Cohen Recording of Trump: “Shut her up or I’ll have Felix and his boys whack the c#@t!”

Joe Pesci playing Trump's Bayrock Group business partner....dead on!


But Trump himself says the recording, even the death threat part, is illegal and that Cohen should never have recorded Trump’s felonies. Then again, we aren’t sure if Trump ever signed a contract/engagement with Cohen or even paid him.

Trump with Joe Pesci look alike

Trump is a bit of a chiseler, wouldn’t it be sad, tragic, if the savior of Israel and this sterling and athletic example of military heroism and Christian charity were to be caught again.

“I can’t believe Michael would do this to me?”

You know, if Trump were going to deal with the problem, he could do the “full Obama” and have him whacked by Navy Seals and then have them loaded on a scrap heap helicopter and crashed into the side of a mountain.

I do so love politics.

Trump, of course, was just joking when he was recorded.  He is that kind of guy, a “funny guy.”


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  1. “the savior of Israel and this sterling and athletic example of military heroism and Christian charity”….now that’s class! It borders on Shakespearean. I didn’t quite get the part of him being a bit of a chiseler. Are you referring to his chiseled abs?

  2. Trump says the recording is illegal? I could be reading it wrong, but New York recording law requires the consent of only one person involved in a conversation, for the conversation to be legally recorded. So in this case, if Trump was talking to Cohen and Cohen recorded the conversation, the recording of that conversation was completely legal and Trump is wrong, again.

    • I believe he said,”possibly illegal” ,.. being quite used to legal maneuvering trump may have had a clause in his contract with Cohen preventing tapes or transcripts of meetings. The NYS law is in lieu of existing contracts between atty and client. pretty sure, maybe, …
      There’s an old SNL skit of Trumps divorce papers with Ivana. …

  3. Trump Derangement Syndrome: When a person believes anything Trump says.
    One of the lesser known points of Trump University, was the “gang of pals:” that all got a taste of the subscribers money. Like Lexington Law, Provo Utah, was quite often channeled the poorest of the buyers, with the least amount of money, and there hooked onto a auto withdrawal for a credit fixing scheme they could barely afford.
    The way it works, is a room full of girls sit around hand writing letters to creditors pretending to be the person and even forging the signatures of the people. Trump is discernibly in a network that rides the fringe of allowable behavior grabbing everything they can, from anybody they can. The kind of guys, the sheriff used to escort to the edge of town, with a warning to never return. This is now the president. LOL

    • I should add, Lexington Law does fix poor peoples credit for a fair price if you have the ability to navigate.
      And while the credit agencies may serve a purpose , it is also a negative overall outcome. For the people who work for a living. Welcome to the fringe, it is neither to be condoned or condemned. But the overriding theme of the fringe is to be wary and cunning, while simultaneously being daring, and careless. This is also an overriding theme of the current climate in investment. Dog eat dog, going live.

    • I am a strong advocate for people to turn away from the senate and house elections and focus on the sheriff’s.
      We elect Sheriff’s. Very good place to get folks back into knowledge of civics.
      These are almost always rank and file fully trained collectors, but we can elect anyone we want for Sheriff.
      Check your local requirements for the office. Elect from outside the department.

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