France: Raw Intel on Upcoming Israeli Action

Machine Translated by, of all things, "Google"



Masters Ludot and Cens,

The third man with glasses, Philippe Mizerski is the link between Carlos Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve, Delpuech, Cadot, Xavier Jugele shot on the fields, the Israeli mossad acting from the heart of the French security services, from the police prefecture and the Laying off Melanchon in May 2017. Carlos Manuel Valls and Cazeneuve attacked Mohamed Boutiche because they know where the installation of a military deployment on French soil to fight a mafia who took power by attacks and who acts on the orders of a crazy psychopath named Benjamin Netanyahu. They know that we are the only ones to have announced all the attacks in advance. We have described in detail how the Israelis are preparing the anti-Muslim civil war with their false DAESH / ISIS type groups, whose DGSE had control partly since Raqqa during the attacks in France, but also with the total control of all Identity groups, extreme right or ultra right. This scenario was revealed by us from London in 2007, and it was taken over in 2009 by The Telegraph … Operation Blackjack, initiated by an Israeli alliance of apocalyptic groups and sects.

This war islam-chretiente is a staging complete! Actors and mercenaries play it. It is currently controlled by the terrorist Gerard Collomb, who shot Mohamed Boutiche, with Molins, Conus. Valls is, as we have said and written, a brele, a donkey, like Netanyahu or Hollande, Cazeneuve and Macron. Valls being at the heart of terrorism cases, because we accused him and we proved his culpability with that of the CRIF, the Israeli embassy, ​​the French naco-terrorist relays in the Maghreb, he set up a decree invalidating the constitution … no more, no less. This means that Mohamed Boutiche is free, that justice is no longer independent and that our recourse to international institutions, the most legal in the world. What do you want, we have breles in front of us. Mohamed Boutiche is free, but the DGSI and Valls, Cazeneuve, Molins, Netanyahu do not want the UN to investigate the attacks in France, the justice is not competent since subject to the Franco-Israeli mafia, Masonic networks Franco-Israelis who fall apart behind Benalla / Mizerski etc. do so knowing that Trump, allying Netanyahu is dechu. Melanchon is the one who won the election in 2017. It’s not a gift either, he’s also a franc-macon, like the terrorist Collomb. But it is not only the Israelis who have videos and recordings after all … From Mizerski, we go back to Collomb, then Valls, Cazeneuve, Holland, the Parisian lodge of the great east, NATO has Brussels, and Netanyahu has Tel Aviv. The Collomb went to Algeria to ask the head of Rachid Nekkaz Bedoui, this guy is completely smashed, he trusted the French agents …. who balance! He will take perpetuity …

December 5, 2016 Mr. Manuel Valls then Prime Minister decreed and created under the number 2016 -1675 published in the Official Journal under number 02 83 of December 6, 2016 text number 63 “the general inspection of justice” placed with the custody of seals Minister of Justice.

This decree creating this “General Inspectorate of Justice” entered into force on 1 January 2017 and places the judicial authority under the control of the Keeper of the Seals.

From 1 January 2017 the Constitution was violated no longer respecting the separation of powers with justice which should be independent but which is no longer, contradicting and thus violating the principles of the Constitution.

since January 1, 2017 the justice is no longer independent. All the decisions of all the courts of justice in France have therefore become since that date, illegal, obsolete and illegitimate, having been unable to render independent opinions, because there is no more separation of powers for justice, it there is more constitution in France, there is no more republic

Do not blame the terrorist Carlos Manuel Valls, he set up a Talmudic monarchy on the orders of his boss in such Aviv. He thought he would be elected on a wave of CBRN attacks. It was plan B. Only, the machiah ben yosef has the Elysee, he wants to put the costume, he betrayed and Attali says it, he begins to doubt Macron and already presents Marion Marechal Le Pen as his replacement , Netanyahu in their words, will know what he understands the Rotschild’s stooge when our sites … Play three tables with so much light, must be silly! But then, you do not want your costume of little monarch, little jupiter, machaiah ben yoesef, the little Jesus of the Christians and the false Mahdi of the Muslims? You can be right, you must not listen to a psychopath … never put yourself on


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  1. I agree with some of the comments as to this may be an elaborate fishing expedition. Saying that, I will repeat what I have said in the past, “they” will burn the entire planet before giving up one whit of power. It’s quite possible that this (not the article) is their ultimate end game. The cattle, having outlived their usefulness, must be eliminated. The easiest way to do that is to have us kill off each other. I believe I saw a cartoon to that effect years ago. Very direct and to the point. Meanwhile they laugh their as**s off in their bunkers in Patagonia, along with the NCE (non-corporeal-entity) that is their true master. That will be the ultimate payoff for that creature. It will feed off the pain, horror, despair, and death before moving on.

  2. If so many people know it don’t you think the French government would know it too and how long does it take to change the codes.
    Zios are good at propaganda and bluff as a routine, they have created a perception that they will act but look at what they have done so far, killing unarmed people is like duck shooting but when they went against Hizbullah who had the will to fight, just see the results, same for 73 war, if US had not helped them where would they be ??? They act cooky just because they have the US forces behind them and no matter what they do no law applies to them.

  3. A variation of the, “Samson Option.” Why not? Catastrophic to the human race, but think, “Planet Rothschild”, scenario! The French Revolution, Napoleon/Waterloo, Marxist Bolshevik Communism, wiped out the Russian and European Royal Families/Aristocracy, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Middle East and N. Africa, the United States became the, ‘Plantation’ of the new, ‘Cosmopolitan Aristocracy’ the Zionist/Jewish Rothschild Clan! They survived ALL that, I have listed, with, “FLYING COLORS” and controlling the wealth of ALL the nations! “ECONOMIC SANCTIONS”, anyone?? Banksters of the Rothschild Clan, are the Control Freaks of the Planet!

    • addition/correction,… ‘with, “FLYING COLORS” and -TODAY -they are controlling the wealth….

  4. Gordon, please invest a dime in translation. If I wasn’t dyslexic before reading this article, I am now. Anyway, on a more humorous if not a lighter note, this morning while driving to my shrink’s office I listened to you and Jim Dean’s August 2 talk with Jeff Rense. You guys spent a minute joking about AI and Google’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa. I have neither, but I do have a couple of related, and funny interactions to share. Here goes. The first year Honda offered navigation as an option my friend and I were checking out their new Accord. For laughs my degenerate friend typed in “blow job”. Honda answered with directions to the nearest motel which as happens was right next door to the dealer. We both felt that it was hilarious, and agreed some engineer at Honda had a sense of humor. More recently, while visiting with my grandson at my ex-wife’s place, she has the Google version of Alexa, I was shocked when my 7 year old grandson laughed while farting into the machine. Google responded with a laugh of it’s own, and replied, “I farted too”. So much for AI not being human.

    • Many moon ago I sent a full 4 hours in a coffeeshop in the Jordaan suburb of Amsterdam discussing that very topic with a beautiful blonde Russian woman who was a lecturer in political sciences at the university, she couldn’t believe she had met an Englishman who knew all about the 20th century history of Russia and knew the truth about the Jewish nature of the Bolsheviks, until that point she had assumed it was totally unknown outside Russia that it was really a Judeo-Zionist seizure of power. She told me to read as much Solzhenitsyn as I could find in English. She didn’t know the Jews had been kicked out of England in 1294 to return in the 1660s thanks to Cromwell until I told her about it. That was quite some afternoon.

    • Well, it all started because when she walked in, I was sat at the end of the bar reading a book I’d just bought in one of the many secondhand bookshops around the Leidseplein, it was called Russia At War, 1941-45 by Alexander Werth, I still have it, somewhat battered paperback with bright orange spine. That book attracted a comment from her and we got chatting and it just went on and on, one of the most deeply fascinating conversations I have ever had, she told me so much I had only suspected or not known at all about Russia, and she was very intrigued to talk to me about Hitler, the war and how the British perception of those and Stalin and Russia actually was, even moreso because I deviated so greatly from the standard Western viewpoint on all those issues. I would love to say I did indeed get to know her more intimately, but I happened to have a Brazilian girlfriend at the time so was fully satiated in that regard. Sadly, I forgot to exchange contact details with her, I imagine we would have developed a good friendship and continued our dialogue. Blame the smoky atmosphere prevalent in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam as being detrimental to one’s short term memory….

  5. This could very well be a planned leak.

    Back in 2012-14 I know that Netanyahu at least twice was quoted in the MSM to dish-out “C’mon, lets start this”; spitting out a semiotic that of course was not elaborated by the journalists.

    Once Netanyahu had called to an extra early morning select minister meeting. When a female minister later got to work the meeting just finished and one other minister came out and said to her that Netanyahu had said that if they face risk of an internal Israeli Jewish uprising they will nuke the world (IIRC the Dolphin subs were mentioned).

    In Michael Rathford’s book The Nostradamus Code: WWIII it is predicted that a “crazed leader” will start nuking south European cities from submarines.

    If Israeli Kabbalists and Talmudists plan to do this then they must communicate it somehow because TRUTH is Cosmic Law and for their Pineal Glands to remain open to the Holy Spirit (continue to be blessed, Enlightened) they must communicate what they plan.

  6. With all due respect Mr Duff, but can you trust the source of this intel? This may be disinfo or a trap to weed out treasonous agents within the French Intel maybe? Is this info just an old piece of intel that talked of ‘possible scenarios’ or is it a ‘clear and present danger’ of becoming reality in the near future? Is there a timeline for this? Anything is possible I believe. But in light of the fact that Syria is on the verge of clearing out the last of the foreign backed mercenaries and the idiots that follow them, then this seems like a good idea to distract attention and maybe to put the focus on one of Israel’s biggest foe Iran. Would Iran be blamed for this? Is there some kind of investigation that is going to start within France, Europe? I guess now we are armed with this knowledge if anything does happen soon we know who is responsible don’t we?

  7. Duff,
    This is ridiculous. It makes me question the validity of all articles here. Sure Israel is the worst crime organization on the planet.
    But what is this gibberish?
    You had a deadline for an article over summer break? Got a drunk son in law to type on your laptop.
    You are still the man.

  8. Hunter, IF this is true, then it is likely that Bibi has the codes for more than just France. But I have no way to assess the truth of this article, except for generally trusting Mr. Duff on these types of issues.

    • A first strike as Worker Bee mentions is appropriate. However they get their orders from this place: 51° 30′ 53″ N, 0° 5′ 58″ W

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