ladys, und habe gesehen wie das Gebäude WTC 7 einstürzte.
    Kurz vor dem Einsturz kam eine Durchsage das WCT ist eingestürzt, die beiden Ladys zoomen auf das Gebäude und es steht noch, sie waren völlig durcheinander. Nach ca. 5 -8 Minuten ist es eingestürzt.Oben auf den Dach war ein leichtes Feuer mit etwas Qualm zu sehen. Dass habe ich selbst erlebt. Danach habe ich Herrn Präsident Bush in einem Klassenzimmer gesehen, es lief ein Mann auf Ihn zu und sagt Ihn was in sein Ohr. Er blieb sitzen ohne eine Mimik zu zeigen. Mich hat es vom Stuhl gehauen, dieser Augenblick. Nach meiner Ansicht kann das Gebäude niemals
    so fallen wie es dargestellt wird. Es kann nur geplant gewesen sein. Grüss aus Germany
    Werner Kämtner


    Soon as ever the wolfhounds stop chasing the fleas in their tails going round and round like an atheist avoiding houses of worship on a Sunday just like a Mueller probe (then and now), they can concentrate on the Wolf – (oh wits!) I meant wolves. Imagine the numbers 9 and 11 in constant orbit around the number 10. What are they avoiding by circling the wagons and circling the number 10? What significance can the number 10 possibly have?

    “The biblical meaning of number 10 is completed course of time or completeness in divine order. Today this number is used only when referring to any kind of ranking or when describing anything that is near to perfection.” As the good Jonas Alexis would say, “No way! They could never bring Logos and logic into the satanic 9/11 agenda! It was evil from its conception and evil in its execution. Hence the ‘forward slash’ or ‘virgule’ – / – between 9 and 11.”

    Still, on 9/11 we had what they – the MASS MURDERERS imagined was the perfect con – and many of them, in fact all of them, still walking the streets of America and that murky desert outpost with the cocky strut of a slut or a cock of the walk. Who even has the gumption to mull a probe let alone seek justice for the 3,000 US citizens annihiliated by foreign terrorists and a home bred 5th Column of unmitigated traitors known and damned by all yet free and beholden to none but the Devil to whom they sold their souls in sulfurous perpetuity?

  3. We go around an absurd argument trying to prove that it is impossible.
    No dream is possible if it does not break the 9/11 lie.

  4. Not 1 pilot was allowed to testify in front of Robert Mueller’s panel. Amazing how us, the American citizens, roll over time and, again. At least a dog when trained to roll over gets a treat. What did we get. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Bank Bailouts, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA and, the largest downward adjustment in middle class wages this country has ever seen. Oh, there is plenty more to add to this short list. If you take a minute to sit down and think about what we allowed to happen and, if you don’t feel guilt and depression you are sicker than most.

    • All of the members of the Warren Commission were picked by LBJ. I do remember dad declaring the findings were a set up. I doubt 90% of the people believed the results. BUT when the government says, we believe.
      Flight 800, JFK, jr ‘accident’ there is a long list of questionable government findings. All of the questionable deaths surround the Clinton’s makes for an interesting group serial murders.

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