Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, Part Three: Keys to the Universe

by Rand Clifford for VT

It’s virtually impossible to fathom how far off the course of “betterment of humanity” we have been driven by the power status quo (PSQ) and its central banks. People, we’ve landed in a ditch called by the PSQ, “arrested human development”. Perhaps more than any human ever born, Nikola Tesla could have steered us back on course with the Wheelwork of Nature (WON).

Nikola Tesla said, “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.” Too bad he is not driving—but wait, he actually is, in terms of the entire system of alternating current (AC) electricity that currently drives civilization, for starters, the list is long. So many contributions capitalized on by the PSQ came straight from the incredible mind of Tesla. But when he  threatened the very foundations of power giving the PSQ utter domination of humanity, Tesla was and still is probably the most lied about person of all time. Eric Dollard says about 99% of mainstream information about Tesla is “worthless”.

Instead of betterment of humanity Tesla offered, several generations of scientists have been wasted on trying to prove Einstein right. Tesla framed it perfectly:

Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

Reality was Tesla’s observatory playground; natural phenomena, nature’s intricacies whirling up ways in his immense consciousness to improve the human condition; ultimate contrast to PSQ-controlled science. Perhaps the twenty-three trillion dollars “missing” at the Pentagon adequately characterizes who…or, what is driving.

This quote from Eric Dollard goes right to the hand holding the keys to humanity’s road trip through time:

Tesla scared the central bankers senseless. They knew what his plan meant. Energy independence meant an almost complete loss of control of the people.”

All wars are bankster wars.

The Tesla Coils

There really are two of them, both patented by Tesla. Here we’ll call surely the greatest invention—certainly the greatest potential for freeing humanity of  PSQ tyranny—the Tesla Coil. The other…perhaps we should call that other, popularized one, the Lodge Coil…alternating current (AC) SUPER SPARK!! generator with virtually no applications other than, as Wikipedia tells us:

“…an electrical resonant transformer circuit designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.” And, “Today, their main use is for entertainment and educational displays, although small coils are still used as leak detectors for high vacuum systems.” The difference between the Tesla Coil, and the Lodge Coil could not be more extreme. Consider the difference between “…entertainment and educational displays….” and the Tesla Coil offering us the keys to the universe.

As Tesla said: “Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance, what Buddha called, ‘the greatest evil in the world’.” There is no greater pusher of ignorance than the PSQ—and no greater example than Nikola Tesla. Why would you have to say to almost everyone you ask about Tesla: No, he’s not a car?

As we ponder the Tesla Coil as a peerless breakthrough for humanity/peerless threat to the PSQ, please keep in mind Wikipedia’s “…low current, high frequency alternating-current (AC) electricity.” And consider Tesla’s seminal quote: “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.” It was actually Sir Oliver Lodge who perfected the Lodge Coil.

After his discovery of Radiant Electricity in 1889, Tesla discovered a new force using violently abrupt DC discharges. In 1892, Tesla presented his paper: “The Dissipation of Electricity”.

Well, most academicians of the day apparently misunderstood the magic in Tesla’s paper. Premier scientists including Sir Oliver Lodge thought, by Tesla referring to “high frequency”, that AC was involved in operation of the Tesla Coil. An enormous blunder by scientists the PSQ capitalizes in perpetuity…or at least until enough people learn the truth.

Tesla completely abandoned everything AC (a certain albatross around his neck the PSQ plays to the hilt) for the rest of his life, after his Tesla Coil put in his hands the WON, aether.

Tesla was now working in a new domain of physics based on DC discharges of electrostatic forces and the resulting release of kinetic radiant electricity from that king of forbidden technologies, capture and control of omnipresent aether.

Tesla’s explanations of his development of the Tesla Coil, behavior of aether at increasing “frequency” and shorter durations of the staccato discharges are so clear and compelling it has taken much PSQ suppression, diversion and disinformation to keep so many people perpetually blind of such a technological leap for the “betterment” of humanity.

The PSQ banned him from history books, textbooks, even from the Smithsonian.

On The Road to Wardenclyffe: Colorado Springs Station

Tesla went to Colorado Springs in mid-May 1899 with the intent to research:

Transmitters of great power

Individualization and isolating the energy transmission means

Conditions of propagation of currents through the earth and the atmosphere

Tesla believed it might be possible to transmit power without wires where the air was thinner, and thus, more conductive.

A friend, patent lawyer Leonard E. Curtis found land for Tesla’s station, and offered free power from the El Paso Power Company of Colorado Springs. Colonel John Jacob Astor provided funding, and Tesla’s research station was a go.

Tesla’s station sported a 142-foot metal mast topped with a large copper ball, and a roof that rolled back so as not to catch fire. Inside, a very large Tesla Coil provided the magic, the WON; a huge magnifying transmitter provided reach.

Back in 1893, at a meeting of the National Electric Light Association, Tesla said it was “…practical to disturb, by means of powerful machines, the electrostatic conditions of the earth, and thus transmit intelligible signals, and, perhaps, power”.

Tesla measured most everything, and found during the Colorado station’s shocking electrical displays, that the earth was “…alive with electrical vibrations”. Tesla believed lightning ground strikes, because the earth was a giant conductor, (as Tesla said, like a charged metal ball) induced powerful waves that traversed the entire planet.

Tesla produced his own “lightning bolts”, bigger and bigger—until he burned out the windings of the power station generators. The El Paso Power Company said they would give him no more power. No problem, Tesla had learned all he needed for his ultimate gift to humanity, Wardenclyffe.

Think about wars for oil and gas disguised as humanitarian interventions. Millions of innocent people slaughtered, millions of refugees. All the soldiers coming home in body bags to fill flag-draped coffins, or maimed for life physically, mentally, or both and largely treated by the PSQ as spent cannon fodder. Think about our power grid vulnerability to electromagnetic pulses (EMP) from solar mass ejections…or the more popularly-terrorizing, nuclear bomb detonation at the right altitude. The list of things Wardenclyffe was the key to transcending as elegantly as everything perfected in Tesla’s mind is unfathomable. And that’s how the PSQ gets away with calling Wardenclyffe, “Tesla’s million dollar folly”. For the PSQ it was pedal to the metal to blast into the public mind what Buddha called “the greatest evil in the world”, ignorance.

Most people that have any awareness at all regarding Wardenclyffe, have been hoodwinked into thinking the 187-foot tower with the copper dome was meant to, somehow blast electricity through the air, a long ways. Precisely the opposite of Wardenclyffe’s function.

The Wardenclyffe tower was a receiver of aether powered by a giant Tesla Coil. An enormous Magnifying Transmitter fed the antenna Beneath the tower. Reaching to a depth of 120 feet, it was a huge 1/4-wave antenna effectively fifty-miles long, shaped like a Christmas tree tuned to transmit the true electricity (WON) through the ground to any place on earth at the earth’s resonant frequency, 7.83 hertz. A simple tuned receiver stuck in the ground could replace all the wires of our power grid with many more such towers circling the globe. That’s it.


Tesla said, regarding Power, PSQ style: “No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market”.

And he said, “Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs”.

Congress had a better idea with their “Invention Secrecy Act”, deciding in 1951 that in this “nation of ideas”, certain ideas must be kept hidden.

Via Freedom of Information Act requests, such as the Federation of American Scientists have revealed that the number of secrecy orders has been increasing in recent years. By 2012, more than 5,300 patent applications had been tagged for the nebulous protection of national security, many of them decades old.

The Pentagon, Department of Justice, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security—such are where final decisions are made regarding the tens of thousands of patent applications manually examined every year under the Invention Secrecy Act. Tesla sure knew that no “free energy” device would ever be allowed to endanger the (PSQ). The fossil fuel kaleidoscope, and nuclear power were their cash cows. Even Einstein, darling of the PSQ, said that “Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water”. He sure got the hell part right.

So what would happen if we opened and utilized the present Nikola Tesla gave to humanity? No more power grid, or the stupendous profits involved; no more terrorizing humanity with possibility of an EMP sending us back to the “stone age”. No more full-spectrum destruction of our future via burning of fossil fuels (all the way to Canadian tar (bitumen) and the hideous “dilbit” pipelines of doom). Consider coal, and its mercury fingerprints touching even the most formerly pristine places on earth. No more wars for oil. No more nuclear reactor meltdowns like currently killing the Pacific ocean (Fukushima). The list is long, deadly, and completely avoidable—not counting the horrendous damage already wrought upon our tiny life bubble in a hostile universe. Mainstream media is like a horribly polluted and fermenting river of lies screaming at anyone intelligent and aware and actually thinking freely that freedom of energy is the PSQ’s worst nightmare. Triumph of ALL things Tesla would be humanity’s sweetest dream.

The river of lies does still have clear and unpolluted tributaries of truth about Tesla. Difficult to find, but they still flow. Find them before they are damned by the PSQ, and, dammed.

With Tesla on our side, we could have WON long enough ago to have an enlightening future, instead of the…well, just look and learn enough about Nikola Tesla. Help spread truth. There’s no better future for humanity than what he envisioned, and put within reach—a hostile, inhuman, bloody Satanic century ago.

In Tesla’s own words:

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future for which I have really worked for, is mine.”

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Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. He has published over 100 Internet articles since 2007. His novels, CASTLING, TIMING, and Priest Lake Cathedral are published by StarChief Press. Contact for Rand Clifford:


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  1. Col. John Jacob Astor and Tesla were good friends; J P Morgan was not. Astor died when the Titanic sank; J P Morgan had a private berth on the ship and cancelled at the last minute. Col. John Jacob Astor was against the Federal Reserve Bank.

  2. Great article. Any suggestion on a readable book on Tesla, his “free” energy generator, his car that ran on electrical tubes, etc. A question: In “The Hunt for Zero Point” Cook claims Tesla caused the Tungusta explosion in Siberia as he was trying to impress Perry (who was exploring the north pole at that time) with a display of electricity above. This would mean the electricity would have traveled through the air. I understand some frequencies of waves follow the earth, some go through the air. I actually think there is a lot of Tesla science being practiced in the military, especially in Russia. Our good friend Dr. Mehran Keshe comes to mind. Russia also built a structure way up north that looks like Wardenclyffe if you imagine the tower going down into the ice. Seems like a practical solution to getting the height needed. Comment?

  3. LS…

    Wes Penre was an eye-opener for me about the manipulation of the human race and who is the so called god !

  4. LS…

    Good plan !
    But what about the Zio Nazi Rothschild Bilderberg Khazarian Trumpsters Maffia !?

  5. “You can’t stop a folk of ignorant people who is determined to learn.”

    The root of the word “ignorance” is “to ignore”. Are you suggesting the way to learning is to ignore? Ignorant people are people ignoring, right? If they’re ignoring, do you really think they’re “determined to learn”?

  6. “By 2012, more than 5,300 patent applications had been tagged for the nebulous protection of national security, many of them decades old.”

    So why don’t these people just ignore the patent process and “publish in the open without government protection”? On the one hand we’re being led to believe these great minds have human interests at heart. On the other hand, they’re seeking government protection of their ideas … and the government hides their ideas. What gives? The reasons for patents is to give the inventor a 16 year government protected monopoly on his idea so he can monetarily benefit from it. To me, patents are nonsense. But almost everything that goes on in our society is nonsense.

    • Patents are the government under religious authorities, way to defend and protect itself from ideas.
      I think the middle ground is some copyright for intellectual property, but no patents for technology that may benefit humanity or the world at large.

    • I expect Tesla was an atheist, yes, because religion simply doesn’t stand up to rational, scientific examination, in fact, it can reasonably be argued that people who hold strong religious beliefs are delusional and irrational, bordering on mental illness.

      I believe that mankind did indeed have a maker, but not a supernatural one, a completely mortal, flesh and blood one and the big clue is in the biblical Genesis where it says that Eve was created from Adam’s Rib. Today we know that the best cells to use for cloning are found on the inside of the ribs, which strongly suggests that the biblical story of Eve from Adam’ rib is nothing more than a corruption through many retellings, of a description of the genetic manipulation that created homo sapiens. After all, we are 95% genetically identical to a chimpanzee and science has not yet been able to satisfactorily explain where the other 5% of our genes came from.

      Religion is largely man’s attempt to fill in the blanks in his knowledge of the universe, when it would be far more rational to simply admit that we do not know the answers to many of the big questions rather than inventing religious clap trap to try to explain away these questions. Tesla was a man who sought answers to the big questions so it is highly doubtful that he would have been prepared to accept religious dogma as answers to those questions.

    • Khalid, I don’t see any reference to atheism in Todd or my comments. For myself, I am anti-religion, but am not an Atheist. You equate one with the other, not me. I also do not equate religion with spirituality, and in fact, my position is religion retards spirituality by design and intention. I find spirituality in many places in science. Mendeleev got the periodic table in a dream. Tesla was definitely a spiritual person, though non-religious. He explored the invisible forces. The very notion of Theology.
      Sidney Altman, discovered RNA after having a ‘experience” which caused him to switch majors, and as we find, those who are curious and motivated to explore invisible forces, are also spiritual, and certainly produce way more than any religion which produces only following and burdensome buildings. Oh , and war, lots of stupid wars.

    • I’m sorry, but what you wrote is utter nonsense to me. Religion and science are polar opposites, diametrically opposed. Science is based on evidence, whereas religion is based on an absolute absence of any evidence – hence why it is called faith – you have to have faith because there is no evidence that god exists, none whatsoever. To try to equate the existence of an electrical ether with some form of consciousness is beyond ludicrous. The ether is not some mystical unknowable thing, it exists, it has measurable properties, it is hard scientific fact, which is the antithesis of religious belief. To claim one has to have a belief in some mystical supernatural being in order to access the ether is one of the most insane things I have ever read, a machine that can harness the electrical potential of the ether does not have consciousness, it does not have religious beliefs, it does not have faith, it is just a machine. There is no evidence of god, there is no evidence of a supernatural creation event, religion is an artificial construct invented as a control mechanism to bend people to the will of those who lead the religion, it has absolutely no place in any field of science, it has no place in any rational, reasoned thought, it is ancient superstition and nonsense that mankind should have abandoned by now as it has been the cause of more deaths, more violence, more conflicts, more hatred and more exploitation than anything else in the entire history of mankind and to try to say that religion has any place in the scientific world is as stupid as anything I have ever heard.

    • I definitely don’t think I know everything, I try hard every day to learn more, being conscious that there is much I do not know and I accept there are things I will never have answers to. That said, I know when someone is talking a load of nonsense and am not afraid to say so. You’re talking nonsense and quite frankly, it’s such utter nonsense it’s not worth the time it would take to refute. Science is the antithesis of religion, they are diametrically opposed and completely incompatible. Tesla was a scientist and a very good one, so religion cannot have played much of a role in his life.

  7. All wars are bankster wars. Eisenhower warned the country about the military industrial complex. Who makes the billions when a country is at war.

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