Trump Bringing ISIS to America, as “White Helmets”

ISIS terrorists as fake civil defense workers, hunted for their crimes, now being brought to America

Editor’s note: ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists who took up the “White Helmet” and killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of civilians in false flag terror attacks…were caught time and time again doing it, are being brought to the US and Great Britain by MI 6 and the CIA under “terrorist protection,” like “witness protection” but with other uses.

America and Britain will be getting suicide bombers, school shooters, trained IED makers, trained car bombers, and with them, we can expect a new war on terror….to be blamed on Iran.

It will be the White Helmets and our own corrupt governments that supported them.  From Sputnik News, Moscow:


The self-described volunteer rescue group has been repeatedly accused by Damascus of being the “media arm” for Syrian jihadist groups, and been charged with staging false flag chemical attacks in a bid to prompt a Western military intervention in Syria.

Clooney went loony on the White Helmets

The US and its allies have ramped up plans to evacuate hundreds of members of the White Helmets and their families from southern Syria’s Quneitra governorate as Syrian forces continue to clear the area from anti-government forces, US officials have told the AP.

Two anonymous US officials said to be familiar with the evacuation plans noted that the US and its British and Canadian allies were leading the operation to evacuate members of the NGO out of Syria to neighboring countries, and then on to Western European countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and possibly Canada.

The officials and a member of the group AP reached for comment said the operation was likely to happen soon due to the Syrian military’s continued push to expel militants from southern Syria. “These are hard hours and minutes. This is the worst day of my life. I hope they rescue us before it is too late,” the White Helmets member said.

Planning for the operation was said to have been accelerated after last week’s NATO summit. The evacuation is expected to take place from the small area of militant-controlled land left between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, near a disengagement line which Tel Aviv set up in 1974 after the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

The US temporarily froze $200 million in funding for so-called ‘stabilization programs’ involving Syria earlier this year amid President Trump’s talk of withdrawing from Syria once Daesh (ISIS/ISIL)* was defeated, but went ahead with the release of $6.6 million for the White Helmets last month.

Damascus issued a scathing criticism of the US decision, accusing Washington and its allies of supporting a group which serves as a “blatant embodiment of US, French, British and other states’ support for various kinds of terrorism witnessed in Syria since 2011.”

Earlier, military sources speaking to Sputnik Arabic warned that their monitoring of the group led them to conclude that they may be preparing a new false flag chemical attack amid the Syrian army’s advance.

The White Helmets are a self-described rescue organization founded by former British Army officer James Le Mesurier in 2014, and officially tasked with saving civilian lives in militant-controlled areas of Syria. Damascus and Moscow accuse the group of being a propaganda arm for the Nusra Front terror group**, and have provided extensive evidence and witness testimony of the group’s propensity for staging fake attacks.

In April, the US, France and Britain launched missile strikes against multiple targets around Syria, justifying them using ‘video evidence’ of an alleged chemical attack in Douma provided by the White Helmets. Subsequent investigations have shown that the video was a fake.

*A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.

**A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries. Also known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. Also described as al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch.


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  1. It’s being reported this morning by Canadian news, (2 days after this article was published) that Israel rescued hundreds of their White Helmets terrorists last night and that Canada, the UK and Germany will be accepting them as refugees. Apparently Canada will be accepting 50 of them…I have written a detailed letter to my government, slamming the decision to provide aid and comfort to terrorists. In my letter, I included multiple cases where the White Helmets have staged videos to be used for propaganda purposes, records of their funding which prove they’re not volunteers, a brief background of their history including their multiple connections to terrorists and examples of the effects of their propaganda, which include the recent illegal attacks conducted by the US, UK and France against the Syrian government.

  2. This is par for team Trump. No Muslims…isn’t that what the buffoon said? I guess unless they’re terrorists, that is. I look for most of the ‘loose ends’ to be killed. They don’t represent anything (while alive) that is useful and bringing them to the US might just backfire, especially if the MSM lose their grip on ‘the storyline’. These white helmets will most likely get the Kurd treatment. While getting on their rescue bus, they should be wary of ending up under it.

  3. Not one word from any official in any capacity in the U.S. Government can be believed whether from mouths directly or lying media without very very hard proof of any and all claims. These are pathological liars, cheaters and gangsters who will stop at nothing, no evil deed excused, from having their selfish way. America is gone folks. Deal with it. Look at what they have already done with all the lies about 9/11/01, Patriot Act, all totally unconstitutional, whores and pimps in Congress, most dual citizens of Israel, and on and on and on. How much more evidence do you or anyone need? Wake up Americans, you have been had.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. That said, with all the money the WH have been gifted and looted, look for them soon in an upscale neighborhood near you.

  5. If they are so nice peacemakers, send them to demine Raqqa. US coalition totally destroyed it and shows no desire to help. Around 900 civilians were killed or injured by mines and ammo hidden in the ruins.

    • Andrew is saying the US totally destroyed Raqqa, which is absolutely true. He was saying that if the White Helmets are truly determined peace keepers, send them to Raqqa to remove all the mines

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