Mythical City of Atlantis Allegedly Discovered in Sahara Desert


An overzealous truth seeker, who runs YouTube channel Bright Insight, claims to have found the mystical city of Atlantis and insists that its true location has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

In a viral video that racked up over half a million views in just two days, YouTube blogger Jimmy Bright argues that the Richat Structure, a geologic dome in northwest Sahara also referred to as the Eye of the Sahara, is the most likely location of Atlantis.

He cited measurements from the famous Dialogues of Plato, which gave birth to the legend. The Greek philosopher claimed that Atlantis was a long-gone empire, which stretched into Europe as far as Italy and into Africa as far as Egypt thousands of years ago. The giant island was allegedly wiped off the face of the planet by a natural disaster “in a single day and night of misfortune.”

At first sight, this has nothing to do with the land-based Richat Structure, but Jimmy claims that the so-called Younger Dryas theory could be a possible explanation. According to it, a massive change in global temperatures caused abrupt climate change and sea levels to rise.

In what can be viewed as another proof to the Sahara theory, the diameter of the Richat dome’s outer circle is 23.5 km, according to Google Map’s measurements, which matches those cited by Plato (127 stadia, which is roughly 23.5km in today’s terms).

An iceberg floats in Andvord Bay, Antarctica, February 14, 2018
WATCH Google Earth Used to Find “Atlantis” Below Antarctic Ice

Another thing that helps put the jigsaw puzzle together is a theory that the Eye of the Sahara closely matches the description from Plato’s dialogues. The ancient philosopher wrote that the main city of Atlantis consisted of concentric circles of water and land, which, Jimmy said, looks pretty much similar to the circular form of the Richat Structure.

Although the majority of researchers believe that Plato’s story was nothing but an expressive allegory used to describe a failed idea of pursuing power and money, it has raised quite a few conspiracy theories. Since the Middle Ages, explorers have been pointing fingers at different places around the world, including the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the most incredible conspiracy theories linking the location of Atlantis to the Antarctic and the North Sea.


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  1. Right there in Mauriatania, the ancient home of the Berners. Who by an account of the Scottish Genealogical Society are cousins with significant overlapping of tribes. Nearby, according to stories, lies the place where the Titan Atlas was. In libya is said to be the grave of the ancient Medusa. The Hellenes themselves appropriated the themes, myths and demi-gods & heroes of a much earlier people who existed long before the Greeks had learned to crawl out of caves. According to some, many figures, such as Hercules were of African origin, as were many other Hellene tales. Tellingly, the ancient Greeks looked upon the Ethiopians as gods. Those same people also look upon the tribes of the Sudan and the Ethiopian deserts as the original Bedouins.

    Another indication that there may be some trutch to that is that near Mecca there is a mountain by the name of Hira, which is a lexical transition from Hera. That’s not all. The Norse gods were known as aesir. Which means they were people from the South. Also near Mecca is a mountain by the name of Jabal Thawr; from which Thor is a lexical transition. Gar-e-Hira (Cave of Hira) is where the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) received the Quran Karim first. Ghar-e-Thawr (Cave of Thawr) is where refuge was sought from the and , according to Quran Karim, knowledge was poured into their hearts (meaning the Prophet pbuh & Syedna Abu bakr Siddiq ra)

    • Our approach to understanding time is recently linear and mathematical. That is the most indirect approach I can think of for the topic. Building a city in the actual structure of time, is not new, and things of particular persona gravitate to particular places, such as the simple observation that cities have distinct personalities and traits regardless of the race or culture. These things come natural and intentional. To have a city with rings of water and all things properly placed would enhance the flow of knowledge and general activity would be smoother and purposeful. Many cities are disturbed by their own layout design. Most of what we have is hodge podge and haphazardly designed in a disjointed multi-agenda manner. To implement a city design with knowledge of geomancy would astound the world and is not possible with religion.

    • Homo erectus trilliensis were not Hellenes nor were they the Greeks. They were the inhabitants of the region, possibly the first humans. Some say they were giants and not to be counted as ancestors of Homo Sapiens.

      The Greeks did not arrive in the region until millions of years later. They were preceded by Pelasgians & Libyo-Thracians by a few thousand years.
      1) For a list of sources, do see:
      2) For article summaries on DNA evidence of Sub-Saharan, Ethiopian and Imazigh origins, see:
      HLA genes in Macedonians and the sub-Saharan origin of the Greeks.
      Arnaiz-Villena A, et al. Tissue Antigens. 2001
      Full text
      The origin of Cretan populations as determined by characterization of HLA alleles.
      Arnaiz-Villena A, et al. Tissue Antigens. 1999
      Full text

    • I am neither joking, nor am I African. We know you are educated to the extent that Kevin MacDonald and the Occidental Obersrver yelp self-defence all the while encouraging the violence of the PEGIDA; despite your abject cowardice to put your name on your comments.

    • The sources were provided, you are too unqualified to debunk them. The DNA ecidence was collected by whites in Spain. “Black origins of Ancient Greek Civilization” is written by a German.

      “We’re talking about the origin of Mankind in Greece and not Africa” No we are not, that is a separate topic, which you raised to perpetrate the fabricated myth of white cultural supremacy. After of course being duly corrected for trying to present Hoimo Erectus Trilienesis as Greeks or even remotely leaving genetic traces in any homo sapien population.

      Which in itself goes against the grain of Hitler’s researchers claiming that the German (read Goth & their sub-set Saxons) people may have originated in Tibet. Which is just below the Tarim Basin, in itself known to have been inhabited by Iranian tribes. Of whom Scythians moved Westwards. They were monotheistic, worshipping Ares, known as a war god. Ares is another name for one of the two brothers, Arya & Turya. By some credible assertions Scythians are Saxons. But then I suppose you dont subscribe to the Indo-European Urheimat either. What utter rabid nonsense you spew out.

    • Thank you for acknowledging the Pelasgians were not the white Greeks. I have previously mentioned the DNA studies linking them to sub-Saharan people, hence do not need to beat the proverbial dead horse.

      The Germans are and have been a very hard-working industrious people (sans the Neo-Nazi goons in Saxony). They are to be admired for enduring the unendurable and re-creating a leading productive vibrant society after their total destruction. That is a superiority I happily acknowledge. (Though in my work experience with our partners T-Systems, Duetsch Telekom my problem-solving skills stood up quite well to their engineers). Too bad they are still under occupation. White supremacy is bigoted, prejudiced, markedly different from that. The rabid adherents clutch at strands to include some as the correct whites, excludes non-European whites, even thosew in the Caucasus mountains.

    • The concept of the Urheimat is far more than the racist connotations that it has been conflated to. It’s a good technical term applicable to all ethnicities seeking to find something common with related peoples. Most archeologists look upon the Kurgan culture as the source of that Indo-European peoples, in which they include the Indo-Iranians & the Indo-Aryans. Though the Hindutva lay the claim that they all started from India. The Iranologists place it in the Eastern part of the Eurasian plain, around Central Asia.

      To answer your earlier rant listing all the great Greeks; even the Greeks concede that the Greeks got their knowledge from the Sumerians & Egyptians. For the ancient Greeks, Ethiopians were synonymous with Egyptians. The great libraries were torched by people from the West. Be it the great ancient Iranian or Egyptian libraries. So no, I can’t supply you names.

  2. The symbolism of the 5 sets of twins is metaphorical. It is the 20 days. They are commonly viewed as pairs and the number is ten, such as the 10 additional views of Mt Fuji, and the observance of pairs of the first 20 I-Ching hexagrams. There are many ways to view the days, but the most prominent and compelling is as a circular calendar, and that is exactly what we are looking at right there in this video. The water surrounding the inner circles is symbolic of time, and the structure is completely natural with the configuration of a calendar.
    The Maya story of escaping Atlantis, is that a contest was organized to build the best boat, and the winner was mass duplicated to enable the people to cross the ocean to Central America. If you launch a boat from Lagos, you end up right where the Olmecs landed. The origin of the people of Atlantis and the knowledge points very strongly to Tibet and India. There is tons and tons of corroborating evidence to match this theory making this location as potentially Atlantis, very very compelling.

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