Alex Jones to Sue Pozner, Others, Over Sandy Hook “Hoax”


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Editor’s note:  Watch the video.  Alex Jones has, according to the take on this full story, has counter sued for $100k.

Would the government, as part of an online program of targeting “influencers,” stage what Robbie Parker calls “events” in order to track responses?  Was Sandy Hook an attempt to see just how far the government could go?  This is our suspicion, this and Boston and and and and and and and and… Gordon Duff

By Elizabeth Williamson, NY Times

AUSTIN, Tex. — In the five years since Noah Pozner was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., death threats and online harassment have forced his parents, Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, to relocate seven times. They now live in a high-security community hundreds of miles from where their 6-year-old is buried.

“I would love to go see my son’s grave and I don’t get to do that, but we made the right decision,” Ms. De La Rosa said in a recent interview. Each time they have moved, online fabulists stalking the family have published their whereabouts.

“With the speed of light,” she said. “They have their own community, and they have the ear of some very powerful people.”

On Wednesday in an Austin courtroom, the struggle of the Sandy Hook families to hold to account Alex Jones, a powerful leader of this online community, will reach a crossroads. Lawyers for Noah Pozner’s parents will seek to convince a Texas judge that they — and by extension the families of eight other victims in the 2012 shooting that killed 20 first graders and six adults — have a valid defamation claim against Mr. Jones, whose Austin-based Infowars media operation spread false claims that the shooting was an elaborate hoax.

The Pozner hearing is a bellwether in three cases, including another in Texas and one in Connecticut, filed by relatives of nine Sandy Hook victims. It comes as the social media platforms Mr. Jones relies upon to spread incendiary claims initiate efforts to curb him.

The day after the Pozner case, in the same courthouse, is a hearing in a separate defamation case against Mr. Jones brought by Marcel Fontaine, who was falsely identified on Infowars’ website as the gunman in the Parkland, Fla., school shooting in February. Mr. Fontaine, who lives in Massachusetts, has never visited Florida. The Pozner family and Mr. Fontaine are being represented by Mark Bankston of Farrar & Ball, a law firm based in Houston.

SPECIAL NOTE: VT does NOT endorse Sandy Hook deniers, however being an open forum for all points of view, it believes in the First Amendment and academic freedom. Thus VT others a platform to tell their stories, points of view, and opinions. VT empathizes and stands with the victims of Sandy Hook and their families.


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  1. Good day Ian, thank you for your articles. I enjoy reading VT articles and your website is my smart phone’s homepage on my web browser… LOL I kid not! Anyways I would be interested in reading VT’s account of Sandy Hook because I too was hoodwinked into the disinfo. I see you wrote that it is a pointless exercise, but I disagree, because from time to time VT re-publishes and updates articles previously published from 911 to the NWO. I have heard all the disinfo, now I would love to hear another side to the story, VT’s side. Thank you in advance.

  2. @Ian G ~ So if it was this hit team then why not write a piece giving more info on this scenario, I’m sure many people would be most interested to read.

    • What’s the point? It would achieve nothing and most people seem to prefer to believe in outrageous conspiracy nonsense instead.

  3. Ian G – So what is the most complete and accurate account of what really happened at Sandy Hook? Or are there things that cannot be shared to protect sources?

    • There is virtually nothing written about Sandy Hook that is worthwhile, it’s all bunk, basically, the prime and most egregious example of such being Fetzer’s shameful ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’, one of the very worst pieces of crap ever written. One of the lessons we learned from Sandy Hook and Jade Helm is that there just isn’t anyone left outside VT and a tiny, tiny handful of others that does proper research and publishes valid writing, everyone else is either a disinfo op or a useful idiot..

      With Sandy Hook, as with all such events, the best information is that which comes out first, before the psy ops and disinfo gets into gear. In the case of Sandy Hook, the initial sighting by the helicopter of men running away into the trees was key.

      So what happened? Well, it’s rather simple, a small hit team of two or three men disguised as cops drove up to the school in the Black Honda, then simply walked in, being buzzed through the door without any check due to being dressed as cops, then simply starting shooting. They then ran away into the woods, intending to make good their escape; however, the local LEO response was too swift and caught them in the woods, all of this was seen and filmed by the helicopter, they had a brief chat with the local legit cops, showed them their ID and calmly walked back to the school with the local cops, then simply disappeared by mingling into the crowd that had, by that time, gathered around the school. This is where the disinfo, mis-directions and psy ops begin, and there were many of them, multiple layers, all of it designed to ensnare the likes of Fetzer and lead them off into blind alleys. Examples include the fake photos showing a delapidated school, the FBI agents overheard talking loudly in Hebrew, the whole Gene Rosen saga, etc. etc. Ignore it all, the real, actual event was over by the time the local cops arrived on the scene just a few minutes after the fake cops had shot up the school and run away into the woods.

  4. this case should move forward…let jones show the proof of his claims.

    does any person have the right to make such accusations without reprisal?
    “ didnt bury your small child, he is still alive and you were just acting”…….you think that… fair play?

  5. Only morons like Fetzer still cling to the ‘no children died’ bullshit. Yes, children were shot and killed at Sandy Hook, yes the truth is obscured by multiple layers of disinfo and psy op; yes, crisis actors were used; no, it was not an entirely fake event. It’s not actually that difficult to figure out what happened once you peel away all the layers of fraud and deliberate distraction, but far too many people have been conned into following false narratives and being utterly mislead by red herrings. Sandy Hook, like the Boston bombing, was a test case, a trial run of sorts, for all the subsequent false flag events. One of the things they learned from Sandy Hook was how easy it is to fool the US public and have them believing all kinds of nonsense.

  6. Any confirmation that Pozner is really being harassed? If so, if feels like karma for his getting James Tracy fired.

  7. From Feter’s book (avail. as a free PDF on the net), p. 61: Remarkably, the state has done its best to avoid releasing the death certificates and even recordings of the 911 calls. Death certificates were eventually “released” but not to the public or those who might want to investigate the case further; only a short, general summary was available.12 On June 5, 2013, Connecticut passed legislation (Public Act 13–311) blocking disclosure of photos or video images of (all) homicide victims, along with other records.13

    Something is very fishy here…

  8. I am examining this case as a dual event. It reminds me of the dual bear attack of Aug 13 1967.
    “The information, Gildart says today, was “mind-boggling,” and for good reason. The park, nearly 1,600 square miles of stunning peaks and valleys in northwest Montana, had recorded no grizzly-caused human fatalities since it was established in 1910. Then, on one night, two bears in spots several miles apart killed two campers. Both victims were 19-year-old women.” So, the list of synchronicities boggled the minds of investigators for years and is a famous case due to the extreme percentages of probabilities.

    • The list of synchronicities between Sandy Hook and Chenpeng China incidents are off the charts, as to percentage of probability. Unless, of course, these synchronous events are an area of study. They are in fact, time stamps, for calibration of space time. Precisely 12 hours apart on opposite sides of the earth.
      Simply flip between the two events, and note the similarities. Keep in mind, that the consensus of time keeping is that the day begins on the eastern China shore or the pacific, and the day ends on the western shore of California or the pacific. From the perspective of gun control as a motivation, the Chenpeng incident would be GOLD, and yet only one lawmaker has ever brought it up. Maybe the topic is just too much for people to conceive. Or, the knowledge is simply prevented at the request of those who set and control time.

    • David, I am sure you know this but it is worth repeating: Unlikely events happen every day. Just because an event has low probability does not mean it can’ t happen. The only events which can’t happen are those with exactly zero probability and those are few and far between. Also Black Bears are known for friendliness with humans. In this great book “Canoeing with the Cree” by Eric Sevareid, 1935, the author and his friend camped right next to black bears and even developed a kinship with them. They followed together on the trail in Minnesota. Of course the Grizzly has a much more dangerous reputation than the Black, with the Polar Bear deadly. Also there could have been other unreported attacks. This is not a criticism of your good comment. You could still be correct.

    • wjabbe, yes, of course, I collect these events and correlate them, so I have hundreds, but there are very few that have precise details beyond 3 or 4, and lengths of time in between events is also a consideration. So, the bear attacks ( the first and second in over 50 years) just happened to be in Bear decan Aug 12 – 22 also the birth time of Schwartzkopf who was nicknamed ‘the bear’. along with dozens of others…McCrystal also, …
      The sandy hook chenpeng incident has over a dozen precise details, that correlate , but this does not prove one was planned and the other hoax, just looking at the similarities, and details and timing according to established models.. The day and decan and other time markers also come into play, but not for the public who is not privy to such things. The event was predictable to within a few days “as expected violence against children, in a school or other setting of gathering”. The same timeframe is noted for animal attacks of a superfluous nature, meaning not necessarily for food.

    • I think the bigger question, aside from the bizarre, is if people knew two nearly identical incidents happened and in one a knife was used, nobody died, and another a gun and everyone died, then if gun control was the motivation of the circus aftermath, Why would this not be brought up as a shining example ? This could have gotten more media buzz than almost anything the greatest minds could think of. It was GOLD for the anti-gun lobby, so why wasn’t it used ? I think that is a very interesting question.

    • So, here’s a scenario. Two girls named Mary, in two different time zones,2 hours apart, walk into a candy store at 8 am, and both girls buy 8 pieces of candy from a jar, fumble for change in their pockets to pay for it, and are given 2 cents to cover by the person at the register. both leave the store at 804 am and get hit by a yellow vehicle and die at exactly 805 am.
      Is this type of thing just something we don’t discuss, or is it taboo? Do the religious authorities have this type of information ? if so, are they withholding it ? My claim is yes they do, and it is quiet, because authority would be destroyed. It is the omission of place and time, your location.

    • Jadez,… In the case of the 2 bear attacks, it became a media frenzy and investigators across the country were commenting on the odd, “coincidence ” aspect of the case. It changed the way our country treated bears. It is still commented on in this context. It was considered highly bizarre,. The two elementary school attacks have a much larger number of improbable “coincidences” and yet nobody bats an eye. Also, in space time, they happened simultaneously. The movie, Three Identical Strangers is getting a lot of press and is considered eye opening, and it is of the same type of investigation. That turned out to be a covert test being conducted by Yale, that involved separating children 3 identical twins, to conduct a multi-year study. I consistently maintain, there is a set of knowledge the church and state withhold, concerning these types of incidents. The knowledge leads to awareness,

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