VT’s Imran Khan declares victory in Pakistan’s general election


Editor’s note:  Based on my personal discussions with Imran Khan, America’s games in Pakistan, an embassy filled with CIA contractors who engage in terror acts against Pakistan…

Imran Khan is more than aware.  I worked with him.  The video below is Imran Khan with VT editor General Hamid Gul (deceased) on the release of “Devil killer” Raymond Davis.

Khan, now Pakistan’s president and longtime friend and VT contributor, has sworn to end participation in America’s occupation of Afghanistan and support of America’s war on the Pashtun people, who make up the majority in Afghanistan but live under US rule under the drug lords of Kabul.

My estimation is that Imran Khan is the “real deal.”

From Sputnik News or RT, one or the other, I forget:


Cricket player-turned-politician Imran Khan has declared victory in Pakistan’s election, seeing off the party of former PM Nawaz Sharif, who was jailed for corruption. Voting was marred by violence and allegations of poll-rigging.

With about half the votes counted from Wednesday’s elections, Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) – Justice Movement – has a solid lead, according to the official preliminary results. The elections were marred by a gruesome suicide bombing. Some 371,000 soldiers have been deployed at polling stations across the country, nearly five times as many as during last general election in 2013.

Khan addressed the nation from his home in Islamabad, vowing to investigate all complaints of rigged polls made by his opponents  the Pakistan Muslim League, a center-right conservative party, sympathetic to the US. Supporters of its de facto leader Sharif, who has bad blood with the military, claimed the army tipped the scales in Khan’s favor.

“It is a sheer rigging. The way the people’s mandate has blatantly been insulted, it is intolerable,” Shehbaz Sharif, PML-N president and brother of Nawaz, claimed as the counting continued.

Having run on an anti-corruption ticket, Khan pledged to “fix” the governing system of Pakistan and make the country what its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, actually dreamed it would become. The leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice also stated that he will be “embarrassed” to live in the lavish PM palace when over half of Pakistanis live below the poverty line. Khan promised to turn the palace into an educational or public institution instead.

“I started this struggle 22 years ago and thankfully today I have been given a chance to fulfill what I dreamt for the country,”  Khan stated. “We will run Pakistan like it’s never been run before.”

On top of domestic issues, Khan also pledged to address pressing international concerns, declaring that Pakistan and India should resume talks in a bid to resolve the years-long Kashmir crisis.

He also promised to strengthen relations with China, continuing to work on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Aside from economic cooperation, Pakistan has much to learn from Beijing in other fields, Khan insisted, mentioning China’s experience in poverty alleviation and curbing corruption.

Back in April, Khan gave an interview to RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze, criticizing the US approach on the region, and Afghanistan in particular. Islamabad, formerly a close ally of Washington, has endured “heavy punishment” for participation in the US-led war on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants in the neighboring country, for a very little benefit, he said.

“There is a problem, unfortunately, that the American policy of using a one-dimensional military solution to problems in Afghanistan has led not only to the longest war, but it has caused immense problems to Pakistan,” Khan told RT at the time.


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  1. Khalid, you do not work with concrete, That much is obvious,.the point here, the dude is wrong. Kan or Khan is a universal word spanning all continents and the meaning is the same. That is meat from a knowledge perspective. Your personal vendetta’s are more important to you than the point of the comment.
    I have hand mixed all types of masonry products for many decades. Water, sand, gravel and Portland (amounts and quality) can vary the longevity. In many cases 70 is generous. Sometimes it is 3 or 5.
    Let me guess how many times, you have hand mixed mortar or concrete,…. Zero.

  2. Jaffer, that is very interesting, it means the same in Quiche Maya, Kan is the judges and Governors, and the blood for the kundalini.

  3. Just a minor point, the Niazi are one of the tribes from the Turani continuum. that were Pukhtunized only 700 years ago. (Welcome to our world, we think in epochs and eras). The Niazis, however, are not Pukhtun speaking. Their mother tribe are the Ghilzai; of whom the branches are Khilji, Suri, Ghori, Niazi. Khilji is a lexical transition from Ghilzai. Khiji ruled in Delhi. As did the Ghori & the Suris. The Hotaki dynasty of Afghanistan was Ghilzai. One tradition depicts the Khilji (Ghilzai) as people who refused to accept the Word from Moses (pbuh) and migrated to the East.

    • Here’s a question for our Pakistani readers – how do you feel about Mountbatten and how partition was handled?

    • Radcliffe was so disgusted with the Partition arrangements that he refused to take the monies awarded to him. Mountbatten leaned strongly towards India. Which he continued to do so after Partition, as Governor-General of India. He refused to let the Jat Hindu principality of Bharatpur to join Pakistan. He completely disregarded the declaration of the island principality of Janjira to stay independent. (The population were sea-faring Africans). It was under Mountbatten’s watch that Taran Chand, the IG police of the Indian Punjab ordered the police remove Muslims from East Punjab & Gurdaspur (the region linking India to Kashmir). He said to let the people decide whether they want to go with India or Pakistan. He applied it to Junagadh, but not Kashmir. Morfeover, he excercised his influence on General Frank Messervy, the C-in-C of Pakistan’s army to refuse the orders from Jinnah to send the Pakistan army in Kashmir.

    • Thankyou, I did not know these details, all I knew was that Mountbatten rushed Partition, doing it far too quickly so that it became a mess of violence and upheaval. Mountbatten was not a very intelligent man by all accounts, during WW2 when he was a liaison to the US, the Americans did not think highly of him at all. There are also many allegations of pederastic behaviour and he is even alleged to have had a homosexual relationship with Edward 8 before his abdication. Who knows what is true but the man was not regarded as very competent by most of his contemporaries and clearly wasn’t a good guy, he was the one who brought Jimmy Saville into the orbit of the Royal family.

  4. Let’s see how it goes Gordon. I never met him, but my first cousins were/are good friends with him. His integrity is said to be sound, but many of the corrupt politicians fromother parties joined him. Also, I really wonder what kind of backing he has from his ex-wife Jemima & the Goldsmith family fortune. Which was foremost in supporting Chechnya’s idependence. It is also, as we all know, llinked to Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, and the British Royal family. To use a phrase from Marxism, it appears to be a competition for resources between different factions of world monopoly capitalism.

    It’s always useful to remember that there was a class of people who, to maintain their privileges, worked hand-in-hand with the colonists. Some did it for sheer survival when there was no other powerful non-colonial entity left. Others did it to further their own interests.

  5. Khan is actually from the Mongol, Tungusic & Turkic languages. Literally it means “blood”. In it’s semantics it means a “hereditary” leader or ruler. The Chinese equivalent is Han. I have come across quite a few Chinese who commented that my wife’s last name Khan is Chinese.

    It’s adaptation into the people of Pakistan & India signifies either someone descended from the Pukhtoons (though no one uses it as a surname in Afghanistan) or of descent from a ruler, not necessarily of Pukhtun origin. The Jewish Kahana/Cohen/ Kagan reflects the assumption of a title during the Khazarian Empire. It was usually accorded to those of the priestly class. Many of whom may very well have been Semites.

  6. Concrete: 1 part Portland, 1.5 parts sand, and 3 parts gravel, estimated longevity depending on the mix, 70 years.

    Objective :something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target:

    factual: the slitheriest slipperiest non-grabbable substance in the universe. elusive, subjective, often manufactured. dependent on reality and the perception of it, (modern slang) a word to denote Authority often without actual substance; taken as truth when stated as fact

  7. He has the ability to see the whole picture. Inheriting a condition of decay, is tough for anyone. However, it is also one of the few places, where great success is possible both personally, and for the people.
    Look at the mess this dude has to clean up, because of US foreign policy. I wish him the best.

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